Wii U Reggie

We're just going to come out and do it, and gauge just how much you, the Nintendo Life community, have been following the rival console reveals of the PS4 and today's Xbox Next/Infinity/they-might-just-call-it-Xbox event. As a network that includes www.pushsquare.com and www.purexbox.com, the latter of which is also covering today's event live, we've realised that the gaming world will be focused on Microsoft's big reveal for a good number of hours once it all kicks off.

While it's tempting to roll eyes at busy Twitter feeds talking incessantly about Microsoft's new system, we should remember our own excitement when Nintendo lifted the lid on Wii U, and assume that the same buzz applies to fans of other manufacturers. What we also know is that not everyone is a one-console gamer, with many owning multiple systems to satisfy whatever gaming itches they happen to have.

And so with Microsoft finally joining Sony to unveil a console that will, ultimately, be a rival to Wii U in years to come, we're interested in having an outlook on how many of you follow all three mainstream dedicated gaming manufacturers, and how many of you double or even triple-dip with your systems. We can say for sure that a good number of the Nintendo Life staff will be following what Microsoft has to say — it'd be naive and narrow-sighted of us not to know what Nintendo's rivals are plotting — and you can let us know whether you plan to do the same below.

Are you planning to watch Microsoft's Xbox reveal today? (613 votes)

Yes, I definitely will


I'd like to, but I'm not sure if I will just yet


I'm still undecided


I don't plan to watch it


I won't be watching at all


There's an Xbox reveal today?


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Did you watch the Sony PS4 reveal recently? (604 votes)

Yep, I watched the whole thing


I saw some of it


I didn't watch but looked for highlights and coverage


I didn't watch it at all, nor was I interested


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Do you own multiple "current" home consoles (Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3)? (621 votes)

Of the main systems at the moment, I only own a Wii U


I have a Wii U and at least one of the PS3 and Xbox 360


I own an Xbox 360 and PS3, but no Wii U


I only have one of the Xbox 360 and PS3 right now


I don't have any of those three consoles, I'm still rocking with a Wii


None of the above


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Which of the "next-gen" systems do you plan to own? (602 votes)

Just a Wii U


A Wii U and a PS4


A Wii U and a new Xbox


Just a new Xbox for me


I'll stick with a PS4


Both a new Xbox and PS4, but no Wii U


I don't want any of these systems


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