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Pokémon Tretta Lab Coming to the 3DS This Summer in Japan

Posted by Orla Madden

Includes a large Tretta Scanner

Last year, Nintendo and Marvelous AQL joined forces to develop an arcade game for Japan, Pokémon Tretta. Players collect different Tretta - small discs that you scan into a machine - call out whichever Pokémon it features and send them off to battle; if you win, you get more Tretta.

It has come to light that the arcade title will be slotting its way to the 3DS in Japan, under the name Pokémon Tretta Lab. The 3DS version of the game is developed by Marvelous, Tomy and Nintendo, and will ship with a bulky Tretta Scanner accessory, which you can see below. The peripheral straps to your handheld and allows players to slot in the Tretta discs and engage in battle on the system.

The game itself features three modes - Tretta Analyser, Type Checker and Auto Battle. Tretta Analyser sounds similar to Pokédex 3D, where you can view your Pokemon in 3D and check their strengths and uses in battle.

Type Checker allows gamers to research different Pokémon, and Auto Battle is the exclusive 3DS battle mode for single-player battles or battles using two Tretta discs.

The game has been given a release date of 10th August in Japan, and is priced at 3,800 yen (approx. £25 / €30 / $38). Would you like to see this released in the West? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Handy_Man said:

This is very unlikely to come out of Japan, seeing as the Pokémon Tetra games are only in Japan as well. Why release the game here if we can't even use the accessory it comes with?



Marakuto said:

Pokemon Battrio didn't come out of Japan so this most likely won't. The Pokemon centers in Japan have the arcade games to play them on, which I'd like to try out if I ever went to Japan.



Dutch_Cheesecake said:

I don't think so, and even if they did there is the question if anyone is playing it. I think its a typical Japanese pokémon game that just won't work in the west... Just hurry up with pokémon X and Y, because thats really working everywhere



parall4x said:

I guess they'll have to make two versions of the scanner to fit the 3DS and the XL.



AyeHaley said:

We need a PokéCenter in every country around every corner people.
I would definitely get into this if my wish came true.

@parall4x : Apparently it includes both versions. Normal and XL.



thatoneguy4419 said:

Meh. Doesn't really appeal to me. All the stuff the device can tell you about Pokemon sound like stuff you could commonly find online. Plus, it doesn't look like it would fit on my 3DS since it has the Nyko Power Pak + installed.



KiwiPanda said:

The concept and everything is interesting, but I agree that this will not be coming out of Japan anytime soon- as others have said, look at all of the Battrios... I suppose this might be popular in Japan, but I think it would be wiser of GameFreak to devote to X/Y, and then with any excess time, possibly start an Orre project. The latter is what would really excite me



wiggy said:

I want it if for no other reason that to have yet another stupid gizmo to put on my gaming shelves.



Henmii said:

These look similar to Flippo's, or Topcaps as you Americans may call it!



Shmyz63 said:

Is it me or has Nintendo forgotten about the AR card Idea?
They would be cheaper to manufacture, easier to collect, and speaking as one who tried my darndest to get all of the AR cards in Kid Icarus:Uprising, It would be very fun to try to "Catch them all"... to use a classic Poke'mon tagline.



Johnnytommy said:

Will import when this comes out. The question is where can I buy more tretta discs? Anybody have some to sell?

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