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Peter Molyneux: If I were Nintendo, I'd Put Mario On The iPad

Posted by Damien McFerran

Thank goodness he's not, then?

Peter Molyneux and Ian Livingstone are two of British gaming's most influential figures. The former — who has been quite outspoken about the Wii U lately — founded Bullfrog and Lionhead, and is responsbile for titles such as Populous, Fable, Dungeon Keeper and the recent "gaming experiment" Curiosity. The latter had a hand in the creation of Games Workshop and co-authored the Fighting Fantasy books, before moving into the world of video games with Domark and Eidos.

When you get these two industry veterans together, you're bound to hear some interesting and enlightening opinions — and that's exactly what happens in the latest issue of UK magazine GamesTM.

Molyneux and Livingstone discuss everything from Kickstarter to the state of the UK development scene, but what caught our attention was an exchange which focused on hardware but ended up touching upon Nintendo's famous mascot:

Ian Livingstone: I'm surprised there are so many people who want to get into hardware now, with the Steam Box, Nvidia getting into it, Ouya and the GameStick. Hardware has always been a bit of a mug's game. If you were head of Nintendo wouldn't you be tempted to say 'Well, forget all of this stuff, let's just put Mario on iPad.' Would you put Mario on iPad?

Peter Molyneux: Of course I would!

The comment was probably made slightly in jest, but the point is clear — the lines are blurring, with dedicated consoles slowly losing ground to tablets, smartphones and even set-top boxes. Given Nintendo's recent struggles with the Wii U, could it be that the age of home consoles dominating the living room coming to an end? Molyneux is a big advocate of the iPad, and clearly sees it as a legitimate gaming platform — something which many hardcore players will possibly disagree with. However, he's keen to point out that he treasures dedicated games machines, and doesn't want to see them die out:

To keep these brilliant epic console games, to keep them alive and to keep their investment we need the hardware manufacturers to realise that they need to be part of this incredibly nimble and ever-changing world. So I just want consoles to be around forever. I don't want them to start being like my Hi-Fi. I don't buy Hi-Fis anymore...they've got to be cutting edge and I just hope that's what they are.

We can imagine that Molyneux and Livingstone's chat is going to cause a little brow-furrowing among Nintendo fans, but consider this — a few decades ago, Mario was appearing on rival systems, such as the Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum and Apple II. Nintendo going multi-platform isn't an impossibility — it's already happened in the company's history. With the way the market is headed now, could it happen again — and more importantly, could Nintendo become an even stronger force as a result?

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johndevine said:

If I were Peter Molyneux I would not have brought out that Cuboid rubbish thingy.



RupeeClock said:

Nintendo in the past did bring Mario to the PC as a platform, or rather they licensed Mario for PC games developed by other companies, who produced some pre-school, typing and education games (some of which were also on NES and SNES.)

When Nintendo did this they were not as strongly established, since Mario has become much more renowned they now keep him exclusive to their own Nintendo systems, of course.
Of interesting note however, there is an official Pokédex iOS app.



Big_L91 said:

maybe mario's in the middle of the cube, which in turn signals the end of gaming all together.



Captain_Balko said:

The ipad is NOT a good substitute for home console gaming (or even dedicated handhelds, for that matter). First of all, there are an abundance of games on the iOS shop, yes, but a vast majority of them (I'd say 97% or so) are pure garbage. Just terrible games that revolve around micro-transactions and push ads in my face every two seconds. They generally have terrible controls (some games have decent controls, but the iPad HAS NO BUTTONS which completely ruins tons of otherwise mediocre games), average graphics, and little to no inspiration. Most of them are just desperate cash grabs. Sure, there are those diamonds in the rough, but when the rough is this bad, the diamonds aren't worth going for. The second Nintendo stops making consoles is the second I stop gaming entirely.



LordJumpMad said:

Nintendo should join the darkside...err I mean Apple.
It's bound to happen, why fight it?



Aviator said:

I would like to read what was said after that comment, or if it just ended.



Dpullam said:

If Nintendo's Wii U sales really pick up this holiday season they won't need to release their games on tablets. Their Wii U sales are a strong piece of the puzzle as to why Nintendo is making as much profit as they should be. Thankfully, I don't trust Peter Molyneux since none of his games have lived up to their expectations so far.



Aviator said:

@Captain_Blanko Of course you have spent to the time to play all the games on the App Store to make the judgement that 97% of the games are pure garbage.



Aviator said:

@Dpullam if Fable 3 getting 80/100 on Metacritic isn't living up to expectations, then someone's expectations are too high.



Savino said:

Why not put uncharted on ipad, or maybe halo?!
I really dont understand why all this hate!



Savino said:

Why not put uncharted on ipad, or maybe halo?!
I really dont understand why all this hate!



Savino said:

Why not put uncharted on ipad, or maybe halo?!
I really dont understand why all this hate!



SkywardLink98 said:

It's going to happen eventually, so I'm not going to fight it.. some pretty decent games are out on the iPad now, so it's not quite the barren console emulator people on sites like these make them out to be.



Dpullam said:

@Aviator Actually to be quite honest, my expectations for the Fable Series was quite low, after playing the demo of Fable 2 I genuinely liked it and decided to buy it. Perhaps it was just me, but the game was completely bug ridden and unplayable later in the game. I had constant lagging frame rate issues and game crashes consistently to the point where any enjoyment I could get out of the game was destroyed. Like I said, It didn't live up to my expectations, Metacritic scores don't affect my decision to purchase games either way.



Midnight3DS said:

Only thing bad about Dragon's Dogma was the rehash running back and forth early on. Nice on paper, but got old fast. I hear they've improved it with the latest release.



andreoni79 said:

@LDXD @Aviator maybe I'm confused, but "mediocre", at least in italian, is the right adjective for something with a score under 80.
I'd give Dragon's Dogma a 90 because I really loved it.



Aviator said:

@Dpullam In your original comment you made no reference to your personal expectations of the game. I went along with what you said.



Dpishere said:

@Dpullam Yea that exact thing happened to me too! That is why I will not be purchasing any future Fable games, as I don't feel like gambling money on a game that could be bug ridden like that one. The actual game was quite good, if a bit easy, but having bugs that truly hamper my enjoyment of the game make it one lesson I will not forget.



Damo said:

@Aviator He goes on to talk about the billions being spent on securing "input 1" on TV sets. Basically, how companies - not just gaming companies - are spending loads of cash on making sure they offer everything. Think Xbox, PS3, Sky, Virgin Media, etc.



andreoni79 said:

Sorry guys, I did't want to start such a mess because of my bad english... It's a sunny and hot day here and I had too much beer to play Fire Emblem so I'm just playing around...



Dpullam said:

@Aviator The expectations were mentioned in the very last sentence of my first comment so my point is still relevant. Their expectations that I had for them weren't matched with what I played of the demo. I wasn't referring to other people's expectations, I was referring to my own. I should of clarified that.



Advancedcaveman said:

If I where in charge of Nintendo I would do this just to shut people up. Make some janky endless runner with mario sprites, charge 5 dollars for it, and load it up with microtransactions. If anyone complains, just say "This is what's popular on the ipad and you people kept telling us to do it."

Just have an intern cobble it together in an afternoon, and put the profits into a pub fund style thing to support independent developers who are trying to make high quality, full featured platformers for the eShop.



AlmightyDerek said:

Why do they even have to say iPAD. Android tablets have now surpassed iPADs in market share. Just saying iPAD means your ignorant of technology. But anyway yeah Nintendo doing that would be dumb. Besides like someone said why is it just Ninendo having to put games on tablets. Why not Microsoft and Sony?



rjejr said:


"If you were head of Nintendo wouldn't you be tempted to say 'Well, forget all of this stuff, let's just put Mario on iPad."

If you ask any married guy in a bar if he is "tempted" to do the hot chick at the other end, he is going to say yes. That doesn't mean he is going to cheat on his wife and actually do her. TEMPTED.


Putting Mario on the iPad doesn't necessarily exclude Mario having his own console game. Do you really think if that Tetris clone "Dr. Mario" were on the iPad nobody would buy WiiU to play Super Mario Universe?

Third: I do personally think Nintendo will get out of the home console market eventually, and if they don't like Sony they can make future Mario games for the future Xboxen, but I'm not going to impose my thoughts on someone else's words. Or try to interpret someone else's words to meet my beliefs and expectations.



mystman12 said:

I can see it now... New Super Mario Bros.: FREE! Pay $.99 to get a super guide! After you finish the first world, you have to buy the next one! When you hit a question mark block, sometimes an ad will pop out! Man, I hope that never happens.



Undead_terror said:

Other then the fact that it's Nintendo property, do we want good games to have touch screen controls? I for one love buttons more then touch screen.



Peach64 said:

I can see people would go nuts over a statement like this, but it really should be about the games and not the hardware. The idea that you'd need a specific brand of DVD player to watch the biggest movies of the year is ridiculous, but that's how the video game industry is. My favourite consoles are my favourites for their games library, not for the hardware itself.



DualWielding said:

If I was nintendo the only game I would consider porting to smartphones/tablets is nintendogs, it sounds like the company name so its good for branding.



hamae said:

Playing the best platformer on touch screen? Let's laugh at Molyneux.
Maybe Dr. Mario will be fine.



Rief said:

Well, i prefer to have actual Buttons combined with a Touchscreen, instead of touchscreenbuttons.
Also, way too small screen.



Nintenjoe64 said:

If Peter Molyneux was Nintendo then we'd have far fewer games and all of them massively ambitious but less and less complete with each new game. Bullfrog pretty much made all the best non-Nintendo games of my childhood but they're not Bullfrog now and the ideas Molyneux was touting around the time of Black and White were much better than anything he's actually made since. Still can't believe he let the Syndicate franchise get FPS'ed.

If Nintendo sold Mario out to the highest bidder, Mario would be about as much of a draw as Sonic is. Nintendo's characters and exclusivity are the envy of the rest of gaming. I think people like to criticise because they think they could do better with the same assets but they've not come up with any characters/franchises with anywhere near the same sort of value so they're probably talking out of their butts.



bunnyking said:

I don't know why Nintendo doesn't release their franchises on tablets and smart phones. They'd have to do it themselves though. We don't want another cd-i Zelda on our hands.



GermenatorHue said:

People should stop talking about Molyneux like he's some kind of crazy person who never keeps his word and who has totally lost it. His last game is a really important game about an ugly 3D cube. This game is so innovative and original that it has no level design, characters or story, and hardly any gameplay. This game is so innovative it doesn't even try to be worth your time. So yeah, leave the man alone, and show some respect.



HeatBombastic said:


1. Tempted or not, it obviously seems that Peter Moleneux was a Nintendo CEO he would put it on the ipad. Super Mario Bros. would make a ton of cash on iOS, that's why he'd do it.

2. I'm pretty sure he was referring to Super Mario Bros., not any random thing with Mario's name branded on it.

3. Your logic doesn't make sense. You think that Nintendo won't survive, but Xbox and Playstation will? "if they don't like Sony they can make future Mario games for the future Xboxen". The Xbox's sales is a joke in Japan, so they wouldn't put games on there. The reason I don't expect Nintendo to fail and Sony to continue, is that Nintendo and Sony both have a console performing poorly atm. The hype for the PS4 is weak, and sure, devs and publishers are pretty much worshiping the PS4 now, but didn't they do the same with the Wii U? I'm sure if the PS4 has bad sales, they'll turn their corporate backs on it immediately.



bunnyking said:

@Peach64 well said.

I don't like the whole idea of consoles, especially after buying all three last generation. It's expensive and annoying. It'd be nice to just have one or two consoles at most.



SteveW said:

Sort of like saying... if I were Nintendo I'd make Mario controls suck?



AugustusOxy said:

From the guy who progressively made his own franchises suck over the years. Thanks Pete, you really know what you're talking about. You know what, he should make cars, then we'd have push pedals instead of an engine.



hamispink said:

I sure wouldn't buy a mario game on a touch only device, but 300 million people would, and releasing the NES Super Mario Bros. wouldn't cannibalize the 3DS in any way shape or form. The question here is whether Nintendo wants to make money, if the answer is yes, then release some games for IOS/Android.



rjejr said:

@HeatBombastic - I'm skipping 1 and 2 and going straight to 3 -

I never said Nintendo wouldn't survive, not ever anywhere (that I can recall, maybe mistakenly in a fit of anguish at the "no E3" announcement). I said they would get out of the home console business. My exact words copied and pasted: "I do personally think Nintendo will get out of the home console market eventually," Like Sega did. And last I've read Sega is still in business. And they don't even have a handheld. Nintendo owns the handheld market w/ 3DS now, beating the life out of Vita, and Pokemon isn't even out yet. Mario, Mario Kart, Kirby, Metroid - all these games have been on handhelds, and Super Smash Bros. may be on the 3DS, why have a home console? And yes, Microsoft can't sell hardware in Japan, but they do OK in America, and Europe. Even w/o the 3DS Nintendo could probably survive making games for other systems, just like Sega. Mario > Sonic.

And yes Sony has the PS4 coming out, and it probably won't sell much better than the WiiU for awhile, but look at the PS3 line-up leading up to the PS4 launch compared to the Wii line-up last year leading up to WiiU. Well there really isn't any comparison at all. Sony will continue to sell PS3 games and probably some PS3s, way more than Nintendo is selling Wii and Wii games. And that's why Sony will continue to survive in the home market, consistency. But the Vita will follow the PSPgo to an early grave.
And the Vitas departure wont kill Sony any more than the WiiU theoretically being Nintendo's last home console would kill them.

Sorry if it's not logical, but I tried to make myself clearer.



datamonkey said:

I couldn't imagine anything worse than playing either 2D or 3D Mario on an iPad. The touch controls would be terrible.

Tablets are great for some types of games but for many "traditional" console titles they totally suck...



GameLord08 said:

Please read, people. Nobody is saying that consoles should be replaced by smartphones/tablets; he's just saying Mario should make an appearance on mobile platforms. And I agree with him.

Iwata himself has stated that smartphones and tablets can and should be used as allies within the "mainstream" industry - take branding and endorsements, for example. Many leading developers in the industry (EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, SEGA etc.) have taken to outsourcing their IPs on to mobile platforms (take a look at the success of Rayman Jungle Run and Sonic CD, for example). Does that mean they have abandoned their efforts on consoles entirely? No - it is nothing more than a (considerably effective) marketing strategy, especially seeing how diverse and expansive an audience mobile platforms have over conventional ones.

Even take a look at the performance of apps such as the Zombi U and Pokédex ones on iOS. It's a prospect Nintendo hasn't exactly spoken out against, so even they must be aware there's a reason for consideration. Take little games like Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move - I think games in those essence would do lovely on smartphones/tablets (especially with its controls), and give Nintendo's products more awareness outside our niche little community.

Nobody's saying we ought to see Super Mario Galaxy or anything in that vein on the iPad; it's just an opportunity to expand Nintendo's appeal in little ways.



AJTsuki said:

If Peter Molyneux were Nintendo he wouldn't need to use Kickstarter to rehash one of his old games. But he isn't and he did. And the most innovative idea he could come up with is to remake one of his old games?

The minute Mario shows up somewhere other than a Nintendo device is the minute Nintendo starts fading away, because that will be the minute that other corporations decisions will begin to have influence over Nintendo game IP. Nintendo's IP is the only thing they have that's unique to them.

And, of course they will make money at first, but that won't last. The mobile market is an oversaturated market and once the novelty of Mario on mobile wears off, they will struggle to keep their sales up just like everybody else. And that's where it will all fall apart.

Once the door is open, there's no closing it. To keep making money they will have to let go of the exclusivity of Zelda, Kirby, Smash Bros., Metroid — none of which will do as well as people believe because the age of the primary game consumer on mobile has dropped dramatically over the past two years and young people carry little of the Nintendo nostalgia that drives the rest of us.

Nintendo sits upon a diamond mine of IP. Maybe there's not as many diamonds left in that mine as there once was, but to open that mine up to the rest of the world is folly. I would rather see Nintendo retire on it's own terms than to see it be gobbled up by the pernicious mobile market.



MetalKingShield said:

No disrespect to the chaps involved, but "putting Mario on iPad" has become an obsession with some. I think it comes from people who simply like their iPads (fair enough) and think Nintendo = Mario. But of course, Nintendo also = Metroid, Zelda, Fire Emblem and many others. It doesn't really make sense to me that Nintendo would put one franchise on iOS but not the others. If Nintendo thinks there's a business case for putting the NES games on iPad, great, but from my experience these people actually want the latest ones as well.



th3r3ds0x said:

LOL yea Nintendo should put Mario on the iPad. Because you know playing on a touch screen is WAY more fun than playing on one of the many millions of Nintendo portable systems that have been sold. They even have buttons! Even if the entire home console market went flat tomorrow, Nintendo still rules the handheld market. Why do so many idiots forget this when they are trying to Wii U bash? Maybe Peter should port his games to iPad. I think I've had better experiences on the iPad than with some of his games.



UnseatingKDawg said:

So wait... he wants Mario console games on iPad, but he doesn't want consoles to die out?

He needs to re-think his logic a little there. That, and iPad controls aren't as tight as buttons.



Honelith said:

Peter Molyneux USED to make good games...Not anymore, so I'll ignore his silly thoughts.

Also, I can imagine ipads and mobile phones having console like accessories to make games more playable (joypads, speaker systems, hooking to larger monitor....), so in effect they'll be like consoles once again anyways. D'oh. Gaming on an ipad/mobile is very short lived with its crappy battery life, you'll need to be plugged into the plug socket, which defeats the purpose anyways,



manu0 said:

If I were Nintendo I would put DEMOS of its games on iPhones and iPads!



DreamOn said:

ME: No 'a' button? NO Mario! And that's that end of discussion.

Nintendo: Not getting 100% of the profits? NO Mario!

So dream on, Gentlemen. You're bound to think up an IP savvy enough to extinguish you're envy of Nintendo's value.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Aviator If the comment was made in jest like Damien mentioned, then most likely that was it, since jokes/exaggeration/etc don't need to be terribly long.

@RupeeClock That's due to the fact that Nintendo doesn't own 100% of the Pokemon franchise ( I think the division was something like 33.3% for Nintendo, 33.3% GameFreak and 33.3% for the Pokemon Company-which is further split between Nintendo and GameFreak so total is probably around 50% each?) GameFreak is also a contractor so Nintendo does need to give them some leeway, to not end up pissing them off.



Jayvir said:

I always love the one-sided mentality against Nintendo. "Put Mario on other platforms!" That severely cuts into sales of their hardware. That should be increasingly obvious to anyone with a brain. Besides, why doesn't this phrase include any other properties from Sony/Microsoft? Put God of War on iPad. Put Gears on iPad. Nope it's only Nintendo...



bizcuthammer said:

Given the fact that nintendo develops games based on their hardware capabilities and innovative aspects that they find interesting, i don't see them going multiplatform any time soon. Plus if they put their major first party games on other consoles, it would give people even less reason to buy a Wii U or 3DS. First party games are many people's only reason for buying nintendo hardware. At the current time, it makes more sense to keep first party games exclusive.



MasterGraveheart said:

Molyneux is a fan who wants to see Nintendo games on non-Nintendo platforms and realizes that tablets and smartphones are the only way that's going to happen... and that's not going to happen. If Nintendo is going to indefinitely compete in the video game market, it needs their first-party IPs to define their way. They're the best games in the industry and their platforms being the only way to them is a /huge/ selling point.



bahooney said:

I hate Molyneux... he reminds me of my college advisor; smarmy, smug, and bald.



AltDotNerd said:

If I were Molyneux, I wouldn't have made a game and claimed it would be the "Zelda Killer".



SanderEvers said:

WHY is this guy on Nintendolife? He's a Microsoft game designer. ANYTHING he says is in favor of MS' position on the gaming market.

Putting any Nintendo IP on a non-nintendo device will be the end of Nintendo. It's as simple as that, Nintendo makes software and hardware. He doesn't understand the importance of Nintendo here as his employer only makes software and one terrible console (XBOX).



Otto-Soq said:

What a nonsense. If Nintendo releases his franchises on other formats, who is gonna buy Nintendo consoles?



FullbringIchigo said:

Me: if i was Peter Molyneux i would try to make a game that is actually good

once he's done that maybe i'll listen to what he has to say......maybe



Dreamcaster-X said:

Apple will never beat these companies until they actually have hardware with "real" control options. IF they ever do that, then that would be the time to be scared. I don't think the software companies wanna deal with Apple though. They are real ball breakers and want too much control. They're happy where they are dealing with the other 3.
IF the day ever comes where Apple does make a real game machine, then that could definitely over turn the apple cart, no pun intended.



GameLord08 said:

On a side-note, the majority of you all really ought to find other ways to comment on your disdain of "Nintendo haters", because taking petty jabs at one of the video-game industry's most legendary (yes, legendary) designers is not one of them. It's incredibly shallow and unintelligent.

His opinion is still held with regard, whether or not it's the one you want to hear.



miletich3 said:

The only way we'd see Mario on the iPad, Nintendo would have to be a subsidiary of Apple. Fortunately for this Peter Molyneux, it's a possibility I see in the future.



rmeyer said:

Is Nintendo hurting? They are completely dominating the industry right now. How come there are only negative ad articles instead of praise?



blackknight77 said:

I disagree Mario game would not play well with touch pad controls. You need physical buttons for these types of games.



Neram said:

I hate to nitpick, Nintendo Life, but the title of this article is a bit out of context, don't you think? Sort of putting words in the guy's mouth a bit.



AVahne said:

I'd like to see Nintendo put all the money that they'll get from 3DS and Wii U during this entire generation to make one single successor to both systems that also succeeds tablets. Something like the Project Shield, but better and way more portable.



AcesHigh said:

Well, that's one thing to be thankful for today - that Peter Molyneux is not in charge of Nintendo. And there's good reason why, evidently. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if Mario were on other console or hand-held platforms. It will be a sad day when Nintendo ceases pushing innovation in hardware design if they were to become software only, but as long as I get my Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. on a solid platform made for games, I'm a happy gamer.

Where Molyneux is as dead wrong as his last attempts at the sorry games he's made is his feeling that an IP that revolutionized game mechanics and spot-on game controls such as Mario can exist on a device that only provides virtual controls. There is no way in hell that I would want to play Mario or any other flagship Nintendo franchise on a tablet with pictures of buttons on the screen. And no, I don't want to fiddle with blue-tooth add-on controllers that you have to take with you, configure and hope they work. No thanks. And this is precisely why Nintendo does not want to bring these franchises to the world of mobile gaming. They are one of the very few companies who genuinely feel the obligation to gamers and the integrity of their own IP to provide true gaming experiences in the way they were designed and intended. Major props to Nintendo and thumbs down to former visionaries like Molyneaux. If he wants to sell out is crappy games to Apple and Google, let him. Nintendo obviously holds their IP to a higher standard.



diavu said:

eek, i can't believe i helped fund his current project. has he ever played a mario game? it requires fluid controls, the likes of which can never be achived by having to multi touch on a tablet.



JebbyDeringer said:

There is no reason why Nintendo MUST be a hardware company. They don't make particularly great hardware. They certainly don't have many third parties interested in it.

Also you are blind if you can't see the iPad as a potentially perfect console. The ONLY thing missing from it is a physical controller and the amount of effort to make one work is virtually nil. In fact there are a number of games that support the iCade and with a jailbroken device wiimotes work flawlessly.

If anything Nintendo is too focused on their hardware and not enough on their "Mario". They are trying to make games that use functions of the hardware when they should just be making great games with more traditional controls. That's the beauty of the Pre-N64 games, no weird controller required, they are playable on virtually anything with buttons. The N64/Gamecube can be played just fine too but they were the beginning of Nintendo's "unique" non standard controller layouts.

Peter is right in that many people love Mario but not everyone loves to throw money into a system that does very little.



AcesHigh said:

@JebbyDeringer And there isn't anything that says that they MUSN'T either. Plain and simple, it's their business model and one that they have made their primary pillar as a business. They have been in the hardware business the longest and know what they are doing. They have experimented and missed the mark on few occasions but at least they lead by coming up with innovative products. And they are the ONLY hardware manufacturer who can sell their hardware on 1st party software alone. Plain and simple. Also, without Nintendo, there would be no Kinect, PS Move, touchpad on PS4 controller, SmartGlass. There wouldn't even be gamepads as we know them from PS or MS for that matter. So whether you're a fan of Nintendo or not, we as gamers ALL owe them some nods in acknowledgement for the hardware they have designed over the last 30 years. I for one would hate to see the gaming space without Nintendo as a hardware manufacturer.



TomJ said:

Has this guy even considered how many buttons are required to control Mario?
as if we need to think for an answer -.-



Azikira said:

Peter Molyneux: "Troll troll trollolololol troll."

Most accurate translation ever.



Ralizah said:

I don't understand the appeal of tablets. They're big and bulky, so they don't have the convenience and comfort element of a good smartphone. Netbooks are infinitely more useful if you need a smallish computer that is bigger than a phone. They're certainly no replacement for portable gaming devices or proper laptops/desktops. I don't understand why people seem to think they're so convenient...



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Thankfully you are not Nintendo, Peter. Go back to making so-so games and leave the legends alone, and keep your silly opinions to yourself.



TingLz said:

It's ironic that so many fans are claiming that Monlyneux is "hating"...yet most of the comments here are bashing him. This is called a "double standard" And even more ironic is that his comment wasn't "hating" at all...



Damo said:

@SanderEvers He left Microsoft ages ago. And he was designing million-selling games long before MS entered the gaming arena.



Ren said:

can't say I'd like to see Mario on an Ipad but it's a little foolish to pretend that it's not competition. Sure if you like real games you'll go to a console but good luck bringing any new consumers away from a tablet/phone to a console for it's all-in-one appeal.
Also silly to jump all over anyone for thinking this. If you don't see the relevance of mobile devices than you haven't left your house in a long time. Even a pile of poop could be considered relevant competition to consider if that many people are paying for it and raving about it.



gameboy1975 said:

What I always find funny is that there's always folks here who claim that they don't care where the games are played or whateveALWAYS make mention of Nintendo putting their games any & everywhere, but they never make mention of Sony or MS doing exactly the same. It would surely make these arguments a lot more credible if we heard the same sound reasoning being displayed for all. Especially since it is a situation with these tablets & cellphones that can & probably will affect them all in a similar manner.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

if i were peter i would try to make something that has lasting appeal for more than a month -____- this guys is such a looser stop hating on nintendo!



Wii_Win said:

Lol, this guy has less legit opinions then Pachter, I don't get all the hate on MP.



Arock said:

sigh the day Mario is on iPad is the day I stop buying Nintendo games. I cant stand iOS games any more. I played and loved a lot of games on iOS for years and recently moved to a 3DS for a richer deeper gaming experience... and physical controls. I'm so glad I did.



Meaty-cheeky said:

I have an idea, how about you zip your lip Mr. Molyneux and just buy a darn 3DS to play some Mario.



stealth said:

"ario was appearing on rival systems, such as the Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum and Apple II. "

and it was a disaster



sonicfan1373 said:

Yes let's put Mario, a game centred around precise platforming, on a buttonless device and stick a non-tactile virtual d-pad and put it in a digital store with low budget and generally low content games. Lets also add micro-transactions for every power-up. Why stop there, we can also make Mario auto-run and you just have to tap a virtual button to make him jump.

I have a better idea. After the 8th generation of consoles is done with, Nintendo should create an inexpensive smart platform (they do exist!) but with proper gaming buttons and a full game mode. The 3DS already comes close to doing this. The 3DS has 128 MB of ram and a dual core ARM11 processor; one core and I believe around 24-32 MB of the ram is reserved for the system menu and background functions like Street Pass whereas the other core and other protion of the ram is reserved for games. As the 9th generation of consoles starts (probably between 2017 - 2019) processors like the Cortex-A15 will be really inexpensive; Nintendo can build a system with a quad core Cortex-A15 (2 cores reserved for a smart OS and 2 cores for running a single game application) and 2 GB - 3GB of ram (1 [or 1.5] GB for smart os tasks and 1 [or 1.5] GB for a single game application). By using older technologies Nintendo will be able to undercut the competition in terms of price, offer a unique full gaming experience, and have a smart eco-system with games and apps.



IAmSpike said:

I think you missed some dialogue, NL...

Peter Molyneux: Of course I would! And it'll have crappy touch controls and everything!



TingLz said:

Why not a Mario-based app then? Would that be unreasonable for fans?



Souflee said:

If he ran nintendo they would be broke right now, yeah put mario on a machine with no buttons, great idea, so sick of people pretending mario zelda and companh simply just sell, its not like they're good or anything like that. . . Mario wouldn't last long and wouldn't that make a lot of people happy



grimbldoo said:

@Aviator #12
You don't need to play every game to know if somewhere around 97% of the games were bad. If you have advanced past algebra you should have learned that. Scientists don't have to check the eyes of all 7 billion people to know that approximately 8% of the world has blue eyes.



Rattle86 said:

Why do you guys keep covering EVERYTHING Molyneux says?
It gets kinda annoying checking the site just to encounter PETER: RANDOM RANT ABOUT NINTENDO. It's not that i'm against criticism, but Peter is just a clown.
But hey, that's my opinion



sepoer said:

yeah right, 5 bucks for a mushroom, 10 bucks for a green mushroom etc2. and i dont think they can beat Mario Games lol



Jeremyx7 said:

If Nintendo were Peter Molyneux there would be no Nintendo.....
.....and if Peter Molyneux were Nintendo there would be no keep Peter Molyneux away from Nintendo.



bouncer0304 said:

I've been reading a lot of these types of stories lately. Last one i read was someone spouting about nintendo should consider just making games. At the moment people just want to batter Nintendo because it's trendy at the moment. I'd NEVER play any Nintendo game on a smartphone as most rely on buttons. As good as rayman is on android, the lack of buttons still makes some parts harder than they should be. Doing that to a mario game would be suicidal, especially when some parts need timed jumps. Buttons will always be better for gaming, end of. Only certain games benefit from swiping the screen, and mario ain't one of them.



doctor_doak said:

If Nintendo made their games multi-platform it would spell the end for their consoles. Mario and friends are 'the' reason for owning Nintendo hardware. Considering the hardware business has been extremely profitable for Nintendo, I just can't see it happening.

We also shouldn't assume that because something is 'cutting edge' and innovative', that's it's actually going to enhance your experience. I can't see the i-pad and mobile devices matching the power of home consoles any time soon. I don't see phones as a viable alternative because they're not going to ever be able to realistically compete with the superior inputs of dedicated gaming hardware. Create an i-pad as powerful as a PS4 (or high end PC), with the controls of a Vita and i might listen. Until that happens, I just don't take these devices seriously from a gaming perspective.



Mortenb said:

Nintendo would make more money in the short term, but loose more money in the long run as Mario's name would no longer be a stamp of quality for consumers. Also, everyone who loves Mario both at Nintendo and as customers would be sad to see him in lots of half-assed spin-off type games.
If Nintendo ever does release games for other systems, they could consider doing Picross or something for a tablet, but please never make silly games that do not really fit the platform and are just frustrating to play like most games that are not puzzle or physics play games are on tablets.



dings said:

Touch screen only games are the worst. Has anyone tried to play Street Fighter, Sonic or any other traditionally controlled game on the iPhone/Android/whatever? It adds a whole new level of difficulty but for all the wrong reasons. I couldn't even play Pac-Man on the iPhone it just doesn't work.



rjejr said:

@element187 - You mean - it isn't used at all in the states by anybody under the age of 25 (or there abouts). A Hi Fi is basically a stereo built around a turntable. They even made a middling quality movie with that name in 2000 - High Fidelity. If you go find an old record store and hang out in it for about 20 minutes somebody is bound to say - "kids today and their stupid iPods, first thing I did when I moved out of my parents house was buy an awesome' hi-fi system with speakers as big as a car." Or something to that effect.

Hope that helps.



thatoneguy4419 said:

Ugh, I really hope Nintendo keeps their games on their own systems, because who would need to buy a 3DS when they could just play Pokemon or Mario on their tablets or smartphones? I'd say a good amount of people these days own a smartphone or tablet, so selling games on other platforms would be great business for games, but it would be extremely detrimental to Nintendo's consoles. I would really hate it if Nintendo just produced games and abandoned consoles.

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