A few weeks ago, we reported on a DS Kickstarter project from developer Island Officials called Orion's Odyssey: A Pattern Blocks Adventure. The ambitious Kickstarter goal was to raise enough funds to release a limited run retail edition of the unreleased, finished puzzle title. For various reasons, the lofty goal wasn't met - but that hasn't stopped Island Officials from trying again, this time in the form of a more practical goal.

The developer hopes to raise enough money to bring Orion's Odyssey to DSiWare, allowing for a much wider (and cheaper) release. The game combines puzzle gameplay on the touch screen and a story on the top screen that progresses as you play. Island Officials is no stranger to the puzzler genre, having previously developed Hands On! Tangrams for the DS.

Check out the Kickstarter page for Orion's Odyssey: A Pattern Blocks Adventure. Does it look like something you'd be interested in backing? Let us know in the comments.

[via kickstarter.com]