While much of the attention on Kickstarter game projects is often reserved for titles being released on PC and consoles, earlier this month we told you about Orion's Odyssey: A Pattern Blocks Adventure. This is a DSiWare release that's described as a "comedy puzzle" experience, and utilises the touch screen to create objects that are then used in the game world.

Developer Island Officials has pedigree on DS software, having produced Hands On! Tangrams for the handheld in the past. The fundraising goal for this new game was modest, at $4,092, as the studio was keen to acquire the funds to push the release through. That goal has been hit, with a final total of $4,607 meaning that there'll even be a little extra cash for the developer; the title will be coming to DSiWare and, by extension, the 3DS eShop.

You can learn what it's all about in the pitch video below, or check out our interview with Island Officials; the target release is this November.

[via kickstarter.com]