Ubisoft has confirmed that Rayman Legends — once billed as a Wii U exclusive — is also hitting Sony's PS Vita console.

The Vita version will include all of the original content seen in the other editions of the game, as well as five specifically-created Murphy-focused levels which make use of the console's rear touch-pad interface. Two exclusive costumes — one from Prince of Persia and the other from Splinter Cell — will also be included.

Rayman Legends was announced in 2012 as one of the Wii U's most significant launch titles, but Ubisoft delayed the release and confirmed that the game would be going multi-platform. Until recently the company had remained tight-lipped about the Vita version.

Given that Rayman Legends was once seen as a Wii U system-seller, the news of the Vita edition could potentially undermine sales of the Nintendo outing even more — especially as predecessor Rayman Origins looked positively gorgeous on the Sony console's AMOLED screen. Another annoyance is that the promise of touch-controlled levels featuring Murphy were previously thought to be unique to the Wii U version of the game.

What are your feelings on this? Will the arrival of a Vita edition impact your willingness to purchase the Wii U version, or does it make no difference whatsoever? Let us know by leaving a comment, as always.