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Oh Snap, Now Rayman Legends Is Coming To PS Vita With Exclusive Content

Posted by Damien McFerran

Wii U exclusivity seems like a lifetime ago

Ubisoft has confirmed that Rayman Legends — once billed as a Wii U exclusive — is also hitting Sony's PS Vita console.

The Vita version will include all of the original content seen in the other editions of the game, as well as five specifically-created Murphy-focused levels which make use of the console's rear touch-pad interface. Two exclusive costumes — one from Prince of Persia and the other from Splinter Cell — will also be included.

Rayman Legends was announced in 2012 as one of the Wii U's most significant launch titles, but Ubisoft delayed the release and confirmed that the game would be going multi-platform. Until recently the company had remained tight-lipped about the Vita version.

Given that Rayman Legends was once seen as a Wii U system-seller, the news of the Vita edition could potentially undermine sales of the Nintendo outing even more — especially as predecessor Rayman Origins looked positively gorgeous on the Sony console's AMOLED screen. Another annoyance is that the promise of touch-controlled levels featuring Murphy were previously thought to be unique to the Wii U version of the game.

What are your feelings on this? Will the arrival of a Vita edition impact your willingness to purchase the Wii U version, or does it make no difference whatsoever? Let us know by leaving a comment, as always.

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Vincent294 said:

Ouch. Ubisoft really isn't being nice with this. If it came to the Vita, that's okay, but w/ the exclusive content?



Ryno said:

Why get upset about this? Don't you want developers to provide exclusive ways to play games and to take advantage of the unique features on whatever system you buy it for? The Wii U version will have its on exclusive gameplay so who cares what the Vita version does or doesn't do?



CaveDweller said:

I still stand by my opinion that, had Rayman Legends remained exclusive and came out for the Wii U when it was supposed to, this current spell of Nintendo doom and gloom wouldn't be as intense right now.

Even so, I not all that bothered. It was coming to the PS3/360 anyway, so who cares if it's also out on another system too? As for the "exclusive content", well, I can safely say that on a personal level, a couple of themed costumes and Murphy oriented levels really doesn't interest me anyway. Let the Vita have its games, god knows it needs it.



Die2Distroy said:

“5 Exclusive Maps playable with Murphy”.

To me, that part was talking about either the Vita getting those 5 Maps as exclusive Content for the Vita while placing the Wii U on the same boat as the PS3 and X360, or, they are saying that the Wii U would also have this content since both the Wii U and the Vita Games are taking advantage of using Murphy. Just an opinion on this. Yes, I was annoyed by this aswell, but I think people would want this on their TV more than anything.



brandonbwii said:

After the the shock wore off I'm inclined to agree with you. With such unique new interface options for each platform, especially next-gen, it'd be nice if all system had something unique to their respective systems.



moomoo said:

Why is this on a Nintendo news site? This is news about the game coming to the Vita.



TreonsRealm said:

So a handheld console that has been out for a year and a half and has barely sold a million more systems than the Wii U essentially gets the same game and there are no complaints from UbiSoft about how the system hasn't "performed to expectations"?

This is what is irritating about the gaming industry, the absolute BS double standard used against Nintendo by both publishers and the mainstream gaming press. Personally, I'm thrilled that Nintendo has largely turned their back on failing third parties like EA and turned to the far more content rich indie developers. I'd also bet that the reason for bigger companies turning on Nintendo is because of the DRM, online situation with Microsoft (and I have a sneaking suspicion Sony will do something similar). Nintendo didn't want to turn on their customers so the companies ditched them.



8bitforever said:

I have both the 3DS and Vita version of Rayman Origins and the Vita version was freaking beautiful. I cannot wait for this to happen. I am glad it is coming to more consoles, since this gives more gamers the opportunity to enjoy it. Who knows, maybe the Vita version had strong enough sales to warrant this anyhow.



XFsWorld said:

I'll get the Vita version because it will cost less, Rayman on the go, and it will have rear pad support. I was originally planning on getting it for Wii U though. Plus Vita deserves more good game anyway.



Royalblues said:

What? The game is getting a Vita version? Oh that version is going to suck.
What? It's coming to the Vita? I Hate Ubisoft. Ubisoft is a trash developer!
Anyway, I know what version I'm getting.



TG1 said:

If they are going the handheld route, how about a 3DS version? I can't imagine a Vita port will be very profitable ...



brandonbwii said:

Oh, just the Vita version. I misread this as a cross-play game for PS3. If it's not, then who the heck wants to play the Murphy levels in what's likely a single player experience. If it does have cross-play then I can see people being more than a little miffed at Ubisoft.



Einherjar said:

Why get upset by a vita release ? Sure, the vita is basicly a WiiU Tablet controller without the need of a WiiU console...but nobody owns that thing At least nobody i know. And to be honest, its at least plausible. No other console except the Vita is able to have such features, why cut it ? It would only lead to "unused potential" claims. Just vote with your wallet, buy the game on WiiU and UbiSoft will realise what they should have done in the first place.
The exclusivity thing was long gone in the first place.



Rafie said:

@Royalblues If that didn't sound fanboyish! Just because it's coming out on the Vita, it automatically is going to suck?! Oh and Ubisoft is a trash developer?! Dude I hope you were being sarcastic with your post!



brandonbwii said:

IDK about that. The 3DS version was so terrible that they probably decided just to go for the high-end platforms.



Blue_Yoshi said:

I'd hate to say that I'm gonna join the darkside but if the Vita version is superior I might have to go with it. I might still go with Wii U as the graphics are gorgeous and I already got Origins for the Wii



Die2Distroy said:

@Einherjar Definatly! Don't get Vita Legends just because it's on a Handheld, get it on the Wii U to show Ubisoft that they should never have backed out of their word of Legends being a Wii U exclusive. Trust me, I'd prefer playing games like that on the TV and Gamepad!



Einherjar said:

"Ill get it for vita now" This is exactly the problem. You cant moan about poor WiiU sales when every bump in the road gets you all in "boycott" mode. Sure, i was pissed to no end about the Rayman and Ninja Gaiden multi console releases and the whole DLC on WiiU fiasco, but this will never end if you react like that. How should a developer know that you wanted the game to be exclusive when you end up buying it on a different console in the end ? You always moan about the fact, that third partys dont support the arent dooing it either then, so why should they ?



TheRegginator said:

The article says that the exclusive levels use the rear touchpad, not the touchscreen. If that's they case, then there really isn't anything to worry about. The touchpad sucks.



irken004 said:

Perfect Don't forget that each game has exclusive costumes. This one gets Prince of Persia for rayman and splinter cell for Globox.



Die2Distroy said:

@Einherjar IKR!? Getting the Vita/PS3/X360 Game isn't helping us! It's telling the producers, "We don't mind a Game going multiplatform. We will just buy another version of the Game instead of the Wii U because I don't have a Wii U yet.



Wowfunhappy said:

I don't really think this is a big deal. Does anyone really care about a Prince of Persia costume?

And how many people actually own the Playstation Vita? Last I checked it wasn't selling that well. A bit better than the Wii U, maybe, but a whole lot worse than the Xbox 360 and PS3, which we already knew this game would be releasing on.



SCAR said:

I'm actually not really liking Ubisoft right now, but not because of this. Assassin's Creed is boring, ZombiU is a glitchfest that could have been better, you don't actually dance in Just Dance. I miss Rayman 2 on N64, and Rayman on GBC... Looking at the past, we should have seen Ubisoft never really cared ONLY for Nintendo anyway. No Rayman game was ever exclusive to Nintendo except the GBC ones, that GCN Arena game no one cared about. Some of their games are ok, but I'm left disappointed by Ubisoft more than less.
I'd rather see a 3D Rayman to be honest, and these extra levels look more like mercy on the Vita than anything. I guess PS Vita will actually have a game with 5 levels, now.
Wii U will still have the multiplayer.



SchamMan89 said:

Whatever. Rayman Legends is still going to be best on the Wii U-- you have the Murphy levels, and can play up to 5 players at once. My friends and I already plan on spending a couple of all nighters on this.

Rayman Legends looks like a true gem, and I hope it's a huge success for Ubisoft.



SCAR said:

Just to make this clear, I don't like Vita at all. I have nothing against people that like Vita, BTW.



gameboy1975 said:

Damn if that isn't another kick in the nuts of those Nintendo fans looking forward to this game. Theyv certainly treated their Wii U base pretty poorly regarding this game. I for damn sure won't be buying the game now. And it's solely to do with their reluctance to get the game out sooner & deciding to make a certain fanbase wait. I have never really been into RayMan, but my nephew LOVED the demo.

However, after so much time passing he seems to have lost interest. So needless to say that coin be better served elsewhere (or even on another ttle. deus Ex maybe). It may not seem as significant in the long run, but they would maybe have had 2 sales from me instead of 1; as he was hyped for it & my interest was piqued when I played the musical level on the demo. Now if I even touch the game it is going to be bargain bin or used. Especially announcing a perhaps enhanced port on a system that's doing just as poorly (or worse) that you gave first rights to. Hell, if I get a Vita I may just play it there as it won't cost 60 plus bucks & will probably end up in a bargain bin much quicker!



Burning_Spear said:

Ubisoft is our friend. The only way Wii U could possibly be any lower than it is now would be if Ubisoft weren't in the picture. Ubisoft is entitled to make some money, rather than just tossing Rayman into the Wii U abyss, so let's cut the company some slack.



Ryno said:

Nintendo fans are so greedy. Not only do they want VC games for peanuts and then to be able to play them on every system they will own in the future but they also want 3rd parties to make them exclusive games with exclusive features just for them.



sinalefa said:


I suspect it is here to rake in the comments, like so many Xbox One articles that we have seen recently.

See? Here is my comment already. It seems to work.



Megumi said:

I don't care anymore, by the time Summer is ending they'll delay it gain anyways...and/or the Wii U version will be cancelled, or something even more outrageous that will cause us to hate Ubisoft even more.



Epicnessofme99 said:

That seals the deal for me, the fact they'd bring it over to another console is fine, but first they delay the game, next they give exclusive content to another system, no-buy.



Shadowflash said:

@Ryno The problem is you're grouping us all as "Nintendo fans". "Nintendo fans" is a group of people with many different wants and opinions.



timp29 said:

Obviously Ubisoft's word is worth nothing and their integrity exists so far as making promises they have no intention of keeping. That's to say, as far as their dealings with Nintendo are concerned, they look like scum.



Yrreiht said:

Ubisoft, could you stop being a douche for once? My faith in you came back after the Challenges app but now thats just stupid.



AlternateButtons said:

Eh its fine with me. I got over the multi platform release a long time ago. If the Vita version is going to have Wii U's gameplay then so be it, so long as the Wii U version is the definitive version and is still good. Still getting the game regardless. It's still going to be amazing. Why pass on an amazing game just because of some corporate conflicts?



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 LOL We know you don't like Sony products. It's gonna be sweet on the Vita btw. Rayman Origins on the Vita is already proof of that.



SCAR said:

I like the new Sony 4K TVs and AV receivers.
I just don't like their Playstation brand.



Aviator said:

Rayman Origins was already great on the Vita, so I'm sure this will be no different. I am now going to be picking this up.



SCAR said:

I'm just gonna save my money for the exclusive titles on Wii U. I'll be getting Destiny, GTA, Disney Infinity, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater(if it gets made), for Wii U. I'll get EA games if they stop being crappy... We just want good games 3rd party people. It's 3rd party companys' fault if they make junk games or choose to not bring the game to Nintendo systems, not Nintendo.
Once the Wii U starts doing well, their will be no excuses.



Drobotic said:

OK,now I just feel like making a video of me smashing a picture of Ubisoft's logo and sending it to them to show them how mad I am at them.Ubisoft isn't going to get much of my money anymore.



gameboy1975 said:

And by no means do I want my previous post to be taken as an anti Ubisoft. Merely 1 that, as a consumer I want (and wholeheartedly DESERVE) to be just as fair & seemingly important as those who play on other consoles. And that treating another base as 2nd class is not the way to go. Again, it may not be much in the grand scheme, but 2 sales is still 2 sales. And who knows how many others may feel slighte? That or just don't care any damn more & will spend with someone else.

With that said, if you're still looking forward to the game or a fan of RayMan, by all means support the devs hard work. And remember, Ubi are STILL giving the Wii U plenty of love! And with some of their heavg hitters like AC4, Watch Dogs & Splinter Cell. So don't be some of these fans who will cut off their nose to spite their face as that could & possibly evenfually WILL leave you with nothing!



ueI said:

Doesn't the WiiU version still have exclusive content? That would mean there is no definitive version of the game.



Faruko said:

What shocks me more its that still its not coming to 3DS, it was a given that this was coming to more consoles, but no 3DS ? thats really weird (AANNND 4 months later, Ubisoft launches Legends on 3DS...)



aaronsullivan said:

Look Rayman Legends is going to be very good (best?) on the Wii U.

I also think it would have helped with all the bad perception of Wii U right now and having it FIRST on Wii U would have been perfectly acceptable (though if the game wasn't well reviewed it could have killed the release on the other platforms), but Vita needs all the help it can get and this game is PERFECT for that platform (and not a good match for the 3DS with its low resolution.)

This is a good thing for gaming and gamers and being mad about it is just childish, IMO. It hurts Wii U as a platform and those who own one in exactly no way.



Hunter-D said:

Very nice to see this come to the Vita. Wii U version for me without a doubt.



irken004 said:

I can almost guarantee the other versions of the game (except maybe vita) will outsell the wiiu version.



JuleyJules said:

More reason to skip this on Wii U. An formerly exclusive game now coming to another platform with new exclusive content. What's next PS4/Xbone versions with the PS Vita 'exclusive' content plus the Wii U exclusive levels too?



shinpichu said:

Oh well. It already wasn't an exclusive anymore, it's not like this affects which version I'll be getting.



Ichiban said:

I own a Vita, but Ill be buying the Wii U version. Like SCAR392 i miss 3D platformers also (waiting on my copy of Rayman 3 to arrive!) Thank god Sonic Lost World is looking great, and 3D Mario isnt far off....



ricklongo said:

This is really a kick in Nintendo's groins. Doesn't affect me much, since I'm not the biggest Rayman fan, and Nintendo's AAA platformers are way better anyway. But it's still not a nice thing to do.



MAN1AC said:

I'm shocked by the negativity towards Ubisoft. Everyone knew this was going to be a multplatform game months ago.
Some of you are complaining just to complain.



neumaus said:

Yeesh, I'm tired of all these "Vita doesn't have any games" comments. I'm sure that all the people that said that don't even have one. And if you have one and hate it that much then by all means get rid of it. I have one and I have more freaking games than I can play. Plus games I STILL want to buy and stuff coming out later this year.
It's like the biggest, most annoying lie about the Vita ever. Geez.

If this game looks good/plays good, I might get it. But personally, I'm far more psyched for Freedom Wars, Muramasa Rebirth, Tearaway, Dragons Crown, and E3! Sony keeps teasing a big reveal :3



rastamadeus said:

@CaveDweller A sequel to a boring platformer that looked beautiful would have saved the Wii U. Somebody is tripping. Amazing how Rayman Origins has got such a good reputation merely by looking so pretty. Yet when you play it you realise how painfully average it is. And Rayman is the most hideous videogame character since Bubsy the bobcat.



SCAR said:

To be fair, this is one of the interesting Ubisoft games.
Rayman is Ubisoft's only respectable IP, IMO.



RevolverLink said:

I'm not sure why anyone is getting worked up over one more port when the game was already revealed to be going multi-platform several months ago. Ubisoft has always been well-known for porting their games, and Rayman especially, to every system under the sun. Heck, they ported Rayman 2 again just two years ago.

Rayman Legends is still coming to Wii U and if it looked fun to you before, it should still look fun to you now. I don't see how a Vita release with some negligible exclusive content should affect that.



ultraraichu said:

Well it's time to get that old pitchfork out of storage, never thought I'll use it so soon

As the old saying goes "the more, the merrier". I just hope this doesn't turn away Wii U sales, customers, and/or developers.



bassoongoon said:

This does not bother me in the least. As long as it is still coming to the Wii U and I can get my hands on a copy, I will be happy. In any case I still need to play Origins! (I bought Origins just a couple of weeks ago)



Palom said:

Call it selfish, but I can't buy a game on a Nintendo console knowing another version is better. Until now, the Wii U had the touchscreen on its side, but now the Vita has it too, with portability and unique features to boot.

It was a title I looked forward to. Now I'm avoiding.



Rafie said:

Morton Salt- "When it rains, it pours!" That best explains the sentiment that's expressed here in the majority of the comments.

I have to say I joined NintendoLife because I truly believed that Nintendo fans were the least biased out of the other 2. (Sony & Microsoft) Now I come to realized that Nintendo fans are just as bad. The Vita is a great handheld and powerful at that. It just doesn't have any games. Rayman Origins is phenomenal on the Vita, so of course Legends is going to follow suit. Guys/gals this isn't Sony's fault that the game is coming to the Vita. It's a good business move from Ubi. For those clowning the Vita, the Wii U isn't doing any better. It will once the 3rd quarter comes along, but it isn't now.

I hope the Wii U version does sale tremendously. Unfortunately it has too many competitors...and the added fact that the game has achievements/trophies are more than a enough reason for some to purchase the game on the rival systems. I'm glad I have all systems to choose from. I know everyone doesn't have that luxury. I guess I can count myself blessed.



SetupDisk said:

This isn't anything new for Vita. Lots of games have exclusive content or free dlc. As an owner of a PS3 crap like that enrages me. It doesn't make me want a Vita.



tripunktoj said:

So, on top of losing the game exclusivity, WiiU loses Murphy's dungeon exclusivity.
Way to go Ubisoft, thanks for that low blow to all of us, your Nintendo customers.



RevolverLink said:

If a 3DS version of Legends would be anything like the embarrassingly lackluster 3DS version of Origins, Ubisoft would be better served not bothering.



kevkeepsplaying said:

Not mad at Ubi, at least they're giving us a chance. But that's all it is, a chance. We're no longer a focus, they're no longer really trying to help us out.

This pisses me off to no end. Because if anything, people will pick up the Vita version over the Wii U version.

I'll get Legends at some point, but it's no longer a priority. I'm a bit peeved with it.



XFsWorld said:

I don't understand why people are getting mad its coming to Vita, it will still be on Wii U!! Rayman would suck on 3DS, well Rayman 3D was good. Legends will be awesome on both Wii U and Vita.



MAN1AC said:

I completely agree that its a big IP for Ubi but its not like the game isnt going to released on the Wii U.



Pichuka97 said:

Just when I was starting to forgive Ubi and then they go on and tell us its ALSO coming to Vita WITH exclusive content that was once unique to the Wii U. WTF Ubisoft? Whats next? Postponing the game again so it can come to Xbox One and PS4? I understand they are just trying to reach out to a wide audience and try to make some extra $$ money $$ but when you advertise a game as a exclusive and then delay it to bring to other systems with exclusive content, I don't know about you guys but that tells me Ubisoft is totally unreliable as a third party. I like them but some of their decisions just baffle me. I think they are going to have to work overtime to win back me and other Nintendo fans. Maybe if they ported Scott Pilgrim to Wii U and 3DS, I might forgive them. Even though its a 3 year old game, they just released new DLC for it so its still relevant and the game should have been on Nintendo systems to begin with but probably due to Wii Shop storage limitations.
@CrabGats I feel the same way. I still want the game but I have really lost some interest due to all of this. I will pick it up eventually.



JaxonH said:

To be clear, Nintendo is my first love- always has been and always will be. However, I love Nintendo because of the fact they provide amazing gaming experiences, which ultimately is what it's all about. Besides my Wii U and 3DS, I also own a Vita. No, I'm not particularly a big Sony fan, but the handheld caught my eye, and I use it for the experiences which are not found on Nintendo consoles, or are inferior on Nintendo consoles (Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Vita puts the 3DS version to shame, although the Wii U version is actually my favorite). I'm glad Rayman Legends is coming to Vita, and I'll probably buy it. I was never interested in the game much for Wii U until trying the Challenges Demo on the gamepad, after which I did a 180 due to how much I loved the game on a handheld screen. Now I'll probably buy it for Wii U, and Vita for on the go. Imo, people should really open their mind to the Vita- it's actually a really awesome system, despite poor sales and alot of prejudice (eh ehmmm, sound familiar?)



SCAR said:

Dude, no one hates PS Vita or Sony. It's called preference. It's a matter of timing on which one is being criticised, that's all.
All you talk about is the abundance of fanboys. Instead of trying to call out people on being fanboyish or biased, maybe you should discuss what you like about each console and/or game. Talk about the material here.
I don't like PS, so what? 3D games and lots of features in 3DS is what I want. OLED doesn't improve the graphics, 3D does. The only feature 3DS doesn't have that PS Vita does is a back touch panel and 3G.
The second screen, 3D, games, apps, and standard features is what I'm look for. PS Vita has some, but not the other. There are games yes, but who's to say people are interested in those games.
3DS is like a compact car that has a bluray player, in dash navigation, and HD radio that gets 20 mpg, and PS Vita is like a muscle car that has none of those extra features, and it gets 10 miles per gallon.
In a situation where all that matters is to get from point A to point B, with no time limit, none of that extra horse power and strength matters.
Ubisoft can do whatever it wants. Maybe I'll buy the game. Maybe I won't.



NintendoPro64 said:

I don't see why we're making a big deal out of this. This game went multiplat already, and for those of you whining about the extra content:

I should remind you that the Wii U version is getting 30 new levels and bosses. Plus the Vita isn't exactly swimming in games so we shouldn't be making a big hoopla over that.

Frankly, the only thing I'd whine about is Ubisoft not making a 3DS version.



deitypower said:

ubisoft, you back stabber. i can't believe how much devs are doing this to wii u. once the other gamers see that the other two consoles would be very expensive, they would have no choice but go to wii u



FJOJR said:

I don't care. Still going to enjoy a good game. Nintendo needs to embrace and back the next generation of developers (indie and studios like Platinum Games) and their current allies (Namco and SEGA).



WaxxyOne said:

We're still talking about this game? Ubisoft lost my sale the moment they turned out to be liars and scum. Will not miss this.



SanderEvers said:

Next: It will also be released on PS4 and XBOX -1.

And yes, the Wii U version is canceled.

At the end there will be less than 100 Wii U (which includes NONE from me) sales from this game, mark my words.



blackside said:

Considering this is one of my most anticipated games of the year, and that I will be playing it in bed while my gf watches tv, I may pick up a Vita to play this one.

Much rather play on that lovely higher ppi screen than wii u's budget gamepad screen.



Caryslan said:

@deitypower Or they could just stick to their PS3 and Xbox 360s until the price drops on the PS4 and Xbox One. The Wii U will get a boost this holiday season, but everyone who is expecting all potental PS4 and Xbox One gamers to flock to the Wii U is fooling themselves. As long as the PS3 and Xbox 360 keep getting the games that people want to play, there's no incentive to upgrade immedality. Keep in mind, the PS2 was still selling very well and got some major titles even after the 360, PS3, and Wii launched.

Everybody assumes people will just jump to the Wii U in droves. Right now, if anyone is skeptical about next-gen, why would you jump to the Wii U? Its future is just as hazy as the other two systems.

For me personally, I'l sticking with my Wii, PS3, and 360. As long as good games come out for those systems, I see no reason to upgrade to the next-generation.

None of the next-gen systems have wowed me. Which means until things become clear in a few years in terms of price, features, and games, I'm sticking to my current system. I would imgaine there are a good number of people who are doing the same.



D2Dahaka said:

So what does that mean for people like me who already have rayman on the Vita and who were intending to purchase legends for the Wii U? Can I get the legends content as dlc for the original version? Even so I still prefer a Wii U version 5 levels isn't the biggest deal even if in principal this whole situation stinks.



Peach64 said:

I think Lego City Undercover proved why Ubisoft had to take this game multiplatform. LCU was a game that got great review scores and had no competition in it's genre on the system, but it sold less than 96k copies. It could have been a LOT less, we just know it was definitely under 96k since that's what the the 3DS version got and the Wii U one sold less than it. Back in February people were claiming that Rayman, released as an exclusive in February would sell 2 million copies, but this is a game in the very same genre as NSMBU, a game which the majority of Wii U owners have. It would have more than likely sold LESS than Lego City.

And of course, as we know, if they wanted to put this out on Xbox, they couldn't have any other version come out sooner, so it was either get it on everything with a delay, or put it out there and then but sacrifice an Xbox 360 version.

When this flops on the Wii U people will say it was backlash against the delay, but it was always going to be a flop. Will it sell anymore on the Vita? Probably not, but that port was probably very quick and cheap to make using the PS3 code. As we keep reading, the Wii U architecture is very different, which makes porting games a lot of work. These companies just aren't making the money they spent porting it back, let alone actually seeing profit.



GamerJunkie said:

The free thing is fun on Wii U right now.

I won't be buying the full version. If its on another console its almost always gonna be better than on Wii U, so I will only buy exclusive stuff on Wii U through the consoles entire life for the most part.



Garo said:

The majority of these comments just further confirm that Nintendo fans only care about exclusives. So sad.



The-Chosen-one said:

wow, what a bunch of cry baby's please stop crying about exclusive this and that.
we have touchscreen, and second screen from tv to pad, and have had an advantage in challenge mode wich the others have not. so stop crying if psv get some exclusive levels geez.



Vincent294 said:

@neumaus I don't believe it had many games last I heard. By no means is it bad, but it hasn't caught on like the 3DS / Xbox 360 / PS3 / etc. I think that this coming to it is a good thing, though the exclusive content is pretty rude considering Wii U owners are getting screwed over w/ those stupid delays to get an inferior version in some respects. Ubisoft should be giving them the game on time, or with way more content (that all versions have, plus exclusive content for them). This isn't the case.



Mizzah_Tee said:

Another reason to not buy it on Wii U...
Don't start crying to Nintendo fans when the game doesn't sell on Wii U. We warned you...



SCAR said:

That's basically ALL that's out right now, and you can't point the finger at Nintendo kids at all. Xbox and PS fans say 'look at these exclusives' just as much.
With the GamePad, there will always be a feature exclusive to the Wii U that comes standard. So yes, Nintendo fans care about exclusives, but the actual hardware is making that happen.



Buzzthebatgirl said:

So...the "exclusive" launch game for the Wii U WHICH IS FINISHED AND READY TO SELL, is being delayed so it can have a multiplatform release on consoles that will BE OLD HAT AT CHRISTMAS and the 3DS is the only console that Legends is not announced for AND the "exclusive" Murfy levels get ported to the Vita. I am failing to see the Wii U love from Ubisoft...

I might as well hang around long enough and wait for an iOS or Virtual Boy port, BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN!



MeWario said:

I like everything Ubisoft makes. They are one of the great 3rd party developers and they've supported the Wii U better then most. Heck that might have more games out for the Wii U right now then Nintendo does! So, as ridiculous as this Rayman fiasco was, I forgive them.



retro_player_22 said:

This game had gone from unique to good to okay to finally meh. It was unqiue as a Wii U exclusive, was to be good as a post-launch title but then it turns out to be okay as a multi-plat when it's going non-exclusive and now it's just meh, another port with gimmicks added in. I wouldn't be surprise if a 3DS, iOS, PC, and Ouya version are in the pipeline too.



dumedum said:

It seems to me that the Murphy stages also are in the Wii U version, including the Apps version. I think people are reading too much of it.

They obviously need to hype the Vita version somehow because it's a dead failed obsolete console that's not selling and a flop, and they need something for people to pick it up over the PS3 version.

It's not like it stands anything close to the Wii U version which has gamepad support with off-tv. How can you touch Murphy from the rear screen without it being awful? Comon' people.



dumedum said:

@Peach64 Actually we don't know any of those figures. The 3DS seems to be selling very well, and wouldn't have even existed without the Wii U version. The Lego games have very long legs and lego games sell best on Nintendo consoles and pretty horribly on the PS3 and XBOX, which is why there is always a Wii/DS lego version of every game and it's pretty high on the Amazon list. There wasn't even one complaint about the Lego sales so it's safe to assume they're very happy.



deusy said:

Wii U all the way. I REALLY wish it stayed as an exclusive, though.


Why, Ubisoft, why?



Parasky said:

A lot of hardcore Nintendo fanboyism here.

I'm just happy vita owners are actually getting a good game on there system to add to the 3 others on the system. At least the exclusive content isn't on a home console version other than the Wii U.



SheldonRandoms said:

The only platform Ubisoft hasn't announced the game for is ios, but at this point, I wound't be surprised anymore.



Cranky said:

The Vita version of Rayman Origins is awesome!!! This is good news. I'm still gonna buy it for the Wii U though, because of the multiplayer.




Here we go again this still a good game and if your a big platformer fan there's NO REASON you shouldn't buy it. Ubisoft has given us more support then anyone else. I really don't think it's worth harping over THIS one game! Does it suck yes but after all the good they did you can let them slide once.

Why isn't nobody raising an army for Battlefield 4 or Tomb Raider or Bioshock or Metro Last Light or the new Wolfenstein game?? Your still getting this game and it's not even a triple A blockbuster! I'm sorry it isn't so it's not even worth my time commenting on it honestly because I already talked about this silly this whole thing is B4 to me.



neumaus said:

@VincentV If you mean it doesn't have the library of it's cousin the PS3, then you're absolutely right. But the Vita most certaintly has more than a handful of games for it, not counting the indie stuff (I'm not too fond of it).
For example, on my Vita alone, I have the full games Atelier Totori Plus, Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen, Persona 4 Golden, BlazBlue CSE, And Dynasty Warriors Next. Five full games (I also have Gravity Rush that I can download at any time). Then there's a few indies I have. Just two at the moment.

Previously, I had the full games Little Big Planet Vita and Ragnarok Odyssey.
Games I'm looking to get: Zero Escape, New Little Kings Story, Lego Legends of Chima, and games coming out later this year like Tearaway, Dragons Crown, Muramasa Rebirth, and next year's Japan Studio game Freedom Wars.

I understand the frustration of Wii U owners; however, that was not my original address so there's not much I can say towards that. My problem is that people continue to talk ill of Vita's games without knowing how many there are! How many games can somebody possibly play?! I have A LOT of free time and I still can't play that many! I'll be busy on my Vita for the rest of this year (and you Wii U owners will be busy once the first party stuff comes :] )



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 I talk about the abundance of fanboys and girls because it's true! Most of the people here do NOTHING but crap on other consoles just because they are rivaling Nintendo. I can name a bunch of things I like about each console because I have all of them. From the 3DS, Vita, etc all the way to the 360. I do have older consoles as well.

As far as your analogy goes, it's a little weak. Yes I understand the significance of the 3DS and how you're portraying it...however, you're underselling the Vita. While I won't get into the whole "console debacle", I'll at least give you a reason why I'm upset with the fans here. Not one time have I stated that fans here have to like all consoles to not be considered impartial. I'm attacking those who attack other consoles to glorify their console of choice. Why can't we all just be gamers without attacking one another?! Just because a Vita port was announced has a bunch of folks panties in a knot. If you prefer the Wii U version, then get that version. Don't let the Vita deter you from it. Also you don't have to tear down a good handheld because you're upset about it.

Also there are a bunch of games that people can play on the Vita. Most being RPG/JRPG, but with the cross buy feature..there are plenty of free games to get. The only thing that's really stopping the Vita is the games and pricing.

Now while I do respect your opinion, I can't say that for others. I'll admit there are some here that at least see that this is a good thing for UbiSoft to do, but will still purchase the title on the Wii U. That's fantastic and shows great gamership without having to belittle other consoles. Cuz let's face it....there are NO perfect consoles here. NONE! I can name plenty of faults for every single one of them, but that isn't necessary as nothing is perfect anyway. As long as you get enjoyment out of them, then the goal of satisfaction is met!



Erikdayo said:

I'll be getting the Vita. Much prefer playing on portables. And since none of my friends are really that interested in Rayman there is no real reason for me to opt for the WiiU version.



Green_Leaf said:

@Peach64 Those figures are wrong, Lego City Undercover has so far sold at least 300K copies, which probably is a lower number that actual sales, so expect between 300K and 400K.

The 3DS game has sold around 300K too.



AJWolfTill said:

Guys chill, how many exclusive levels (sort of) have we already got from the Challenge App? Vita is not competing with the Wii U, Ubisoft have been great to Nintendo and there are probably a load of Murphy levels that the Wii U version will get which no one else (maybe the vita) will get anyways.



Dolphinsquared said:

Again with the bad strategy. Ubisoft really didn't know the fans, and went global on all consoles. While that has its perks, many fans are already disliking this.

It's not like Ubisoft thinks that console-exclusive games are terrible. I think it may have, while being tight-lipped, something to do with the contract with Nintendo. Even RE:Revelations was a masterpiece before the HD remake on consoles outside the 3DS. Many more games got ported after their successful run in one console.



Gamer83 said:

I can't believe people are really getting upset about this. You'll still get to play the game on Wii U, and in the end that's the most important thing.

I don't have a Wii U and I'm not sure when I'll get one so I will happily purchase this for the Vita. Rayman Origins was great on it and I always like playing 2D platformers better on the portable consoles. Just like I was happy when Donkey Kong Country Returns was announced for 3DS I'm glad to see Ubisoft has decided to do what makes sense with this game. It always should've been for Vita and 3DS first, imo.



WindWakerLink said:

"Oh Snap, Now Rayman Legends Is Coming To PS Vita With Exclusive Content"

Me:"Hahahahaha!" XD

It's hard to be upset anymore about this exclusive jazz business. Really. It was in the past.
"I built a bridge and got over it." & then some.



ToxieDogg said:

I'll still buy the Wii U version, but the PS Vita version of Rayman Legends was my favourite so I'll probably buy the Vita version too.

Are people really that annoyed that it's being ported to a portable that's so far sold less than Wii U despite 10 months head start?



Melkaticox said:

@crazyj231 lolno

Geez, ubisoft sure loves to support failing consoles...I mean, seriously, the VITA is flopping even harder than the Wii U, the thing is the Wii U will start selling a lot better soon...



Caryslan said:

@Melkaticox And who's to say the Vita can't turn things around as well? There was a point where everyone thought the 3DS and PS3 were almost dead, and those systems turned things around. All the Vita really needs is a killer app that can push the system and a price drop in the west. Look at the boost a price drop gave the Vita in Japan. All Sony needs to figure out is how to maintain that momentum.

It may never do 3DS numbers, but if Sony can play their cards right, they could have a decent seller on their hands.



Caryslan said:

@dumedum Given Wii U sales, this is basically the pot calling the kettle black. I know people will play the "Wait until Mario, Smash Bros, Zelda, etc"
argument, but at this point in time, the Wii U is in the same boat as the Vita. Maybe its doing a bit better, but they are both young systems that are suffering from sluggish sales.

I hope both systems do well, but I'm getting a little tired of people saying "Wait til Nintendo's titles land!" to defend the Wii U while acting like the Vita has no future. Sony has already announced they are going to show Vita games at E3 and that a major thrid-party title is the Vita.

I want the Wii U and Vita to both do well. In my opinion, both are great systems with tons of untapped potential. Which makes it so sad that everyone dismisses the Vita so easily.



TechnoEA said:

Good lord the fanboyism in here is hilarious. The Vita and the 3DS are amazing handhelds, funny how whenever an Nintendo product is failing, everyone rushes to defend it to the death saying "Just wait for Nintendo first party titles", at the same time bashing the Vita and a system that isn't even out yet (PS4).

The Vita is a great handheld, I have origins on my Vita and love it to death. Also that "Vita has no games is old", Vita's library is mostly on psn, it sometimes may have physical copies as well. I have more Vita games than I do 3DS games.

Do any of you even own a Vita ? There's a difference between being a fanboy and having a preference, having a preference means being neutral towards other competitors and not bashing them. I own PlayStation and Nintendo products, but prefer PlayStation for it's impact and experience it has on me, and Nintendo Products for it's fun gameplay and style.

If you think the Vita is a failure, then so to is the Wii U, as they are in the same boat (as other level-headed gamers have said). Also let's not pretend the 3DS had a stellar start up.



SCAR said:

The analogy isn't weak. To add to it, you can't go over the speed limit, which both cars can reach. Now which car would you rather drive?



SCAR said:

Wii U is completely different from the PS Vita. The Vita was out long before Wii U, and doesn't use 2 screens. PS Vita is a nice device(with some arguably useless features for practical use), but alot of those games on the Vita are already on consoles. What would be the reason to own a Vita, if you already have an Xbox 360 or PS3?



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 It's weak because the comparison to cars to games is filet mignon to acorns. . See what I did there? I get what you're implying though. Oh and a reason to own a Vita would be the same reason you would own a 3DS. To enjoy it! The Vita came out last year, just like the Wii U. Yeah the Vita came out first, but technically the Wii U isn't doing that much better. They're still the the same boat for now.



SCAR said:

The only way I would buy a PS Vita, is if it costed as much as a 3DS regular($90 used-$170 new), or I got it for free. Even still, it would need more games. I don't think people realize how much people want the second screen and 3D... Not to mention downloading games on a Vita is completely out of the question because of the proprietary memory card.



SCAR said:

The games would also have to cost $20. The PSN is essentially useless with no way to hold data without a $90 memory card. You can only fit like 15 full games. Even a 32 GB memory card isn't enough to hold alot games on PS Vita.



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 While I can agree that the memory card does pose a problem for Sony. It's a rectifiable one. That doesn't negate the fact that the Vita is a powerhouse of a handheld.'s the most powerful and has endless possibilities. I have a 16g and I will admit its no where near enough. When Sony hears the complaints from fans and start acting on it, then the Vita may be of some competition once games start rolling in. Kind of like the Wii U right now.



Melkaticox said:

@Caryslan It's not hard to see why things can't "turn around" for the VITA in the west.
First of all, the japanese VITA is getting a lot more games than the north american (and european I guess) VITA. Second, a price drop won't be enough, just look at the Wii U in europe. Third, Sony's main business is the HOME console business, not the portable console business. Unless they start focusing on the VITA (which will never happen), things won't be better for it.

Is that simple enough? All Nintendo needs for the Wii U is Mario Kart...not even a price drop.



Gamer83 said:


Come on, EA is a scummy company I agree but Ubisoft actually makes some good games and the truth is, of all third parties, Ubi has provided the most support for Wii U. In addition to already having Assassin's Creed 3, the Wii U is still getting Rayman Legends, as well Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and Watch_Dogs. I'm not really sure where all the venom is coming from. I get the anger over the delay of Rayman Legends but that's about it, and it's something that really never should've been turned into as big a deal as it was. It's not like Ubisoft cancelled the game and pulled all Wii U support.



Caryslan said:

@Melkaticox First off, I never argued that Nintendo's big titles wil, help the Wii U. In fact, the Wii U will be saved by both Smash Bros and Mario Kart with Wind Waker and a 3-D Mario doing their part. But Sony still has a chance if they play their cards right.

You are right, a price drop alone will not help the Vita. But we still don't know what is in the pipeline for the Vita. For all we know, a FF VII remake could be the big third-party title Sony is hyping. There could be other major third-party titles in the pipeline for the Vita. The fact that Japanese sales for the Vita have improved is nothing but a good thing since the vast majortiy of handheld developers are Japanese companies. My point is that the Vita does need a major kick in the back to get things started, but its not quite dead.

Plus, Sony is tying the Vita to the PS4 through remote play. Every developer for the PS4 is required to support remote play for the Vita unless they are making an Eyetoy toy. Bascially, this setup means Sony can turn the PS4 and Vita into their own version Wii U by offering similiar features and offscreen play.

Now, it's easy to dismiss this as a half-hearted attempt by Sony to copy the Wii U, but if they bundle the PS4 and Vita in a single package and market them at the right price, they could make some waves.

You said it yourself, Sony has a stronger prescence in home consoles then handhelds(Nintendo is the reverse) and if they can link the Vita to the PS4 and make it a key part of the PS4 experience, then they could sell two systems and once and strengthen their postion in both markets.

Now, I don't expect the Vita to every surpass the 3DS in sales. The 3DS still has a strong future ahead of it. But I think Sony could make the Vita a success by trying it to the PS4 and getting key games onto the system. Time that around a price drop and a major promotion for Playstation Plus, and Sony might have a chance.

Of course, this is all speculation, but nobody really knows what Sony has up their sleeve.



Vincent294 said:

@neumaus I agree it has good games, but not much. Gravity Rush, ACIII Liberation, Persona 4 Golden, etc. are good, but it's only slightly better than the Wii U's lineup.



Vincent294 said:

@KnightRider666 The Vita's a decent system. If they can get the game + memory card issues fixed, it could pick up some steam. I don't have it, but those & some other minor things are all I've heard of.



KnightRider666 said:

@VincentV: I have zero interest in it. The system itself is more expensive than a 3DSXL, they make you buy their expensive memory cards, it doesn't fold up to protect the screen like the 3DS does, and not to mention it has a whopping 54 games in its library? The 3DS has close to 4 times that. It's not getting the support it needs to compete. Competition in the industry is a good thing for us gamers(makes the companies work hard to bring us the best), but as it stands; Vita is destined to fail.



Blaze said:

Vita is dead? Considering it's outselling the Wii U, I wonder what everyone's stance on the Wii U being 'dead' would be. :3



baconcow said:

I will be getting the Vita version for my gf and I. It will be the better version. Portable Rayman Origins was an incredible experience. Ubisoft is making the right decision, with this one.

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