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Nintendo Has A Sense Of Humour About Poor 3DS Battery Life

Posted by Damien McFerran

Animal Crossing: New Leaf pokes fun at the poor stamina of handheld

One of the few things that really irks us about the 3DS is the poor battery life. The demands of powering two screens (one of which is 3D), running a wireless connection and juicing up those stereo speakers is clearly too much for the console's internal power supply, and as a result we always carry a USB charging cable with us whenever we leave the house with the console.

Nintendo is obviously aware of this issue, and has even poked fun at the lack of staying power in Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

It's nice to see a company laugh off its problems — now we just need a 3DS revision with a more powerful battery!


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LordJumpMad said:

I don't find it funny.
Its like making fun of the customer for buying such a poorly made product.

Oh wait, now I get the joke, its on us~



Midnight3DS said:

Xbox - 'Hahaha! Look at that lovely ring of red.'

Sony - 'Hahaha! Hope you don't mind that we shared your account info Hahaha!'



ToxieDogg said:

I've got an XL....the battery life isn't that great. Only get around 4 hours out of it before the battery light starts blinking red.

Most days, that's usually more than enough for the times I play it when I'm nowhere near a mains supply to plug it into though.



DualWielding said:

Since I have XL and don't really use 3D except for cutscenes I find the battery life quite acceptable..... Actually I think the Wii U gamepad has a much more serious battery life problem than the 3ds



Pachterkid said:

We do not need another 3DS revision. When you’re done playing with the system simply plug it in so it’s charged for the next time you want to use it. It’s really no big deal.



Pachterkid said:


When you're done playing with the Gamepad just put it back on the charger. Unless you're playing with the Wii U for 4 hours straight I really don't understand how the battery life can be an issue.



Einherjar said:

If the battery falls short to keep the price at bay: Everyone whines about the battery life
If the battery can support the system for a whole day but its quite costly: Everyone whines about the price.
I never had any problem with any revision (got a standard and XL 3DS). If i stop playing, the system rests in its charging cradle and if my playsession lasts longer than the batterie, ill plug it in, simple as that.
And if i tage my 3DS on tour, ill never had the battery die on me, even with the system constantly on standby to use street pass.



RupeeClock said:

I'm just wondering has the same role as usual, since the 3DS can take measures to save automatically when quitting applications, either by closing through the home menu or pressing the power button.
For example, if you did some bad weapon fusions in Kid Icarus Uprising and wanted to undo them, your only choice is to remove the cartridge without closing the software, otherwise the changes are saved on exit.



Midnight3DS said:

I generally play with mine plugged in at home anyway. On the go, I'll generally have something like 100 classic Books in there, which eats less battery.



snoox said:

So, wut I do with any new rechargeable thing, 1st I run it till it's totally out of juice, then charge it all the way to max, so it learns the entire capacity of the battery from the start. I dunno if that's a myth but it seems to work for me, I did that with my XL & I think I get about 5.5 - 6 hrs, using max 3D & stuff. That's more than enuff juice for sittin in a coffee house playin Fire Emblem :]




I have to say on my part that I'm not really that much of a fan of the 3DS's battery life myself either. To me, it usually seems like the battery drains as quickly between 4 - 8 hrs. whenever I'm playing a game like Mario Kart 7 or Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It doesn't really bother me to plug the system into it's plug to recharge it when it has to, but man, I wish Nintendo would at least come along with a new stronger battery. As for Resetti , jeez, now they have that blasted little creep at the start of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Just what I didn't need to see when I fire up my 3DS everyday to play this game.



SuperCharlie78 said:

I forgot to say, this is the Nyko Power Grip, and you can purchase it at for about 29 dollars



The-Chosen-one said:

and also xbox the ring of death, and the controller sucks at times (D-pad)
sony, using a bad lense, which is broken very easily, and ps3 gets hacked easily where all the consumer information lies everywhere around..
And with Nintendo, everything gets delayed lol.



Zemus-DJ said:

Power"Grip"Pro is a portable charger that sells for 10$ usd. Charge that baby up and your ready for a 10hour game session, best part is it snaps in place



Haxonberik said:

I've never had muh problem with battery life. There are few games I play for long stretches of time, either on a console or handheld, and thanks o the fact that you can check when the system is close to red, I can always charge it with anticipation. Anyway, I still take my charger on my bulky old DS case.



Marakuto said:

Since I usually play my 3DS plugged in with the charger for 6 - 8 hours the idea of buying the Nyko battery pack disappeared. Still looking forward to my number 1 anticipated game!



Blathers said:

Y'know you can increase the battery life of your DS if you buy a 2000mAh battery (as opposed to the stock 1750mAh for XL and the 1300mAh for 3DS)
Shouldn't set you back more than $10, although since the XL is new to the market, those batteries are a little scarce.

Also, apparently Nintendo did their best to give you the best battery life for the 3DS:



bezerker99 said:

I play with the screen brightness on 5 all the time because playing the 3DS in a lit room is hard to see on the default 3 setting, imo. It just looks better brighter. The battery life isn't of much concern and doesn't pose any problems for me. Charging it when it gets low isn't inconvenient.

Also,......Resetti...!!! >:[



real_gamer said:

It would be also funny if they made fun of the Wii U gamepad battery life...wishful thinking.



Whopper744 said:

Cool to see Mr Reesiti (spelling?) again. I always find it funny when he pops up in Brawl too actually.



TeslaChippie said:

@ToxieDogg Yeah but that was enough for me to play through HALF of Kid Icarus Uprising on full brightness with 3D on. After that it was about time to go outside and give the poor handheld a break :3



Dpullam said:

I keep my 3DS plugged in most of the time so that battery life doesn't bug me. It's cool that Nintendo made a humorous reference to it though.



Geonjaha said:

You can change the battery yourself - no revision is necessary for something like that. It's like saying the SD card is too small therefore might as well wait for the revised 3DS.



ultraraichu said:

Back in your days the game was 8 bits and display only 2 colors old man..... I mean mole. Our generation is so spoiled with all the 3ds features lol. I wonder if he jokes on that too.

Just a random thought. I found I get alot more playtime on the 3ds on my daily commute then on my smartphone.



Intrepid said:

That's rather funny. Luckily, I have a Nyko battery, but I'm still going to turn Resetti off anyway.



Burning_Spear said:

The XL's battery life seems OK to me. It's a little unfair to compare it to older systems that required less from the battery. And from what I understand, the Vita is even worse. This is just what we get these days. My iPhone's battery life is much shorter. However, I don't understand why they can't make a backup device that you can charge up and use when the red light appears. Not like a power grip but just a little credit-card-sized thing you could hook into the power jack. When I go to the Caribbean later this year, it would be nice to be able to play in the airport and during the entire flight, but that won't be possible unless I play on brightness level 1. Maybe not even then.



Kirk said:

Yeah, go ahead and joke about, Nintendo...

As long as you're getting it frikin fixed!!!



Arcamenel said:

I generally don't play with 3D on or the wireless turned on, so that helps with the battery life. I also play it in power saver mode with brightness at 3 which is generally a perfect brightness for me in a lot of areas. I don't see the battery life as a problem unless you have all this stuff turned up and are playing for 3+ hours.



SCAR said:

The 3DS has kinda poor battery.
I get 4-5 hours on the max settings for the XL. I don't really keep track of how long the battery lasts, but it seems like the XL gets an extra 2 hours on low settings.



Silverbullet89 said:

Considering the original DS that I bought had a batter that ran a good 10+ hours, I'd say yeah, they don't run like they used to, lol



Sam_Loser2 said:

I have a Nyko battery and am usually fine.
Battery technology just can't keep up with everything else, there not much more room for improvement on it.



gojiguy said:

i still curse Nyko for cancelling that Power Pad Pro attachment... It was such an elegant product... UGH.



Gnoll said:

In Luigi's Mansion 2, there was a similiar joke: when E Gadd gave you the DS (ie Double Scream), he said he was preoccupied about the battery life and so had to lower the brightness level.



NintyMan said:

Honestly, the battery life is not that big of an issue for me, and I still use my original 3DS. Whenever I see it gets too low, I simply charge it, and if there's ever a time I really want to keep playing when it's low, I would just play with the charging cord on. That's not inconvenient for me.



HunteROB said:

I never really have problems with the battery life on the regular 3DS. When I bring it somewhere I'm never going to play it constantly for hours at a time unless I'm on a trip. Portable games are made to be played in spurts, and there's no reason to be furious at a portable console for the same thing.



Meaty-cheeky said:

@gojiguy I feel yeah man, I was really looking forward to the Nyko power pad pro as well.

Battery booster + circle pad pro = 3DS Bliss



Spooky said:

@Damo No wonder your battery doesn't last long when you are using some dodgy third party USB charger!! Stay official people!



Traxx said:

That's like making jokes about your customers... I think it's not funny, or maybe I'm just too german for this stuff.



Vava said:

I don't find it very funny too, maybe AC developers thought their game will be more played by children, than by those who bought the platform. The joke about saving in DS version was way more "fairer", I often forget it just to make Resetti raging!



Spooky said:

@Damo It does however it also invalidates your warranty with Nintendo and that's not something I'd be willing to risk. You'd be surprised at just how many broken consoles are the result of third party equipment being used and just how few go wrong when only used with the real deal. Back to Animal crossing though i'm a little worried about just how much time I'll throw at this one. I think the least I have played any of them is around 300 hours!



Spaciouz said:

I've honestly never noticed anything about the battery life. Then again, I don't take it out much.



BrittGOAL14 said:

On average, I get about 6-8 hours of gaming time in per day via one charge while I'm sleeping. Haven't had a problem. Of course, I own the XL.



SuperSah said:

I can get about 3.5-4 hours from mine on a original 3DS.

Not the best battery but ah well.



Chrome said:

I prefer like it is, so the people don't eyestrain due to many hours playing

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