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New Super Luigi U Will Be Available As A Standalone Packaged Game

Posted by Damien McFerran

Mario's brother gets physical

Nintendo has revealed that New Super Luigi U will be released as a limited edition standalone boxed game as well as DLC for those who already own New Super Mario Bros. U.

The physical copy will come in a fetching green case and will retail for $29.99 in North America - $10 more than the DLC. It's expected to hit store shelves August 25th, while the European release will take place almost a month earlier, on July 26th. The DLC edition is coming June 20th.

Although Mario won't be featured, players will be able to step into the shoes of Nabbit. Although Nabbit can't collect power-up items, he's invincible to enemy attacks and offers a fun way for less experienced gamers to get involved in frantic multiplayer sessions.

Which option will you be choosing? Will you go with the cheaper DLC, or do you fancy the limited edition boxed copy? Post a comment to tell us.

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tchaten said:

Was super excited to see a boxed version is coming out too! And at $30 that is a must buy for any newbie to the Wii U.

My big question is can I play the DLC version after its downloaded without the original disk? After I've proved that I own it do I need the disk?

My hunch is I'll want the retail version, but will I be patient enough to wait? I certainly don't want to double dip and get both versions



DarkNinja9 said:

really liking this idea! i would get the retail copy but need to save that moneyso getting the DLC version =p thought nabbit?they should of picked wario or something



RupeeClock said:

The boxed version is very tempting, I just want to know what the UK price is.
For that delicious cover art and a physical copy I'm willing to pay a little extra.



manu0 said:

It would be great if one could just install the addon from the disc...actually it would be great if one could install any game from the disc...



tchaten said:

@PS4WiiU $30 or $20 seem like a great deal for a game that will consume 20 plus hours of gameplay - this is a huge DLC - basically it doubles the amount of content found in the original - pretty awesome



NintyMan said:

I'm getting the boxed version for sure, not just out of the sake of collecting but also because I'm a physical copy person anyway. The price is actually generous considering what you're getting. More than 80 levels sounds like you'll be getting a game about as big as New Super Mario Bros. U, but only for $20 or $30 instead of $60.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I was going to get the DLC, since I already have NSMBU, but the boxed version looks so awesome...



WindWakerLink said:

Hmm....I'm conflicted... I wasn't expecting a physical copy of the game... It looks so nice and snazzy with its green box...and I rather have physical copies of my games. But August 25 is so far away and I've been itching to play this since it was 1st announcement. "Dang...what to do? Aw man....I might get this twice..." XD XD



Tasuki said:

Boxed version for me. Now see Capcom needs to take a lesson from Nintendo here regarding the new Ace Attorney game.



tchaten said:

@Dreamcaster-X It'll have all 80 levels, but redone for Luigi - it won't contain the original game if thats what you are asking (that would be one crazy deal)



3Daniel said:

@Dreamcaster-X no this is a standalone title. The dlc version bolts onto the original game. The boxed version contains only super luigi u. I'm thinking a boxed version containing both nsmbu and super luigi u will be a discount option in 2014



Dreamcaster-X said:

@3Daniel Aaaaahhh, that might make me rethink my plan but then again the physical copy might hold value down the road. Decisions,decisions...




I was going to get New Super Luigi U as a DLC option once I get my 32 GB DELUXE SET Wii U and New Super Mario Bros. U , but now since they're bringing New Super Luigi U as a retail copy for stores, how can I say no to retail. I may be spending $10 more than for the DLC version, but imo, it's worth it.



Shworange said:

I wonder how the interface between the original and the DLC version will be. If you have NSMBU, will you need to insert the disk to fire up the Luigi version, or will it be a stand alone icon on the WiiU menu



3Daniel said:

@Dreamcaster-X im going dlc myself. However 20 years from now that super luigi u green box will look mighty tempting to nintendo fans looking for retro love on ebay. $$$



iphys said:

Hmm, I wound up buying NSMBU only because they announced this DLC, but then now there's a standalone version. Maybe I should just play through NSMBU and then sell it to get the standalone copy. I usually don't keep my Mario games these days, and if I get the downloadable version I'm stuck either keeping NSMBU to play it or not being able to sell NSLU if I do decide to get rid of NSMBU.



Sneaker13 said:

Difficult, I love the physical box, but 20 Euro's is a price difference that I'm willing to get a download copy for. I do wonder if the original NSMBU disc would be needed and if it will be more then just a buch of new levels with a color swapped Luigi. Hope to see some Luigi humor in there.



Mqblank said:

@PS4WiiU After the Phoenix Wright download only complaints I was waiting for someone to complain about this. I'm tempted for the box version as of the limited edition.



tchaten said:

@Mqblank Did they say that this will be a limited edition release? Can we expect this title to be available near the end of the Wii U lifecycle (4-5 years from now?)



rjejr said:

I bet you'll need the NSMBU disc in the WiiU - it's probably using all the art and game engine to keep the DL small. You'll basically just be DLing maybe some Luigi art and instructions on how to set up the new levels. So maybe a <1GB DL vs. 4GB on the stand-alone disc.

I don't get the 2 month delay unless they expect people to double dip for the box after spending 2 months playing the DL. It is nice that the disc is stand-alone though for anybody who may have sold, traded, lent their NSMBU disc.



datamonkey said:

At last Nintendo are pricing their digital content cheaper than the boxed counterparts. Hope this continues...



swordx said:

I'll get the boxed copy just because I prefer physical over download.



klautrec said:

physical copy for me! I love the damn box, also the price is really good and Nintendo really needs more games for WiiU on shelves.



PopeReal said:

The Nabbit idea is great for players like my nephews and nieces who just want to join in on the fun but end up dieing all the time.



Marioman64 said:

digital obviously, why would I get a seperate box for something I can load up from a disc I already own?



Peach64 said:

Is anyone else a bit worried that Nintendo are totally missing the point with DLC? What happens next time they're considering some major additional content, but they feel it's not worth producing a disc... do they bother with it at all?

It also sets a bad precedent that Nintendo fans are prepared to pay the cost of almost a new game for some DLC.



MrGawain said:

Seeing that we play games on My, my Nephews, and my parents Wii U, buying one disk makes a lot of sense instead of the DLC.

Reading the comments above, it shows you A LOT of Nintendo fans still prefer retail games.



tchaten said:

@Peach64 $20 is not almost the price of a new game - $30 is half the price of the original - this is not the typical DLC, but one that DOUBLES the size of the game - I think these prices are beyond fair and am really excited to dig back into this game (100 percented the original).



tchaten said:

@Mqblank oh thanks didn't catch that when watching - I'll for sure be getting it physically then - a shame it can't be earlier though



naut said:

I'll definitely be getting that shnazzy boxed copy. But I'm still utterly confused about exactly what Super Luigi U is. Are the levels new? Or are they just new takes on old levels? And if they are just new spins on old courses, what does that mean? Are they harder? Just more tooled to Luigi?

I feel like Nintendo has given zero direction on this.



Araknie said:

@NintendoNaut To your ears only.

They said multiple times that they are levels set in the same world of NSMBU but they will be very much different, harder and faster since you have only a 100 seconds mark to complete them. Some of them will be totally new.

Outside responding to you:
this seems really cool but i'll my hands full of Animal Crossing, Project X Zone and Pikmin 3 (that come the 26 of July here in europe!).
I'll pass.



naut said:

@Araknie I don't feel like it was said "multiple times," but I'll take your word for it--Thanks for the clarity.



Hunter-D said:

The box makes me want to eat some freshly cut grass...

It's that awesome.

Physical for me without a doubt.



Savino said:

I didnt see any reason to grab this....
The 100 limit time was enough reason to keep me away!



Rafie said:

@Dreamcaster-X I was thinking the same thing. Lately EU is getting games earlier than the U.S. I wonder why we can't just get them at the same time.



Mr-DNA said:

If it was a simultaneous release, there would be no doubt in my mind to get the retail version. The extra $10 isn't a big deal. That was what I thought the DLC was going to cost anyway. But waiting 2 months? I don't have that kind of patience or willpower.

But dang, would that look nice next to my Super Mario All-Stars box.



bassoongoon said:

Neither. At least not at first. Even the $20 download seems overpriced for what NSLU is going to be. Plus, I am staunchly opposed to the concept of DLC. If it turns out that NSLU appears to deliver more than previous nintendolife articles have seemed to suggest, than I might consider getting it. I'll just have to wait and see.



Morpheel said:

I don't have a wiiu, I don't really like mario games... But I think I'll get that boxed edition!



Doma said:

@Peach64 True, yet what's difference between this and every other NSMB title? This one's releasing foremost as dlc, but essentially they're all just expansion packs.



Williaint said:

I'm going for Digital download; $10 less!
Although, I do like the Green retail version. I'd like to see a Green Wii U package that came with it, and I'm sure it would be a great marketing ploy-- I mean strategy.
I also can't wait to play as Nabbit! That's going to be SWEET!



ASonic3582 said:

For me it's gonna be digital. $10 less and getting it 2 months sooner makes it better to me.



Varia01 said:

Hmm.. I don't what I'll get. Playing Nabbit has a benefit and a cost. The benefit is that he his invincible. The cost, no powerups. Where did Mario go, on a vacation?! Maybe he got tired of saving Peach and beating Bowser and thinks that Luigi has to do all the dirty work. I'm looking forward to this.



iphys said:

Hmmm, also just remembered the DDP makes the digital version effectively more like $18 than $20, so that's a bigger price difference than I was thinking originally.



Ueoua said:

I'll get the physical copy. The box art and green case look wonderful.



NintendoCat14 said:

I'd love to buy the packaged one, but I'm very impatient, so here comes my first big download on my Wii U.



Emaan said:

I was already planning on buying the DLC, but the box is so snazzy and tempting agh. Conflictions



TheRavingTimes said:

It's understandable since buying New Super Luigi U would cancel out all reasons to buy New Super Mario Bros U.



UnseatingKDawg said:

This might sound weird, but I think I'll grab both. I'll have the DLC to play, and keep the physical as a collector's item (after all, it is limited edition).



Senate_Guard said:

I think I'll settle for this! I've been dried out from playing NSMB2, which is why I've been hesitant on buying NSMBU, so this would be a welcome change of pace! Plus that cool green case would look great to display!



Intrepid said:

I was going to skip this, but now that it has a physical release (in an awesome green box), I have to get this.



tanookisuit said:

Green box being nice and unique all aside I can think of two great reasons to pay the added $10. 1) You actually OWN this copy of the game. 2) You can use it on more than one system. Nintendo lives in some backwater land where games are tied to hardware so if it's stolen, lost or whatever and it's replaced you lose your money and games. And licenses (obviously not a first party game) can be revoked and you can lose it later too stuck on hardware.

Can't wait to play this one a month late and I hope many do wait.



RedYoshi999 said:

Despite my all digital policy, I'll be grabbing both, because I can't pass up a limited edition box! Looking forward to playing it in a month, unlike everyone else waiting an extra 1-2 months.



Zodiak13 said:

Physical media for me, so glad they offered this. I can wait longer to get this. I think the $$ is fair as well..



Meaty-cheeky said:

Super Luigi U looks great! I like how Luigi got his original jump ability back! I don't understand why the New Super Mario series Nerfs everyone's unique abilities and makes them play exactly the same as Mario.

Why would I want to play as Luigi or Toad if they play exactly the same Mario



Ruthven said:

Super pumped about this... I most likely will get both if I can get the very sexy physical copy in NZ.



BestBuck15 said:

I'll be steering well clear of this. It looks like a total rip off, maybe I'm wrong but this is NSMBU except you play with Luigi instead of Mario? Bollox.... So if you own NSMBU and you have to pay £20 or £30 if you want the physical disc to play as Luigi. No thanks.



Captain_Gonru said:

@Ryno I don't think many people on this site get the reference.
I too will be getting the physical copy, if only to vote once more with my wallet against digital-only distribution. It's a lost cause, I know, but at least I can say I tried.



Yoshis_VGM said: I'm torn...

Pros about the DLC version: $10 cheaper, comes out sooner.
Pros about box: The box looks amazing! That green case is so would look amazing and it would stand out as a superior Luigi title compared to the typical blue/white cases of Wii U and Wii games, respectively.

Cons of DLC version: If my console dies, I'd have to pay for the game again
Cons of box: More expensive, have to wait longer.

I'm so TOORRRRRNNNNN......I really don't know what to do.

I might just buy the DLC so I can have something to play throughout the summer until the big games start spilling out in Fall/Winter.



kenshinrurouni said:

Ugh, this is just gonna be the same BORING New Super Mario Bros style, I mean New Super Luigi style game. Like there's a difference!!!



ScaryBoo1998 said:

I want to buy the boxed version, it looks so cool, but the DLC version is cheaper and the boxed one isn't comming out until August. I guess I'll buy the DLC version because I'll get it earlier.



Henmii said:

Interesting! I may get the physical copy, since physical is always better!!



Giygas_95 said:

@BestBuck123 Actually, all of the courses are new, and you start with 100 seconds on the clock. These levels focus on speed running rather than a slower pace like NSMBU has, and it's pretty challenging too. It's really fun, and I highly recommend it!

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