We've seen a number of indie developers crowdfunding for potential games to appear on the Wii U eShop since the console's release in November. We've recently seen Super Ubi Land and Shovel Knight receive the appropriate amount of funding for their respective projects, and another game in line looking for support is called Rawbots.

Described as an open-world multiplayer robot-building sandbox game, it focuses on building and programming your own robot. Your personal robot can have its own universe and you can invite friends to join in various modes, such as arena battles and races. You may also customize your world; build bridges, traps, roads, and even forts and towers to protect your planet. It could possibly be the next big thing since Minecraft, according to Neil Haran, CEO of Team Rawbots.

At the time of writing, Rawbots is currently sitting at $4,578 of its massive $300,000 Kickstarter goal. If you like what you see in the official teaser trailer below, you know by now how to support it. As always, let us know what you think of the project in the comments below.

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