MH4 3 DS

Although initially set for a Spring release in Japan, Monster Hunter 4 has taken longer than expected to arrive on the 3DS. After a bit of a wait it's been confirmed, in the latest Japan-only Nintendo Direct, that the title will arrive in the region on 14th September, with a price tag of 5,990 yen — that's roughly $60.

This being a hugely anticipated 3DS release in Japan — let's not forget that Monster Hunter 3 G was a major success and part of the 3DS revival in late 2011 — it's unsurprising that there'll be two new XL hardware designs released with the game, pictured above. These will be called Goe Magara Black and Felyne White, with the former certainly catching our eye.

Some further details revealed included the news that rather than be based in one primary hub, your Hunter will move between regions with a travelling caravan. Some new creatures were shown off, such as a shark dragon called Squagill, which is rather fearsome, and there are certainly some attractive new monster designs on the way. Capcom has also confirmed that it'll be keeping the hype train going in the coming weeks, with details of new online features being of particular interest.

Naturally, we're anticipating a bit of a wait for this one to come to the West, yet with Nintendo clearly investing a lot of effort in publicising this title, and stating earlier in the year that it would help publishers bring more games worldwide, we'll stay optimistic for now. Frankly, after watching the three minutes of latest footage below, we don't think this one can come soon enough.