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Monster Hunter 4 Release Date and 3DS Systems Confirmed for Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The extended trailer looks awesome, too

Although initially set for a Spring release in Japan, Monster Hunter 4 has taken longer than expected to arrive on the 3DS. After a bit of a wait it's been confirmed, in the latest Japan-only Nintendo Direct, that the title will arrive in the region on 14th September, with a price tag of 5,990 yen — that's roughly $60.

This being a hugely anticipated 3DS release in Japan — let's not forget that Monster Hunter 3 G was a major success and part of the 3DS revival in late 2011 — it's unsurprising that there'll be two new XL hardware designs released with the game, pictured above. These will be called Goe Magara Black and Felyne White, with the former certainly catching our eye.

Some further details revealed included the news that rather than be based in one primary hub, your Hunter will move between regions with a travelling caravan. Some new creatures were shown off, such as a shark dragon called Squagill, which is rather fearsome, and there are certainly some attractive new monster designs on the way. Capcom has also confirmed that it'll be keeping the hype train going in the coming weeks, with details of new online features being of particular interest.

Naturally, we're anticipating a bit of a wait for this one to come to the West, yet with Nintendo clearly investing a lot of effort in publicising this title, and stating earlier in the year that it would help publishers bring more games worldwide, we'll stay optimistic for now. Frankly, after watching the three minutes of latest footage below, we don't think this one can come soon enough.

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Bucho said:

MH4 seems massive, i don't mind if it takes a while to make it out of Japan, as long as some time in the next couple years it does, i love MH3U and the franchise.



Volmun said:

OHHHHHHHHHHH I WANT THAT BLACK ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dawt it will leave JPN though 8( i Really hope it Comes to the UK though...



bezerker99 said:

Are these new 3DS models XLs or just the original? Also,....that_extended_trailer!! raaaaaaaaawrrr



Dogpigfish said:

I love mh3, but that didn't look any better, maybe even a little worse. Is it just me?



Burning_Spear said:

That black 3DS looks amazing. I would buy it even though I don't play Monster Hunter. Why can't the XL custom consoles look like that?



JavierYHL said:

i ready for monster hunter 4,its the best hunting game series after soul sacrifice for me



Rapido said:

My Mind and Body is ready. I'll try out that new weapon, rod/spear thingy.



ouroborous said:

want this soooo bad, luckily, there's no doubt that we'll get it eventually in NA.
and i've still got work to do in MH3U anyway ;p



Megumi said:

Hopefully we'll get MH4 next year...or maybe Nintendo will help speed up localization, that'd be awesome.



AVahne said:

That black one is looking absolutely beautiful! The MH4 insignia really does look like the Zelda one.



Peach64 said:

I agree that black one looks gorgeous. I have not been impressed with the recent 'limited edition' offerings, but that is up there with the best of them.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Trailer looks great!! Hopefully this gets ported to the Wii U. I just can't play this on the 3DS.



neumaus said:

The black XL design is too 'busy' for me. I much much prefer the white one. I hope they both come to NA and Europe.
It's too much trouble to import a region-locked console.



Metal_Slugger said:

I would buy it. I didn't like the monster hunter demo ( wiiu ), but bought the game now I am hooked. I have't been into a video game like this since the 80's. Bring something for the Wiiu! Although I am still loving "Ultimate". Wiiu? Heck I call it the Monster Hunter console now. Thats all it's used for and will be for months maybe years if we get another.



TromboneGamer said:

Will definitely be purchasing one of those consoles when/if they arrive here in Murrica. And they better...



DarkNinja9 said:

kinda starting to hate these news cuz umm weres the US version of these or UK -.- they should release them at the same time worldwide



Nomad said:

Nice black 3DS Capcom. Is it just me or are there a lot of limited edition 3DS's coming out?



ReaperX30 said:

Man I got to admit that even though I'm not that far in MH3U cause I'm not too good I'll get this on day one. I love those games. If that black one is an XL and comes to America, I'll probably get it too.



DanielHPoetry said:

That black 3DS is dope. Personally though, Capcom can take their time with bringing MH4 to the States. I am excited about the online gameplay, but I JUST bought MH3U last night! Still gonna hold off on playing it tho. I got a couple games on my backlog I gotta get through and I hear this one is life consuming. I recently had to force myself to finish Fire Emblem a few weeks ago and if it's anything like that, I'm in trouble. I got over 100 hours in that freaking game...

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