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Mega Man X Blasting Its Way Onto Wii U Virtual Console This Week

Posted by Orla Madden

X marks the spot

Mega Man X, Capcom's first entry in the 'X' series of games for the Blue Bomber, is set to release on the Wii U Virtual Console in North America this week, on the 30th May; considering how synchronised many of the Wii U VC releases have been to date, there are decent odds that it'll also arrive in Europe's next download update.

Nintendo posted a trailer of the game - which made its debut on the SNES in Japan in 1993 - onto its YouTube Channel, which displays Mega Man in action on the Wii U GamePad as he jumps, shoots and punches his way through various levels.

Will you be downloading Mega Man X from the Wii U Virtual Console this week? Let us know in the comment section.

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Megumi said:

It's week doesn't start until tomorrow...meaning MMX would come out before midnight tonight.
(sorry, felt like being funny, lol)



DerpSandwich said:

I was disappointed that the VC was starting off so slowly with just a handful of games that we've all played a thousand times before, but I'm glad to see that the games are rolling in at a pretty good pace.

I highly doubt it will happen, but it would be good to see every Wii VC game come to the platform by the end of the service's first year.



Williaint said:

I already have X2. I liked it better than X. Though, I hear X3 really rocks, man...



emirblade said:

I have the megaman anniversary collection, but not the X collection. Will be getting this for sure!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Whoa! Great surprise.

...even better would be if they somehow released X4, 5, 6, 7 and / or 8, but we know that's unlikely.

Of course I want X3, too, but I'm being optimistic and assuming that's a given.



JaxonH said:

Fantastic. Nintendo may be dripping in the first party titles at the moment, but if third parties can litter the VC with hits like this, it will force Nintendo to bring out the bigger guns to the eshop in order to compete. Sure, Solomon's Key may be selling NOW, but next to some serious hitters from Capcom and others, Nintendo will be forced to compete with their own big hitters, that is, if they intend to keep any meaningful sales numbers. This is a win-win-win!!!



ikki5 said:

I still have to beat this.... i can get to sigma but he destroys me every time:P



Nomad said:

One of my favourite MegaMan games ever. I love being able to play these games on the Gamepad. Looks like the WII U VC is starting to gain a bit of momentum.



Zodiak13 said:

I am always jealous of the fact that I can't get excited about Mega Man games. Zero appeal to me, and I own way to many and tried way to many times to like them but I can't. That being said I hope all your Mega Man retro wishes come true, and everyone one of them comes to the VC. Far be it from me to hope only games I want to come to the VC. That would be selfish .



Azikira said:

Oh hex yes, I love this game to pieces! That first stage music is forever burned into my brain~



sr388survivor said:

Sweet! Oddly enough I've played the PSP remake of this to death but I never played the SNES version. I am looking very forward to finally playing the original.



tsm7 said:

Hmm.. Never played a Mega Man game. Maybe I'll check it out. This was the only new game posted to their site. I hope we get more than one this week.



Draken18 said:

Have the X collection for the GameCube so debating whether to get it for the Wii U



KeeperBvK said:

Still, the new week begins on Monday, so wherever the person who wrote this news is at, it's not "this week".



sinalefa said:

The first Megaman I ever played. I did not smash the cart because it was not mine. At that time I had little more to do than playing games, so I could still beat it and get the infamous Hadoken power up. I still prefer X2, though.



bahooney said:

I'm happy for those looking forward to this one! Always good to see some Super Nintendo love on the VC. That said, won't be downloading this one. I own a boxed copy for SNES, and I don't love the game enough to double dip. Though save states /might/ sway me in the right direction... maybes if it's on sale.



KAHN said:

cant afford to buy the actual game, so i might end up getting this.



GN0LAUM said:

We need to put a pin in this Mega Man Collection business. People often mention that they have no need to repurchase games in the series because they own a collection. I too own said collections. They are terrible emulations of the source content. If you have any interest in playing these games with high quality emulation, you need to reconsider upgrading with a Wii U copy.

Now, if you have other qualms about a repurchase, other than the reason stated above, then that's perfectly fine. Let's just stop pretending that the MM Collections are worth a damn.



Fikachu said:

If only I had a Wii U, I'd consider buying the virtual console rerelease of Mega Man X



MeloMan said:

I could deal with the Mega Man X collection just fine, I just can't stand the original MM collection for Gamecube... reversing the B and A buttons without a way to reconfig the button layout was a terrible idea.



Draken18 said:

@GN0LAUM Never said the MM collections were the best, although the X collection is much better than the original. My thought was I own copies of original versions of Megaman games and was debating if I really need another copy. At the same time I'd like to show support to Capcom so they further invest in the Wii U. So I may end up getting it anyways lol, that and I'd love X2 & 3 to come to Wii U.



WindWakerLink said:

This is cool and all, but I want Mega Man X3!!!!! I have X1 & 2 on their original SNES cartridges but not X3. Now one can say "Go get the MMX Anniversary and you'll have X3." I do have the anniversary, but the X3 on the anniversary is from the X3 on PS1. Yea, the animation is cool on it, but I don't like how the music and sounds were changed. The sounds and music from the original X3 on the SNES were SO MUCH BETTER!!! "Yea, I'm a bit hardcore for my sounds and music for games. What fan isn't? Heh heh heh."

But as someone said above me, "I might get this just to support so that they invest in the Wii U." Maybe they will invest X3 into the Wii U. I'd pass out if X3 really comes to the Wii U eshop.... "pass out with excitement!!!!"



Banedracul said:

This will be the fourth time I've bought MM X, haha. And I'm perfectly alright with that.



Nightingale said:

@Bass_X0 I never owned a wii, and while I suppose I could swap over to Wii channel and pick it up, Off-TV play is my primary way to game lately.



SparkOfSpirit said:

The X Collection has terrible emulation.

Anyway, I'll be glad to get this for under 2 bucks. One of the best games ever made.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I have the (NTSC-only) collection for the PS2 (and an NTSC PS2 to play it on wink), but I would deifnitely download X3 if it were released because the X3 included in the collection is the PS1/Saturn version, not the SNES version. I'd like to see what the SNES version was like, so if it comes out on Wii U, I'd be happy indeed.

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