OK, now. Deep breaths. Not all LEGO games are about undercover cops or action-packed film and comic licenses. Some of them can be about dancing and taking care of pets and scrapbooking and... and that’s perfectly fine.

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced LEGO Friends, a game based on the popular toy line targeted towards young girls, for release on the 3DS and DS this Fall. The game will center around the product line’s five female friends and the variety of activities available in Heartlake City.

According to the press release, players are free to explore the world on their own and build friendships by going on adventures with the characters. There’s a studio for dancing, a football field for practicing shots on goal and a store for buying customizing items, among other attractions.

LEGO Friends will also feature a small menagerie of pets, each of which is controllable and has a special skill to help in the adventures. There are currently no specifics on which animals will be available in-game, but the toy line includes a dog, cat, turtle, bunny and an absolutely adorable hedgehog, if that appeals to you.

TT Games will be handling development of LEGO Friends as it has with most other games in the vast LEGOverse. Are there any other LEGO properties you’d like to see receive a game treatment? Let us know.

[via dailyfinance.com]