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LEGO Friends Coming to 3DS and DS

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Explore Heartlake City this fall

OK, now. Deep breaths. Not all LEGO games are about undercover cops or action-packed film and comic licenses. Some of them can be about dancing and taking care of pets and scrapbooking and... and that’s perfectly fine.

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced LEGO Friends, a game based on the popular toy line targeted towards young girls, for release on the 3DS and DS this Fall. The game will center around the product line’s five female friends and the variety of activities available in Heartlake City.

According to the press release, players are free to explore the world on their own and build friendships by going on adventures with the characters. There’s a studio for dancing, a football field for practicing shots on goal and a store for buying customizing items, among other attractions.

LEGO Friends will also feature a small menagerie of pets, each of which is controllable and has a special skill to help in the adventures. There are currently no specifics on which animals will be available in-game, but the toy line includes a dog, cat, turtle, bunny and an absolutely adorable hedgehog, if that appeals to you.

TT Games will be handling development of LEGO Friends as it has with most other games in the vast LEGOverse. Are there any other LEGO properties you’d like to see receive a game treatment? Let us know.


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Aerona said:

lolwut... still... I hope it's good, there should be better games aimed at young girls.



Sean_Aaron said:

I really don't like this latest "girl ghetto" that Lego has come up with and see little need to further promote it with games. There's no reason why the core Lego product shouldn't be marketed equally to both boys and girls since the act of building things is gender-neutral, but for whatever bizarre reason the people at Lego have decided to focus their marketing almost exclusively on boys with girls being given these lame watered-down things for over two decades now.

Hell, why not make a Lego line that's about building and friendship and positive things that's for boys AND girls - what a radical idea!



Rief said:

Why do they look like Disney Princesses?
Oh well, i think the game could actually be good, if i had a daughter in the age between 8 and 12, i would definitly buy that for her.



MadAdam81 said:

@Sean_Aaron so girls can't have LEGO & dolls in one? many girls (including my daughter) have both LEGO Friends sets AND other LEGO sets.
That's like saying LEGO shouldn't do fast cars for boys.



Sean_Aaron said:

Lego figures shouldn't be made doll-like just to appeal to girls, no. It's about these figures being incompatible with everything else Lego - basically the girls get a separate set because being girls they naturally wouldn't be interested in, say, Lego City which is crap.

And the only reason guys aren't into friendship and nurturing is because there are zero toys which are marketed at boys and emphasise that - not the other way around. Yes boys tend to be more aggressive in their play, but that doesn't mean that nearly every plastic toy targeting them has to be about shooting things and blowing things up. It's all about marketing execs reinforcing stereotypes to suit their bottom line and I'm not having it.



rjejr said:

@Rief - I thought this was a Disney Infinity expansion when I saw the photo. Why Disney Infinity didn't take advantage of it's Princess collection is beyond me.

Oh, and I have 2 nieces ages 7 and 9 and they outgrew Lego Friends about a year ago, this stuff is for kids, not tweens.

And since nobody else has said it yet - look, another game coming to handhelds but not the WiiU



AJWolfTill said:

What suprises me is that they are releasing a version for the ds...
I know this kind of game may still shift copies on that system but if they try to share assets its going to drag the 3ds version down considerably right?



TomJ said:

Explore Heartache (shovelware) city with LEGO friends! So Happy



Barbiegurl777 said:


If you look at the Lego games released on both the ds & 3ds even though both girls & guys can play them there more guy orientated leaning more to the guy side than anything else which isn't a bad thing but nice to see the lego company focusing the games at both genders as opposed to just guys. I've played alot of lego ds & 3ds games there fun but there's nothing girly about them at all. As for the crack about girls not being interested in lego city. I am a girl/young adult & I bought lego city for my 3ds.

I'm picking up lego friends - 3ds when it comes out half because I like lego's & half because its the first lego GIRL game that they've ever made. I still play with the regular lego's just for kick's for fun.


I could say the same thing about quite a few games that are so called popular video games about being shovelware.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Midnight3DS said:

As much as I love LEGO games, no exploding lego people, no deal.

This is fine for the right group.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Barbiegurl: This whole idea of trying to designate this as a "Lego for girls" product is the whole problem with it. It's very condescending and the ad campaign has almost nothing to do with Lego at all.

When I grew up in the 70s Lego had no gender-segregated marketing at all: it was about building things with bricks, boys and girls and mums and dads together. I am totally mystified as to why the people who run that company decided at some point only to sell to boys, but making some weird "girl town" where people sit around baking cupcakes for each other is not the right response.

My daughter enjoys Lego City as well - I only bought it for her - so why not just add playable female characters to that?

Feminist Frequency has a great two-parter about Lego that was created in response to this new toy line. It's well worth watching for anyone else wondering what the hell happened to Lego...



Barbiegurl777 said:


I don't know. But I do know lego friends has been around for a while. Its the girl version of lego's they had the actual lego's in the 1990's it was just difference between the different colored lego boxes whether you wanted pink or blue lego boxes. I have lego friends the actual legos not the video games. In the 90's lego friends was around but it wasn't as well known as opposed to the regular lego's. The differences are the colored boxes & the lego's are pink literally. Yeah I don't understand either why lego's has become more so guyish. Its annoying because unless your a tom boy like me then its not as bad or if you don't care. But I do enjoy girly games. Your right about it being segeraited I never thought of it like that but that does make sense hhmmm... odd...

Theres no playable female characters in lego city - 3ds? I haven't gotten to far in the game yet. Weird...

Its been a while since I play lego indiana jones - ds but pretty sure you can play as a girl character in it... So weird.... huh.... I'm stumped...

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Jukilum said:

There are actually many female character disguises in LEGO City Undercover.

These figures are actually compatible with other LEGO things. I'm not a fan of them, but at least their hair fits on regular minifigs.



KAHN said:

your confusing this with cookin' mama. maybe there's a sidequest in the game though. make your man the best damn sandwich ever. hang on a second, i need to start writing this down.



StarDust4Ever said:

Sorry, I think I'll stick to Police chases and arresting bad guys. Riding a Tyrannosaurs Rex through Lego City is far more awesome than a social or pet simulator!



Pod said:

But they're just regular girls now. :-/

They don't look like the LEGO figures at all. If there won't me much separating this from a Barbie license game, then I don't really see the purpose, other than making money of course.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I'm just glad to see more girly games on the 3ds personally. The fact that its lego makes me want to get it more so.

Speaking of Barbie where are any of the barbie games for the 3ds yet? Still waiting for the barbie games.

I have all the barbie games on ds, gba, & gbc. Still waiting for barbie - 3ds.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



GameGoddess32 said:

@Pixel-Perfect I have the game and I personally like it..I'm glad to see Travelers Tales made this game,because of that I figured it would be good..I myself was HIGHLY disappointed in the LEGO Marvel game for 3DS..the consoles look good though..



GameGoddess32 said:

@edhe They ARE the respectable Bratz..they don't look like high priced "women of the night" who have gotten too many collagen injections in their lips..I'm glad to see those dolls didn't last long..

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