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Korg M01D Music Synthesizer App Delayed in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Effect on Western summer release is unclear

Not too long ago we told you about the KORG M01D Music Workstation coming to the 3DS eShop this summer, an expanded and improved sequel to a DS equivalent.

KORG M01D promises to be a useful, powerful tool for music creation, including a library of 342 unique sounds, various sequencing tools and simple exporting via SD cards. That's a lot of content to include, and it seems to have slowed down the release, as its developer Detune has announced that the title's release in Japan has been pushed from May to June. Whether the Western release will still be this summer or pushed to later in the year is unclear.

According to our original report this app will be a pricey affair at 3,000 yen (approximately $30 / £20), but if it kicks out tunes like that in the trailer below, it could be worth considering. It's like the '90s all over again.

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Tertis said:

I'm not sure who would possibly buy something like this on their 3DS.



Shiryu said:

@Tertis Right here, my man!

Really looking forward to this, loved the original DS outings and this just pushes the already deceitfully powerful tool even further. It's super neat they got it exporting tracks directly to the SD Card! Oh and I don't find it pricey at all considering the new version of the hardware that came out recently (the KORG MS-20 Mini) costs 600 US Dollar$ // 550+ €uros. In fact, it's a bargain fully featured virtual synthesizer in your pocket!



bahooney said:

@Tertis This guy, right here.
I'm a huuuuuuuge sucker for plopping electronic sounds in an otherwise live-band setting. Sign! Me! UUUUPPP!



Midnight3DS said:

Can you save as midi files with these things? It would be useful if it does, then I can work with the files on FL Studio on PC.



Shiryu said:

@Midnight3DS Sadly no, if you make a melody you want to use in FL Studio, you need to copy every step by hand. However you can also buy the MS-20 VST from KORG, it sounds just like this and you can use in any DAW like FL Studio. Here you go:



Midnight3DS said:


Darn, this would have been incredibly cool for composing on the go. I suppose it could still be useful to whip out and noodle out an idea. Inspiration comes from the strangest places. My folder is filled with a couple hundred VSTs, and they're all freeware (legal).

<-- Cheapo. Though I have been considering buying Microtonic for years now.



Shiryu said:

@Midnight3DS I believe no one has ever been able to crack Microtonic's DRM protection. It's sound really great and unique so it's a worthy investment. I too believe in music making with a low budget, feel free to check out the 3rd of 4 EPs I made covering the music of F-Zero:

Everything you hear on this one except the drums is made with Arturia's free MinimoogVA VSTi, something they released last year celebrating 50 years of Robert Moog's synthesizers. Also, Computer Music Magazine sets any one up with everything every month with their complete studio free in the cover DVD.



itsgood2slide said:

This is going to be amazing! I felt like I hit a ceiling with what was possible with the DS-10 (after a good few years) so I can't wait for this!



cfgk24 said:

@Tertis This is a superb Music composition tool! - It's not a game!
I imported the original from Japan - it's very versatile and better than anything you can get on iPad
I use this program for:
1. Live gigs - play it as an instrument - Drum machiine, synth, sequencer
2. Writing music (anywhere!) on the train, bus, plane, at home
3. writing harmonies
4. Backing band for music reghearsals

This is the best thing to happen to the eShop and to the 3DS - I hope Sano san persuades Xseed games to release Korg DS10+ (D?) on the Eshop as well - a genius piece of software



pamplemousse_mk said:

I would like to use this software, also DS10, with midi to synchronize the clock with my DAW. But I think there is no way to do this. Shame. So I would not buy it. I have already Nano Studio on my phone to write some scratch on the go.



WinterWarm said:


Pfft, that's a laughable comment, here, look at me laugh: XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHA!

Anyway, this looks boss, insta buy for me.



defrb said:

To bad you cant output to midi file or sync with midi, now its a toy



TruenoGT said:

Hey guys, actually you CAN export midi to the SD card:

As stated in the press release for this tool. I can't wait for this personally, the original KORG DS games were awesome and I always wanted M01 which was released in limited quantities in Japan for the original DS.



Midnight3DS said:


Then THAT just raised the appeal for me, because then I have freedom to edit everything, and use custom VST sounds later. Thanks for the heads up.



Midnight3DS said:

This is also kind of cool because I've never owned a Korg synth, though I always kind of wanted an M1. I've owned an Ensoniq ESQ-1, SQ-1 workstation, Roland D-50, a Yamaha DX 11, and an old Roland Boss drum machine.

Well, now I can have something Korg related, anyway.



SCAR said:

My brother was actually just wanting the DSi music synthesizer. I can't remember what it's called, but there was a competition for who made a 'good' song wit it.
We were holding off for a 3DS one, and this looks like it'll be the one we want.



Undead_terror said:

I had the one on ds, I wasn't good at tuning and stuff, but I made this tune that sounded rather awesome, gave it away when I needed money so if this is cheap I might get it.



cfgk24 said:

@pamplemousse_mk - - - - i use DS10+ and M01 together just set the bpm same on each console and tap to bring in at th eright moment Rhythm Heaven on DS is good practice for this!



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

It's mind-pulverizing what real musicians did with the DS version. How I wish I had musical talent. Sadly, I have none. I can't compose (or improvise) my way out of a wet paper bag. Sigh.



Midnight3DS said:


Don't give up. I started out simply as a way of expression, and I didn't care if it sucked or not. Through time, experience just naturally grows from experimenting, and listening to other's music. With today's software, and patience with learning the software, anyone can find their own personal groove. Classic sense of musicianship is not required. Just express yourself, and the handy dandy software can clean up the rough edges.



kurtasbestos said:

@Shiryu High-five! I have a microKORG! And an Electribe EM-1! And a KORG D888! And I used to have a ton of other KORG gear but I sold most of it before moving to Japan.

It really makes me sad when people say that $30 is too much, or that you could just get an iPad. $30 is NOT a lot of money for a decent synth/sequencer. And though I'm sure there are plenty of people making interesting music through much cheaper music "apps", something about that seems incredibly lame to me... maybe because going to a live show where the musician(s) is swiping their thumb around a smart phone sounds incredibly boring and kind of sad to me.

Anyway......... I can't wait for this!



Shiryu said:

@kurtasbestos I have the KORG minisynths, they're super fun! And a Roland Gaia SH-01, but I havent been using much hardware while making music nowadays, just VSTis.



DangerousDreams said:

I bought my 3ds when I found out korg m01d was coming to the states!! I'm still super excited it's coming!



DangerousDreams said:


Bro, don't let anybody's skill intimidate or discourage you. Always remember that skills take time to develop. Just as an Oak tree does not have branches long and leafs plentiful to grace one with shade upon fist sprouting, so to will an aspiring
musicians lack the ability to grace one blissfully with music, but, with time and proper nurture will grow and realize your full potential.

I hope you decide to buy m01d and grow.

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