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Kokuga Looks Set To Be Released In PAL Regions

Posted by Andy Green

It's been given Australian classification

A couple of weeks back we reported on the possibility of 3DS 'shmup' Kokuga making its way to the West after it was found to have been rated by Germany’s USK board.

Kokuga is the latest game from Hiroshi Iuchi, the creator of the intense Dreamcast (and later, GameCube) top-down polarity shooter Ikaruga. It's been out in Japan now for a good few months and was published by 'shmup' specialist G.Rev.

Further evidence has now emerged that the game has been classified in Australia, with the applicant again being G.Rev, meaning it's looking all but certain it will at least be making an appearance in PAL regions.

Those expecting Kokuga to be the same style of gameplay as Ikaruga may be left a little disappointed as it isn't quite as bullet-heavy as the Dreamcast classic. There is a unique four-player mode though, which will no doubt be a blast!

As of right now it's not clear whether Kokuga will be an eShop title or a fully-fledged retail release but we'll be sure to keep you posted.

Is Kokuga a game you'd like to add to your library? Have a look at the trailer below and let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments section.

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User Comments (15)



Mogz said:

OK... a reason to live
Still have ikaruga and still mention it as a favourite.
Will be on my 'must have list'
me Brushes up on Shoot em' up's with big smile ...



TheAdza said:

i dont think a game like this can survive a retail release. its too niche. Still im interested if it ends up going cheap on the eShop.



Placlu said:

When I first saw this I read the comments and saw a lot of "COME TO THE US OMG PLZ" etc on various sites. Always funny EU gets a game and americans are raging and pissed off that they may not get it, US get a game like say Atlus? We think well thats nice, hope you guys enjoy that

Amuses me. Anyway this isn't my type of game but I think at this point I need to just support them anyway. I need to order a new SD card and ill finally just buy Code of Princess.. it may not be worth the $40, but hey!



DESS-M-8 said:

I would buy this on day one!!!

as I would an eshop virtual console release of Ikaruga and Radiant Silver Gun.

A pretty penny I'd pay too



JaxonH said:

I'd prefer retail release because I also own Ikaruga and Sin and Punishment Star Successor, though an eshop release would almost certainly guarantee a much lower pricetag. Guess it's a win either way!



Kifa said:

For this type of game retail will probably never happen. Still - eShop release almost guarantees a lower price, which is good for us all I guess...



tovare said:

I'm getting this when it surfaces Would have been nice with a wii u port as well.



DaveC said:

@Kifa "eShop release almost guarantees a lower price, which is good for us all I guess..."

Except for the draconian DRM of the e-shop where a game is locked to a single piece of hardware. That is ridiculous and MUST be changed!

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