Just Cause developer Avalanche has revealed that its Wii U dev kits are gathering dust and that it has found Nintendo a difficult company to pin down.

Speaking in an interview with Pressfire, Avalanche founder Christofer Sundberg had this to say when asked if he had any plans for Nintendo's new console:

No. Not at the moment. My kids play Skylanders Giants on Wii U. It's pretty much the only dealings I have with the console.

We actually had some dev consoles that just collected dust. It's a little sad, because we were wanted to do something. I think it is a cool platform.

Sundberg also revealed that Nintendo has been tricky to get in touch with:

Nintendo have from our point of view has always been difficult to get in. You never quite know where to turn. Now, however, we have managed to get through, via the publisher we work with.

He also provided some helpful advice for Nintendo:

I think Nintendo has much to gain by going the same way as Sony, by stretching out a hand to the developers...to include even more.

Personally speaking, we'd love to see a Just Cause game on the Wii U — hopefully Avalanche can be convinced to support the platform in the not-too-distant future.

[via gonintendo.com]