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Japanese 3DS Owners Can Download Double Dragon II Next Week

Posted by Damien McFerran

8-bit classic is punching its way to the 3DS eShop in Japan

Nintendo has confirmed that the popular side-scrolling fighter Double Dragon II: The Revenge will be coming to the Japanese 3DS eShop on 29th May, priced at 500 Yen.

Once again, the heroes of the hour are Billy & Jimmy Lee, who must avenge the brutal murder of Marian at the hands of the Black Warriors gang.

"It's basically a no-brainer for fans of Double Dragon to pick this title up," is what we said in our review of the Wii Virtual Console version of the game, which was released last year. "If for some reason you've never been a fan of the series, this Virtual Console release could very well change that."

Although a western release isn't confirmed at this stage, there's a good chance this could be coming over here too. Are you interested in picking this up on your portable? Post a comment to tell us.


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The-Chosen-one said:

THIS IS A GAME! they HAVE to remake for the wii U, really!!!
this was my favorite game, make it with HD graphics, 2/3/4 player Co-op



Magikarp3 said:

I remember playing this back in the day with the family. Sure doesn't sound like a family game though, and I certainly don't remember Marian getting killed at the start D:

Is Download Play confirmed?



gojiguy said:

already bought it for Wii VC so idk... its a good game but i dont wanna have to pay for it twice!



ThreadShadow said:

Best Double Dragon game ever made, imo. I hear the GBA one surpassed it though. I probably won't buy it for 3DS though.



Rell said:

This was the first NES game i ever owned and spent countless hours on it when i was 5 and could never get past the 4th stage



paburrows said:

I hope that USA gets this soon, although I would rather get the hard to find Advance game which had levels from both 1 and 2 of the arcade game. Or even better the full versions of both.



Ryno said:

Bring that to the Wii U VC! That game was not meant for the small screen.



Nekketsu3D said:

Double Dragon II, Altered Beast (Megadrive 3D) and Wario's Woods this week... thanks Ninty Japan, you know what people want. different case Nintendo of America aka Ponyland ¬¬

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