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Industry Analyst: Nintendo Is "Positioned Perfectly" To Capitalise On Second-Screen Trend

Posted by Damien McFerran

Holiday line-up is vital, says EEDAR's Jesse Divnich

The Wii U isn't selling anywhere near as well as Nintendo hoped, and key titles are either slipping, going multiplatform or being cancelled entirely. Is it time to start pressing the panic button? Not quite, according to EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich.

Speaking to EDGE magazine, Divnich admits that Nintendo's new machine has had a rough start and is struggling to attract both developers and gamers, but there's still a chance that the company can turn things around — just like it did with the 3DS:

Nintendo always went against the grain. It's risky for publishers to jump on revolutionary technology from day one and this puts tremendous pressure on the firstparty studios to lead the charge. With Wii U, a few key firstparty titles were delayed, and without them consumers are still on the fence about the console.

Nintendo has yet to release its major firstparty titles on the platform. Consumers are waiting for that killer Wii U game before making their decision on whether or not to enter the ecosystem. Right now, the battle in the living room is for the second-screen experience and Nintendo is positioned perfectly to capitalise on this trend. I think it may be fair to give Nintendo through the holiday to see if the current lineup can raise awareness and sales.

It's pretty obvious that once Nintendo rolls out the big guns — such as Zelda, Mario and Metroid - then we'll see a significant rise in hardware sales, which should then encourage third parties to support the console. However, the real puzzle is how soon can Nintendo make this happen; the Wii U needs these key firstparty games as soon as possible. Perhaps E3 will reveal some Wii U exclusives for 2013?

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Andremario said:

Nintendo entertainment system brought super Mario bros. And brought the nation out of the brinks of the video games crash of '83..flash forward they had a slow start with n64 in '99 and then brought out super Mario 64...2005 or 6 I thinkis when they revolutionized the industry



Banedracul said:

I'm pretty sure that's all everyone is waiting for, Nintendo's big names to come out. I don't have nearly as much time to play games anymore, so I don't really mind, but I really hope the console picks up momentum, and soon.



Andremario said:

With the game changing nintendo Wii and brought out new super Mario bros. Wii...notice a pattern? They've done it before they'll do it again! I have full faith in nintendo and I will continue to support them! Don't even get me started on the vast improvements with the 3ds!! The revolution will not be televised! 'nuff said!



kustomkargalaxie said:

The game pad is just screaming for a kid icarus game to be made for the wii u.
Guarantee to print $$$ for the Big N if you ask me.



DualWielding said:

It needs more than mario and zelda to turn things around it needs third party exclusives or a revolutionary new IP



PS4WiiU said:

I'm waiting for two games to come to WiiU: new Zelda (HD remake still not a system seller for me) and Metroid. And there isnt a word about any of those. LInk to the past 2 should be on WiiU not 3DS



Zyph said:

What?! An analyst saying 'fair' things in regards to the Wii U? whew lol



banacheck said:

(reality check)

I would call Pong which led to the start of the video game industry, revolutionary, but i would hardly say the Gamepad is revolutionary.

I think Nintendo should make some new IP's, and who would capitalise on this trend for them? 1st party dev's already working on 1st party games.



Drewroxsox said:

I decided that I'm going to buy a Wii U this summer. This will be one of my last summers living at home before I go off to college, and what better way to spend it than playing video games with the fam. I'm also buying it, that way I can get wind waker when it comes out.



MAB said:

And by that time the next problem 3rd parties will face is their games not selling up against the Nintendo heavy hitters... I can already see the whinge articles now



bunnyking said:

i agree, nintendo still is first to showcase what it can do and this holiday season will be crucial. i'd love michael pachter to eat his words too. time will tell. And yes the wii u interface is completely different, i would call it revolutionary or at the least risky.



johndevine said:

Yeah Nintendo have turned around the sales of the 3DS.
I wouldn't attribute this to the contribution of third parties as much as Nintendo's own ability to make some of the best software on the market.

Same will continue to apply to the Wii U. If you want to play 3rd party content head to xbox/playstation.

If you want quality Nintendo, stick with Wii U.



rjejr said:

E3 - even without a big Nintendo presentation - will go a long way towards finding out how the holidays will go, without actually waiting for the holidays.

Besides finding out what Nintendo has to offer - will there be new Kart and 3D open world Mario games or simply more HD remakes? - we'll also find out more about the competition. FYI - Microsoft unveiling next Tues. I know the consensus thinking is that Nintendo will be ok b/c these games will come out eventually, but if the other new consoles are comparatively cheap enough and sell well enough it could be a problem if Nintendo takes to long to get those system sellers released.

4 more weeks.



Daz-brum said:

This Xmas we will see what the WiiU can really do and Xbox . PS3 will look like old systems. We or I have faith in Nintendo come on Nintendo show us a clip of Mario WiiU.



GermenatorHue said:

We will get Mario 3D on Wii U by October. Mario Kart and Zelda before the end of the year. Good luck with your $500 consoles with multi platform launch games Sony and Microsoft. Also, finally an analist who makes a little sense.



Pod said:

The touch screen in conjunction with a second screen elevated the DS in so many ways.

Here's hoping they manage to do the same on the Wii U. I'd love to see some even wackier stuff than has been released so far. And I have no doubt E3 will deliver.



FiveDigitLP said:

Wow. I hadn't even been paying attention. That blows my mind to think that E3 is only 4 weeks away! Where has this year gone??



NintyMan said:

What he said was nothing new to what I've been saying the past few months. The Wii U, just like with the 3DS, will have to rely on the holiday season to really get a boost. The new 3D Mario and Mario Kart U will likely come this holiday season, and they will help the Wii U just as Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 helped the 3DS.



SuperMinusWorld said:

Finally, some positive news. Once E3 hits, we'll see just what Nintendo's been hiding this whole time. I think they have the ability to out muscle Microsoft and Sony in terms of software sales this holiday. A new 3D Mario by the fantastic Galaxy team is just what the doctor ordered.



SteveW said:

Yet to bring out Mario? the Wii U had a new Mario game from the start and it didn't help.

Two screens on a console just wasn't a great idea, even Nintendo is struggling to find a good use for it. Tell me I can play my 3DS and DS games on it and I will like the idea much better.



LetsGoRetro said:

Am I the only one that feels the Wii U is the perfect time to bring back Mario Paint? What a game that was. And I can't even draw well!



LetsGoRetro said:

@SteveW When they talk about a Mario game helping, they mean 3d Mario. 2d Mario isn't going to set the world on fire in 2012/2013. However, the Wii U actually sold well in comparison to other recent console launches, with NSMB being the driving force, arguably. But one game isn't going to help the system 8-9 months later. Only consistent software releases will result in consistent hardware sales.



Dpullam said:

I've already been talking about the same exact issues mentioned in this article for a couple months now. I'm very interested to see how well sales pick up once this holiday season rolls around, but that certainly won't affect which system I choose to purchase as my next system. I just want to Nintendo to receive the success they deserve since the Wii U has quite a bit of potential. I hope they bring the Wii U up to its full potential in the coming years.



element187 said:

@SteveW NSMBU is not a big title. Its a hold over.

how can you even compare a 2d mario to a 3d mario? 3d mario has been Nintendo's flagship since 1996.



SteveW said:

I just don't think the problem is all about the games... there are some great Wii U games now that people are ignoring... and even when I mention Pikmin to people, most do not even know what that is. A brand new killer IP might help though...



Megumi said:

...Yeah the "New" Mario series isn't really a system seller. When we talk Mario nowadays, we mean a 3D Mario like the Galaxy games. So yeah Nintendo hasn't really released anything big themselves, which is one of the main reasons the Wii U is doing horrid now. (though I don't care because I have Monster Hunter, lol)



LittleIrves said:

The thing about NSMBU... that game will sell for the life of the system. The next 3D Mario will (hopefully) ignite a lot of core excitement and get multiplatform owners on board, but by the time this generation is over the 2D game will have FAR outsold the 3D one. Which will help fund riskier ventures.

Can't wait to see what's up their sleeves in a few weeks...



Mizzah_Tee said:

A list of consoles with "slow" sales starts and some with their launch games
SNES - 2 games at launch (Super Mario World, F-Zero)
N64 - 2 games at launch (Super Mario 64, Pilotwings)
PS1 - weak launch games (many analysts consider the weakest lineup)
Gamecube - (a now highly revered console for some reason)
Xbox 360 - (sold worse than Wii U after 6 months)
PS3 - (sold worse than Wii U after 6 months)

I realize I have consoles older than a lot of you guys running around with your heads on fire about Wii U so I felt a little perspective and history was in order...



P-Gamer-C said:

What revolution we have had gaming tablets for years the original wii was different no one ever really saw that coming it became a trend overnight the wii u on the other hand we have had gaming tablets for years with more games better resolution to nintendo wanted lightning to strike twice in the exact same spot and it didnt.



Best_ said:

I bought the Wii U for the hell of it, since I own every Nintendo home console. I'll be buying a PS4 but still, I Love U Nintendo :')



TheRealThanos said:

@P-Gamer-C Nope, @siddyp00h didn't get anything wrong, he was actually pretty factual and nice about it. With all due respect, but I've been around A LOT longer than you, and was already playing games long before you were born, so I think it would be good to learn to get your facts straight before you try to pass off misinformation or partial information as fact. Rest assured that I may come across as harsh, but I'm NOT trying to thrash you or insult you, just telling it like it is. Maybe try and listen to one of our fellow country men: He calls 'em like he sees 'em and actually makes a lot of sense. (and by the way: yes, if you look at my profile it says Netherlands, but I'm American from my father's side, I just live in Europe) Oh, and you're wrong about the tablet point as well: the Wii U is NOT a gaming tablet, it is a very logical, or even natural evolution and/or amalgamation of all Nintendo technology up till now, but you would need to understand Nintendo's ethos/philosophy and know ALL of their history to get that. To put it in layman's terms: it is a giant, detached/unhinged DS with HD graphics and better controls incorporated plus some interesting extra capabilities such as the Wii U panorama title nicely demonstrates. Calling it a gaming tablet would automatically mean that the whole DS range from DS Phat up till the 3DS XL are also gaming tablets, or surely mini tablets then...
It is of course totally wrong and complete bs. The only thing you showed with that remark is that Nintendo still needs to do a LOT of work advertising what the Wii U actually IS, because so many people make the same mistake in writing it off as a 'weak, low resolution tablet-toy' for which I can't even blame them, although I DO think that with a little more thought and research, people would be less influenced by mass media and negative hype and would therefore be less oblivious to what's staring them into the face.
Simply by looking at what the GamePad can do and more importantly how it works, it's clear from the start that it doesn't even meet the standard qualifications for it to be labeled as a tablet, but enough of this for today...
@siddyp00h Thanks for being one of the very few clear headed and factual ones; must be something that happens to game lovers once they start to inch closer to thirty...
It always makes me get a big grin on my face and shake my head when people that are younger than 20 state that they have been gaming all their life (which could of course be true, but it's more about what follows, so bear with me) and claim to know everything about gaming history while I ACTUALLY and CONSCIOUSLY lived through all of it and played on just about EVERY system that has ever come out starting with a Pong game console on a black&white TV set and I still own quite a few of the good ones from 'recent' years too...



doctor_doak said:

The more I contemplate it, the more i'm inclined to believe that the Wii U is actually in a beta phase at the moment (as Nintendo considers it), and the 'real' launch happens at the end of the year alongside the other 2. Why?? Nintendo haven't even bothered to properly advertise the system. They certainly didn't have any games ready at 'official' launch. They've just entered the HD era and are battling with their OS and online infrastructure. Dev kits were made available too late in the piece for most 3rd parties releasing multiplatform titles in 2013 to bother. Nintendo isn't a monolithic entity like Sony or Microsoft, they don't have the same resources, and I think they've been overstretched with getting the 3DS up and going, combined with the fact that I think they were taken by surprise at how quickly wii sales dropped off at the end of 2010/early 2011. So they switched attention to Wii U, which it seems they didn't originally plan on releasing as early as 2012 considering how much of a success the Wii had been until 2011.

So by the time Oct/Nov rolls around and they've had time to iron out the kinks, they'll 'attempt' to launch the thing properly. They were always going to get the diehards to buy in last Nov., but i'm guessing that what we're going to see from NintendoDirect/E3, etc.. over the next month will be the beginning of a 'proper' launch drive leading up to the holiday season.

If you forget the Wii U has actually launched, and in my book it hasn't, then Mario 3D, Zelda: Wind Waker, (perhaps) Metroid or whatever Retro's working on, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and 3rd party multiplats like Watch Dogs, AC: IV & Arkham Origins starts to make the impending 'proper' launch look quite good. Of course, this means little if the game releases dry up again in the 1st half of 2014.

What i'm looking for, as someone who is watching on with interest and yet to buy the not so much the Mario 3D, Mario Kart, Zelda footage..but what happens 'next'. They need more partnerships like Bayonetta 2 & SMTxFE to fill the spaces between the 1st party stuff. I don't want a Wii U to play a handful of Nintendo releases every year over 5 years. I suspect people writing them off are a bit silly though. I think they've got stuff up their sleeves that'll get people's attention. We'll see.



banacheck said:


And not a lot of people will know Nintendo and Sony had worked together to create the CD-ROM for the Super Famicom.



Banedracul said:

@doctor_doak Very interesting theory, and I kind of hope its correct! It does kind of make sense when you think about it. I also think that they've got stuff hidden up their sleeves, and if you're right, that would be a pretty amazing turnaround.



doctor_doak said:


I think Nintendo'll be fine with the Wii U. That's my gut feeling atm. Everybody's freaking out at the moment, but my guess is things will look much better in a months time (after E3..) for 2013 and beyond. A lot of people (me included) are chomping at the bit to play HD 3D Mario and Zelda (Wind Waker). Pikmin 3 looks beautiful, and there's a chance we might get a Metroid by the end of the year as well.

Nintendo have sort of been their own worst enemy through this though, but I think they'll pull it together. If you consider the 'real' launch window August-November 2013, it suddenly looks a much better picture. If Nintendo give a full 5 years of software support for the Wii U (i.e. 2013-2017) like they have with each of their previous consoles, and make an effort to publish other projects like the ones I mentioned, I really don't think there's too much to be distraught about...



Banedracul said:

@doctor_doak Oh I completely agree that they'll be fine with it, just that it'll take some time. The 3ds was in the exact same position more or less and it more than drastically turn around. The more I think about what you said, the more sense it makes. I've REALLY been wondering why they have barely been promoting it yet, and that very well could be a valid reason!



doctor_doak said:


Miyamoto's 'secret' new IP shall be very interesting when it's revealed, hopefully at the next NintendoDirect or E3. I suspect it''ll be the 'one' to push the Wii U concept to consumers...



P-Gamer-C said:

@TheRealThanos Are you sourcing review tec the same guy who said dispite wii u having no games said he loved the system then five minutes later said it was a huge letdown lol wheres this wisdom foreigner i dont see it



TheRealThanos said:

@idork99 You're welcome!
As for Pong: you didn't miss that much, although it IS of course a classic and one of the very few games that didn't make me feel sorry for not having a color TV set at the time. I'd hate to think about having to play NES games on a b&w TV, though...
The first console that I used on a color TV was an Atari2600, and I had some pretty cool games on it. Most of that is now nostalgia related, because even I am a little spoiled with today's graphics and games, but I still play the odd classic every now and then, if only to remember the good old days...
@P-Gamer-C And to think that after typing all these carefully weighed words, all you comment on is the YouTube link I posted? Tssss....
And foreigner? I'll just ignore that for the sake of politeness to a fellow American, but besides that, you're just a boy in my eyes, (not meant as an insult, just stating facts, since I'm nearly twice your age) and you only know half of what I do on topics like these, if even that much. Not just because I'm older, but because I've been tied to IT related jobs for well over 25 years and for the last decade to IT related sales and marketing, also venturing into areas like game consoles. Rich of ReviewTech is a standup kind of guy, not afraid to give his opinion, but also not too big to admit he is wrong if that comes to pass, which has happened VERY few times.
As for him loving/hating the Wii U? Well, so do a lot of us. Nintendo DID drop the ball on several occasions, but that doesn't mean that they still have a chance to turn that around, same as with the 3DS.
And of course they have some great games and IP's, and they have had those on every damn console or handheld they've ever released, whether the machine itself failed or not. Even the Virtual Boy had some great games.
In short, even if you're a Nintendo fan/gamer, there's nothing wrong with showing them that they aren't perfect. In fact, blindly defending ANY system is just plain stupid.
The rest of the previous comment I posted is based on known facts. I don't know if one should see that as wisdom; I personally don't because this information is readily available online if you care to do a little searchin'...



P-Gamer-C said:

@TheRealThanos I have him subscribed months ago and stop bringing up age clearly in your case it doesent mean as much as it once did its a fact the guy keeps changing his opinion of the system because of harcore fan boys like you that make up a decent chunk of his views



TheRealThanos said:

@P-Gamer-C Why does that bother you so much? Like I said before: it's just what it is: a fact, nothing more, nothing less. Want to get back on topic now, instead of dwelling on ReviewTech? I find his channel entertaining and he's an okay guy, like I said before, but it's not the Holy Grail so not that important to argue over. In the video I posted he made some good points though, that tied in nicely to this article. I'm sorry you think that you need to resort to insult where I have clearly stated my intent of NOT insulting YOU several times. I'm no fanboy, I own multiple consoles and haven't been a boy since I passed 30. Also, if I would be stupid, which you seem to imply (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) then I wouldn't have been able to perform very well in the business that I'm in for this long...



P-Gamer-C said:

Im not dwelling im just correcting you and you did bring up the guy first right u said the other commenter was right on all count about the wiiu sales he was except the ps3 it did outsell the wii u slightly thats a fact since you like the term you had to jump in and damage control of course



TheRealThanos said:

@P-Gamer-C Damage control? Haha, no son, I did no such thing seeing as I have no need to, and there's also no need to correct me, I'll do that myself if need be. Please do not try to read something else into what I write, because I say EXACTLY what I mean. If I'm serious, you'll know, and the same goes for when I'll make fun of you or if I'm being sarcastic. I don't feel the need to cloak that in hidden meanings or references. I'll just say what I think right there.
As for the point about the sales figures: that still stands since I counted worldwide sales, NOT just separate areas. The PS3 was well behind the Wii U in it's 4th month and did NOT make good in the following two months. And couple that with the fact that the Wii U has way less games available compared to the PS3, and they STILL sold 3.45 million systems, possibly based for a large part on their former reputation alone. Not something that will help Nintendo forever, but still...


Ever wondered why @siddyp00h never responded to your comment himself?
Probably because he didn't think it'd be worth bothering getting into an outdrawn argument such as this.
Now me on the other hand, I like me a good discussion, though not to gain victory over someone, but to see what motivates other people and find out if we can reach a common ground. (or if all else fails agree to disagree and let other people have the floor instead of taking over a topic) Make of that what you will, I won't take offense since everybody has a right to their own opinion, as long as they're also able to have an open mind besides that. The bad thing about the internet is that, speaking in general, you can't shut people up, even if they're wrong or misguided, making online arguments last way longer than their face to face counterparts. Well, whichever way this goes, I hope you still have a nice stay here on N-Life. It's a community for ALL people that like Nintendo games, so we don't have to be all buddy-buddy and so on as long as we can keep it somewhat respectful, agreed? Laterrr...



P-Gamer-C said:

We do have common ground or at least i hope were games and not the 4 month total 6 please pay attention lol have a nice day



TheRealThanos said:

@P-Gamer-C Same to you.
As for your second point: then we have to agree to disagree or let the topic be and move on, because otherwise we will keep defending our point till the end of days...



TheRealThanos said:

Nice to be able to agree, good on you!
Well, I'm signing off. Living halfway around the world makes for a rather large time difference, and I need to be sharp again in the morning... (it's 0:34 here now... )

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