Perfect Dark Banner

When we think back to iconic Rare shooters that helped to redefine the genre on the Nintendo 64, minds often drift to GoldenEye 007. That has a strong case as a trailblazer, but if you're looking for the best Rare title in that genre from the 64-bit beast, plenty of loyal fans will very enthusiastically and loudly point you towards Perfect Dark.

There are many reasons why it's one of those fondly remembered classics even today — such as the storyline or iconic weapons — but one factor that also helps is its soundtrack, composed by Grant Kirkhope, Graeme Norgate and Dave Clynick. Its synth beats were a natural fit for the sci-fi setting, and stand up to a listen even today. Thanks to its upload to Bandcamp, you can now listen to the full 36-track album for the game whenever you please, with an option to download for a price that you deem fair. Naturally with tracks this good, we'd hope that the pay-what-you-want system won't be needlessly abused, but supported with reasonable payments.

If you need to be sold on the idea of buying the album for this N64 classic, you can also stream it for free. For the sake of convenience, and because we quite like it ourselves, you can give it a listen below; if you want to buy the album, head over to its official page to do so. If you'll excuse us, it's time to dig out some headphones.