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Free-To-Play Tank! Tank! Tank! Gives You Club Nintendo Coins and Stars

Posted by Orla Madden

Take advantage while you can

Fancy picking up 60 free play coins - or 50 stars if you're in Europe - to purchase that much wanted item on Club Nintendo? Well now's your chance.

Namco Bandai released a free version of Tank! Tank! Tank! on the Wii U eShop yesterday in North America — it's been available in Europe for a short while — and despite the game being free-to-play, you can still claim coins or stars after you complete the usual survey in your Club Nintendo account.

Will you download Tank! Tank! Tank! now that it's free-to-play? It may not be the most appealing game on the Wii U, as you can read in our review, but it was still fun nonetheless.


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TOMBOY25 said:

im amazed people have only just realized this (although im in uk so i did this ages ago)



Jakurdo said:

Never downloaded it (and probably won't now either), but it's no surprise. That Wii Street Google Maps app also gives you 50 stars, even though it's completely free.



RupeeClock said:

Tank Tank Tank is not the only free download I have claimed Club Nintendo stars on.

I've also claimed them for:
3DS Titles:
Pokédex 3D (no longer available on eShop)
3D Classics Excitebike (free at launch)
3D Classics Kid Icarus (free with promotion)
Nintendo Video
Nintendo Letterbox (aka Swapnote)

Wii U titles:
Zen Pinball 2
Tank Tank Tank
Wii Street U



TreesenHauser said:

Yep, I downloaded it yesterday. Despite its repetitive nature, I do think it's a blast but I'm glad I don't have any obligation to pay for it. I probably will eventually add a mode or two though only because the 3-a-day restriction annoys me.

EDIT: Just completed the survey for Tank! Tank! Tank!, now I have 170 club points including the 20 I just added for VC titles. Yay. ^_^



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

got it already and also i wonder if i will get the 5$ coupon on the digital promotion Hmmm must wait till the site updates my recent purchases



andreoni79 said:

we need 7000 stars to get that controller, that means 28 retail games (250 stars for each one) or 7 WiiU!!! how many coins do you get for a 3ds/WiiU game?
Europe pays 5 times the same reward!!! Game & Watch Ball 1200 coins VS 7500 stars!!!



cyrus_zuo said:

Tank is worth the 8 quarters ($2) as an easy to pick up multiplayer arcade game.

It's a nice diversion. Most of my game playing is with other people, so the more titles that are multiplayer the better!



andreoni79 said:

I know I'm boring you americans with a little stupid problem but it's just unfair... You get Super Mario 64 for answering 4 surveys and we have to buy 6 retail games for that shoelaces! (... the end)



rjejr said:

From the review: "...and a high price tag keep it from being a hit."

So now that it's free is it a hit? I mean the reviewer went out of his way to write "high" price rather than just "for the price" so the money must have mattered.



FiveDigitLP said:

Hey man, I just wish we could use our "coins" to get shop points or soundtracks! I ended up buying the Mario Galaxy soundtrack on eBay I wanted it so badly.



andreoni79 said:

If the 60 coins = 50 stars conversion is right, that cd should cost you 4620 coins (or 5820 for the deluxe version)...
Can some tell me exactly how many coins do you get for a retail game? I just wanna be sure of it before sending a mail to NoE. Thanks!



SetupDisk said:

I never noticed the lack of VC games on the europe shop. That and prices actually makes the na one better. I would love the option for that wii snes vc controller though.



siavm said:

@andreoni79 ours was not always good. And the games we can get are mostly dsiware, wiiware, and vc games. So they are not new games that came out recently.



catsrnice said:

60 free play coins? I'm confused.
Well anyways, if this means Club Nintendo coins then this will finally put me over platinum status.



DrKarl said:

The eShop was down for me earlier this morning, but it went up again. I was able to grab the game and the 60 coin survey.

Thanks for the heads up!



SpaceKappa said:

@rjejr I was that reviewer! I'm not sure what the pricing is on the game now other than parts of it are free, but $60 was FAR too much for what they were offering. As long as they're charging $10 or below it's a good deal for what it is.



SilentHunter382 said:

Hangs head in shame Only just noticed this now along with 17 other items I have yet to clam star points from. Ah well.



FiveDigitLP said:

Well, used to we got 50 coins for registering a new Wii game, but last year they went through and changed the rate depending on the game. Still, I believe most retail games for the Wii U are 60 and most 3DS games are 30-40. Also, I don't know how NOE does things, but here we have the initial coins for registering it and then post-play surveys (as well as some for registering early) that give you 10 coins per game.

At any rate, you can go to the below link and click on "How Many Coins Will I Earn for Taking Surveys?" under "Product Registration & Surveys" to get a detailed description.
(Also this is helpful:



Funny_Moblin said:

HELP!!!! How long am I supposed to wait for the survey? I'm worried. I downloaded it, but no survey came up.



GooRoo said:

Strange...mine showed up while the game was still in the process of downloading. Keep us updated! Hope they didn't remove the coins already.



Funny_Moblin said:

@GooRoo earlier in the day, I started downloading the game, but shortly realized I had to go, so I cancelled it and left. When I came back recently, I began downloading it's still downloading but no survey yet...

I think I made a stupid mistake. I don't get games very often, and I was hoping this would be the game that knocks my status up to gold.

I think I made a very stupid mistake.



ledreppe said:

Tried the free-to-play version, but I just didn't feel compelled to purchase the addon content.



Funny_Moblin said:

So I called Club Nintendo support, and they said they do not give out coins for the free download of Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! .....



JLSniper said:

So, you don't get coins for downloading it? Plus I bought and downloaded Super Mario World and I haven't gotten a survey for it yet. I want some more coins.



DerpSandwich said:

Yeah, I downloaded this and haven't gotten coins. Other people seem to be having this problem too. What's the deal? I didn't get coins for Wii Street U, either.



Gioku said:

I feel bad for people who paid $50 for it... As a free game (or arcade game) it's fine.



Ecto-1 said:

I'm guessing it was an error and they've took it down. I knew I should have done the survey last night, but I didn't get around to it. 60 coins down the drain.



Giygas_95 said:

I'm not registering my Wii U until July since I already have Platinum Status. If I DL this now, could I still get the coins for it in July?



allav866 said:

Seems like they did fix it. Damn shame, but as long as I've downloaded this, I may as well give it a try.



DarkNinja9 said:

wow this game sucks e.O the controls are just ugh and each time telling me "enemy behind" like i know <.<



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah same here or if it had online multiplayer it seems like it would of been fun that way



bezerker99 said:

From what I'm reading in the forums, Nintendo has rescinded this offer. Apparently it was a mistake on their part.

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