It's amazing how people can interpret their own version of what lies in front of them. One particular music song can inspire a variety of covers, each musician adding their own characteristic and making it their own. Artists visualise a certain object, theme or feeling and try to explain what's on their mind by using some form of medium, whether it be a painting, drawing or a sculpture; the result is something similar to what you'll see as you carry on reading.

An idea of a fun art gallery dedicated to the original generation of Pokémon, Peter Le and Amy Kim gathered 151 artists, each randomly assigned with one Pokémon to freely design as they wished. The ensemble later formed what's now known as the Rare Candy Pokémon Art Auction for Charity.

What's good about all this, is that each of the pictures are being auctioned off for charity, with all of the profit raised from the artwork being donated to Canines for Disabled Kids. At the time of writing, Gyarados seems to be the most popular of the bunch, with bidding as far as $250.

The full gallery can be found right here, where you'll find each artist's version of their given task.

Bidding for these fantastic pieces of artwork ends in 7 days, so time to throw those Master Balls should you want one.