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FIFA 14 is Skipping Wii U Because of "Disappointing" FIFA 13 Sales

Posted by Andy Green

Not even the "award-winning HD gameplay" could save it

EA confirmed last week that it has no Wii U games in development at this moment in time, which pretty much confirmed FIFA 14 would not be coming to Nintendo's system this time round, joining the likes of Madden NFL 14 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14.

The company recently got in touch with Eurogamer confirming the inevitable and gave a little clarity as to why the popular football game is skipping Wii U:

Six months ago FIFA 13 was a launch title on Wii U. Although the game featured FIFA's award-winning HD gameplay and innovative new ways to play, the commercial results were disappointing. We have decided not to develop FIFA 14 on Wii U.

It's perhaps unsurprising that EA has decided not to release FIFA 14 based on poor sales of the previous iteration but this doesn't mean the company will never publish on Wii U again.

EA says it still has a "strong partnership" with Nintendo but it seems the publisher does not currently see developing games for Wii U as commercially viable.

FIFA 13 was also made available for Wii, but was largely a copy and paste job from the previous game. At the time, an EA representative told Wired it "felt it was important to continue to offer fans the opportunity to play an authentic football experience on Wii". It appears Wii U gamers will not be granted the same opportunity.

What are your thoughts on this one? Are you disappointed FIFA 14 won't be on Wii U? Let us know in the comment section below.


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seronja said:

what did they expect when we found out that it was fifa 12 just with new roster and some gamepad gimmick



Farmboy74 said:

It was a gimped version, EA got what they deserved. Yes Nintendo gamers may be starved of quality software but we will not buy any game that has been just cobbled together just for the sake of it.



FullbringIchigo said:

well maybe if the game they released was actually FIFA 13 and not FIFA 12 with a new skin maybe it would have sold more

the only good game EA released on the Wii U was need for speed most wanted U

also "Still has a strong partnership" well maybe you should be telling your staff that EA and after the things they have been saying i wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo didn't tell them where to stick it



edhe said:

This declaration of a "Strong Partnership" is a bare faced lie when EA won't even release FIFA on the Wii U.



Yoshi3DS said:

complete idiots! barely no one bought the wii u fifa 13 because A-everyone owned it and B-wii u's aren't selling!
if they made fifa 14 on wii u it would sell over triple the amount that fifa 13 on wii u did!



Midnight3DS said:


Granted, I don't think they've said anything specific about 3DS, but I'd like to know what the excuse would be for that. Guessing they'd claim they don't make money there, either.



MrSonicFan34 said:

Who cares about FIFA? It's the same damn game every year. There is hardly any difference between FIFA 99 and FIFA 13 in terms of gameplay,



Midnight3DS said:

^ People care about FIFA, Madden, wrestling, and Star Wars, believe it or not. These are cumulative hits that do more harm than good for Nintendo any way you slice it.



shingi_70 said:

******* LOL EA

complains about lack of sales yet advertising the version of the game with no sales at all.


With that said this means the Wii U is a next year purchase and i'll be getting ether a xbox or PS4 this holiday season.



andrea987 said:

EA...disappointing... Yep, makes sense. Release a launch title, months after the other platform release, a gimped version of last year edition, and expect to sell millions. That's EA for you. Now, if only Konami would hurry up already...



bassoongoon said:

I am a little disappointed about FIFA 14 not coming to Wii U (although I have decided to boycott EA so it wouldn't really matter). I am not really a huge fan of football, although several of my friends, and it seems like football would lend itself to video game adaption, and be a good game to play with them.



HeatBombastic said:

Sony_70 The next-generation of Fifa gets decided when a new Xbox appearrs, rather than when a new generation of Soccer/Football players appear?



bassoongoon said:

"EA says it still has a "strong partnership" with Nintendo but it seems the publisher does not currently see developing games for Wii U as commercially viable."

HA!! How can EA say this in light of recent events? This is hilarious.



Mk_II said:

the only EA game i've ever bought to play was SSX. The rest is shovelware



R-L-A-George said:

They never made any effort with Nintendo lately. All I see mostly for the Wii is Sims and FIFA..



Hunter-D said:

Hmmm, unfortunate. I would have a liked a proper (same package as the other multi-platform releases) FIFA for the Wii U. Now it's Konami or bust and I highly doubt there's a PES in store for the Wii U.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

What did they expect? It's the same exact game every year and they actually expected it to sell as good as Nintendo Land or NSMBU or Sonic & All-Stars?



joshb_92 said:

What is truly disappointing is that we keep giving EA the spotlight. They want this attention. If they don't want to develop for the Wii U because of lackluster sales of their halfway done products that they ported to the Wii U, then let them. We cannot change the decisions of EA. When the Wii U starts to gain steam, I'm sure they will come crawling back to the Wii U with their titles. Can we get more news on the Wii U and less about EA not supporting the system?



cuba444 said:

Awful news, was really looking forward to a new innovative way to play, this will be a deal breaker for some



Jack_Package said:

Being an English sports fan, I was a potential customer for a FIFA game.

I decided not to buy because of EAs reputation. I will not buy a game which could potentially have a server shutdown, after a mere 18 months.

Maybe EA should consider if past practice is affecting sales? I'm sure the current install base is made up of learned gamers. We make noise with our wallets. Not 'worst company' votes.



Banjogeek said:

This is a rumor mind you but when Nintendo was developing the Wii U EA asked them to put Origin on the System.Nintendo declined and this is the result.



PinkSpider said:

What annoys me most is they release a shoddy port of a game and expect Nintendo Fans to roll over and buy it. Nintendo seem to get sh*t all the time but none of these third party company's get any crap for releasing these awful ports



ShadJV said:

I'd say I hope EA crashes and burns horribly, but I would feel bad for the innocent loss of jobs for everyday employees. Still, I hope karma bites them hard. Poor business practices and unprofessional decisions and yet they still get to drive the industry. It's a shame, this WILL sway many gamers from the Wii U, EA games sell, yet Nintendo can't do much about it if EA chooses to continually treat them like crap and turn the market against them.



fluggy said:

Can't pretend I'm not disappointed! Even the Wii got a little more effort from EA! Would've defo picked this up. Another one in the eye for my new console! Konami could clean up with PES ..... Hopefully.



Tasuki said:

It makes sense if it didnt sell well why would they bring another one to the Wii U. Right now EA is hurting so they have to watch their money carefully. It's not really EA's fault blame the Wii U owners that didn't buy FIFA 13.



sonicfan1373 said:

At least they did not make up things about the Wii U's specs this time, if indeed the title did have poor sales and not break even then I think that justifies why they are not bringing the game to Wii U. Never the less, I hope we see PES from Konami this year as replacement.



Jadon1984 said:

Just buy FIFA 13 and pretend it's FIFA 14.
Although FIFA 13 is already FIFA 12 in disguise.



ocarinaoftime said:

So let me get this straight ...the give wii u owners fifa 12.5 and expected it to sell good as 13??? And the wii u hate train rolls on down the track...



Tetris911 said:

oh EA lol

I have not bought an EA sports game since Madden 1997 for the playstation 1 and that is the last time I will buy an EA sports related game because they bring absolutely NOTHING new to the table. It's the same game every year except for a slight roster change and maybe a minor user interface menu. Besides, EA will come crawling back if the Wii U sales pick up after more games are released



tjhiphop said:

I really hate EA but I have a penchant for the Fifa series so I'd hope it comes back to WiiU in the future, but EA are really moronic.



Ryno said:

Most of you are bat guano crazy to think it is a good idea for EA to release any games on the Wii U when they do not sell.



Yosher said:

If EA makes terrible games they shouldn't complain that they sell terribly. I definetely don't need them or any of their games. If I want to play a soccer game I'll just pop in Mario Strikers or somethin'. Much more fun in my book anyway.



FJOJR said:

It's high time Nintendo start publishing their own pro sports games again. We haven't seen them do it since the early GameCube era. The NBA, MLB and NHL licenses are there for them to use.



KeeperBvK said:

Loving the picture you chose.
Been a fan of Borussia Dortmund for over 20 years now and I'm getting so excited for Saturday!



tudsworth said:

@Hunter-D I'm sure Pro Evo 2014 will come out on WiiU. Apparently, the WiiU runs the Fox Engine pretty well (IE - as well as the PS3 and 360); so that makes all games running on that engine prime candidates for WiiU ports.

At least, if Konami's sensible enough to take advantage of this prime gap in the market that EA is basically leaving there for them.



GamerJunkie said:

Nintendo fans are just bad business.

They don't buy FPS games, don't buy sports games. Right there alone they lose at 3rd party consoles as those are 2 of the most sold genres on a console.

With no sports games it means I have to get another console pretty much.... I have a PC so I don't mind very few or no FPS on console, but sports games on PC suck, so its one of the genres where a console is needed for me.




LOL Here we go again with the BUUUUUUUUUULL MOTHALOVING POO! If any actually believes these pack of lies from EA you obvisously have been living in a cave.



ikki5 said:

lol, why would we want fifa 14 when fifa 12 and fifa 13 were the exact same game..... anyone see the screenshots of those two games?



Gnoll said:

Problem is, I think they'll have absolutely zero problems churning out EA Sports titles for PS Vita. EA never abandoned consoles for poor sales or small install bases: they just graced them with lazy ports (even lazier than usual, I mean). When an ailing company refuses their "kind" offers of exclusivity-fuelled "help", like SEGA did with EA Sports and Nintendo with Origins, they put an embargo on them. No problem for me and for many of you, friends, but many people buy almost only EA games and their money will go other ways.



ThumperUK said:

EA has just realised that WiiU owners will no longer tolerate the shovelware, endless DLC and annual update rip-offs which are central to its operating model.

We haven't lost any quality new titles here, I got bored of playing the same football and golf games after about the 4th iteration.



demonta4 said:

simple solution: nintendo makes origin available as software for wii u. ea stop acting stupid and realize that they are losing money.



nik1470 said:

I know FIFA players and all they do is play FIFA. They buy one game a year Fifa and they play it on the playstation because the controller hasn't changed in 15 years. They are mono-gamers and they don't change their habits or play Nintendo lol



Yanchamaru said:

EA could care less about the Wii U because nobody is buying their games. A lot of other third party publishers are avoiding this system like the plague for the same reason. Low Wii U game sales = more support for Sony/MS



SanderEvers said:



They are not going to develop any Wii U game for the following year. So good, we can and should ignore them just as long.



tovare said:

EAs Need for Speed most wanted is really great, and I'll probably be getting Mass Effect 3 in a few months.

It's understandable that they don't develop games if the volume isn't there yet, they're welcome back at some point. I've never liked the EA Sports franchises, but it would have been nice to se ME4 being ported over.



Zup said:

@Midnight3DS Do you have something against caring about Star Wars? I've never seen the point of making more than one version of a sports game, but Star Wars games are a new experience almost every time.



Denkou said:

The fact that EA can use the word "Fifa" and "innovative" in the same sentence without separating them with the words "is absolutely not" shows that they still haven't realized that they're beating a dead horse that could easily be brought back to life with simple DLC.

Alternative ending to that sentence: shows that they still have absolutely no idea what they are doing in any way, shape, or form.



TheAdrock said:

I'm fairly sure that EA isn't "commercially viable". Who even plays video game soccer? Srsly...



andrea987 said:

EA...disappointing... Yep, makes sense. Release a launch title, months after the other platform release, a gimped version of last year edition, and expect to sell millions. That's EA for you. Now, if only Konami would hurry up already...



SCAR said:

I think the title of the article should be titled:
'FIFA 14 is Skipping Wii U Because of "Disappointing" FIFA 12 Sales'
You haven't made a good game since 2007, EA. Maybe it's better if FIFA 13 doesn't come out this year.



digga said:

EA make shoddy games i own a ps3 and wii u and have no EA games,, the last one i bought was ,,,,,,,,,,army of two the 40th day,, now wat does that say,, i play every ninty game ,, every sega,,WB make good games ,, i think it mite be time for EA to vanish from the game world and sell there franchises to other companies,, fifa is popular but other than there sport games there not very good,, look at the new army of two its a joke,, just like EA they make B class games and people arent gunna pay 40 quid for sumert poop wen u can get games like DMC the new tomb raider, injustice etc these are all quality games and EA couldnt make games like these if there life dependid on it goodbye EA i wont miss u



GiftedGimp said:

I like the part where EA say 'we still have a strong partnership with Nintendo'
According to EA's definition of Strong Partnership my ex-wife must still be totally blinded by love for me.. lol.



digga said:

theres no partnership Nintendo doesnt need EA to survive,, ubisoft on the other hand we need



bezerker99 said:

This was the last FIFA game I bought. It was pretty awesome too! Untitled

With that out of the way, I'm not losing any sleep over FIFA '14 not coming to Wii U.



MeWario said:

I'm going to go ahead a guess this years sales will be even worse Nice one EA



Wolfgabe said:

FIFA 13 for Wii U was really FIFA 12.5. EA cannot seem to get it through their brains. Nintendo owners do want third party games, what they don't want are crappy half assed versions with missing features and stripped down gameplay which is exactly what they gave us with Madden and FIFA



GiftedGimp said:

EA if you read this...
Had you released games that hadn't been released on ps3 and Xbox for past 6+ months or at least priced these older games with some sensibility then you probably would of sold more of your games on WiiU. £50 for Mass Effect 3, when you could buy other versions new for under £30, and buy the Mass Effect Trillogy for the same price on Ps3 as the WiiU Mass Effect3 for example will not give you great sales numbers. That not even taking into account that its the Final Part of a Trilogy story that to get the most out of it you needed to have played parts 1 & 2 to be able to import your saves which did also effect the playstation community who since the release of Mass Effect 2 was always praying for the day Mass Effect 1 would be available on Ps3.
Mass Effect is one example, but All of EA's WiiU games can be used as an example as to why EA games never generated sales on WiiU.



SomeBitTripFan said:

I don't really care about EA or FIFA or sports games in general, though this will definitely hurt the Wii U. The one thing that could easily save the Wii U from this is if SEGA brought back SEGA Sports and made it exclusive to Wii U, not that it would ever happen. The Wii U is really looking like the Dreamcast right now. At least Nintendo isn't in the same condition as SEGA around that time.



GiftedGimp said:

@Banjogeek That rumour is all but officially confirmed, it was part of Nintendo asking several publishers with help creating the Nintendo Network. Ubisoft and EA were a couple of those publishers, guess which one got greedy and thought they could make a bit more money out of the situation.



Boxmonkey said:

As others have said I would have purchased the game if they gave us FIFA 13 not ripping us off with FIFA 12 and calling it 13. I'm fed up with company's giving us the crap version of games with no DLC and then complaining that the game had poor sales figures. We're not loving idiots and won't be ripped off! So love EA ill never buy one if your games again.



Tertis said:

Surprise, surprise!
The reason why the Wii U version didn't sell so well is because nobody who bought the console at launch cared about another FIFA game.



Davidiam007 said:

Dear, EA.

It's ashame you think we're stupid cause that makes you look stupid.
Maybe, if you sold us the actual FIFA 13 there wouldn't be a lack of sales.



Intrepid said:

Nintendo will probably make another Mario Strikers game anyway. I honestly don't like EA and their attitude toward Nintendo, so I'm perfectly fine with them leaving the WiiU.



Lvl100Caterpie said:

Mega lame EA.... I used to enjoy hearing "EA sports its in the game...." Obviously EA sports would rather sit on the bench..... ;p



P-Gamer-C said:

Well another lose for nintendo they cant make money on the thing nintendo hardcore fans dont seem to like buying games just damage controling so all those crazyies that are willing to buy sports games every year will not be doing it on wii u thats alot of revenue



6ch6ris6 said:

if you wanna have a rrealistiv football game go grab the latest edition of PES on wii and use the playmaker controll scheme.




Vincent294 said:

Considering how much better PES on 3DS is, & how Fifa on Wii U wasn't very good, I wouldn't say we're missing much.



bassoongoon said:

@Yosher I am glad to hear that Mario Strikers is fun. I bought it because I wanted to get a good football game, and had heard that FIFA '13 was pretty crappy on Wii U. I have yet to play it.



thanos316 said:

i must agree schizor its a really lame excuse. am i disappointed no not really. i kind of seen it coming. the pes series on the wii was much better than the fifa offerings. well its their decision and if the whole wii u thing turns around im sure they will be back in the future.



thanos316 said:

@SkywardLink98 what do u mean. i would love to play a great wii u fifa game, but if they gonna give us crap to play like how they try to do with the wii versions then i am no fool and i won't throw money to play a garbage game. devs can say this and that but the final product says a lot and i am not blowing 50 dollars or so on a copy and paste game. but a great offering then yes



GiftedGimp said:

Another thing EA... When are you going to announce your not supporting the Vita? Just Wondering as Fifa sold sh** on that system, as do most games and it has a lower user/game attach rate than WiiU.

Ps.. So on Nextbox and Ps4 are only going to release a few Ps3/360 ports then stop supporting the systemx untill Sony & Microsofts next systems have a 10 million + sized userbase?.... didn't think so its another EA tool spouting BS excuses to WiiU owners. On the Plus One day EA, you will want to publish on WiiU, and guess what you'd of peed of the WiiU community so much you still won't make any decent game sales while every other 3rd party publisher does meaning then you'll actually have a legimate excuse to not support WiiU. Something along the lines of WiiU owners hate us and simply won't buy EA published games due to our ignorance an deceit.



Pichuka97 said:

I wonder why. It was a half-baked port of the Xbox/PS3 version with less detailed visuals, not enough media attention, no Infinity Engine, and not to mention it's a new system so obviously not a lot of people have a Wii U compared to the other consoles. They're just trying to save a buck and think that the Wii U will fail. Grab a freaking brain cell EA!!



Rei7 said:

Well I buy Fifa on PC anyway so I don't care. F EA for closing down my favourite Sim games of all time Sims Online and F them for screwing up with the always on DRM for the new SimCity!



CaPPa said:

It doesn't really matter, people can just buy FIFA 12 (aka FIFA 13) on Wii U and pretend that it's FIFA 14; as all that really changes is the number on the box and the players names.



Discostew said:

Just looking at the numbers as of May 11, and basing them on the number of sales of the game vs the number of units sold on the console it was made for, the PS3 version of Fifa 13 (having sold the highest of the group) has a 3.6x larger attach rate than the Wii U version. Considering the PS3 version is NOT a recycled Fifa 12 while the Wii U version is, and the install base of the Wii U is drastically smaller, how exactly did EA expect it to sell a lot?



millarrp said:

I've never been a huge fan of the FIFA series, but I did at least gave them the benifit of the doubt and tried the demo.... It still didn't appeal to me, so not having one this year won't cause me to loose sleep. It's a shame they couldn't at least compromise and offer the updated rosters as free DLC for those that did buy it,



Peach64 said:

@Discostew on PS3 it sold around 6.5 million units, on Xbox 360 it was about 4.5 million. On the Wii U it sold 70k. Just like NFS Most Wanted, they probably spent more developing the Wii version that they made back. When you make a loss on every game being made like that, it would be pretty dumb to keep releasing them.

Even the Vita, which has 30% lower hardware sales than the Wii sold over 200k, outselling the Wii U by 300%. It's not a lame excuse, the sales for these games are not just poor, they're abysmal. Even Lego City, a big exclusive that got great reviews sold less than 94k.... maybe even a lot less than 94k.



P-Gamer-C said:

@Peach64 Yep it seems the wii u is dead like that ea guy said wii u owner's should buy games since the wii u is on par with the old systems y not a big price drop now oh wait they did that in europe i think it didnt help at all



MadAdam81 said:

@millarrp To EA that would be throwing good money after bad.
However, many Wii U owners also have a 360 or PS3, and would have bought FIFA 13 on that once finding out that FIFA 13 on Wii U was just a prettier version of FIFA 12 with updated rosters and kits. If I had known that, I wouldn't have bought it and just kept playing FIFA 12 on 360.
Surely it wouldn't have cost much more to put FIFA 13 on Wii U than FIFA 12 and the extra sales may have been enough more to get closer to making a profit on it.



andreoni79 said:

They just don't want to spend time and money for porting a game that they're gonna build for the next gen Ps and Xbox... The gamepad force them to do something new with their sport games and they realized it's not worthy. I can't blame EA for that.



MasterWario said:

Ha ha ha, that's like saying "I'm not going to be a fruit vendor because I can't sell my rotten Strawberries." While some of the burden definitely falls on the Wii U as a console, we cannot dismiss the fact the FIFA 13 on Wii U was basically FIFA 12, which is all EA's fault



Discostew said:

@Peach64 Outselling it by 300%, but considering there are 2.1M more Vita units sold than the Wii U, the actual attach rate is not 300% higher. It's less than 2x more. I will admit that Nintendo systems lack the demographic for these sort of games (which is one reason why even the Vita version got a higher attach rate than Wii U), but really, there are many others factors that lead to low sales too, the main one being the smaller install base. Seriously, there's no way the Wii U version, being an altered version of last year's FIFA and not the true version, could compete with the PS3/360, when it's 3M vs 77M x2. Even if every single Wii U owner bought the game, it would still be less than half the sales the PS3 version sold.

Unlike FIFA, NFS:MW on the Wii U had an additional reason for low sales. It came out about 5 months after the other versions. Anyone that was interested in that game was not about to wait that long for it, especially if they understood that EA wasn't giving proper support to the Wii U in the first place, like having only one Mass Effect game on the Wii U vs the Trilogy on other systems.



Sean_Aaron said:

No I don't care about any EA titles appearing on the Wii U. I think I bought one on the Wii, so I honestly wouldn't have noticed though I am hugely enjoying Need for Speed Most Wanted U, which has dominated my play time since I downloaded it last week.



withoutdk said:

Well... i have not bought the game yet.. but i was considering it... now i just dont want to...
I think Nintendo Wii U has a lot of potential...i was actually surprised when it came out... being a fan of Mario... and when more games will come, more will buy the U!



WiiLovePeace said:

What do they expect with a new console & a cut down version of FIFA? We're not going to buy crap games in the hopes that we get the better version next time.



RetroBillyT said:

Would have bought FIFA 13 but for the fact it wasn't actually FIFA 13. If I was really that bothered, I could go out and get a second hand 360 for £75 and play it on that...



Banker-Style said:

I would be nice if EA actually gave the Wii U a chance,and stop snubbing the console and it's user base.



AlternateButtons said:


That really just made my day. Thank you Nintendolife.



Smug43 said:

Title should read

Wii U is skipping Fifa 14 because EA is disappointing.

sub title
We expect nothing than the less from being voted the worst company in America two years running!



bezerker99 said:

Awards are nice but they don't pay the bills. In fact, all awards do is make it take longer to dust your mantle.



jayblue said:

this will make people think i would not make this console my first choice if i couldnt play fifa or madden or any ea sports games,thank god ive got 360 and ps3,this will hit sales.



Zup said:

@Midnight3DS No, sorry. I misunderstood. In my head I read it as a sarcastic, snide comment saying how you couldn't believe people cared about these games. It was my mistake, sorry.



Steveovig said:

Anyone happen to know what the Vita sales numbers were compared to the Wii-U sales for Fifa 13?



t5434 said:

I think that its great that there skipping wii U. Not everybody has a wii U.Some people wish they had a Wii U but it costs just too much.So smart move EA,smart move.



SuperDuperGang said:


I like FIFA so I bought FIFA 13 for WiiU (I already owned a copy on PS3)... What a let down! That wasn't Nintendo's fault - that's EA's fault. Now EA does this? DUMB!

I like conspiracies so I agree with the idea that EA doesn't want any used game selling and trading going on. Which is also DUMB! Stepping on my soapbox...

I bought a game = its my property! All gamers need to unite and not purchase ANY game on ANY system if it cannot be traded or resold. Side note - no one should pay for online service! I already pay for Internet access to my Internet provider. SCREW YOU!

I love games. I could see spending way too much money on a gaming environment if it was phenomenal! - but most games are barely even good! Unite gamers... Unite... We need to crush all this fine print, extra charge, not my actual property garbage NOW.

Microsoft... you are dead to me. Sony... I'm watching you. Nintendo... Save us all.



fifa said:

I think that EA need to be really careful on wii they are just coping games for example fifa 11 Wii is pretty much the same as 12 and 13 as is 14 but the wii u i don't know who has one i mean a kid in my tennis class has one but it is like wii really so yeah EA smart move but they need to be careful



fifa said:

i like the wii you but EA are just jumping in but there could be a chance in wii you but fifa is not for wii u

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