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Feature: Ten Smartphone and Tablet Games We'd Like to See on Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh yes, we're going there

Earlier this week we reported on a story in the Japanese media that Nintendo is providing developers with software to convert smartphone games to Wii U. If true that could potentially have various implications, but until Nintendo reveals more — the source report was a little vague and quoted anonymous "company sources" — we'll hold off on getting too analytical. The potential impact in terms of content, pricing and product delivery — including free-to-play and microtransactions — gives plenty to consider, if it happens.

The very concept of an easy-to-use tool that allows developers to quickly port smartphone games to the Wii U did get us thinking, however, about some quality iOS and Android games that we feel would suit the eShop, and the Wii U / GamePad setup. Below's a diverse selection, some of which are bona-fide phone / tablet games and others that are on various platforms but, perhaps, have found an extra lease of life on Apple and Google services. Things have come a long way since the first version of Snake — which also shows how well the 3DS has performed to continue to sell against a backdrop of quality portable experiences.

We're not saying that we're ready to give up on our lovely Nintendo systems and games to play on phones, quite the opposite: we're saying these games can be as good or — in many cases — better on the Wii U.

Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption

Ridiculous Fishing is, well, a bit ridiculous. It banks on getting you hooked (geddit?) into a simple repetition that allows you to gradually level up your equipment. Once a line is cast you tilt and steer the device — which the GamePad should easily handle, or physical controls could be used — to guide the line down and then back up with its catch; once the fish are flipped out of the water you tap the screen to blow them to smithereens with a gun. It sounds simplistic, because it is, but the constant leveling up to wacky new tools and expansion to bigger areas also makes it rather compulsive. It's got rad retro-styled graphics, too.

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Punch Quest

What happens when you combine an endless runner with a side-scrolling brawler? Punch Quest, in all of its anarchic and wacky glory. Your hero runs to the right to punch, uppercut and block to stay alive, with it all happening against the backdrop of bright visuals and insane power-ups. The trailer below should give you an idea of what this one's all about.

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Riptide GP

Oh, Wave Race, how we miss you. The simple concept of water racing has been largely absent on Nintendo systems since Wave Race: Blue Storm on the GameCube, with the exception of a minor appearance in Wii Sports Resort, which is a pity as it's such darned fun. That's why Riptide GP is in our sights, especially as it already looks pretty decent on Android and iOS devices. Sub out the potentially tricky tilt controls to use the good-old analogue sticks on the GamePad, and this could be a lot of fun.

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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

This is a particular favourite, as it's a rather thoughtful, creative and artistic title on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. A slow-paced puzzle adventure title, it's focused on exploration, curiosity and riddle solving above all else, and provides a charming audio-visual exhibition — headphones are a must. Sometimes it can arguably be too peculiar and quirky for its own good, but then that didn't stop Little Inferno.

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Draw Something

We're more fans of the concept of Draw Something than the rampant micro-transactions that Zynga likes to include in the just-released sequel — a social drawing app where you play with others to both draw and guess the illustrations of others. It's a bit like online Pictionary, with a lot of extra bits and bobs, and would be absolutely perfect for the Wii U GamePad. A look at what talented Miiverse artists get up to is ample proof.

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Jetpack Joyride

Rather than being an endless runner, this is an endless flyer. Like the rocket barrel levels in Donkey Kong Country Returns, you use one button — or tap the screen on phones and tablets — to manage your height, collect coins and wacky power-up suits, all while avoiding deadly beams and rockets. It's a simple one-more-go kind of game, with your in-game loot also there to spend on outfits and new items; it's also been released on the PlayStation Network, so a Wii U release isn't a completely unrealistic idea.

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Super Hexagon

This is a minimalist title from Terry Cavanagh, a game designer that 3DS eShop gamers will hopefully know from playing the utterly marvelous VVVVVV. Its concept is simply about steering a triangle around a 360 degree axis to avoid walls that continually rush towards the centre of the screen. That's it, but as a cheap download it's strangely addictive, while friends compete to see who has the ninja reflexes to get beyond 10 seconds, then 30 seconds, and on it goes...

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This title had issues remaining on the Apple iOS store due to a trademark dispute with Tim Langdell — thankfully now resolved in favour of Mobigame's title — and has also appeared on Android, PC, Mac and as a PlayStation Mini. A simple concept of moving a cube through tricky obstacle courses — which is much easier with a D-Pad or stick — and collecting items. Cleverly designed and a test of sharp instincts in the mind and the thumbs.

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We've done quite a few clever, addictive or quirky titles, so let's have a good old-fashioned semi-clone, cheap double-A wannabe that, at the right price, could be some harmless fun — especially as complaints around the smartphone releases often refer to the touch screen controls, which the GamePad could resolve rather easily. Drawing parallels with the Gears of War series due to its cover-based shooting and overly-muscular hero, in this game you shoot stuff. And then shoot more stuff...

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Monkey Island 2: Special Edition

This one is on the list because we really want a Wii U release, but we should acknowledge that it's appeared on almost all platforms but those bearing a Nintendo logo. It's simply the classic point-and-click adventure with all new visuals and improved audio, and that works just fine for us. Arguably the pinnacle of the Monkey Island franchise, the PC original is a treasured memory for various old-timers, so a Wii U eShop release would be more than welcome. Though with the recent fate of LucasArts, it may be a forlorn hope.

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So those are some games either exclusive to smartphones/tablets or have simply found natural new homes on those platforms, and we want them on Wii U. Whether it'll happen or not is a different matter, but the video game industry is a strange beast — we wouldn't rule it out.

Does the thought of any of these on the Wii U appeal to you? Choose your favourite — if you have one — in the poll below, or simply sound off on the whole idea in the comments section.

Which of these smartphone / tablet games would you like the most on Wii U? (241 votes)

Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption


Punch Quest


Riptide GP


Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP


Draw Something


Jetpack Joyride


Super Hexagon






Monkey Island 2: Special Edition


I don't want any of those on Wii U


This is a daft idea, down with this sort of thing!


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User Comments (99)



SteveW said:

I found something even better a couple of weeks ago, I Dig It HD. One of the best ipad games I've played.

Also worth mentioning...

Across Age HD (like a SNES RPG), House of the Dead Overkill: The Lost Reels, Boulder Dash XL, Space Miner HD, Air Mail, Star Command



Dpullam said:

I certainly don't mind seeing more tablet games on the Wii U as long as they have the quality to back it up.



LAA said:

Bad move if nintendo is putting money and resources into getting mobile games for the Wii U... Why buy a Wii U when you can play them all on a mobile?
If mobile developers choose to put their game on consoles, leave it to them, dont try and give them money and resources into doing so. I'd rather the money go into a lot more things, such as perhaps securing more 3rd party releases, achievement system, improving online features, heck, even just putting that money into more first party nintendo games. Mobile games should be way at the bottom of the list.
Not to sound I'm completely against mobile games on the Wii U, if mobile devs want their game on the Wii U, sure, but imo, there arent any mobile games I'd throw money at nintendo for to get them on the Wii U, sure it may be possible to run them on the Wii U, but thats not the same thing as it being suited to the Wii U or worthwhile porting it to the Wii U.



Halifirien said:

I'd love to see Manos: The Hands of Fate ported over. I hate virtual controls on the iPhone.



Midnight3DS said:

Boardgame apps such ss Ticket to Ride and Reiner Knizia games would be win and sexy up the e-shop.



Kirk said:

Half of those are decent choices and the others just seem like they were the first one's you remembered, ones that are popular, because some of them are really nothing special.



Marks said:

I only just recently got an iDevice so I didn't play many of these games, but the more on the Wii U eShop the better.



AJWolfTill said:

While the majority of app games are not things I would be invested in, it's worth noting that there are some ds ports as well as genuinely unique games such as Nightjar.



SCAR said:

I know Draw Something would be popular, Infinity Blade with the traditional touch controls and possibly Wii remote plus controls, etc.
This is just a move towards more supported formats on the console. All the big titles from Nintendo and 3rd party companies will still be there like Smash Bros., Pikmin, Watch_Dogs, etc. This just broadens the scope of content.
I expect lots of indie games, with the possibility of the same devs trying to go bigger with a more traditional console game.
The Unity games could make the leap to a bigger engine, especially if they sell well.
We could even get some good apps. Nintendo won't allow BS on their eShop for most part, so we can count on the eShop being mostly shovelware free unlike Apple's app store.



rjejr said:

"The simple concept of water racing has been largely absent on Nintendo systems since Wave Race: Blue Storm on the GameCube, with the exception of a minor appearance in Wii Sports Resort, which is a pity as it's such darned fun. "

I'm fairly certain "Our Vacation" has 4 player split-screen jet-ski racing. It definitely has 4 player split screen and jet ski riding, I'm just unsure about racing, but it's probably in there. NL never reviewed it and really didn't cover that game, which is a shame b/c it was a fun 4 player split screen game.

As for iOS and Android games -

Sea Stars is much much better than Jetpack Joyride.
Fieldrunners (2 just came out) is one of the best TD games I've played
Puzzles and Dragons - my current addiction - is an improved twist on match 3 and raising monster games

And for those opposed to the idea, why? More $ for Nintendo. PSN has had them for years, I'm pretty sure they're also on XBL. I know Fruit Ninja is.

Anybody who would stop for a moment and look at the collective videogame world would see that "casual" games are taking over, can't fight that tide. Popcap, Steam, PSN, XBL are all places were people spend lots of money on $10 games and Nintendo would be smart to ride that wave and not try to oppose it.



SetupDisk said:

That rabbit ninja game is quite fun but I can't see it being that way without button contols.



eltomo said:

The recent Star Command could pass for a Wii U game easy! Be even better on DS. The dual screen would make ship management so easy!



pntjr said:

Yeah I think that iOS/GP games would work really well on the Wii U. well the ones that don't require multitouch



nomeacuerdo said:

Edge and Monkey Island.

I'm not a fan of Android, but surely a Nintendroid kit would surely boost the development from indie devs and would make the WiiU a more attractive console.

It's not like "why buy a WiiU when I can play it on a smartphone?", it's giving the console a wider array of options, and increase the ease of development.



ricklongo said:

I just can't see the appeal of a game like Draw Something for a console (or even a handheld, for that matter). Yes, it's a lot of fun, but most of it comes from the fact that you can simply play a quick round or ten to entertain yourself while going to the restroom in a bar. It's most definitely not something I'd actually stop to play.

For what it's worth, I feel the same way about my favorite mobile game, Wordament.



NateNate said:

Ridiculous Fishing, Superbrothers, Super Hexagon, and EDGE are all games that I wanted to see on Wii U since the first time I saw them. Ridiculous Fishing especially would be absolutely amazing to have on the gamepad.



TrueWiiMaster said:

They all sound good at the right prices. I'd be interested in Plants vs Zombies 2 as well. Though I don't want the spam the app store is known for, some of the games are genuinely fun, and would be great for the Wii U. I think Nintendo should get some other apps too, like Kindle, Yelp, and one of those apps that lets you order food from local restaurants.



HeatBombastic said:

@LAA Most of the games will probably receive console enhancements when being ported. Didn't they do that with Kung Fu rabbit?



LexKitteh said:

I hope World Ends With You: Solo Remix ends up getting ported. Not sure if it needs multi-touch though..



idork99 said:

@LAA said "Why buy a Wii U when you can play them all on a mobile?"

Bragging rights is the first thing I can think out of my head. If Nintendo can get critically acclaimed iOS titles to their systems, then they can say,"yes, we have that (iOS games), and we have this (Nintendo first party games) as well." Secondly, although you'd have the option of playing the same game on either a mobile or dedicative gaming system, wouldn't you want to play the version with the better controls?



Bulbousaur said:

Meh, probably Shadowgun. Maybe with tactile controls, all these games will be actually fun to play.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Boardgame apps such ss Ticket to Ride and Reiner Knizia games would be win and sexy up the e-shop.

This! Add Carcassonne to the list too. Pretty much any of those niche board games that I can't necessarily play with folks in real life who aren't interested in learning complicated rules for a game they'll never play again.



LAA said:

Not to sound like I'm insulting anyone, (I'm not), but quite disappointed most people seem to support the idea of mobile games coming to Wii U.
Either there is just a massive longing for Wii U games full stop, so much, we're willing to support even mobile games, or just our expectations have really lowered for Wii U games to expect.
Not to force my opinion onto anyone, but I dont think this is a thing we should be supporting over the many other things Wii U needs right now.
With a console, ANY console, I expect big experiences, not to say I dont want "Bite sized" experiences, I love BTR2 on the Wii U for example. I just dont see people rushing to the shops for a Wii U now they can play Angry Birds on the Wii U for instance. By all means work on it in the future, but theres still a lot of things the Wii U should have had at the beginning which should be getting worked on now.

@HeatBombastic Yeah true, but they were designed for the mobile in the first place. I think it really depends on the game to a point too. For example, one of my favourite mobile games is probably Cut the Rope. The reason I like it so much is probably because its perfect for bus rides (Mainly cause I enjoy the game mainly probably, ha ha), but it was likely designed for being a mobile experience in short bursts. A game that could work how you say though, (although was on Wiiware/PC first), World of Goo, I'm sure that could take advantage of the GamePad and etc. and I'd probably buy it too if it looked like a lot of creativity was put into it, but I still think there are much more important things to invest in before mobile games.

@LexKitteh That is actually the first brilliant idea for a mobile game I've seen, though again, wasnt originally a mobile game and from what I played of it, isnt really a game I'd play on a mobile. Although using the resources from the mobile version for a Wii U version would be very great! I'd prefer a sequel though!

@idork99 Bragging rights doesnt seem a very good reason for me, Vita has PSMobile for instance, but I'm not very bothered about it at all sadly.
As for playing games with better controls, again, most "good" mobile games are designed to make use of the lack of controls and most games I can think of are just ports of console games put onto mobile for just the sack of it really or for some little more profit.



TingLz said:

But but I keep hearing that mobile games are automatically terrible since they have no depth and are only playable on phones



sonic_brawler95 said:

Punch Quest, Jetpack Joyride, and Sword and Sworcery EP are quite fantastic.

I think a version of Fruit Ninja that uses the game pad or the Wiimote would be cool.



RR529 said:

The Chaos Rings trilogy (by Square Enix) is great. Although I'd rather them show up on 3DS.



Jewelarchon said:

I would love to see Stargate come to the Wii U, whether it's converted in this way or not.



LavaTwilight said:

Some of those games look interesting but I'll definitely cheer on Monkey Island 2 Special Edition!!! It's already on the PS3 E-shop along with the first one. The third one should also be released (the best one in my opinion and I played Monkey Island on the Amiga!). I hope it's announced for WiiU soon because my PS3 is in South Africa and will soon come to the UK in August! As soon as it does, I'll be purchasing Monkey Island... unless it's announced for the WiiU



Mqblank said:

It was always my wish for the Wii to have a Best of LucasArts Adventure disc (Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, Full Throttle, Monkey Islands, The Dig, Indiana Jones, the list goes on). This wish has now transferred to WiiU even though there is ZERO chance of it ever happening.



IxnayontheCK said:

Honextly these games would give N the chance to say "know how good that big ios game was? now try it with ACTUAL controls" that could be a good thing for them



Yellowgerbil said:

I do love me some ridiculous fishing. Possibly kill the boss? I think it would have to be without that awkward DLC system so you only have to pay once, actually I think they should make the games more expensive (only DLC games) so you would only have to pay once. The Pokemon TV app would also be a no brainer as would the Rayman origins jungle run app. Actually that is a great idea to release that on Wii U! Drives to Ubisoft Montpelier and asks them to release it on Wii U, but quickly turns into a fan rage about legends on Wii U and gets dragged off kicking and screaming.



ikki5 said:


I'm supporting for one main reason, this would be more games to the console especially ones that I would probably never get or get for a long time as I don't have a mobile. It could also draw more people and developers to the console.



DrRandle said:

I wrote up an op-ed piece about this exact same thing in the months leading up to the WiiU's launch. Doing this is a brilliant move. The question of "Why buy it on the WiiU when I can get it on mobile?" is easy. What's cheaper, an iPad 5 or a WiiU? Plus the ability to play some of those games with buttons sounds like a great idea, to me.

I'd also like to see all of Kairosoft's titles make it over to the console. Game Dev Story is a favorite.



LAA said:

@ikki5 I wouldnt say its the type of games Wii U needs though. Do we really want this first HD nintendo console to be known as the mobile app console? Really?
While fair enough on your point for not owning a mobile, but the truth is likely that this group of people is a minority. The funny thing is even I dont care much for mobiles anyway. I just use my iPod Touch for game apps really.
I also dont think it'll draw more people/devs to the console either. I certainly dont see people rushing to the shops to play Angry Birds on a Wii U and Vita also has Playstation Mobile, look how many games are upcoming for that (And its a genuine shame cause the Vita is an amazing machine).



ikki5 said:

@LAA but we know there is more coming titles in HD that are coming to the console such as first party titles and other titles that have been announced, so why not go for even more? Why not put yourself in a place where you can possibly compete more against the others and possibly gain an edge?



citizenerased said:

I'd like an "all of the above" option in the poll.


"Why buy a Wii U when you can play them all on a mobile?"

Buttons. As someone with an iOS device, I'd buy a dozen (probably more) games again just to play them with buttons. Also, I prefer playing games on a big screen, which is why I'm going to buy 3DS eshop titles that came to the Wii U eshop, on the latter.

Anyway your main point seems to be that Nintendo shouldn't be focusing on this; I agree, but providing tools for this won't require a whole lot of attention. Minimum input and, if mobile developers are on board and Nintendo knows how to be developer-friendly, maximum output.



LAA said:

@ikki5 Yes of course there are, but not nearly enough. How many HD titles are coming to 360/PS3 compared to the Wii U. The Wii U should be aiming for that, not mobile games that wont really set the gaming community on fire, it'll probably be like a short buzz similar to getting PS1 games on Vita (Which is probably a bigger buzz tbh), simply because its new and it means more new games.
But, yes, I see what you mean about "Competing" against others and "possibly gaining an edge"... kinda. I wouldnt say compete, cause the Wii U is definitely in the wrong market if its trying to compete with mobile games, it cant even really compete with 360/PS3 fully atm, how can it stand up to PS4/720?
But I think just having mobile games on the platform may be good, just that I think there are better things to put resources and money towards.



Arianabtd said:

Monkey island definitely.
Ever since I've had (Both versions.) it on my ipod I've played the crap out of it. (I've had it for a while x3.)
Having it on the Wii U would be amazing.



ikki5 said:


except the PS4 and the Next box doesn't really exist as a console that can be used right now so really, we have no idea how they are going to compete with one another. there may be similar issues with those two consoles as there was with the Wii U. People are already kind of skeptical of what the price will be for these new console as well as they were not cheap when they came out before.

The other thing, what have people been complaining about most with the Wii U? The fact that there has not been many games, what will this do? Bring more games while the other first party titles suchs as Both Zelda games, 3d mario, Smash, mario kart,Game & Wario, Pikmin, Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101 Yoshi Epic Yarn, Xenoblade 2 plus other first party titles that still have yet to be announced (we have been told that there are secret project ongoing now), and then we have Dues EX, assassins Creed, the lego games, Rayman Legends, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist and more. Then we have VC titles that are coming that were never previously on the VC that have been announced to come to the Wii U. We have all these coming and then the mobile games will just add more to what people were asking for. I am sure once these titles start coming out and updates are all done, I am pretty sure we will see this console competing fine with the others and these mobile games will just add more.



idork99 said:

I support this move so Nintendo can move away from the image of just being a system solely to play Nintendo games to the system of choice for every gaming experience; big or small.



MadJay1664 said:

I like this idea! Shadowgun looks good, Modern Combat 4 looks good and we could get the Gangstar franchise as well! Gangstar Vegas is coming soon I believe. Zynga support would be cool as well. Dead Trigger is a quality game as well and it's free!



LAA said:

@ikki5 As much as I'd like to agree with that, I think PS4 at least will definitely be fine. I funnily enough want the 720 to fail, mostly because of rip off Live, no exclusives worth bothering with anymore, but it wont suprise if it does well either.
I predict them both doing well. If they dont, how can developers/publishers make money? They'll only have PC. If anything, I can only predict a slow start, perhaps because of sales, but they'll both definitely games, no question.
I also think Wii U will be fine, but it will probably only take just Nintendo exclusives for that to happen for me if I'm honest. I didnt buy Wii U for everything else, (Though things like Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade 2 are definitely big pluses for the Wii U), as much as I'd love for that to be a reason, it isnt really right now, but I hope it will someday and it definitely deserves it.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Only console quality games please. I love Jetpack Joyride but it is not a console game. Most of mobile games would devaluate the console in gamers eyes.

I've voted for Riptide GP.



TheRealThanos said:

Most high quality mobile games will DEFINITELY give many a Wii U eShop title a run for it's money in the graphics department and with little more effort on Nintendo's part than making the console able and opening the door for developers to bring in their games, this can only be seen as a win-win situation. If you don't, then I honestly have to say that you're either stupid, oblivious to how marketing, sales and advertising works, or opinionated as your comment will just be that: your opinion, and not a well supported fact.
ANYTHING bringing in more money and/or support for the Wii U is good, so even if some people are NEVER going to play mobile games on Wii U, they should still see this as a benefit and a smart move, giving both early and late adopters of the system a very wide range of options. And it will of course also help in showing how developer friendly the system is and the same goes for 'the new and improved' developer friendly Nintendo themselves...

I've been in IT hardware sales and marketing for well over 12 years, and I'll gladly put a month's salary towards this bringing Nintendo some well deserved credit, because it is clearly a VERY smart move, ESPECIALLY with projected sales of mobiles and mobile games only getting bigger with every year, so being able to benefit from the games on there (which, by the way WILL start to look better and better WAY before new consoles will be announced) is all in all a pretty sweet deal. And being able to play them with ACTUAL tactile controls is a HUGE plus for me personally.

But of course that last remark is just an opinion...



aaronsullivan said:

I'm really enjoying the range of game types on the Wii U right now. PS3 shop has some real garbage games on there and so far Wii U is doing pretty good.

I'm completely open to this as long as they carefully control the shop and how these games are discovered and understood.

Such a short list though!

There are some truly core gameplay gems on the app store that would work great on Nintendo's console. So many fun platformers that would be much better with real controls, hardcore and euro board games like Eclipse (4X not the books/movies lol) and Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Small World, etc. There are some sick addictive puzzle games like 10,000,000 and Dungeon Raid that would work great at low prices. Tactical games like Frozen Synapse or Outwitters. Some stuff would need some work on the way, like the intensely addictive Game Dev Story. Retro goodness like Forget.Me.Not and Pix'n Rush. Star Command. We've already seen Gunman Clive successfully transition to 3DS. Many people may not be aware that the Rayman Run on mobile platforms is a precursor to the Rayman Challenge app on the Wii U as well.

Excuse me while I go play with my iPhone.

One more thing: Why has no one made a drawing game for the Wii U yet? Insanity.



SCAR said:

Listen. We're getting console games, AND the best mobile games. The console games will still be there. Nintendo adapted the mobile market for home consoles.
The hardware has nothing to do with this. Unity and other portable game engines are supported by Wii U, along with the standard console engines. This ultimately gives Nintendo 80%(guess) of the entire gaming market until Xbox and PS push into deeper waters along with PC on titles Wii U won't support.
This is good news. We could see mobile devs jump to consoles, and it gives an almost unprecedented ammount of possible content.
Jetpack Joyride will always be $0.99. If it's on Wii U, buy it if you want it. Fruit Ninja on GamePad or with a Wii remote? Why the hell not?



aaronsullivan said:

Wow there were just a few posts when I started writing mine. Sorry for overlap.

Forgot about some of the good Minecraft derivatives like Junk Jack and Block Fortress.



TheRealThanos said:

@SCAR392 For someone half my age you're actually pretty smart...
But seriously: it seems like you're one of the few on here that is almost always able to take a step back, take a deep breath or count to ten or whatever and then come up with a comment that at least makes some sense, as opposed to some of the 'smart' people on here and other sites that seem to be very proficient and certain that they ABSOLUTELY know what Nintendo, aka the world's largest game company, (that has already existed for almost 125 years) should do.
That isn't even laughable: it's ridiculous, presumptuous and VERY narrow minded. AT BEST. /rant
Sorry about that last bit, maybe I'm getting too old and impatient with nonsensical human beings nowadays...



aaronsullivan said:

I would hope Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds and Cut the Rope would get a substantially new approach to a Wii U port.

I Dig it is SO old, but it's a good one and quite fun. One of the first games I spent a large amount of time in on my iPod Touch back in the day.

@Zaphod_Beeblebrox Well, that is an uninspired Minecraft clone, but I guess it's better than no Minecraft?



Advancedcaveman said:

None of these are any good other than monkey island (and why is this being thrown in with mobile games? Its a remake of a PC game that's been ported to other platforms). Shadowgun is a pile of trash; its a generic, weedy clone of all the crappy cover hugging shooters they make nowadays and the rest of these are just like web browser games I remember playing 10 years ago.

Rune Radiers is one of the only native phone games I can think of off the top of my head that's really worth playing or being ported to a console. Maybe Horn, Lili & Mage Gauntlet if they where completely re-made to be less shallow and more controller oriented. Maybe Spider: The Secret of Bryce Mannor, but again they'd have to completely re-make it and turn it into some kind of actual game with things in it. You know, like actual gameplay variation where you're not just performing a single hyper simplistic action over and over again?



ledreppe said:

Not a smartphone or tablet gamer, but I'd like to see Monkey Island 1 + 2 remastered on the Wii U eShop. I've played the remastered editions on PC so wouldn't actually pay for it again on eShop, but it would at least be there for people who haven't. Sadly this wont happen, as LucasArts is no more.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I'd like the 1112 series, Cut the Rope series, Super Hexagon, Sonic Jump and Dash, Resident Evil Degeneration HD, Draw Something, Rayman Run, Rock Runners, Fruit Ninja, Pudding Monsters, and Peggle.



JebbyDeringer said:

These aren't exclusively mobile games especially some listed in the comments because many are available on Steam for PC which is a great platform.



Arock said:

If you recommend Punch Quest why not also recommend RocketCat's other games as well? Specifically Mage Gauntlet and Super Quick Hook. They are great games.



ThomasBW84 said:

Hello all. Just on the "these aren't all phone and tablet-only games" - I know! That's addressed in the article



bunnyking said:

Thanks for a cheering up article guys.

For me I'd like to see on my Wii U. There are about a thousand games on that site. Some are Free 2 Play and you can donate, if you'd like or buy content for the games if you want to support the developer.

League of Legends, Kingdom Rush, Wartunes. There are tons of games.



shonenjump86 said:

Jet Pack Joyride, man that's a fun game. Punch Quest is fun as well. I play a lot of Pop Cap games such as Bejeweled and Peggle. The Simpsons Tapped Out and Garfield's Diner are pretty fun too.



diavu said:

i don't want ANY smartphone or tablet games on my decicated gaming machine, if i wanted to play that stuff i'd get a





dumedum said:

Monkey Island 2 is always welcome, it being the GOAT videogame. Draw Something is stupid but will certainly be better with a stylus on the Wii U. Jetpack Joyride is terrible. The rest I'm not familiar with but not interested.



citizenerased said:

Boardgames could actually work fairly well, if your family's okay with everyone looking at the TV to play it, and then pass around the Wii U controller.

Lord knows they can make the digital version cheaper than the retail versions...



Kage_88 said:

Meh. I don't really care for smartphone games, but it would be a definite boon for Nintendo if they can get these titles on the Wii U (or 3DS) - particularly if they can retain similar pricing. Indeed, even I would consider playing them if the developers decide to take advantage of the Game Pad's buttons for the action-based games (none of that shoehorned touch screen rubbish).



Kifa said:

I'll put it this way - if somebody bought a WiiU to play smartphone games, then he or she is not quite right in the head. Most of those "quality" mobile games are not even close to the level of quality that we, handheld gamers, are used to. Shadowgun, often cited as "Gears of War for smartphones" is really a mediocre game, with nice graphics and terrible mechanics, dumb enemies and catastrophically linear levels. Those other little titles I'd not even bother to pay for - it is not the kind of experience I want on a home console.

If this smartphone-port trend continues, I'll seriously consider getting rid of my WiiU. It's not what was announced back in 2011, it's not what any serious Nintendo fan expects. If I want to play smartphone/tablet crap, I'll just use my smartphone or tablet...



TheRealThanos said:

@Kifa While @Kage_88 isn't too enthousiastic as well, he at least gets the point of the DEFINITE added value of doing this. Just look at the facts: Nintendo spends just a minor amount of resources and time that will see to it that the Wii U is able to run iOS/Android apps & games and they leave the door open for developers to decide for themselves if they want to bring their game to the Wii U or not. If Nintendo does NOT enable the Wii U, it is certain that developers will not invest their hard earned time and money in converting their games to the Wii U. With this very smart move set in motion, the console is natively made ready to receive these kind of games, if companies wish to do so, so it will be a simple transfer instead of a (possibly) expensive or time intensive port. It will almost be like plug and play, with possibly only some effort required to for example add tactile controls instead of touch screen controls.
If you don't like these kind of games, fair enough but it's not about the individual. You should therefore also think about the rest of the public and having a single platform that caters to all these different tastes is a VERY smart move indeed. Be it AAA games, eShop, VC or smart phone games/apps, the sky will be the limit and it's a good thing for Nintendo as a company too, so it's a no-brainer: win-win, methinks. Remember, the other games will STILL be there, so you don't HAVE to play them if you don't want to, it will NOT have any negative effect on the "normal" Wii U games that are going to be published.



Pod said:

There's a ton of great stuff on iOS and Android that could totally do with Wii U versions.

After denying that they would accept free-2-play and freemium models with in-app purchases for the longest time, Nintendo has finally caved in and allowed it.

Is this a good thing? I'm not a fan of it, I'd rather see games retooled to be classic experiences in their own right, rather than pocket farming patience exercises, but we shall see where it will all take us.



Freelance said:

MI isn't a mobile/tablet game, even if it's out on those platforms. It's a PC game first and foremost. I wouldn't add it to the list if it was my list.

Ridiculous Fishing does look pretty ridiculous, but I'd get it....if it was on Vita anyway. Since I don't want a Wii U, I'd rather have these on my handhelds. Vita foremost for the bigger (and better) screen.



Ugslick said:

EDGE, and more specifically, the sequel EDGE Extended is/are absolutely brilliant games. I would love for Edge Extended to make an appearance on the Wii U eShop, thats the only game I had on my Android phone for a looong time. I beat the entire thing with S/S+ ranks Quite tough to do actually.. its a very creative game though. Loved it.



Henmii said:

If Nintendo will flood the Wii u with smartphone/tablet games, then they should also ask smartphone/tablet games PRICES!!!

I really don't want to pay 5 or 10 Euro for a game that costs only 99 cent on a tablet/smartphone!!!



Spooky said:

Please just give me an extended version of Game Dev Story on the U and I'll be a happy gamer!



theStyleWithin said:

Stargate SG1 Unleashed also recently came out and is a new FPS with Mass Effect like graphics, would be great to consider for Wii U. Since I don't have an iPaf or a Smartphone.



ruben602 said:

i thinks its great to put mobile games on the Wii U but it would sell just as good on the 3ds because its portable and HD. But the games I would love to see is Restaurant, Night Club, Bakery, and Dragon story available on ios/apple and androids/google touch screen has anyone checked out Plants War thats another great game too. We still need a Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and of course a YouTube app as well

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