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Etrian Odyssey IV Reduced To 30 Bucks On The North American 3DS eShop

Posted by Damien McFerran

$29.99 until June 10th

The rather excellent Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan has had 25 percent slashed off its eShop price. The game is now available for just $29.99, and will remain at that price until June 10th.

"A real sense of exploration and wonder, deeply customisable characters, engaging combat and the sublime satisfaction that comes from proceeding through an adventure using your own, handmade maps — Etrian Odyssey IV wraps all these up in a beautiful, pastel package that dungeon crawling fans will absolutely love." That's what we said when we reviewed the game back in February.

If you've yet to purchase this fantastic game, then now's your chance. Will this price cut spur you on? Or have you already purchased and completed the game? Post a comment to tell us what you think.


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Expa0 said:

So, how about that EU date? Or maybe a removal of the region lock, that works too.



ohhaime said:

I loved the demo and I'm super tempted to buy. If only I didn't already have way to many games to play . :-/



Spoony_Tech said:

Wonderful game people. I've logged on over 130 hours and counting! Worth 50$ if you ask me.



Romeo said:

@Mahe how exactly is that a ripoff?
that's cheap...ungrateful much?
bet anything that's not free is a ripoff for you..

how about releasing it in europe already?..



snoox said:

Too many games, I'm playin Luigi's & Fire Emblem & gonna get Animal Crossing, & might get Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, dang, don't think I can squeeze in Etrian Odyssey :[ (also Wii U & PC games!!)



haniwa said:

Haw haw, I got the digital version for free from that Destructoid EO4 download code contest back in April. It's a great game, though it's considered the easiest of the 4 (not that it's not tough in its own right).



ricklongo said:

I was never able to get into this game. The mapmaking brings grating video game mechanics to a whole new level.



ollietaro said:

I played the demo and absolutely loved it! But I've got Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to play through right now. By the time I'm ready, the retail version will probably be $30 anyway. I think it should stay at $30, honestly.



ueI said:

I already have it, but this is a great opportunity for people on the fence. Digital prices are quite iffy however. I can see them charging $30 to keep it close to the physical price, but it should cost no more than 20 euros in a region whose stores don't sell the game.
I'm sad to say that I was unable to type the euro symbol for use in my previous paragraph. I could only figure out ™£¢∞≠®¥©÷, and half the Greek alphabet.



TheAdza said:

Is there a EU release date? Or am I getting confused with the Devil Summoner game that's coming in September..?



AJWolfTill said:

If it reaches the Euro eShop at that price and I enjoy the hypothetical demo then I would probs take the plunge.



jjeffy said:

Does anyone know the download size of this? I need to find out if I need another SD card, and I'm not sure if I can find out before paying.



AVahne said:

Retail doesn't make it superior. Also where do you see it used for cheaper than $30? And don't forget, if you're buying it used this early in the game's lifetime, the devs won't be getting any part of the money.



Expa0 said:

Retail does make it superior, you get a box and a manual and a physical game, which you can then use in all of the 3DS' you might own without any hassle and possibly borrow it to your friend or something. Let's not also forget about the eshop lacking the account system, which means you lose ALL your downloaded games if you lose or break the system or have it stolen.

If the game does interest me enough (like in this case) I'm pre-ordering it. Otherwise it's always ebay (or my country's equivalent of it) I'm not oblidged to pay $50+ for something I might not enjoy.



Pokefanmum82 said:

@expa0 that's your opinion but in my opinion having a box doesn't make a retail game superior. To me, having a box just means I will have to find space for it. And for me, I don't really run the risk of losing all my games since I rarely leave my house with my XL.



Jeremyx7 said:

Sweet apple juice of joy! I was going to get this game when it first came out but purchased Fire Emblem Awakening instead (which I have no regrets). Now that it's $10 cheaper I will buy this right NOW!



ejamer said: (ie: Canada) has the retail version for $30 too, with free shipping.

This discount was enough to convince me to buy. Maybe it will be cheaper later, but the demo and reviews were great and I'm keen on getting a real RPG for the summer. Can't wait to start playing this game!



ompgsag said:

Not a bad price for such a good game. Gonna have to find out how much space the eShop version takes up.



Mahe said:

@Romeo Rude much? I'm criticizing the digital download's price, and you start insulting me. I buy lots of games, but not digital downloads at ripoff prices.



ToxieDogg said: has the EU release for Etrian Odyssey 4 listed as 5th August. I'm not 100% sure that it will be actually be out on that day, but either way it's been promised for a 'Summer 2013' release so it should be around abouts then at any rate.

As for the physical vs digital debate...didn't physical US copies of Etrian Odyssey 4 come with a soundtrack CD and artbook? Wouldn't that make the physical release more appealing to many than the digital one?



ueI said:

Absolutely. But they're going to eventually stop including the CD and book with copies if they haven't already.



Zodiak13 said:

@Mahe FYI this is a full retail version which I have played 60+ hours and still have stuff to do. There are QR code quests and tons of exploration. This is no digital only game, and yes you are entitled to your opinion, but calling game with this much content a ripoff seems highly uninformed.



RevolverLink said:

Etrian Odyssey IV is a game that's worth every penny of that asking price, digital or otherwise. There's dozens, even hundreds, of hours of content in EOIV, and it's a highly-polished experience that's beautiful to look at, a pleasure to listen to and very fun to play once you get into it.

That it manages to be welcoming to newcomers of its particular niche (like me) without sacrificing its obvious hardcore appeal is an achievement that shouldn't be understated. Atlus did (as they always seem to do) a phenomenal job with it.



WinterWarm said:


I'm pretty sure everyone is disagreeing with you, me included >:3

Anyway, this is good news for ET fans, but I found the demo to be boring.



Windy said:

@Mahe well Mahe if you have a big collection you need to hold onto it. As much as I hate to say this Digital only is coming. Which will be a sad day for many of us. I used to be like you and post HEY THATS TOO MUCH! but have come to realize that its not. these guys who make these games put in their heart and souls. they should get paid. what will we miss? Game Box art and and Instruction book maybe worth 10 bucks. Now for me I wont be downloading any retail games I will buy them while I can. my reason is simply cause I already lost a save file for one Eshop retail game I downloaded which would not have happened if I had the retail game. I did a system Transfer and you lose all save files when you do. The Eshop is shining bigtime right now. there are some good deals and some bad ones but they are kicking butt! look at it like entertainment, or going to a movie. you spend say 20, 30 bucks at a movie for 2 hours. Etrian Odyssey gives you entertainment for over 100 hours of entertainment for 30 bucks. You paid 15 per hour at the movies but about .33 cents an hour for etrian odyssey. now what really is the better deal? I also dont mean to get all religious but there is a section in the Bible about paying people for the work they do. If you use a bellman at a hotel pay the man, if a guy comes to your house and washes your car pay the man. if Square makes a new final Fantasy Pay the man Hee Hee seriously that rule applies to alot of things



TwoSmoove said:

This is easily a good game for RPG lovers and at $30, it's a decent deal. I have it physically only because it came with a CD and art book (adding more space to an already crowded room). Personally, digital is the way to go with this game if you aren't switching between systems.



sinalefa said:

Some of you guys make it sound really interesting. And while checking the physical version's price on Amazon, I saw they have Fire Emblem Awakening on $30, which means I have now no excuse not to get it.

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