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EA Currently Has No Games In Development For The Wii U

Posted by Orla Madden

We're just as confused as you are

Despite having an "unprecedented partnership" with Nintendo just a couple of years ago, Electronic Arts seems to be making no effort with games for the Wii U at the moment.

Speaking to Kotaku, a representative for the company said the following:

We have no games in development for the Wii U currently.

However, on a more optimistic note, this may change in the future, but for now there is very little activity in EA's camp for Nintendo's latest console.

We've already suspected something like this due to recent reports that the gaming giant wasn't giving any information on a FIFA 14 release for the Wii U, or that for the first time in twenty two years, Madden NFL would be skipping a Nintendo console.

Back in 2011, EA and Nintendo's partnership was a pretty big deal; former CEO of EA, John Riccitiello, took to the stage after Nintendo's E3 presentation to announce the partnership, but since then it's clearly deteriorated.

Will the Wii U see much from EA in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, as always.


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C-Olimar said:

EA must have a real bee in their bonnet.
I swear, Nintendo must have switched from Origin at the last minute for the Wii U's online.
They're clearly in a strop about something.




I just wish that EA would say the real reason why the aren't supporting the Wii U. Why can't they just say "we had a falling out with Nintendo" and be done with it!!

It's just unbelievable, sad, annoying and CHILDISH! And it gets me mad because I feel deep down EA and Nintendo could have had something great together. EA stop acting like a little brat and make some money ok because you may be hurting us a little but your hurting yourself even more!!



Dr_42o said:

I don't even play anything from EA.. Wait, EA is Need for Speed?! Noooooooooooo!



Dpishere said:

It is a shame seeing so many big name developers decide not to publish games for the Wii U, I just hope plenty of other third parties will jump on board with the Wii U so we can have Nintendo's top notch first party games, and more than enough third party games to keep us satisfied as well. So far I don't have a problem with the number of games coming to Wii U, and I hope it stays that way, or improves.



XCWarrior said:

Darn, that knocked the potential number of AAA titles coming out this year down about 0. They don't make quality titles folk, we aren't missing anything. Especially nothing that will sell systems.



Midnight3DS said:

Well, I have no doubt they'll have a pretty stunning show at E3. Dropping online pass is a good thing. I do wonder if they will find another devious way around it.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Groan Another EA story. WE KNOW. We know that EA wont make any games, we know that their engine "doesn't support"(BS) Wii U, we know that...I had enough of these dumb excuses from EA.



bassoongoon said:

I don't really care. I don't really play any EA games. I have NFS Most Wanted, but that is pretty much. Still the possibility of losing EA certainly does not help Wii U



HandheldGuru97 said:

Hmm...if other companies (2K Sports NBA2K2014, Activision Call of Ghosts (most likely) and Ubisoft with well everything) I think some third parties may benefit from EA's loss. I will watch and see where EA goes from here. Still this will hurt especially with FIFA and the UK Wii U sales.



MiNiStRy said:

Personally I couldn't give flying **** about them not supporting wii u but just watch them crawl back once nintendo starts releasing their big titles and people flock to the console.



ajcismo said:

EA is literally refusing to take money from an entire market share. It might not be a huge market share right now, but you know numbers will really pick up when the real heavy hitters are released. Is a monkey running this company?



MiNiStRy said:

AAA titles? And when was that last must have game from EA?
They need to start making new games from the ground up not just releasing sequel after sequel!



TheAdrock said:

@MiNiStRy <---- What he said. I hope to see them eat crow on the U platform a year from now. Although I never play EA games anyways so I just don't care.



banacheck said:

EA are one of the biggest game companies out there, so them not supporting the Wii U will defiantly hurt the Wii U in sales. Unless they are just buying the console for first party support only, which i cannot see a casual player doing. Also there are around 48 titles not coming out on the Wii U, now thats a lot of games.



Haxonberik said:

I want to see them rushing back into the Wii U and being ignored once it picks up speed and everybody has something better to play.



DreamOn said:

Look at Ubisoft and Activision now look at EA with ZERO in the pipe for Wii U. Considering also that their support goes back to the NES there's gotta be more at play here than simply "Business Decisions"

Why this boycott? Why all the lies and excuses about the Wii U being a supposedly worthless console?



sonicfan1373 said:

I think Nintendo can do two things about this situation:

1. Advertise EA games that are on the Wii U when they re-advertise the system in the fall period and work with EA to competitively sell these games in the hopes of getting them back for future games.

2. Fill in the void. Get other unique third party and first party sports and simulation software to fill in the void. Work with Activision to make the lack of Battlefield on the Wii U worthwhile for them and their Call of Duty series.



nocode said:

Oh i'm not worried. How long could it take for EA to whip something up? A week? Maybe two?



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Now there's a selling point! There should be advertisements of this!
Nintendo Wii U: Now completely EA free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, c'mon, who's NOT gonna want a console that lacks games made by the Worst Company of the Year?



XCWarrior said:

I clearly didn't word my phrase well. I'm saying EA has 0 AAA titles. So if say the Wii U had 10 AAA titles coming out this year, no EA games coming out would still mean 10 AAA titles were coming to Wii U. I totally agree, EA makes total shovelware all the time.



Jamester0722 said:

Many of you are saying that you don't care if EA makes games for Nintendo or not. I understand your frustration, but you need to look at the bigger picture. If a family has a choice between a WiiU or PS4/NextBox, their entire decision may depend on if they can play the newest Madden, because their son loves football. The only way to get more systems sold (which in turn will get more games on the system) is to have a wider variety of games. A bigger net catches more fish, am I right?



brokenfang said:

WiiU already won my 10 year old's heart with the off tv play(and mine too). So, cant really say our family cares about EA games at this point. I think this feature beats out a recycled franchise like Madden for us. Bye EA!



JebbyDeringer said:

Doesn't matter if you like EA or not lot's of people do. I think they're a giant turd but that doesn't stop millions of people from buying their games.



ballistic90 said:

Step 1: Several big name system selling games are sold for the Wii U.
Step 2: The Wii U sells a lot of consoles.
Step 3: EA starts devoting more money to Wii U development and releases games for it.

Nintendo needs to get going on Step 1, though.



Urbanhispanic said:

The only game that interests me that EA published is Need For Speed. After I buy that game, I won't get anything else. This is just beyond ridiculous!!



b23cdq said:

EA has Star Wars, which really makes me worried, as I was looking forward to Battlefront 3 on my U.
But really, NL? Is this news? It's been known for a long ime now that EA hates Ninty for not basing Wii U's entire online stucture on Origin.



MadAdam81 said:

@Dr_42o That's only a problem if Criterion make a new NFS game that doesn't go to the Wii U, otherwise I don't really care.



JavierYHL said:

the wii u is already having a lot of troubles without the ps4 and xbox next releasing yet...



bizcuthammer said:

Everything EA says concerning Wii U is a load of crap. I guarantee frostbite 3 can run easy on Wii U. It can run on 360 and PS3, so it should run easy on Wii U as well. There's something going on behind scenes that EA is pissed about (my guess is they wanted Origin integration on Wii U and nintendo said no at the last moment), and now EA is acting like an insane, jealous ex-girlfriend whose boyfriend broke up with her for another woman. I don't care that much really... I dont really like much of EA's stuff. My issue is that they own BioWare, who make Mass Effect, and now they own Star Wars games. I like Mass Effect and Star Wars, but unfortunately it seems like I'll be avoiding them even on PC until EA gets that stick out of their butt and treats nintendo with the same level of respect it does everyone else. They were already voted worst company... This isnt gonna help them.



SCAR said:

Maybe EA is figuring out how to be a better company. We already know they can create last gen games on Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.
When they realized their engine couldn't run on Wii U because it was out of date, my guess is EA panicked about next gen all together, not just Wii U.



Nono18 said:

Although I always been a Sony/Nintendo guy, I knew Nintendo was going to struggle with third party support. While this won't affect me too much since I plan on purchasing a PS4 alongside my Wii U, this totally blows for for those who rely on on Wii U as their only or main console. As much as EA sucks you can't deny their lack of support will hurt Wii U sales even more. I hope they come crawling back when the U picks up steam (3DS 2.0, it's happening folks). Not so much for me personally but for the good of the gaming industry. This snobbish attitude in the industry is doing nothing but harm. Yes the current install base is small but sales are sales and EA being an industry giant will gain more then lose by supporting the Wii U in its current state. Shame on them



Dpullam said:

@Dpishere I feel the same way about the Wii U. If third party support for the system diminishes I will have no choice but to buy a PS4 alongside a Wii U so I can have the Nintendo exclusives and the third party support I also crave. I guess that wouldn't be that bad. At the very least I would have a clear conscience about not missing out on any potentially awesome games for either system.



Trikeboy said:

If I want to play EA games I can just use my PS3, however, I don't want to play EA games. Most of them are just the previous game with extra bits. I don't have ANY EA games at all and I don't plan on adding any in the future. No EA on Wii U, I say thanks for not clogging up the release list.



dizzy_boy said:

It's a shame that they've gone downhill in quality over the past few years. I miss their BIG sports series, and I would have loved to have seen an entry for NHL as part of the street games.
I'm glad that NFS most wanted U got released, as it looks like that'll be the last time I'll be buying anything that EA puts out.



th3r3ds0x said:

Just speaking for myself here but EA doesn't make anything that I would remotely purchase a console for. They are definitely in the "rental" column for me. If they ever did put out something I'd fancy buying I could just get it for one of the other systems. At this point though I plan to support EA about as much as they are supporting Nintendo. I forgot the days when game companies put out fresh content. Now it's mainly sequels or prequels.



antipop621 said:

Been gaming for over 20 years and the only game on my shelf with EA on the box is Shadows of the Damned.



FyreeTSG said:

it sucks, it really does--but it's not the first time a substantial 3rd party support for Nintendo has STOPPED production...
I'm STILL a huge EA fan, have been over 15 years or so...but I was p*ssed when they took Madden away, and Tiger Woods PGA tour...but then again, THE Wii versions of EA Sports titles SUCKED, due to crappy motion controls...and the only decent EA titles for me were the ROCK BAND games...

Still, I know it's early in Wii U's life, and we'll see something from EA by next year...



Caryslan said:

@XCWarrior Battlefield, Fifa, Madden, and several other EA titles are million sellers. You may not like EA's games or think highly of them, but don't pretend these are minor titles that only a few people care about. Battlefield 4 has the potential to dethrone Call of Duty, and the Wii U not getting it is a major blow.

Like it or not, there's a reason why EA is the largest third-party publisher and developer in the industry. And that reason is due to the fact that they have numerous franchises that are million sellers.

I love how people are just dismissing EA's lack of support as "no big deal" and "I don't care about their games." without any serious thoughts to the repercussions of what this means for overall third-party support.

We still don't know the reason why EA has turned on Nintendo. It's assumed all this is over Origin, but there's no clear answer from either side. And here's the part that should concern everyone. Other third parties will take notice that Madden and Battlefield are not coming to the Wii U, and they might get the impression that its not worth supporting or they pull back support.

Regardless of anyone's personal opinions of EA, the harsh truth is that Nintendo needs them more than EA needs Nintendo. EA can get by on the PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox 360, Next Xbox, and the PC. Really, they have nothing to lose with this. If Nintendo keeps refusing to compormise, then they just support the other systems. If Nintendo caves and allows Origin, then EA wins. Either way, Nintendo is the only one that has something to really lose.

EA is not some small developer that a system can get by without. They are a major player in the industry, and all the denials aside, losing them is a major blow. At the very least, people who do like Madden, Fifa, Tiger Woods, NCAA Football, Star Wars, and Battlefield will take a serious second look before the buy a Wii U. And without those games, they might stick to the current platforms or jump to the PS4 and the next Xbox.

Either way, Nintendo loses a major battle.



SanderEvers said:

@Caryslan Actually, it's only EA that is pulling support now. Sure we'll miss Fifa - wait did I say MISS? Actually I'd pay money to see a completely EA-free console.

And I did.

ANd Nintendo DOES ALLOW ORIGIN to be used with EA games. But EA wants that EVERY SINGLE WII U GAME USES ORIGIN. And that's what Nintendo, luckily, said no to.



DualWielding said:

does anyone knows if EA continues to support 3DS? that should be the key indication of whether its a personal vendetta or simply a dismissal of the small Wii U market



nik1470 said:

EA were like cool for a year when they were green lighting games like Mirror's edge. We are missing on respawn entertainments new game then which would probably use its own engine not frostbite.



Peach64 said:

I'm so fed up of reading people using the term 'unprecedented relationship'. Get over it. Things change. The money they have lost on Wii U games so far more than justifies their decision to me.

I don't buy the claim that they're doing this because Nintendo didn't want them to handle the online of the Wii. They don't handle the online systems of the other consoles either, but they're not ignoring them. I think, given Nintendo's history, it's far more likely they got EA to do a lot of work on the online system and then with it pretty much done, they pulled out, as they did with Sony and the SNES CD add-on back in the day.

Like I said though, there doesn't need to be any bad blood. Spending a few million porting NFSMW U and then having it sell under 10k units is more than enough reason to give up on a console until it's userbase grows.



Otto-Soq said:

I don't like EA either. A lot to much of race, sport and fps games for my taste.



SCAR said:

I'm gonna be honest. I liked Mirror's Edge and Dead Space, but not since then which was like 2007 or 8(can't remember). Occasionally Madden with other people, but I can't stand the every year crap of the same franchise most of the time.
Make something new, get an engine that takes advantage of the Wii U to work, and make freaking games.



millarrp said:

Since they've only stated they don't have anything in development they still could be planning to publish games for the Wii U....



Neram said:

Normally I'd try to be as fair as possible while judging something like this, but for some reason right now I just want to say screw EA. I've never liked ANY of their in-house developed games, and the only reason I stopped disliking them is because they bought up smaller companies that I liked, BioWare and DICE to name a couple.

But now that those companies have practically lost their identity, or will sooner than later, I'm ready to give up on EA. Their snubbing of Nintendo's platforms is the last damn straw for me. I hate Madden almost as much as I hate aids, cancer, or any other similar disease, but you know they don't give a damn about Nintendo when they've decided not to release it on their platforms for the first time in over twenty years.



Morph said:

Id love wii u to soar in popularity, and then nintendo to tell EA to stick it. I would also like nintendo to be a bit pro active about this and look at getting developers on board to fill the gaps. Okay no fifa so make sure we get pro evo, no mass effect well we should have metroid and so on. Id really like nintendo to start picking up studios or work out deals for some more adult oriented games like they did with bayonetta



citizenerased said:

Couldn't care less about the sports and shooter titles, but EA does publish games like Burnout and Mirror's Edge =/



paupau said:

Maybe this is a good thing. I think the console market needs more fragmentation. What's the point of having 3 consoles if everone develops all their games on all 3 consoles.



Hunter-D said:

Confirming what everyone already knew. The real question is how long will this EA drought last?



Einherjar said:

EA is a huge pile of egocentrical tie waering idiots. Calling it a strong relationship, dont getting their will, behave like an infant. If EA was a child, it would be the ONLY child in the world worth slapping in the face for behaving like the biggest jerk. Not only towards Nintendo, bit also against the whol eindustry, the studios that they "save" from bancruptcy and them smash to pieces and the customers as well.



GiftedGimp said:

This is why companies like Ubisoft could clean-up on WiiU. On other consoles what ever they release has more games from other companies to compete against but on WiiU having less competition I wouldn't be suprised if UbiSoft actually make more profit from WiiU software sales in the long term.



Caryslan said:

@Einherjar Why is everyone assuming EA is the only one to blame? I understand EA is a bad company, but why is everyone assuming Nintendo is innocent in all this? EA at the end of the day is a company that is driven by profit. I don't think even Nintendo refusing to use Origin as the main online platform is enough to force EA to do this. Microsoft and Sony don't use Origin outside of EA games, and there's no issue there.

For all we know, Nintendo could be the ones that screwed EA over. Nintendo does not have a clean history. They did the same thing once to Sony back in the day(and before someone brings up the fact that the contract gave Sony control over all games on the SNES CD-Add on, don't forget that Nintendo signed that contract. They broke a legal agreement that they should have read carefully. Sony got screwed with that one)

I'm not saying EA is a saint, but Nintendo is not a squeaky clean company themselves. Look at thier history and you'll know what I mean.

Something deeper than EA being upset their online network is being ignored is what caused this. Even when they had their dispute with Microsoft over Xbox Live, they did not go this far. Something caused this rift, and I think both sides are guilty. Maybe one is more guilty then the other, but neither is totally innocent.



seronja said:

Wasn't EA supposed to be like some kind of big partner with Nintendo for 3DS & Wii U? What the hell happened? There goe's my hope of Mass Effect trilogy on the Wii U... I guess i will buy it on E-bay for ps3 then...



The-Chosen-one said:

This is not news, people already knew this.
So focus on the things that are coming, not on the Bulsh&%#, comments.

EA sucks anyway.



Sean_Aaron said:

Ah well I guess that means Need for Speed Most Wanted U will be my only EA title on the console then. I would have picked up Mass Effect 3 as well - if they could be bothered to put it in the eShop.

No games = no sale, but to be honest there's never been much they published that I cared about anyway (yes I know, Madden, Fifa blah blah blah - these are not system sellers though they do sell lots historically).



Yellowgerbil said:

Meh, there are other sports and shooters to fill in the gaps thanks to Activision. EA will come back after Nintendo's heavy hitters come because of the cheating, lying barstewards they are. This is some fallout between two companies and one won't suck it up and let the other have their way. We know this is EA as they won't release their stuff on Wii U at all, but LOVE the 3DS which is due to sales.
Sorry, just letting that out my system, heh.



S7eventhHeaven said:

I curently own many consoles including the latest gen. In all honesty having no EA games in development isnt that big of a deal. So far this year i felt Dead Space 3 was a letdown , no where near as good or as claustiphobic as part 2. Crysis 3 was great for multiplayer but the single player was about a 3rd the size of the original and Army of 2 part 3 was horrendous. 3 big names we didnt miss on the wii-u. On the wii-u at present im really enjoying the Rayman Legends App and Super mario world.



GiftedGimp said:

@Caryslan Sony was working to develop the cd drive for snes but sony pulled out and and then worked what they had learned into developing the Ps1.
EA actually Stopped all development of games on the Original Xbox for a period of time,so yes it did go this far. The reason was because MS Refused EA to right to charge for online access to thier titles independently.. Origin imbedded into Nintendo Network is to primarily have control of digital content, thus EA getting a cut of the money for the distrubution of non EA titles aswell as obvious increased profitibility of EA digitaly distributing thier own WiiU content themselves.
Nintendo actually requested help with Nintendo Network from EA, Ubisoft and a few other select publishers, with thier own online infrastructures. EA was the only ones who wanted to get thier own online infrastructure imbedded into the Backbone of Nintendo Network. Its no secret about this fact the only secret is the 'real' reason why EA have done a U-turn on the 'unprecidented partnership'.
MS and Sony didn't need help in creating a proper online game infrastructure for obvious reasons, thus EA didn't get any chance to try to implement thier Origin service, which wasn't even called Origin back then, nor was it as structured as Origin is now.
Details have yet to emerge of what excactly the EA-MS recently announced partnership is about, Never Know Origin/Xbl could be intergrated in the not to distant future. Seems a coincidence that EA drop online passes, MS-EA come to a partnership and Nextbox is rumoured to not play used games.



Pahvi said:

Kind of a pity - MySims games (especially Agents and Kingdom) were amongst my favourites on Wii. Two of them for Wii U would've quite possibly gotten me to buy the console. Then again, there's already Lego CITY...



Gnoll said:

The "Kingmaker" rears its ugly head again, always stabbing the struggling consoles while they're down
Let's hope today's Direct give us a LOT of good news, because here in Italy the loss of the FIFA franchise will rule the Wii U out of the home of nearly all <15 years old boys. Too good I'm twenty years past that threshold.



XCWarrior said:

"Battlefield 4 has the potential to dethrone Call of Duty, and the Wii U not getting it is a major blow."
HA! And maybe the Astros have a chance to dethrone the Rangers as the best baseball team in Texas! (Yeah that's a sports reference) And both games are utter crap to a free game called Team Fortress 2 on PC thats 5+ years old.

"Like it or not, there's a reason why EA is the largest third-party publisher and developer in the industry."
You do know they fired their CEO because of slumping sales, right? Being a million seller means nothing to a company like them. Ask Capcom, who sold 5+ million of RE6 and called that a failure.

"I love how people are just dismissing EA's lack of support as "no big deal" and "I don't care about their games." without any serious thoughts to the repercussions of what this means for overall third-party support"
Square Enix was not on Nintendo platforms for a decade, they survived. AND SE actually makes good games Nintendo people want to play.

" EA can get by on the PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox 360, Next Xbox, and the PC."
Wait until they don't sell a million copies of their games thsi fall on PS4 and Next Xbox. You are going to see more support for PS360, because that's where the market base is. All 3 next gen consoles are going to suffer because the stock holders have too much power.

Dude, I'd rather have Indy developers on Wii U who have NEW IPS and not shoving out yearly installments of everything they make. And the games will be cheaper!



cbkummer said:

I'm not a big fan of EA games, they're just so sub-par lately in the gameplay area. I don't see this as a huge loss. You typically buy Nintendo systems because you want to play Nintendo games.



AJWolfTill said:

This upsets me because I have a lot of respect for Bioware which as a result of this decision wil not be bringing any of their titles to Wii U.
Ea Sports games don't interest me personally but I can see the loss resultling from this. Hopefully some third parties can use this gap in the market to create some new franchises.



StyledFawn476 said:

I just hope all of the talented developers can leave the room so big fat cry baby EA to do his daily temper tantrum about Nintendo simply passing up an offer. I swear, any more whining from EA and I'm going to end up personally sending the CEO of EA a sippy cup and a pacifier.



Smug43 said:

Iwatta laughs
Anti consumer practices and recycled garbage is what is going to do them in. It's only a matter of this next gen will be their last breath. And they will have done it all to themselves. I honestly don't care.. we would benefit from this as we would see more games focused on gameplay and mechanics which cost 10-30$ Not this 60 and possibly $70 video games.. EA can sit on it and rotate for all I care.



ThumperUK said:

While I will miss another NfS - I love the WiiU version, I won't miss any other of EA's dross. I bet the whole falling out is due to Nintendo not being keen on fleecing its fanbase with endless DLC and other money-traps, whereas EA would steal your granny as ransom if they could.



madness said:

So what happens when the Disney games come out......

Disney make a lot of money from Nintendo.. love be a fly on the wall at that meeting



RoadShow said:

Actually EA said that the Wii U is crap and that it's less powerful than an 8 year old Xbox 360 (which of course is less powerful than a PS3).

Nintendo, you cannot win back the core market if your console is as powerful as the last generation. You should have gone all out for the WiiU but instead you are getting game after game not coming to it because it's not powerful enough.

On top of that you didn't improve your motion controller which is far below the quality of PS Move. Kinect is junk IMO, laggy misreading command junk directly responsible for no good games on 360 for 3 years in a row.

The Wii was only successful because of a handful of unique things that just went right for Nintendo.

(1) Wii mote was innovative. Sure PS Eye on PS2 had hands free kinectic and several motion games but Wii innovated very well.

(2) Retro gamers like me could finally put our NES, SNES, Genesis, N64 & Gamecube in storage (mostly, not all games are on Wii) and play our games wirelessly on an awesome 21st century style NES controller (holding wii mote sideways brought feelings of nostalgia).

(3) Wii Fit came at the perfect time. Nursing homes, soccer moms, wives/girlfriends all bought a Wii just for Wii Fit.

(4) Wii was much cheaper than PS3/360 for years.

But I'm upset with Wii because Nintendo didn't put more games like New Super Mario Bros Wii on it and kept their game prices high. No reason Donky Kong Country should be $40 years after release when PS3/360 games come down to $20-30 within a year. Also Nintendo selects is a joke, 5 games and one of them is bundled with the Wii.



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

Oh snap!! Are we still on EA? These jerks can't even focus on delivering a decent basketball game. They got the rights to NBA JAM and haven't done squat since the Mavs were champs. I'm done with EAs lame asses.



QuickSilver88 said:

@Roadshow.....regardless of what EA said lots of devs have dispelled this. The Wii-U is not less powerful than ps3and x360. It may only be marginally more powerful but it is designed to push video to multiple devices at the same time so its architecture is not about raw power. Tell me why it is that Cryengine 3 runs wonderfully with full features, why the team that ported NFSMW was able to support PC textures and better lighting effects, why Enix Montreal is saying Wii-U Daus EX will have best grafx, and also the company doing SniperV2 when asked in an interview on this site if Wii-U is more powerful than ps360 they said and I qoute 'In a word YES'. I mean this is just total BS and EA knows it. This is all about business and orgin.....just think if Nintendo had gone for whatever EA wanted then all these games would be coming to Wii-U and we wouldn't hear poopiedoodledingdongs about please stop your nonsense......and don't bother calling me a fanboy because I have been a gamer since the beginning of video games and owned just about every console and handheld ever made.....I am just tired of peoples ignorant crap. I also wont be boycotting EA.....if they have games I want to play I will just play them on another platform.



pntjr said:

No boycotts. Honestly who gives a rat's tail about EA? I only need them for Madden and Star Wars games.



MrsPickles said:

you can't do this to me! madden is the only game I look forward to! As a family tradition, I always receive whatever madden game comes out that year for Christmas. Sometimes I will get no other video games at all! this is terrible indeed!

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