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Dying Light Set To Skip Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

Newly announced survival horror title won't be coming to Wii U

Warner Bros. Interactive announced a new first-person survival horror game yesterday in the form of Dying Light.

It's being developed by Polish developer Techland - the studio behind Dead Island - and was announced for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, as well as current-gen systems like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

No mention was given to Wii U at the time but Warner Bros. has since confirmed with GameSpot that the game will sadly be skipping Nintendo's system.

Dying Light incorporates a full day-night cycle where the player explores urban environments by day and then fights off the infected by night.

It's a shame this one won't be available on Wii U as with it being developed by the same studio behind Dead Island there's plenty of anticipation for it.

It looks like Wii U owners will have to make do with ZombiU and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct for now.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you disappointed Dying Light won't be available on Wii U? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Captain_Toad said:

The studio behind Dead Island......
Yep, that about sums it up. Which is a shame because I'm a sucker for day/night time changes in video games.

I wonder if Techland and the other developer WiiU naysayers'll change their perception of the WiiU console before the year is over.......



Dak908 said:

I love Techland and the Dead Island games, Im really sad that I have to keep my ps3 around to play this



DefHalan said:

The more 3rd party games that come to Wii U the better 3rd party will sell.



bizcuthammer said:

Oh no... We won't get another entry in the overdone, uncreative horror/zombie shooter genre. Cause you know, Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, ZombiU, Walking Dead, Dead Island, Dead Space, Silent Hill, etc arent enough already! Man, do game devs even try to come up with new ideas anymore?!



Peach64 said:

I'm sort of interested in this, because it's meant to have Mirror's Edge style free running, but... I find Zombies suck my interest right out of most things. I just don't get the whole Zombie fascination. I'm guessing it's going to have a lot more gunplay that Mirror's Edge too, so that's another downer.



Midnight3DS said:

Sick to death of zombies, unless there's solid storytelling, ala Tell Tale's Walking Dead.

Sucky or not though, another negative for Wii-U. They add up.



Pierceton said:

I don't really like these type of games so its no skin off my back sucks for Wii U owners that would like this game but in no way is this making my Wii U collect dust...



RedRocBoy said:

I freakin love zombie games. This really irritates me to see how develops make the same lame excuses. If you don't support a console with your games then it won't do as well. Even though Nintendo will do great without the game. I feel if people had the entire 3rd party support on the Wii U with the 1st & 2nd party support people would be more likely to purchase a Wii U as their core console. Damn You Techland!! Still haven't bought Riptide yet got the first on PS3.



hYdeks said:

I usually complain when people say "no biggie" but this is probably an actual no biggie, from what I hear, Dead Island and it's sequel are very mediocre



Ambassador_Kong said:

Seems to me that Nintendo is being punished by the devs because they refused to take part in "no used games" party that Microsoft and Sony (presumably until proven otherwise) are throwing.



Macarony64 said:

I will give wb a free pass cause they are one of the few that are supporting the wiiu properly. If it was anyone else i would have rage.



PokeTune said:

Should I be surprised the Wii U isn't getting another game or should I find it sad?



Sparkz said:

Another game that WiiU is missing out on? I just don't understand these developers, but I don't like Zombie games anyway, so like another user said, no skin off my back even though it's kinda sad that WiiU owners who wanted this game won't be getting it.



rjejr said:

@Ambassador_Kong - "Nintendo is being punished by the devs"

This occurred to me a few days regarding EA and it's partnership w/ MS and EA saying they were doing away w/ Online Pass codes.

MS is going to be all about paying more and more, EA wants in, Sony will follow suit, EA leaves Nintendo for not playing along.

The other problem for Nintendo. To quote Steelers Wheel - "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with you."
"Gen" semantics nonsense aside, the WiiU is looking to me like the developers are treating it as ahead of PS3/Xbox360 but below PS4/X1, so not spending the energy and resources to develop for an in-between system.

My hope is this will be remedied by MS taking itself out of the home console market and into the all-in-One STB market as the email they sent me says, so devs will start making games for the WiiU.



Splat said:

Dead Islands story,voice work and graphics are average at best. That said I find the leveling up,looting and modding weapons highly addictive.



PK_Wonder said:

I'm genuinely peeved by this news. Another game losing a potential audience because of a developer not willing to take risks and properly market a specific version of a game. How else are you going to build a base on a platform for future games from your team? and ZombiU and most Resident Evil games have had some genuinely successful sales, so survival horror is no underdog on Nintendo. This title looks really interesting - like an open world, Mirror's Edge X ZombiU lovechild. I'm far from instantly sold like I was at last E3 with Watch_Dogs. I'll keep my eye on it. (Unless they change their mind, it'll be PC version for me, as that's the only non-Nintendo system I own.)



onex said:

Here we go again.

Could we go one week without mentioning a game Wii U is NOT getting? To be fair, how about posting on Push Square about PS4 NOT getting Wind Waker HD?? Quit perpetuating this needless negativity!



Nukarmer said:

guys I'm really not sure we need news like this here on this website. ok, the game is not coming to Wii U, but I know like thousands of games (new and old alike) that are not coming to other consoles either. is that a reason to write an article? for every single game that's not coming to Wii U? come on! nobody really reads such news here, eh? a title like that is enough to make me scroll down and post a regular angry comment nobody will read either - if I'm a Nintendo fan - or post a regular celebrating comment, if I'm a Nintendo hater.

so why bother? we need posts about games that ARE coming to our console of choice, ok? thank you.



DerpSandwich said:

Siiiggghhh... It's a bad business decision to release a game on a platform that hasn't been selling well, but at the same time it's a good business decision to plan on releasing a game on two systems that aren't even out yet and could sell just as badly. Makes perfect sense.



brucelebnd said:

Techland sucks anyway so who really cares. Dead Island is terrible and Call of Juarez a terrible game as well. the stuff they make is worse than shovelware because they actually spend money to develop it.

we should be happy bad games pass on the Wii U.



Kitsunekin said:

Nintendo's main strength has always been First-Party titles, and they know it right in their pockets. They can't trust other devs to make profit, since some may feel disappointed for the specs compared to the other two consoles (XBOX ONE/PlayStation 4).

I'll always be fond of Nintendo for one thing: Its games.

For the rest of games that you might consider to play and aren't made by Nintendo: PC. That's where the Graphics outdo sometimes gameplay, and lets every game to be run. Third-Party games, though awesome and indispensable, don't make me run and buy a console lest it's a game I've been waiting for very long and calls out my name silently to rush into stores and grab a console. Ex: Tekken Tag Tournament 2.




just sayin I'm going through the first dead island at the moment, and it's nowhere near as good as zombi u.

even walking dead is better



MAB said:

I already have plenty of games to play (including a few zombie games) on me WiiU... But cheers anyway for not being overly concerned about releasing another mediocre stinker



DarkNinja9 said:

sigh here we go again im not much of a zombie person but i know it can be popular genre even if it gets repetitive so its a lost for wii u

kinda feels like this is payback though since wii u got zombiU and all and this is there own version or something



bonesy91 said:

Ugh another zombie game.... If u wasn't a real survival game play "don't starve" on the pc.



longtimegamer said:

Oh you can make it for every other system but Wii U. Warner Bros. You guys suck! What a Douchey move.



Faruko said:

I dont like games skipping WiiU (not that matters to me, i have a PC too...) but Techland ? who cares about Techland, it WILL be a "Get X place, Kill that / Get this, Go back to X" game...

I dont care about Techland they have 0 CREATIVITY, awful developer



Gamer83 said:


Mortal Kombat, Batman: Arkham City, The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360, Injustice: Gods Among Us... WB has published some good games, also published its fair share of trash but no company, including Nintendo, is perfect.

We don't even know much about this game, but I guess since it's not Nintendo exclusive it can't be any good. It certainly has no chance of matching the high quality of ZombiU which is one of the best games to ever be released.



P-Gamer-C said:

Nintendo cant catch a break longer than 30 sec with all the flaming that the xbox1 got at the end of the day it seems the wii u will always get overlooked first party titles are great but they take time to make so if you only go wii u your just going to be waiting



QuickSilver88 said:

People I think some patience is in order conerning these 3rd party titles. Let me explain. I honestly believe we are in a new dangerous era for gaming and consoles. I really don't believe any console this gen will match the 70-100mil units of the last generation. First off notice how so many multiplats are still supporting current generation and I think this will continue a few years. This is really a detriment to new hardware sales.....used to be a big incentive to upgrade was new content exclusive to new systems. Honestly major publications can't afford to skip current gen and their 100mil plus userbase. I have heard direct statement from both Sony and Micrsoft execs saying this generations grafx leap is not going to be that big and its not about I think some people will be underwhelmed and decide to stay put. $ony and M$ are going head to head...same launch window and presumabaly similiar price points. Add to that they are getting so much of the same conten and mostly aiming for the same gamer and they are going to end up splitting those people. In some ways I think the fact that M$ launched so early and it took $ony almost 2 years later to gain momentum with ps3 was a plus for gamers and the manufacturers. I think this is why M$ is trying so hard to appear as something more than a games machine hoping to ad value for feature conscious buyers. So here is what I see....they canabilize each other and all these devs so eager to put all the same 3rd party titles out on all systems get lackluster results on the new systems.....meanwhile I will be shovked if WiiU doesn't get some great content in the next 18-24 months as well as price reduction. I also believe it will be first to 10mil and then 20mil units and it may suprise people but I think it may end up winning this round...maybe. Eventually 3rd party may grow some nads and decide to do some things with the U unique features and burgeoning us worst we get GC which had some really great content and some great 3rd party like RE, Timesplitters, Tales of Symphonia and amdecent amount of multiplats alongside Nintendos own gems...i just don't see the great reception others anticipate and their are far more gamers but way more choices.....these systems will evtually penetrate but not as soon or fast as devs hope/need. Also I think comsumer unfriendly policies may hold people back. Not everyone plays online or cares much for DLC....the used issue is big as in addition to multiple gamestopsmin my town their are seveal Mom and Pops that are built on used media sales. As a gamer and consumer I like choices and options not restrictions....the way Microsoft is heading you wont ever really own hour games, you will just be paying $70 for the right to play it.



StarDust4Ever said:

Another zombie game? Seriously, wtf is up with all these Zombie games? I wasn't even interested in Zombie-U, which btw looked a million times better than this turd based on the screenshot.



Ezra said:

There's definitely something more to it. A filthy word is tickling in my head: retaliation. What for, I am not sure. Could be the second-hand games issue, or maybe a pie looks more delicious when shared by two partners instead of three. Probably Nintendo has bothered someone lately.
I don't buy into the "no big deal" perspective. When mainstream producers deliberately "forget" about Nintendo while still foddering old-gen consoles, something doesn't sound right.



P-Gamer-C said:

@QuickSilver88 Amd said ps4 is using there most advanced apu it is a big leap if you look at the specs of the system current gen consoles have trouble running 720p at 30 fps thats terrible and can only do 1080p with simple games on psn or xbl arcade



MeloMan said:

Y'know, when I think about it, I can't get mad about a game that was never announced to come to the Wii U than one that was announced and was backed out on. The only thing I can ask though is, "Why CAN'T it come to the Wii U?" Amazing.



GiftedGimp said:

The Developer doesn't like the WiiU and openly said so.
Shame WB didn't go with someone who does, but tbh This time next year most publishers will be insisting on creating WiiU versions and it will be upto those WiiU hating Developers to actually learn to use the dev kits properly rather than dismising them.



Williaint said:

...Uh...! Yeah! I ... I meant one that doesn't have Zombies.... Or wasn't bought from midway....



Araknie said:

This is stupid.
This goes beyond liking or not.
How could a developer like better the Xbox One than the Wii U.

This is beyond stupid, it's rational because they don't like Nintendo not the Wii U. We are still at N64 point here, the moment we all forgot that Nintendo saved gaming and everybody was abandoning Nintendo.



takyon98 said:

this is my opinion on this
if you put you're money on sony and microsofts consoles (current and next gen) and there's not enough for wii U yeah that's okay

if you dont really care about the wii U cause its not making money that's kinda ehh with me

if you think that it's more underpowered than the 360..... oh just shut up! LOOK AT THE SPECS!(yeah it kinda has a hard time running some new games in 1080P but it has a lot more raw power than the 360 and the ps3) I know that the GPU and CPU are hard to understand but the PS3 is a pain in the butt to program too!

that's just my opinion on this though



Pod said:


I'm really not surprised by the decision, this type of game is not known to be a big hitter with the Nintendo crowd.

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