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Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Swings Into the UK Top 10

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The 3DS is on a roll

For many months there was little point in reporting the UKIE UK all-format charts, as Nintendo games rarely featured. That's changed in recent times, with the 3DS enjoying a surge of popular releases that have not only started strongly, but continue to perform well after week one. This week's latest entry is Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, which makes its debut at number five; it's already out-performed the Wii original in terms of placing, as that release made its debut in 13th and only got as high as 7th.

In what seems like a first at this point, we can also count three 3DS exclusives in the top ten, with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins showing excellent momentum in 9th and 10th respectively. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity has dropped back to 13th place, and an honorable mention is also due to Fire Emblem: Awakening, defying its status as a niche franchise in the UK by hanging on in 35th place.

As for Wii U, there are no exclusives in the top 40, which by extension suggests continually low hardware sales — of the Deluxe Set at least — due to the absence of Nintendo Land. On the plus side Nintendo's system is getting a slice of the pie for this week's biggest selling game, the multi-platform Resident Evil Revelations. Capcom's decision to apply a spit and polish to the previous 3DS-exclusive has paid off with some strong sales figures.

So there you have it, a good week — once again — for the 3DS in the UK, especially as these are all single-platform exclusives up against a large number of big-budget multi-platform titles. Perhaps by the end of the year we'll be reveling in UK sales success for both 3DS and the upcoming Wii U games library.


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RupeeClock said:

The "So Many Games" promotion seems to be doing wonders in particular, the eight titles are being pushed really well.



Peach64 said:

Another game I'm glad to see do well. I think DKCR got a lot of sales because of the so many games promotion. I've seen a lot of people that were planning to buy the £39.99 eShop release of New Life, but then bought DKCR for £25 instead to qualify for the free eShop release of New Leaf.

Oh, and does no Nintendoland in the top 40 put an end to the massive sales spike for Wii U hyperbole?



-KwB- said:

DOnkey Kong on the GO is amazing !! It is better than the Wii version !!



manu0 said:

Seems like people don't even remember that this is a three year old Wii game...



DarkCoolEdge said:

@manu0 I have the Wii version and I'm thinking about getting this one as my free game. Undercover looks bad, Monster Hunter demands too much time, Mystery Dungeon is horrible and AC has never make me tic.



Yoshi3DS said:

@DarkCoolEdge i'd think hard about which game to chose as your free game. i was going to choose dkcr3d but its 17,000 blocks of memory, which turns out to be almost exactly the amount i have left, meaning i'd never be able to buy an eshop game or add-on content again. instead i sold my luigi's mansion 2 game to my brother for £20 without the case(i like my collection of games and want cases for all of them) so that i can get that as my free game, and i'm going to buy dkcr3d and pokemon mystery dungeon(dont judge me but i really enjoyed the demo). luigi's mansion takes up less than 7000 blocks so its a good choice for your free game if you don't own it already



Will-75 said:

The 3DS has become my all-time favorite Nintendo system within the last three months .



Zemus-DJ said:

@Yoshi3DS Sounds like you need to upgrade your SD card badly! Get yourself a 16/32GB or go big and get a 64/128GB. It's easy to transfer your data from one card to the next with a PC. Thou if u decide to go big, you'll have to convert the exFat to Fat32.

Currently I'm at 60GB of 128GB, after this year I might just have to research a 256 if there even out yet xD



Ducutzu said:

This is also an excellent game. I'm playing it right now, and I find that the updated version is excellent for the handheld, with short but intense levels.



Yoshi3DS said:

@Zemus-DJ im only on a 4gb card but im actually not to bothered about buying my games off the eshop. also im terrible with computers so im scared to try and upgrade anyway



TheAdza said:

Just waiting on a 32gb SD card before I jump in and get DKCR3D. And Fire Emblem. My 8gb card is almost full of so many eShop games.



cfgk24 said:

Donkey kong - Fabulous Game! Loving it!
3ds is THE Console to watch!!!!!!!



MJKOP said:

I'd highly recommend DKCR 3D I loved it on Wii. Can't quite justify buying it again for 3DS myself, not right now anyway, but if you missed it on Wii get it for sure



DarkCoolEdge said:

@X-Factor It may be fun but one of the things that bothers me most are long loading times and The Chase Begins' are very long. That killed all my interest.
The almost empty city doesn't help neither

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