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Delta Six Gun Controller Starts A Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by Andy Green

Perfect for FPS fans

The video game market isn't short of first person shooters these days. With franchises like Call of Duty being released on a yearly basis there's clearly a lot of demand out there for the genre.

However, it's easy to see how people may feel that they can't get into the game with a normal controller, and for this reason inventor David Kotkin has created the Delta Six, a new controller which takes the form of a combat rifle.

The controller features real time aiming as well as a kickback sensation when you fire to make the gaming experience all the more immersive. It was developed using IR sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes and as a result gives the player a more arcade-like experience when playing a first person shooter.

Kotkin has started up a Kickstarter campaign in order to get some funding for his new innovation and with 29 days to go, it has already raised more than $30,000 of its $100,000 goal.

According to the Kickstarter page the Delta Six is compatible with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC and can also be upgraded to the "next generation systems" with a downloadable patch.

What do you think to this new controller? Would you like to use it with Wii U games? Check out the video below and let us know what you think to it in the comments section.


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Wii_Win said:

@hendie001 Yes, this is certainly taking it too far. Moving on...
Oh, and MSRP of 225 dollars? Who could develop a game with this realizing that it is only acceptable to people with 225 bucks to blow? You could get a 3DS for less.
I'm passing.



DefHalan said:

This does seem like a waste of time. All games are developed with the idea that players are holding a duel analog stick controller. This just seems like a waste of money



Mk_II said:

This is a brilliant idea - until someone mistakes it for the real thing and shoots you down



EverythingAmiibo said:

Guys, face it, keyboard and mouse controls offer the best control. Leagues better than using a 'real' gun to walk, use items, aim AND shoot. Plus more than $200?! I'll pass.



Schprocket said:

So I take it none of the nay-sayers have ever played Time-Crisis in an arcade or on a Playstation? If they did, have they gone out and shot-up a mall, office-block, or harbour complex as a result?

The "what about the children?" violent games debates - we've done it to death in previous debates and it comes to this: people kill people, generally as an emotional response or a mental disorder, using whatever means is handy.
Just to add some perspective, nobody has problems using the WiiMote in Skyward Sword and yet you could far easier fashoin a realistic looking blade-controller for that (and similar) stabby-games. I'll bet you'll find stabbings are more prevalent in the world than gun-shot deaths.

(No, I'm not a gun owner, either, there should be less unregistered fire-arms "in the wild", the US Constitution's Second Amendment was written for muzzle-loaders and therefore has no relevance, and the government is hardly likely to be able to impose a dictatorial regime without people voting them in first!).

Niche market appeal, I'd give it a shot if I had the time and money... (pun intended )



Yanchamaru said:

US federal law requires all toy guns to be transparent, brightly colored or have an orange tip at the end of the barrel. The Delta Six will be banned in seconds if ever released.



banacheck said:

I think some people are a bit sick of COD now, if your going to make a FPS it has to be unique. Take Borderlands which is a hybrid bwtween a FPS & RPG, i think they done the best co-op game to date without the need for dumb AI.



Windy said:

I guess kickstarter is the only way devs can get a game going these days. I don't know why and have no clue why but it doesn't feel right. Anyone else feel weird about the kickstarter craze?



Jukilum said:

@Schprocket "Just to add some perspective, nobody has problems using the WiiMote in Skyward Sword and yet you could far easier fashoin a realistic looking blade-controller for that (and similar) stabby-games. I'll bet you'll find stabbings are more prevalent in the world than gun-shot deaths."

I don't hear about many sword related deaths happening these days. If it was common I think people would have a problem with it.



Undead_terror said:

They are teaching kids how to use guns so they can be shipped off to WAR!, it's a conspiracy I tell you!



bunnyking said:

This is a media debacle waiting to happen.

"Man Robs Bank with Video Game Gun!"

Imagine how horrible that would be. IMAGINE!



DESS-M-8 said:

I can't imagine the movement controls being good at all. Would have even nice to get a British persons review instead of just gun loving Americans haha who we're all obviously going to say its "awesome" and IGN, this toy does not make you look awesome, if my wife walked in while I was playing a video game with that gun, I'm pretty sure I'd look more like a tosser.



SteveW said:

ummm... I'm already using the Activision Top Shot Elite rifle with Call of Duty on the Wii U, this isn't anything new...



Yanchamaru said:

The Delta Six is now all silver and has an orange tip on the barrel. I would love one of these for rail shooters on the PC.



wiiucompl said:

Nintendo handheld in Louvre museum, Paris. Why not good soldier training symulator 'game' with wii u possibilities and this ? But it's true it's maybe too real.



Jackthompson666 said:

@Schprocket Yes, actually, a young man trained on Time Crisis in Columbus, Ohio, in a GameWorks arcade several years ago and then went out and shot at cars on the highway, killing a woman. So, yeah, thanks for asking. There is a direct causative nexus between violent games and real violence. Jack Thompson, Miami



Schprocket said:

@Jackthompson666 So what you're implying by citing one incident - and I doubt it's an isolated case -that everyone who plays a video game and uses a gun-shaped controller is treading a homocidal path?
Utter rubbish! The individuals who perform such acts have the screws which prevent most of us from performing acts of violence towards other human beings somewhat loose already.
If you had statistics proving the percentage of gamers who've used such controllers and have gone on to perform acts of violence with guns, I'll bet that number correlates more with the number of people in society who already have psycopathic tendencies.
My comments do not set out belittle the cases or the victims but the media rarely scratches deep enough, or it's often forgotten due to the hype machine, that most of these people have exhibited behaviour that would concern mental health professionals long before human lives are lost.
It's more likely, for example, that having been terrorised as a child by a mentally-ill parent or other elder who should otherwise be protecting the child, the the child will grow up a serial-killer who happened to play video games. The other case is where the upbringing is fine but peopl have taken some form of mind-altering substance, be it booze or drugs, and their unique physiology has set them on a path to develop psychotic tendencies which would otherwise have been left dormant.

The problem with most people in general is that they want their answers in black-and-white, and dumbed right down, because it hurts too much to think about why horrible stuff happens...

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