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Darts Up 3D Steps Up to the Oche on 3DS eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

One hundred and Eiiiiiiiiiiiighteeeeeeeeee (and all that)

EnjoyUp Games is a prolific developer and publisher on Nintendo's download platforms, with its Soccer Up releases also representing its own brand of sports games. Whether this one counts as a sport or not is, we think, subjective, but its latest title will be Darts Up 3D for the 3DS eShop.

Though there's no release date as yet, we have an idea of what the title will offer as a darts experience. There'll be three playing modes, multiplayer using the same 3DS — we imagine this is simply passing the handheld back and forth — and even the option for a friend to use Download Play to temporarily get the whole game. We can also look forward to full Mii support, 3D visuals and the use of motion controls to aim and look around the environment, though it looks like the actual throwing of the dart will be with the Circle Pad. Drinking beer, being heavily overweight and wearing bright shirts while playing are all entirely optional.

So what do you think, are you ready for some 3D darts action?

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SethNintendo said:

I'm glad they included touch controls to locate my beer in the bar. Hopefully, I can use it to zoom in on body parts of an attractive female. Just needs to include a drunk jerk that tries to pick fights. Beer goggles mode would be awesome too.



KnightRider666 said:

If this game is going to top Touch Darts by the DS, color me interested! It's pretty rare, and it was made by Sega/Agetec/Fullfat. It's the only good darts game I've ever experienced, as the touch screen controls were spot on. Just don't go near PDC World Championship Darts though, as the game was horrible to boot.



Windy said:

Perfect candidate for online play but again nope. Oh well I will play my online darts via clubhouse games which is the best collection of board games ever



Freelance said:

I already got a game similar to that on my PSP and DS. In fact, I can play my PSP game on the Vita too, which makes it three handhelds I can play darts on. I don't need another one.



RR529 said:

Hmm, a darts game could be interesting. Without online (which is confirmed to not be there) or some sort of quirky charm (like Arc System Works' "Family" line), I'll probably pass.

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