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Crash ‘n the Boys Are Roughhousing Their Way To Western 3DS Consoles

Posted by Damien McFerran

NES sporting title gets an OFLC rating

Crash ‘n the Boys: Street Challenge — part of the famous Kunio-kun series in Japan — has been given an OFLC rating, which would suggest a 3DS Virtual Console release very soon.

Known in its native homeland as Bikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku! Harukanaru Kin Medal, Crash ‘n the Boys: Street Challenge is a sports game with a large helping of comic violence. "It's certainly not a horrible game," we stated in our review of the 2009 Wii Virtual Console release. "But given the high quality of some of the other Track & Field simulations of the time period, it does feel rather inferior by comparison."

Still, we're sure that there are a great many people out there who have fond memories of this NES title — will you be picking it up when it becomes available on your 3DS?


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TheHunter said:

Isn't Crash n' the Boys the rival band from Scott Pilgrim? Must have named it after this game, I'd probably give it a try.



Shiryu said:

One of the finest sports entries in the Kunio series! I just wish someone would localize the new 3DS game to the West...



Ichiban said:

"This next song goes out to the guy in the balcony who keeps yelling. Its called we hate you, please die" lol
@The Hunter: yep youre dead on! Theres also a Clash At Demonhead game on the Nes!



Tasuki said:

I love how immediate people think of Scott Pilgrim when they see the name of the game. News flash people this game was out long before Scott Pilgrim.

As for picking this game up that depends on how they implement the two player mode. I mean this game was fun but it was really fun when you had another player.



sneekolas said:

Yuss. So many fond memories of this game even though it wasn't the best.

It was one of those long summers with nothing but your NES and your best childhood friend!



Pichuka97 said:

For a sec, I thought we were getting a Scott Pilgrim game spinoff but then realized that this was a real game on the NES. Still, it's better than nothing.

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