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Capcom Not Turning Its Back On Home Console Development

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Home video game software" is the "core segment" for the firm

Capcom has released its annual financial results, and the figures pretty much match the company's somewhat dismal April forecast.

The company posted a profit of £19.42 million, which is down 56 per cent year-on-year. Capcom had previously stated that "excessive outsourcing" had led to a "decline in quality", and this latest report appears to conform with that stance:

In order to lower development costs and shorten time frame for development, Capcom will restructure its development organisations, which are the core parts of the company's business, increasing ratio of in-house developments by focusing on the overhaul of overseas development companies.

Interestingly, Capcom has taken this chance to publicly state that it is putting its weight behind console development, rather than being tempted to put more effort into the increasingly popular realms of smartphone, tablet and social gaming:

Faced with this sudden and significant changes in the operating environment, Capcom intends to direct its development resources to the home video game software, which is our core business segment, and the development of online games, which is a growing area, based on its medium-term strategic map.

Although Capcom mentioned Monster Hunter 4, there was no trace of Mega Man — something which will no doubt displease fans of the Blue Bomber that are still forlornly holding out for a new outing to celebrate his 25th birthday.

Given Capcom's focus on home consoles, could we see improved support for the Wii U? The company has recently launched Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the system, and is bringing Resident Evil Revelations to the console as well.


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HeatBombastic said:

Dear Capcom,

Just give us good games, and don't set your expectations too high, Capcom. I don't care whether it's Megaman, Monster Hunter, or Revelations. If you make a good game, I'll give you money. None of that boycotting crap when you're doing something good. You don't have to make a Megaman game, just make ANY good game.

A random consumer, HeatBombastic.



Midnight3DS said:

Capcom is weird. I buy Dragon's Dogma, now they re-release it as Dark Arisen with a huge expansion pack, but don't sell the expansion pack individually.




ollietaro said:

MH3U and RE:R were both developed as 3DS titles and rendered in HD for Wii U. I take it Monster Hunter went to Nintendo because it would have been too costly to produce it on PS3/Vita.



Fudgewhizzle said:

I've always loved Capcom, but I wish they'd listen to the fans and give us a new Megaman game...



Morph said:

How about a new project justice or power stone, id be well up for either



AJWolfTill said:

I guess commercial risks such as Okami 3 might not be likely under this climate
Still they're making a profit so it's not all bad.



rjejr said:

No large corporation should put an emphasis on smartphone or tablet games which are free or 99c when they can make essentially the same game for PSN or XBL or eSHOP and sell it for $9.99. Just b/c they invest in home consoles doesn't mean they need to invest $100 million on a $60 game.



bunnyking said:

I'm happy with capcom, but in general games are a harder sell for me. It's not enough to just have new games. The games have to deliver a lot these days for anyone including myself to find it worthy of the purchase price.



DualWielding said:

Capcom, bring Ace Attorney vs Professor Layton to the West and you'll get lots of gamers money



bunnyking said:

@PhillaLoup I'm into Monster Hunter too, I would like to see a completely redone world in High Def with at least this console generations visual capabilities.



Rief said:

I would love to see a new Breath of Fire, but somehow everyone has forgotten it...



Beta said:

I, for one, not that mad with Capcom. Just give me a new Battle Network game, put the rest for the VC and make a Monster Hunter game for the Wii U from scratch or port the ones you're making. I would just LOVE you if you do that XD



Kyloctopus said:

I love Capcom, but they keep making cheap marketing moves. I want to see them make more games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, where its both new, and yet expanded enough to love it all over again. Plus they added free DLC.



hamae said:

Capcom and Nintendo are both weird game developers with style because:
-They both do not really listen to their fans.
-They realize smart phone gaming is not the way to go.
Maybe that's why they are my favorite game developers?



marck13 said:

2 years ago I played trough the whole Breath of Fire II. That game is very cool. I would want something like this any time!



DreamOn said:

I'm happy they are joining Nintendo in resisting the mobile app games and fighting to keep consoles in business.

It's crazy that people are calling for Nintendo to abandon its hardware and IDENTITY and throw its games on an app store.



banacheck said:

I think that Capcom should make more of there in-house games, i don't care what anyone says Capcom knows how to make games.



JebbyDeringer said:

Monster Hunter for PC FTW! Monster Hunter for Wii was my first experience and while flawed it was really addictive and cool. The map was way too tiny and the environments was a bit too "dated". The inventory was also a bit of a pain.



Zombie_Barioth said:

From what I hear that game is basically Hunter Blade reworked using CryEngine3, so its probably not as costly as you'd otherwise assume. Kinda funny when you think about it, a reskinned Monster Hunter knock-off being made into a true addition to the series.

I think one thing they need to work on is not making Monster Hunter games carbon-copies of the previous one story-wise. I loved MH3U but it was a bit annoying how few changes there were to the story from MH3, it was fun seeing the little changes yet at the same time rather disheartening.



Haxonberik said:

@intrepid , nah, Mother reached to a natural conclusion (from what Ive heard) with the third game. Earthbound issues are about localization.



MitchVogel said:

Well maybe those sales would be a little higher if they'd quit all their dlc shenanigans and release a frigging megaman game!



SonataAndante said:

Capcom's been a mixed bag these past few years. They were once my favorite third party dev due to their wide variety of great franchises that I enjoyed. Of late they've made some questionable decisions and for at least a year or two I didn't buy anything of theirs out of principle. Lately though, they seem to be doing better. I've been getting the Mega Man titles on the 3DS VC and bought Monster Hunter on the Wii U and 3DS, a game I think was worth every penny. They're not perfect by any means. Their handling of the recent Dragon's Dogma expansion is irksome and I won't be buying it new as a result, if I get it at all.

I like some of Capcom's games and dislike some of their practices, so I just do like any sensible customer and vote with my wallet. I buy the things I support and don't buy the things I don't.



AVahne said:

No idea where you've been hearing that and who your source is, but it just sounds false to me. From what I've played of Hunter Blade and what I've seen of MHO, there's absolutely no way that it can simply be a redone Hunter Blade. The assets are completely different, and since MHO is on a completely different and far more advanced engine, everything would be remade anyway. Which costs a lot of money. Hunter Blade takes MH's concept and battle system and maybe a few snall monster designs, but other than that you simply cannot mistake it as an actual MH game.
Basically, I guess I'm saying that the equivalent of your statement would be Nintendo taking some random Game Maker-made Mario clone and then renaking it into a true Mario game using one of their own engines. Or perhaps a better comparison would be Square Enix taking some random RPG Maker game and then remaking it into a sequel to Final Fantasy 6 using another engine.

P.S. MH3U is merely a Director's Cut of MH3. Meaning it uses MH3 as a base and includes additional content and graphical updates. It's basically the same thing as Pokemon Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, etc. Or the same thing as Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut. If you want a new story, wait for MH4.
In conclusion, MH3U is the G Edition game of the third generation of MH games. The G games are the Director's Cuts of the MH series. They are the most complete versions of the games they're based on; the ultimate versions.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Soneon brought it up in a news article on Neoseeker thats why I said "from what I've heard", I apologize if I came off sounding like I had some sirt of insider knowledge. Unfortunately I can't find the exact article but the comment was made by a former mod of the MH forums. I didn't mean that it wouldn't be expensive only that it might not be quite as costly as making a game from scratch. Things like the damage formula likely wouldn't need to be entirely redone

I'm well aware of how the usual pattern of releases goes, my point was that they could put a little more effort into making them feel different. Using your example even the third Pokemon games and remakes did a better job of mixing things up. I'm not suggesing a complettely new story just enough changes so that it doesn't feel like you bought exact same game you already put 500+ hours into.



AVahne said:

Random comment from Neoseeker huh? Well just don't trust any bit of info on the Internet that isn't clearly backed at least a few sources. Also, Capcom has been changing their damage formulas recently, so I don't doubt the formula will be different for this game, especially with the audiences they're aiming for with MHO.
As for MH3U, true they could've, but in case you didn't know this game was originally made in under a year. Besides, until recently, MH was not a story-heavy game. MH3 gave a more functioning story than past games, but it was still just a reason to smack around giant lizards. MH4 is looking to improve MH's storytelling even further, and they probably decided not to put the same amount of effort into revamping MH3U with a much improved story. Both games were being developed simultaneously, it makes more sense to put more effort into the start of a brand new Monster Hunter generation than a Director's Cut. Personally I find the small story additions in MH3U were more than enough.



DarkKirby said:

Wondering why sales are failing Capcom?

Maybe try not treating your customers and developers like crap and perhaps letting your developers do their thing and not restrain them with your poor understanding of games?

But of course not, instead blame everyone and everything (like piracy and over saturation of the market) except your anti consumer business practices (like on disk DLC and cutting off portions of games to sell as DLC, and not localizing highly demanded games, even as download only) and your constant oppression on your developers (which have caused many of them to quit even at the cost of losing their precious created character icons).



Zombie_Barioth said:

Wouldn't exactly call it random but I found the thread and as it turns out the way I remembered it and the way the conversation went don't quite match up. Either I got the conversations from two separate discussions on the same topic mixed up or the lenght of time between now and then screwed with my memory....oops. Turns out your probably right.

Your right about the time constraints being a problem, I had forgotten that MH3U was made along side MH4. However thats why I said its something they could improve upon going forward, MH3U's story was fine as is but if they want to improve the franchise's story telling thats something to work on.



AVahne said:

Ah, well, I understand that then. No problems.

It DOES seem to me that Capcom is trying a tad bit harder on making a story for the Monster Hunter games, with Monster Hunter 4 having your hunter being a part of a traveling caravan and with the game having more NPCs than ever before. But...going forward I doubt Monster Hunter will ever have some kind of really in-depth story. The series never tried very hard to have any kind of really dramatic story sequences, and by now I don't think it'd fit very well with the series. However, if they can just cook up decent minimalist stories, it'd be fine. We're still getting pretty fun games after all.



Intrepid said:

@Haxonberik I meant in terms of begging a company for a game while they remain completely ignorant about it and ignore their fans. The reasons for their non-releases are completely different, but I still found it interesting.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Yea, I certainly wouldn't expect a story on par with Shakespeare either but then the series really doesn't need it. Just look at games that are similar to Monster Hunter such as Phantasy Star Universe that manage to have a decent story while keeping the gameplay at the forefront.

As long as they keep going in the direction they went with MH3 and curb the feeling of deja vu a little bit tehy should be fine. My problem wasn't with the writing I actually thought they did a good job with that, my problem was that most of the missions were exactly the same as well. Again its understandable but they could have at least switched some of the missions around and not reserve most of the new monsters for the later part of the game.



BestBuck15 said:

I reckon Capcom are probable one of the few developer/publishers capable of making money on Wii U

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