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A.N.N.E Reaches Kickstarter Target, Ten Days Left To Hit Wii U Stretch Goal

Posted by Orla Madden

$150,000 is a big ask

Late last month we reported that a new Kickstarter campaign had emerged for "Metroidvania-style platformer" A.N.N.E, a 16-bit art style game with plenty of 2D exploration.

Developer Gamesbymo has now successfully reached its target goal of $70,000 for the project this weekend. To secure a release for the Wii U, it must reach its stretch goal of $150,000.

A.N.N.E has 10 days to until its Kickstarter campaign ends, will it successfully make its Wii U target?


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Captain_Toad said:

That depends on how much they want that 350k stretch goal. But as right now, the odds are against the WiiU owners. (Hopes to be proven wrong.)



Retro_on_theGo said:

This game doesn't really appeal to me. I don't think it'll make it and I wouldn't be upset if it didn't,



kevkeepsplaying said:

I can't see it hitting it, and it bothers me that they made it's stretch goal so high, what were they thinking?

Oh well. I'll just have to settle for playing it on PC, I guess.



Einherjar said:

Some of these goals are rediculously high, and thats what bugs me the most about kickstarter. Before kickstarter came to be, indie devs were able to make awesome games without asking for hundrets of thounsands of dollars and now, they make it look like its impossible to do so. To me, its fells like they are trying to milk their product, before its even made. Sure, they dont get the money if the target isnt reached, but if its reached, is such a amount of money really necessary for the games development, or is it just for their own pocket on top of the sales income ?
"Were holding this game hostage, pay us aditional 50000$ and well release it on the console of your choice"



arrmixer said:

@Einherjar good point ... It would be nice If they release an expense/income statement to justify their amounts .. Like every other company ... Is there any contracts or guarantees .. ???



Dpullam said:

I won't really mind if it doesn't receive enough money to reach its Wii U kickstarter goal. I'll just pick it up on PC instead since I have become pretty interested in this game.



Tra_Venous said: looked as if Road Redemption wasn't going to meet its goals at first but then there was that late surge. Who knows.



aaronsullivan said:

Well if it takes a year to make with 3 people I'd expect 100,000 at least. How much do you make a year? Making games is really hard and making indie games usually means taking chances and reaching niche markets. I'm not sure why $150,000 is such a big ask. Haven't looked At the details on this one lately.



Dpishere said:

Looks very unlikely to hit the Wii U target goal, at least I can still play it on the PC though.



Dpishere said:

@Einherjar I have been thinking the same thing myself actually! I don't remember Indies NEEDING funding to make their games in the past... If they really want to make a game they could do it out of their own pocket. To me it sometimes seems like they ask for money so even if things go sour in the sales department, they do not end up losing much money from their own pocket.



Einherjar said:

@Dpishere Which is completely fine, dont get me wrong. If you want to work independently, youll need some sort of insurrence. But the asked amounts are what rubs me the wrong way. Development software is not cheap, as is the right ewuipment (drawing tablets and whatnot). To enable these people to make their ideas reality im mor ethan happy to contribute. But lets be honest. Even 10.000 would be way more than they ever need. And now look at some of the STRETCH goals. Sure, to concentrate on game developing you cant have another full time job. But common, do you kno how long i need to work to get this amount of money ? Many many great indie games are made in less time than that. So for what exactly do they need that kind of money ? In my opinion, you dont help making their dreams a reality, youre just overfeeding their wallets while they have a leasure time without work, while making a 1-2 hour game.



KAHN said:

i dont think these people on kickstarter even want to port games to WiiU. what is with these outrageous WiiU goals??!



aaronsullivan said:

He's not asking you for $150000. He's asking you for enough to cover one game purchase (for which you'll receive a game) or if you are so inclined some of the extras.

Plus, the way you summarize costs is naive at best. For instance, to an indie developer, the cost of developing for Wii U is a complete unknown when it comes to time to sort out issues, take advantage of the Gamepad understand what that particular market expects. Kickstarter and Amazon take 7-10% right off the top, creating and shipping incentives are expensive in time and money. And speaking from experience the picture of someone sitting around doing very little as a game is magically developed just burns me up, honestly. It's usually passion-driven work that is harder than anything that person has ever done, and a small team is doing so many different types of tasks at once that it would overwhelm most people.

Again, though, what does the total matter to you personally? Pay if you want the game and/or want to be part of keeping the type of games you like something that continues on rather than ignored for the next round of mass marketed cookie cutter sequels.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Ok, I'm all for the 8 bit & 16 bit look but why do all the leads for these types of games have to look like a square with leg??. Not every game has to look like Fez!!!!



brandonbwii said:

I hope this makes it. While maybe a bit too many games strive to be retro, this is one of the few I've seen that looks like it can hold it's own.



Einherjar said:

@aaronsullivan "Its usually passion-driven" And since when does passion need tons of money ? If i want to make my dreams a reality, i dont make it dependent on the money i get. There is always a way to do it. Stupid example: Look at the harry potter books. One of the most successfull books of all time, made without crowdfunding and, more or less, without any starting money to begin with. It happend because she wanted it to happen.
All i ask for is a breakdown on why so much money is needed. We always moan about the big devs, that have money grow out of their ears, asking for such high prices for their games, but may not ask the question, why an indie dev needs a crap ton of money to even get started ?
If theyd make a game with substance, depth and content, that takes years upon years of work, i can get where they are coming from with these amounts.
But for games, that are 1-2 hour experiences, i have no understanding for them. Go to Kongregate, there you find masses of games like that, all done without asking for money in the first place, completely free to play.



Pod said:


Adding be tween fifty and one hundred thousand dollars for a Wii U version is not and never was "outrageous".

It's perfectly sensible.

They have to spend time on registering with Nintendo, they have to pay for the standard dev kit and any additional software, they have to go through the actual porting process which is an entirely new deal to most indie developers and sometimes requires hiring a more specialized programmer.

Then there's the testing phase, as Nintendo are notorious for taking a while with greenlighting software for release, and are sticklers with odd little things.

It all takes time, and time is money.

Besides, many of these Kickstarter project creators are open about EVENTUALLY putting their game on Wii U whatever happens, but but actually being able to guarantee if they get the stretch goal money.



arrmixer said:

Understood It would be nice to know how much are these costs???

But hey if it costs over 100k to port a game to wii u then that's fine to ask such a high amount

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