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World 1-2 is an Upcoming Chiptune Album With Serious Pedigree

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Chiptune arrangers team up with famous composers

As we all know here on Nintendo Life, video game culture isn't just about playing a game and pushing buttons, but about a wider community and other ways of sharing our passion. Whether that's dressing up for expos, writing, making videos or working on music soundtracks, there's more to this hobby than meets the eye.

Music is a big part of gaming, of course, and an upcoming album from Koopa Soundworks (via GameChops) takes the popular chiptune album idea and promises one of the most enticing downloads we've seen in a while. The album arrives on 2nd May and will be called World 1-2; it's a collaboration that includes experienced names from some major franchises, artists from recent times and some that you may recognise here on Nintendo Life, such as Mega Man composer Manami Matsumael, who will produce some music for Shovel Knight.

The download will cost $10 — or the 20 tracks can be purchased individually for $1 each — and there are currently five tracks that you can stream right now for free. You can check out the album's page or listen to the tracks below, so let us know what you think in the comments.


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CapnKael said:

Heyyyy, I make ambient chiptune music under the name World 1-2:

I'm glad it's the name for the collective project, though, not a particular artist, because i thought naming myself that was pretty original!

I actually got excited and thought that Nintendo Life had made an article on my little known musical venture, haha!



gefflt said:

I'm not sure if readers of Nintendo Life are aware of this but OverClocked Remix makes tons (and I mean thousands) of remixes of many different video games and even publishes full albums of remixes for particular games (Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 and 3, Mega Man, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Kirby, Pokémon, Sonic, Street Fighter, etc.).

If you're a fan of video game music, you should definitely check it out!

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