Despite its obvious practical uses and merits for making some 3DS games much easier to play, the Circle Pad Pro and 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro often get teased for their clumsy appearance. The XL variation, in particular, isn't exactly conducive to a portable, streamlined device that can be casually popped into a pocket.

Nevertheless, Nintendo's design is ergonomically sound — fitting comfortably in the hand in our view — which makes it a useful extra for fans of games such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate; though some of that title's fans in Japan don't seem to agree. The images in this article represent just some of the Circle Pad Pro mods that are doing the rounds, as enthusiasts with screwdrivers either utilise the shell and infrared sensor in various way to bodge their own controller extensions, or simply re-purpose rival controllers. Some are simple and have PlayStation DualShock parts bolted in, while others opt for the fairly creative approach of putting analogue sticks in the shoulder areas or on the back; we're guessing they're G-Rank hunting pros that have discovered more natural setups for crushing almighty beasts.

We're not sure Nintendo's engineers have much to fear from these designs, and by comparison the official model is un-adulterated eye candy. Still, would you like to try any of these out?