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Weirdness: These Circle Pad Pro Mods Have Some Wacky Designs

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Analogue stick on the shoulder, why not?

Despite its obvious practical uses and merits for making some 3DS games much easier to play, the Circle Pad Pro and 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro often get teased for their clumsy appearance. The XL variation, in particular, isn't exactly conducive to a portable, streamlined device that can be casually popped into a pocket.

Nevertheless, Nintendo's design is ergonomically sound — fitting comfortably in the hand in our view — which makes it a useful extra for fans of games such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate; though some of that title's fans in Japan don't seem to agree. The images in this article represent just some of the Circle Pad Pro mods that are doing the rounds, as enthusiasts with screwdrivers either utilise the shell and infrared sensor in various way to bodge their own controller extensions, or simply re-purpose rival controllers. Some are simple and have PlayStation DualShock parts bolted in, while others opt for the fairly creative approach of putting analogue sticks in the shoulder areas or on the back; we're guessing they're G-Rank hunting pros that have discovered more natural setups for crushing almighty beasts.

We're not sure Nintendo's engineers have much to fear from these designs, and by comparison the official model is un-adulterated eye candy. Still, would you like to try any of these out?


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Einherjar said:

Sure, is makes the whole thing slimmer horizontally but having a stick on the shoulder ? That is awkward as all hell. Like i said many times before: I dont get the hate for the CPP (XL) I love that thing.



FullbringIchigo said:

i think the circle pad pro is fine as it is, but then again i don't have a 3DSXL i have the original and the CPP is just fine on that



SilentHunter382 said:

I do like some of the designs (the one with the grips I like since I had one for my GBA SP but why have an analog on the shoulders. Is it designed with people who have 2 thumbs on one hand or what.



Shiryu said:

I will wait until Nintendo releases a 3DS with second circle pad and L2+R2 but I can't but tip my hat to these fine Japanese inventions. Anyway, MH players are used to being resourceful.



GameLord08 said:

A circle pad on the shoulder? Call me crazy, but that sounds somewhat comfortable to me. Not a bad effort from all of these guys either.

Other than that, I think all this just illustrates why the 3DS should've been re-designed to include a second circle pad (if only for the XL models). No matter the position, having to attach something as relatively big as the Circle Pad Pro still feels rather clumsy.

And believe it or not, I'm not willing to shell out £15 for it either.



ledreppe said:

The XL never had twin sticks because of 'space issues' on the 3ds xl motherboard. Nintendo didn't intentionally leave out the second stick, they claim they simply didn't have the space to put it in, especially with the new form factor of the 3ds xl. There may never be an integrated second analogue circle pad if the space issues continue. Personally I'm not a big fan of the CPP, and I've been able to live without it so far. Besides, I don't want to give up my NERF armor which I'd have to do to fit on a CPP.



Bulbousaur said:

I swear the second one along in the first picture has exactly the same d-pad as my the controller I use for my pc. Must have cannibalised it or something.
These all look weird, but I would like to try out a controller with a stick on the shoulder, I have no idea what that would feel like.



kenzo said:

I have modded a Circle Pad Pro by moving the right circle pad to the right shoulder position. There is a problem with this approach. The index finger can easily go left and right to simulate motion in the 'X' direction. But it is difficult to move the index finger in the up and down direction to simulate motion in the 'Y' direction, especially while holding the console with the palm of the hand. Its not practical for gaming because of the long throw, heavy and uneven spring force and the stiction in the circle pad when used this way.

I moved the shoulder buttons to the circle pad by cookie cutting the 1 and 2 buttons from a wiimote with the CZ buttons circuit board from the nunchuk, and then fitting the circle cut-out from the wiimote into the dish of the circle pad. It looks nice and works really well for firing.

I am sure Nintendo tried different set-ups for the second analog stick, and with its existing design, whilst a bit rough looking, is what works best with the design constraints they faced.



Tertis said:

They couldn't have been thinking of convenience here with these designs.



SuperSah said:

Circle Pad on the top?

Erm, pass. I think the original has the nicest design. Sure, a bit chunky, but works flawlessly.



Giygas_95 said:

A circle pad on the back shoulder sounds like the most awkward, uncomfortable thing ever.



Alienfish said:

If I did this I would start with a Wii U gamepad, switch out the analog sticks for circle pads and then just rewire the buttons to replace the ones on the 3DS. The 3DS XL fits quite nicely right into the touch pad area of the Gamepad.

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