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Video: Preview Footage Of Another Castle Hops Into View

Posted by Lee Meyer

Kickstarter title is shaping up nicely

Although upcoming Wii U eShop platformer Another Castle — which was funded via Kickstarter — isn't set to be released until Summer 2014, YouTube channel Pixabyte has released a pre-alpha gameplay video showcasing the game's mechanics and art style. The unique project casts the player as Andy, who platforms his way through randomly generated castles in search of a random item. The game's clever twist? The item is always in "another castle."

Take a look at the gameplay video below:

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User Comments (10)



Assassinated said:

It seems to be having the same problem most other procedurally generated games have, in that the stages all feel the same. We'll see though.



WaveyChristmas said:

No comment. oops!
Really, I'm seeing MCKids, Paper Mario, SMB1 Bowser Castle and not a whole lot of originality. What can I say, I guess I'm just not that crazy over a lot of these 'fake' retro indie games.



nocode said:

I agree. Looks like one of those mario clones that popup in the apple store every couple months. To be fair this is a super early look though...



alLabouTandroiD said:

I hope the game will get better concerning stage designs and graphics. There's quite a lot of potential, hopefully it can live up to it.

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