When playing Super Smash Bros. Melee there are various tactics you can use to come out on top. You could pick the speedy Fox McCloud and run rings around the other players, blast people from afar as Samus, maybe pick a powerhouse character and take it to your opponent from close range.

Or you could just pick Luigi and win by doing absolutely nothing.

Yes, that's right YouTube user OmegaTyrant4792 has made a new video showing how Luigi defeats every single CPU character set to the hardest difficulty by doing diddly squat:

It seems nothing can stop the green-clad Mario brother as even when facing three other characters he emerges victorious:

Of course this isn't the first game Luigi has cast all foes aside by standing still. A video uploaded a few years ago by KlydeStorm saw him defeat all who crossed him in Mario Party 2:

Oh Luigi, you are a sly one.

Have you tried this tactic as Luigi? Let us know how it's gone for you in the comments.

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