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Video: Luigi Defeats All Characters On Super Smash Bros. Melee By Doing Absolutely Nothing

Posted by Andy Green

A devious tactic

When playing Super Smash Bros. Melee there are various tactics you can use to come out on top. You could pick the speedy Fox McCloud and run rings around the other players, blast people from afar as Samus, maybe pick a powerhouse character and take it to your opponent from close range.

Or you could just pick Luigi and win by doing absolutely nothing.

Yes, that's right YouTube user OmegaTyrant4792 has made a new video showing how Luigi defeats every single CPU character set to the hardest difficulty by doing diddly squat:

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It seems nothing can stop the green-clad Mario brother as even when facing three other characters he emerges victorious:

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Of course this isn't the first game Luigi has cast all foes aside by standing still. A video uploaded a few years ago by KlydeStorm saw him defeat all who crossed him in Mario Party 2:

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Oh Luigi, you are a sly one.

Have you tried this tactic as Luigi? Let us know how it's gone for you in the comments.


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Gridatttack said:

Ha. Saw all the videos before. Pretty funny.
Theres also more videos that displays that luigi can win by doing nothing on the other mario party games.



GazPlant said:

I knew I was doing something wrong in Smash, and it turns out it was moving



Einherjar said:

The battle against fox was...bitter
I wonder if this strategy also works in Super Luigi U



Einherjar said:

Sorry in advance, but i simply cannot resist the urge:
"Will Nintendo save the WIiU by...doing absolutely nothing ?"....



Wonder_Ideal said:

Those were hilarious! During the Bob-Omb game in Mario Party, Luigi was probably saying, "You guys couldn'ta hit me if I stood'a completley still." He was right.



ShadJV said:

So that's the trick to being my tournament level Smash Bros friend. I need to be Luigi and simply not move. I shall now perfect the art of this strategy.



KiwiPanda said:

Can I assume that in Melee the AI has different strategies to (attempt to) down varying characters?



HeatBombastic said:

@Einherjar I find it funny that one 3DS focused Nintendo Direct that still had Wii U games in it lead to people spelling doom and gloom for the Wii U.



ViRtUaLbOy11 said:

I'm not trying to take anything away from how awesome Luigi is at winning stuff while doing nothing, but on Onnet against pikachu and on
Poke'Floats against Samus the control stick is used to prevent Luigi from falling to his death and flying off the screen, respectively.




I swear, Luigi must have all the luck in the world on his side. I HAVE NEVER saw CPUs play that DAM stupid in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Luigi stands there, takes all that abuse, and still manages to get a win against the whole Melee roster. I wonder if the same rule applies to Super Smash Bros. Brawl also. Hmmmm :/



TheRegginator said:

I was playing Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon the other day and I decided to just stand there and enjoy the scenery. All of the ghosts just decided get into my Polterhust without any trouble.



Giygas_95 said:

This brings a Spongebob line to mind.

"Whoa...You tore that guy up without even touchin' him..."

Luigi was always my favorite character in Melee. Oh the times I had with my brother and two sisters...(and a lot of the time I'd clobber them unless my brother used Jigglypuff's sleep bomb on you. He was frighteningly good at that. )

But oh my goodness, I have NEVER seen the AI be as stupid as they were on that second video! How'd that happen?! And the Link and Young Link parts on the first funny. And then how Mario couldn't even beat his own brother while he (Luigi) did nothing. Priceless.



WesCash said:

Aha yeah the Mario Party video is hilarious. Love that one. I knew about the AI in the Donkey Kong stage but that other one is pretty good too.



ueI said:

@Five-seveN That reminds me of the matches I had with my own brother. I pissed so many people off with jigglypuff that it was practically banned at my house.



Joe1113 said:

I always thought it was odd that Luigi turned into a banana in SSBM.....O.o



evanescent_hero said:

@ViRtUaLbOy11 Firstly, you can't fall off Onett. Secondly, Pikachu was on Mushroom Kingdom. Third, you're thinking of Pichu and Fourside. Fourth, you're misusing the word "respectively." And fifth, you're incorrect. On Fourside, it looks like Luigi moves because of the camera and the spinning, but he doesn't. And on Poké Floats he clearly doesn't move.



MasterWario said:

That's hilarious. Although to be fair, the the dancing mini-game in Mario Party 2 is pretty rough.



Capt_N said:

In the words of Chill Penguin, "A system that complicated really shouldn't be easy to,... Hack!"



Einherjar said:

@HeatBombastic The "Nintendo Direct" conference wasnt the point. The genereal marketing treatment of the Wii U is bad. But my comment was meant to be a joke. Sure, i also dont like how they flood the 3DS with goodies but the WIiU gets the cold shoulder, but i dont run around and predict the end of the world



WiiLovePeace said:

I had already watched a few of the other Luigi wins by doing nothing videos, they're hilarious! Thanks NL for sharing this one, awesome.



RevolverLink said:

Note to self: Next time you participate in the sad act of single-player Mario Party, don't try. At all.



Flowerlark said:

That's it, instead of always playing as Pikachu, I am now switching to Luigi. It will be even more humiliating to the men to be beaten by a girl doing nothing as when I beat them as a yellow puffball.



kendorage said:

"bad AI? that is a built-in game feature to highlight the upcoming 'year of luigi' in 2013!" --says embarrassed Nintendo exec.

still, fun videos. good for luigi:)



DarkNinja9 said:

lol the bowser one is hilarious and the jigglypuff is funny how she sings her self out of the battle

wtf is up with the fox one xD



Giygas_95 said:

On the Captain Falcon one (about 7:15) it almost looked like Falcon made himself fall faster on purpose...



SneakyStyle said:

To me it seems like every CPU char thinks luigi is about 2 or 3 ft under his real position. Perhaps a slight coding error lol.



allav866 said:

Staring down your enemy usually isn't a great battle strategy, but for Weegee, it works quite well.



retro_player_22 said:

Remember Luigi is so invincible none of the enemies in Mario Is Missing could ever touch him, not even the Koopalings.



StarDust4Ever said:

Of course you've got to realize, these stages were specially set up, most with one-stock matches. It's not unfathomable that something will lead to a CPU player's demise. Bad AI or not, this guy probably went OCD trying to set hundreds of scenarios to find the one that actually worked. Notice the randomness like how the players for CPU and Luigi keep changing. This is because different players have different starting points, and typically a high perch is more advantageous for a player who does nothing.

I've set up coin farming scenarios in Super Smash Bros Brawl to earn experience points and music tracks. Basically I set up a two player match with conditional items set to always punching bags (because these always drop the most loot) and a conveyor belt that pulls the objects into player 1 (Bowser). Then I had a turbo game cube controller with the A button set to turbo and held down by a rubber band, and Bowser just breaths fire and slashes the whole time. Pikachu plays the runt as player 2, taking hit after hit until all 99 stock are depleted. I walked away for an hour or so until the match was over, and I earned a couple thousand coins and several dozen CD tracks for basically doing nothing. Rinse and repeat...



Araknie said:

And i was thinking that i was the only one to prefer Brawl over Melee because i tought Melee was dull.

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