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Video: Get Cosy With Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara's Fighter Class

Posted by Damien McFerran

Fight club

Capcom has released the first in a series of video profiles for each of the character classes in Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara.

This initial video focuses on the Fighter class, a no-nonsense warrior who excels in melee combat and represents an ideal starting point for newcomers.

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is actually two titles for the price of one, and contains Capcom's coin-op games Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara. You can read about the making of these two titles in our in-depth feature.

The game launches on the Wii U eShop later this year.

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Reddaye said:

I'm so glad these are finally getting a release on home consoles. Heres hoping for Alien vs Predator sometime in the future.



Kirk said:

I wish they'd actually make proper new versions of games like this with graphics that look just like the full color Fighter character art seen at the start of the video.

I want modern games that look like that (you know, aesthetically pleasing, upbeat, colorful visuals and with lots of soul, charm and indeed character etc)...

Still, this is a cool little "re-release", that's appreciated, for now...



Shiryu said:

My favourite class. Used to play with the secondary colour Gold armour all the time at the arcades. Sometimes I would be really lucky and find a secondary sword that I would use instead of the shield right on the first level. Great game, I'm glad Capcom managed to sort the license to re-release it.



snoox said:

Uuuuhh... they shudda updated the graphics. These retro graphics shud be an included bonus or something, but if they remade it with Trine 2 level graphics they wudda blown it outta the water. I don't think I'd even pay $5 for this ghetto version #truth :[



snoox said:

@cornishlee truly?? Well how HD do they mean? I'm not liking the graphics on that video. Sure, retro is charming, but enuff already lol



undomiel said:

Personally I'm glad it isn't remade into 3d graphics as I love the hand drawn stuff. There's not enough around these days.



vicviper said:

@Reddaye They were released on the Sega Saturn on one disc, although loading times were frustrating and it only released in Japan. They were still very playable, apart from a little Japanese text on in game menus. A pretty pricey game to import nowadays.

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