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Video: Get a First Look at This Jett Rocket II - The Wrath of Taikai Teaser

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Currently planned for Q3

Jett Rocket II - The Wrath of Taikai on the 3DS eShop is Shin'en Multimedia's upcoming sequel to the popular WiiWare title, Jett Rocket. Considering the impressive bar that the original set on the Wii service, and the high standard of Shin'en's games to date, this is certainly one to watch.

While we've already seen some rather nice looking screens (scroll down to see them), Shin'en has now given us an exclusive first look at its new teaser trailer. Naturally we're sharing it here with you, and this one sets the tone for the story — including a suitably deep-voiced narrator.

Currently scheduled for a Q3 release, check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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IAmNotWill said:

Finally some news! Really liked the first game. Hopefully we can see some footage soon.



Dpullam said:

I have been interested in seeing how this game turns out for quite a while now. It looks pretty interesting and could be a welcome addition to the eshop.



Spoony_Tech said:

Loved the first one and just want to make sure this isn't some type of racing game or it differs to far from the original. Visually that video looks impressive! I'm sure the graphics will match that in game!



Stargazer said:

Manfred, based on the screens this looks like a 2D platformer with 3D racing sections. Is that the case?

I mean, I love 2D games and all but I was really hoping for a 3D platformer.



Manfred said:

These are the games graphics. It's all original from the 3DS. And don't worry, this is not a racing game. It's all jump'n'run action plus many cool bonus stuff.



Manfred said:

@Tech101 Yes, i'm the lead programmer and designer of both games. The 3DS game is very different to the Wii game. It's much more action, much more secrets while still having the charm of the original (at least we hope so .



Spoony_Tech said:

Never mind about the first question lol. I clicked on your avatar and found that out for myself.



Spoony_Tech said:

Could it be compared to say Donkey Kong Country Returns or Rayman Legends?? It just looks so pretty. You guys really know how to do your graphics and bring out the most from a system!!



Stargazer said:


You guys rock, thanks for pointing out that there were more screens

I'm still expecting a 3DS 2D shmup from you guys! Don't let me down! That genre is woefully lacking on 3DS.



Manfred said:

I think the game is more about exploring and finding secrets then those other games, while still having lots of action going on.



Spoony_Tech said:

Also did any other movie or any other type of references make it into the game? Lol at the beginning matching that of The Wrath of Khan!

Sorry I keep picking your brain. We don't often get programmers on the site!



Manfred said:

You are very right. We thought the same last week and therefore implemented also a shmup part in JR2. Reminds me on Nanostray2, but much cuter



Manfred said:

This must be pure coincidence. If we would ever do such a thing, then there would be a couple of subtle references...



shingi_70 said:

Looks awesome guys can't wait for it too release. Now lets talk about a new FAST game.



Nintex said:

that trailer was epic! I love the dramatic narrator. Will be getting this game



NiBar said:

@Manfred Super , I'm really looking forward to this one. You always make quality games which is fun to play and I deeply respect your decision and hard work, to make your games run with 60 fps. without sacrificing the visuals. A super smooth frame rate makes a game a lot more enjoyable, sadly a lot of games these days struggles with a choppy 20-30 fps... I'm a big fan of FAST, but I read FAST 2 will not make it to 3ds because you weren't able to make it run in 60 fps. , any chance it could appear on Wiiu?



rjejr said:

aaaah, you're killing me. I thought this was a WiiU game. Don't know why I would think any game would be coming to the WiiU when it can just go to the 3DS, Nintendo is killing me.



Wildfire said:

Really looking forward to play Jet Rocket II! The first was such a surprise and I loved it!



DarkEdi said:

i have the wiiware version in my wishlist i think i will download it soon before the secuel comes.



Kirk said:

I hope the main character actually gets his helmet at some point...



Pod said:

I'm digging Jett's new Jimmy Neutron hairdo.

His face is also more expressive this time around. Really hope they're packing this with all the varied fun that 3D platformers used to stand for, like they did with the first game.



Oregano said:

Loving the detail on Taikai and the new design for Jett is a big improvement. Played the first one again a few weeks ago and it still looks beautiful.

I'm taking it Jett Rocket 2 is to Super Mario 3D Land as Jett Rocket is to Super Mario Galaxy?



xerox said:

@Manfred hi i'm very impressed from your staf skills in making games good looking and good playing too i have one question for you i would like to now from a programer like you if the 3ds version of game is the same or between the wii one in terms of graphics and if the 3ds is as powerfull as the wii wich some say ,besides i have big respect for you guys



PixelatedPixie said:

Shin'en games are always technically proficient, but personally I've never found the art in their games to be very appealing.



WaveBoy said:

Agreed. Their games may be pretty & polished, but most of their titles aren't exactly beaming with originality & creativity. They borrow heavily from other exsisting Classics and offer an alternative to fill the void for unreleased/no show sequals such as F-Zero for ex. They know how to "do things just right" but i just wish they'd open up the doors to imaginationVille. Impressive technically, but completely lacking in imagination at least based on their previous work. Their games are still good, and I'm sure JR2 will be another solid addition to their library of games, but at this point I'm looking for something more unique and imaginative. Shovel Knight maybe? lol



Henmii said:

I am a little bit dissapointed! This is not Jet Rocket (the character), but a strange guy with a quil! And I don't see open worlds like in Jet Rocket! I only see a 2,5 D platformer with some jetski sections. Still cool, but not what I expected! But of course it's still a teaser!



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm definitely be picking this up but I'm slightly disappointed this isn't (of what's been shown so far) a 3D adventure but a 2.5D platformer now I loved the levels in the first one. I'm glad there is going to be a greater emphasis on jet skiing though, I greatly enjoyed surfing in the 1st one.



Manfred said:

@xerox The Wii and 3DS GPU is very different. Each one has their own strengths. For instance the 3DS can easily do great Bump and Lighting Effects.



Nintendawg said:

@Manfred I love the way you guys use bump mapping and lighting effects.
This game looks great and I will be getting it on day 1.
Also, I got Nano Assault (retail) at launch and was wondering how different the EX version is, in terms of graphics, to the original. I might get the e-shop version as well, that's why I ask. Your feedback will be most appreciated.



NintendoPro64 said:

Don't worry guys, it is a 3D Platformer. It plays like Super Mario 3D Land. WHICH IS A 3D PLATFORMER! Just look



WiiLovePeace said:

@NintendoPro64 that screenshot does improve my thoughts on the game, but what I'd like to know (if possible) from @Manfred is: will the camera angle be changeable? Or does it always stay on the side of the world like in the NSMB games?

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