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Video: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Debut Trailer Blasts Into View

Posted by Damien McFerran

Take hold of the revolution

Eidos has revealed the debut trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, an augmented version of the 2011 original which is launching exclusively on the Wii U this year.

Expected to be the ultimate edition of the sci-fi FPS title, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut on Wii U will boast improved visuals, enhanced AI, exclusive content, better boss battles and GamePad support.

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MrWalkieTalkie said:

Wow. Now that's impressive! I love it when a lot if effort is put into a Wii U game like Need For Speed U



Lan said:

The in-game footage in the trailer could seriously use some AA



Captain_Toad said:

Bad trailer voice acting and never playing the original game aside, seeing that this isn't just a port of a game and being sold at a budget price ($40 bucks), this could be the one to get. Will be looking out for this.



hcfwesker said:

Yup! Mind is made up, definitely getting this. Was planning to get RE Revelations in May (which i have on 3DS), just to have something new by that time, but Dues Ex has taken that spot.



TheEmerlLad said:

Now that's how you make a revamp port!

They were not kidding about the graphical boost. Not much to say about their said A.I. improvement but that's 40 bucks or so we will have to see hm?

Never Got really around to beating Deus Ex, it was a borrowed copy. this one I will surely get, beat, and most likely enjoy!



Dreamcaster-X said:

First Criterion & now Square Enix. IF you're gonna do ports, this is how you do them by making them the best they can be on Wii U! I already have mine pre-ordered. May could be another seriously good month for Wii U with RE:Revelations & Lego Batman 2 slated for release as well.



shingi_70 said:

Why does the Wii U get the lame pointless voice over.

Trailer and how I feel about the port aside it looks like straight right has put in a lot of work into this game. Looking forward to seeing the gamepad guide and the developer commentary.



tsm7 said:

I'm interested but I never played the original version so I can't notice the improvement as much. I would need a comparison video....which I'm sure will happen



DePapier said:

Please, change that "U" sound and introduction... Please, it's just NOT appealing...




Might have to add this to my list of 3rd party games I don't wait to head to the bargin bin before buying., I happen to love the U sound actually.



QuickSilver88 said:

@Svengoolie They are claiming May 2013 so hopefully it makes it. I played it rented a bit on ps3 and it looked more animated and less realistic. This seems like a worthwhile port......I hope it turns out good, sells well, and encourages square/enix to do a Tomb Raider port.



rjejr said:

That voiceover is horrible. And the graphics still look bad to me. Not terrible, but bad for 2013, it looks like MGS2 on the PS2 or the original Half-Life on the PC. The first 30 seconds look about right, but then at 40 seconds gameplay kicks in and you realize the first 30 were all prerendered cut scenes. I guess I just don't like brown.



OverturePT said:

Dude, I'm pretty sure you don't remember PS2 graphics or you wouldn't be saying that. Same goes for Half-Life.



The_Fox said:

What, no Adam lamenting that he never asked for this? Talk about a crappy trailer.



Nintend0ro said:

I'll get this one and R.E. Revelations. More good games for my Wii U. Thank you, Square Enix and Straight Right for bringing this to Nintendo. We could use all the good titles we can get



AJWolfTill said:

I wish it had focused on atmosphere and story more, but then I guess those trailers already exist for the other versions.
Checked out Metacritic for this game, the Pc version has critic scores ranging from 80 to many perfect scores with an average of 90.
The fact that they have been working so hard to improve this game amazes me...
Are they trying to break the record for critical reception?



DarkKirby said:

Maybe it's because I'm watching a 1080p game in the 720p max of the video, and I played Deus Ex: Human Revolution on PC, but while the cinematics look fantastic the in game game play graphics looks kind of the same.

If there is one thing they should add it's the "no gold tint" mod that was popular on PC.



SCAR said:

Hmmm... After thinking it over, I'll probably get this. I was looking for good Xbox 360 games and PS3 games to get about a year ago, and this came up. It was like $30 at the time. This seems like the version to get if you haven't already played it.



MadAdam81 said:

I picked it up for AU$10 on 360, but haven't played my 360 since buying my Wii U. If the price is right, I'll get this as well.



Urbanhispanic said:

Why can't people realize that not everyone has played this game the first time around. It does look like it's worth taking a look at yet people are being way too harsh on this game; remember that some of us don't own 2 or more consoles.



RotYN7 said:

Missed this the First time threw.but with the gamepad features. Looks like ill be picking this up on WiiU. Congrats Straight right on what looks like another quality Port.



Nintendo4Lyfe said:

Straight Right is like the Aussie version of Criterion Games. They take advantage of the Wii U hardware and pays off big time.



MonsieurRosbif said:

Become Adam Jensen? I'd rather become Jenson Button - whooosh! This looks great, glad I didn't pick it up for PS3/360 Hooray!




A lot of bad press on the Wiiu with titles like Deus Ex I think the Wiiu will be fine. Nintendo really needs to get some great 1st party action going for example where is Animal Crossing Wiiu? I'm looking forward to ac on the 3ds but we really need titles like this on the Wiiu.

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