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Video: Covert Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U GamePad Features Revealed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh so sneaky

The confirmation that Splinter Cell Blacklist will arrive on Wii U this August was another welcome multi-platform release announcement from Ubisoft, especially as the GamePad is set to be utilised for its own unique uses.

We've seen some details around weapon and item management on the touch screen — of course — as well as some motion based inputs that'll use the GamePad's various gadgets and gizmos. Ubisoft has now released a new video specifically catered to Nintendo's console to show how the controller is being utilised, as we see it used for setting targets, changing camera views and for steering projectile weapons.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of these GamePad features.

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Giygas_95 said:

Looks really good although I'd rather control the tri-rotor with the analogue stick. Funny thing, the screen where he was controlling the tri-rotor looked JUST like controlling the tri-rotor in Future Soldier. I'm guessing this will be better than the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions...but that's just me.

What if you could look at Sam in game while controlling the tri-rotor and he'd be controlling it with a Wii U Kind of like how Snake could be seen holding a PS3 controller on MGS4 while controlling the Metal Gear MKII (just played the demo of that game don't have the real thing).



Captain_Balko said:

Certainly looks interesting. I like that Ubisoft is actually taking the time to add Gamepad functionality that will actually make a difference in their games. I'm not a huge fan of Splinter Cell games (I play them once in a while) but I might check this one out. Hopefully the additional features that the Wii U version has will make it the definitive version.



nocode said:

I see Michael Ironside is not the voice of of Sam Fisher this time around. That's a bummer....



GiftedGimp said:

This game could/should outshine other versions on WiiU On the emersive gameplay front at least.
Another Pre-order to be made methinks.



PinkSpider said:

Not a big splinter cell fan but got to say that looks pretty dam sweet, It's sad to say but I think UBISOFT is gonna be the Wii U's best developer outside Nintendo



luminalace said:

I was excited before thinking of the possibilities the Gamepad could bring but now I am really happy. Splinter Cell is also in my opinion one of the games that could really benefit from the Gamepad and it's appears Ubisoft know this. Day 1!



Dpullam said:

@luminalace I fully agree with you. The advantages of using the gamepad instead of a standard controller are pretty huge. I'm really looking forward to this game's release.



Dpishere said:

Nice! Im liking the new features that the gamepad provides and I can't wait for this game to come out! I loved Splinter Cell Conviction for the 360 but hated having to pay in order to play online. With this game coming out on the Wii U that solves that problem so that makes me pretty happy. Now if we could only get an announcement that Rainbow Six Patriots is coming to the Wii U as well, then I would be all set!




target tapping and quick weapon selection, well I'm sold

This is the version to get.



Unit_DTH said:

@Dpishere RS:Patriots on Wii U would be epic!! i honestly haven't played a splinter cell game since the original xbox, so I may have to jump back into the fray on this one for the Wii U.



Dpishere said:

@Unit_DTH You are missing out as Conviction is my favorite Splinter Cell game and seeing as I loved Chaos Theory, that is saying alot! This game looks set to top both in my opinion!



Unit_DTH said:

@Dpishere wasn't chaos theory on the DS? Either way, I said I AM probably going to be jumping back into this franchise with this upcoming title. It looks awesome and I really have enjoyed everything ubisoft has done with the Wii U.

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