Ace Attorney 5 is now just a few months away from release in Japan, while localisation to the West in confirmed but without a timeline for its arrival. As a result Capcom is firing up the hype train in Japan; we can happily hop on board, albeit with the danger that we have no idea what anyone is saying.

Still, we must say that marketing for games in Japan can seem more interesting than here in the West. There are often more teasers and trailers of significant length, showing off a wide range of features on the way; the latest Ace Attorney 5 video from Capcom follows that trend. It's over three minutes long and shows us some of the attractive cut-scenes, with glimpses of the investigative mode and, of course, courtroom confrontations.

If this is on your wishlist, or even if you're a fan of the DS games that hasn't seen much of the new title, we recommend that you check out the footage below. Besides, you can always learn how to say "Objection!" in Japanese.