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UK Retailer GAME to Sell Tablet Devices

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's on like [insert trademarked reference here]

Not so long ago there were disgruntled retailers in the UK voicing — through a spokesperson or anonymous insider — disgruntlement at the Wii U's sales performance so far and the strategy coming out of Nintendo. For its part, Nintendo has been meeting retailers to offer reassurance and outline strategic plans for the year ahead, as the company faces an important battle to maintain its presence and support on high street shelves.

While that's no doubt underway right now, UK game shoppers may be aware that retailer GAME hasn't exactly been rolling out the red carpet for Wii U in recent weeks. In one store, for example, there's still a demo unit but the area for games is small and, on its launch day, there were no copies of Need for Speed: Most Wanted U available. The battle for shelf space loyalty from under-pressure retailers is well and truly on.

One piece of news that's unlikely to delight Nintendo or its traditional console contemporaries is that GAME is now planning to sell a range of tablet devices in stores. These will include the iPad range and the ARCHOS GamePad, an Android tablet with buttons and analogue inputs on either side of the screen; it's not had glowing reviews from critics, but reminds us of other devices from both Nintendo and Sony. Here's what GAME exec Charlotte Knight had to say.

Tablets are an increasingly popular gaming platform so it's a natural step for us to be at the heart of providing these to the UK gaming community.

We are really excited about the GamePad, it's great to be able to offer our customers something that is not only brand new but specifically tailored to gamers.

It's an interesting development, and GAME won't be the only game store also offering tablet devices. Is this a bad thing for consoles, or just an inevitable development?


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Buzzthebatgirl said:

Dunno about other GAME stores but I've been in a few that have been looking for tablets for trade ins and already have stands with tablets for demo play. They even have tablet cases on some stands. I guess tablet games potentially reach a wider market than console games ever can.



Rocketship said:

Inevitable. If Android gaming really takes off I would consider buying one of those or a home console equivalent, alongside Nintendo products mind you!



EverythingAmiibo said:

Oh wow, when will they learn? Low quality 'gaming' tablets won't do it, I'd rather get the google nexus and hook up my Wii remote to it, then buy a Wii U (allready have) for real gaming!



Nintenjoe64 said:

It's inevitable that GAME will start trying to sell gaming tablets but I think when gamers see a knock off looking Vita they'll consider buying an actual Vita instead. It might hurt the 3 main companies when average consumers can pick up a cool looking console for cheaper but what game can you see justifying the purchase? (emulators do not count)



Squashie said:

Archos make quite cheap rubbish and many people know that. I don't think this should cause great concern for Nintendo. Myself, I'm a huge Tablet user, but that more aids my Nintendo gaming than hinders it.



VeeFlamesNL said:

I just want to read "Wii U sells more than 300000 units every month!" I want it to happen NOW!



darkgamer001 said:

I don't see anything wrong with selling tablets per se, but if GAME is prioritizing this over selling 'dedicated' gaming consoles/handhelds, then you can easily see how they ended up in bankruptcy



Will-75 said:

I dont think handheld (3DS - PSvita) or home consoles - Wii U / PS4 are a thing of the past, I think it just seems everyone is wanting a piece of the gaming market these days from smart phones to knock off tablets and such there are so many ways to play video games these days it's crazy even televisions are out now that come preinstalled with video games on them I think the days of Nintendo and Sony selling 50 to 60 million units are over but I don't think they are doomed .



driftydrift said:

This isn't new, news at all I worked for Game between 2009-2011 and game not only sold tablets in that period but it also sold selected phones and never caused the consoles any problems. But this is very old news



ToadFan said:

Gamestop has been selling phones and tablets for years now, I guess this is just a new thing in the UK.



Banker-Style said:

My local Game's have been selling tablets for some time now.

Still peed off that Game still haven't got Need for Speed in store.



Blaze said:

That 'thing' looks like a squished GBA crossed with a PSP. D: That said, considering current Wii U sales I can see why they'd turn to other devices though.



cornishlee said:

Makes sense. With more people switching to downloading their games then traditional retailers will have to diversify if they're to survive - selling more hardware on which you can play video games (whatever the quality) is kind of an obvious first step.



daggdroppen said:

aoouch, those controls looks freaking uncomfortable. almost inplayable.. if someone would make equally great d-pad and buttons as the 3DS XL i would be intrestead =)



DePapier said:

That Archos tablet is called "GamePad," has been announced on August 29, 2012, and is already available in Europe. The Wii U GamePad has had its name confirmed at least since E3 2012. Sony would sue Kevin Butler for playing Mario Kart Wii, why isn't Nintendo sueing Archos for stealing their name GamePad????

...Am I really the only one this website so far who sees that something is wrong here????



hYdeks said:

In GameStop/EBGames, they already take trade-in's on Ipod's and Ipad's and such, and my local EBGames has some tablets for sale, so this is not really surprising, I figure most gaming stores will eventually do this.



Savino said:

I remember when ppl used to talk about videogames vs boardgames... "Those evil poopy videogames will never take over the good `n old boardgames". "Boardgames will reign supreme forever" They said.
Today we see boardgames living alongside videogames, but they are a timid small market today... the same will happen with videogames in a near future, the market will shrink and the mobile market will take over.
But fear not, nintendo and others will adapt and evolve with the market, but I expect that this gen will be the last using this (almost)40 years old model.



DePapier said:

And that's when I realize the name GamePad isn't even written anywhere on the Wii U GamePad.

I'm cool with supporting Nintendo, but seeing how unseriously this company is taking care of its stuff makes me wonder why I care in the first place. They create an environment for fans to support them (unique gameplay options, Miiverse, Nintendo Directs...) and they don't even let us be proud of the support we're giving because they don't act as if they cared as much as we do about their products. They think they are the only ones in the world because their ideas are so unique nobody can reach them, and they don't check IT when the industry is copying them while spitting on their face. Verdict: fans are here everyday doing the job of branding the company, facing trolls on a day-to-day basis that know nothing about the console, because the company tells NOTHING about it. I seriously think I've had enough. Nintendo HQs have to man up. When even Nintendo makes it hard for its fans to support them, I think there are reasons enough to quit.



luminalace said:

The name Gamepad isn't trademarked by Nintendo as far as I know. If they were going to trademark it, it would have used a more unique name. The term gamepad is quite generic and even NES controller were someimes referred to be gamepads. Besides it's the Wii U™ Gamepad!



DePapier said:

You guys are right, GamePad cannot be trade marked, the Wii U GamePad can. It's like registering "book" in the book category, it's not legally feasible as intellectual property. I do believe, however, that by now Nintendo should have had every gamer believe Off-TV play to be represented by Nintendo so that they would automatically perceived things like the Vita's Remote Play, XBox SmartGlass, or the Archos GamePad as copies not worth of their time, rather than as devices and functionalities that further downgrades the need of purchasing a Wii U.



retro_player_22 said:

"These will include the iPad range and the ARCHOS GamePad, an Android tablet with buttons and analogue inputs on either side of the screen; it's not had glowing reviews from critics, but reminds us of other devices from both Nintendo and Sony. Here's what GAME exec Charlotte Knight had to say."

The ARCHOS GamePad is actually a handheld, not a tablet. It's a handheld with Android built-in.



siavm said:

They have not been doing that already. Here in the US GameStop has been doing that for some years now. Not really going to change anything. And since the games are not going to take shelf space nothing really changes.



Farmboy74 said:

If we're talking Android gaming tablets, then I think the Wikipad which has been redesigned and is a modified Nexus 7 tablet which docks with a full controller, could be interesting. According to reports they're looking to release anytime now.



GiftedGimp said:

The Game Stores around here, nottingham, have been selling ipads, Nexus tablets aswell as other brands tablets since before xmas... so this isn't new to me really.

Game and other Video game only retailers will need to evolve the buisiness practices, times are changing and over the next few years will change even more due to more games being available as downloads, second hand game markets being phased out with either full on system lock-outs or 1 time use codes.
Add in the steambox, andriod consoles and further developments on tablet devices, the gaming industry will have a very splintered user base as console and Pc gaming has to share its market to some degree with iOS,Android and what ever else comes along.



alLabouTandroiD said:

If success of these devices means that more devs can work with button controls instead of touch-only it's all good in my book.



Krshna28 said:

Stupidity on the High Street.

If I wanted a tablet computer, Game is the last place I would look. Look what happened to HMV when they tried that.

And tablet gamers never usually go to a Game store, or any store. All their games are download buys.

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