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Tomodachi Collection: New Life Detailed in Latest Nintendo Direct

Posted by Orla Madden

Love and hate

Last month during a Japan-only Nintendo Direct, the company revealed a hardware bundle for upcoming 3DS title Tomodachi Collection: New Life in Japan.

A Nintendo Direct was broadcast yesterday focusing on the 3DS sequel, in which plenty of details were given about the simulation game.

As we've briefly mentioned previously, Tomodachi Collection: New Life is a communication game, where your Mii interacts with other Miis. Based on an island, you and your friends reside in the same apartment building, and social interaction is focused around your Mii's personality type.

You have the opportunity to create your own Mii, or import your existing creation from the original Tomodachi Collection through an eShop app. You'll need to select personality traits — such as its accent, speech and actions — when you've designed how your Mii looks, as the game creates a path based on your choices.

The other residents will frequently invite you to their apartment, where you can play various mini-games and win items. On occasion, other Miis will become troubled — you'll most likely have to help them with their love lives, never mind your own.

Naturally, after your Mii finds a suitable partner, love is in the air; along with marriage proposals and baby Miis. Not everything is all love hearts and smiles, as Miis will quarrel every now and then after spending too much time together.

The original DS game was released in Japan on the 18th June 2009, and was the best selling game in the week of its launch. As the first title never ventured to the West, it's highly unlikely that the 3DS sequel will make it here either, but we could be proven wrong in the future.

The game is scheduled for release in Japan on the 18th April next month, but is Tomodachi Collection: New Life a game you'd like to see localised for Europe and North America? As always, let us know, and you can see the full Japanese broadcast below.

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Nintenjoe64 said:

Hopefully a Japanese 3DS Direct will be followed by an EU Wii U direct!

I want to know when the VC will arrive and which of my Wii VC games will be available for upgrade. My wallet is ready.



kaptenSwe said:

Should the Nintendo direct also come to europe?? Want a new nintendo direct about lego city undercover!! One more question, is it someone who now if it should come a youtube app or miiverse to 3ds?? please answer...

Sorry for my bad English. I'm from Sweden



Crazybrain1 said:

The only thing is, I don't have a 3DS. And I don't live in Japan.
Too bad they didn't release the DS version in other places. That game looked interesting.



bahooney said:

If you guys had played the original, which I have, you would be more excited. Think Animal Crossing mixed with Tamogotchi; it's quite a beast to be at the reigns of. I think with the proper marketing, it could really take off here... at the very least, I just wish the 3DS wasn't region locked. Thinking of picking up the hardware bundle..



Barbiegurl777 said:

YES! I'd love to see this localised. A few of my friends on the 3DS love playing with the mii character's ALL the time to change colors on outfts, hair, etc. This would be a great game to play plus give more use to playing with the mii characters on the 3ds.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



LittleIrves said:

Man oh man, I REALLY want this to come over to the states. And yeah, it'd probably be a large localization job, but so was the original Animal Crossing, another (at the time) unproven idea in the west, and it came over and became a huge hit. I'm with bahooney and think the same could happen here. (Or I'm just selfish and want the game to come out.)



Victoria said:

This is a game I really wanted. But I didn't think it would ever come out here. They problem was getting your Miis to be able to read and speak English. Oh well.



gavn64 said:

Do it nintendo we might just take to it in ireland it sounds really good



Edlicious said:

My girlfriend just bought her 3DS and her being a huge Sims fan, im sure she'd love it.



alLabouTandroiD said:

While it sure looks like a unusual game and may never rise to the heights of western sales the Sims and Animal Crossing games are getting i still think there could be cash in here.
They could release a demo version and base their decision on a localisation on the reactions. If they decide to go for it there could be another demo shortly before release to remind people of the game.
Anyway, i hope they really research its chances in the West and not just approach it with an "this would never work"-attitude from the get-go. I like to believe this game could do well in the west. Especially with the possibility to make it a 20$ eShop release.



deadlydeviant said:

I have played the original and I have to say I really like it. I would love to see this get a US release, though I know it's not that likely due to the voices. But I wouldn't mind keeping the voices and just changing the text.

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