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This New Mega Man Anniversary Statue Goes Large

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Alas, still no "proper" game for the big anniversary

With this being the 25th Anniversary year of the Mega Man franchise, Capcom has released a free PC crossover game — Street Fighter X Mega Man — which in many respects was a slightly polished fan effort, and has given us some celebratory laptops and USB drives in different regions. Plenty of fans, of course, want a full new game for the franchise, which contributed to excitable but inaccurate rumours during the recent PAX East extravaganza.

Capcom has unveiled its latest offering to celebrate the Blue Bomber's birthday, and this time is undoubtedly going big. Appearing at E3 and the San Diego Comic-Con will be the pictured life-size Mega Man statue, which will be perfect for photo opportunities. There's also a two-week window for gamers to pick up a miniature version of the statue from the Capcom store, which is only available to order until 21st April for a princely $99.95. That is pricey, but the figurine is 10 inches tall and has USB powered LED lights on the base, helmet & buster.

You can check out some more images below. It's not a new game, but are any of you interested in splashing the cash on this collectible?


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Banjogeek said:

Who cares about this? People just want a game and they are shoving this down our throats like we want it.



LittleKing said:

Capcom, oh how you love to tease your fan base. Yet, in the end, that's almost always all it ever is–teasing. It could've been worse, I suppose. It's the thought that counts?




A small statue of Mega Man , even if it is a small version replica of that big Mega Man statue at CAPCOM is WAAAAYY TOO much for $100. I could see if a price like of about $50 was offered to fans for this, then I may dive in and grab one of these small statues.



DreamyViridi said:

Well, I don't think I could get it because US$ but it would be too expensive for me anyway. And yeah, it's not a new game, but it's better than nothing!

Maybe Capcom's not making a new game because they're afraid of tainting the series as a whole with a new game.



shinokami said:

I thought people had given up on Capcom. I personally sold most of my Capcom games just keeping the ones Inafune made and Darkstalkers



Discipledoctor said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the latest game in the franchise Star Force 3? I know it isn't the highest on most people's lists, but I'm hoping to see a sequel series to Battle Network and Star Force some day. Chrono X looks great, though.



BakaKnight said:

Technically if they want to place that statue at those events they should have some Megaman's games next to it.

Of course they could just make a stand of old Megaman's games, but we can always hope capcom invested moneys in making a new game and not only in making statues >O>;



SparkOfSpirit said:

Why would they have a Mega Man statue at E3 without a Mega Man game to show? That just sounds wasteful.



TwilightV said:

Remind me why people still support this lifeless, uninspired husk of a company again?



guest37 said:

inafune does not own the mega man IP. he made it while he was working for capcom. this was the similar issue in the mattel barbie dolls vs. bratz doll case.



ouroborous said:

yea maybe a super-megaman-fanboy would pay $50 for this but $100 is realllllllly pricey considering that its not even a Terabyte (or two) drive as well (cause that would be kind of cool), but you have to plug it into your computer to light it up. i guess that would work better with a desktop perhaps? 2TB drive statuary, that's a pretty good idea, provided that they wouldn't be terribly more expensive than the drive on it's own to begin with. something like that would go great with your wiiU for download storage!



Dark-Luigi said:

I should slap capcom in the face if they think their going to sell that for $100 bucks!



Raycon said:


I don't think so. Anything's possible, but if they were worried about tainting the series, well I would have to say that ship sailed with Xover.



Capt_N said:

@LuigiMan200: @Raycon: I imagine the possibility that that is the case, but again, as you guys have already said, anything's possible. If that is the case, Capcom just needs to come to terms w/ the fact that Inafune's gone from them, & they need to realize that they just need to examine his Capcom-employed work, & seriously try, & emulate it, while still advancing gameplay. Obviously, they aren't Inafune, or have his brain, or style, but they could, at least, try to emulate his style, & past styles of approaching gameplay, & whatnot.

As for the statue, ComicCon has some cool collectable stuff, for the gamer, occasionally. Despite being a 10" replica(I really want to say reploid ), that is way too pricey, even though these will definitely, err,... probably more than likely, end up on online auction sites, such as Amazon, & eBay, for a ridiculous amount more than 100$USD. Personally, the only Capcom ComicCon collectable I would want off eBay is the collector's edition metallic Mega Man X figurine.

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