With this being the 25th Anniversary year of the Mega Man franchise, Capcom has released a free PC crossover game — Street Fighter X Mega Man — which in many respects was a slightly polished fan effort, and has given us some celebratory laptops and USB drives in different regions. Plenty of fans, of course, want a full new game for the franchise, which contributed to excitable but inaccurate rumours during the recent PAX East extravaganza.

Capcom has unveiled its latest offering to celebrate the Blue Bomber's birthday, and this time is undoubtedly going big. Appearing at E3 and the San Diego Comic-Con will be the pictured life-size Mega Man statue, which will be perfect for photo opportunities. There's also a two-week window for gamers to pick up a miniature version of the statue from the Capcom store, which is only available to order until 21st April for a princely $99.95. That is pricey, but the figurine is 10 inches tall and has USB powered LED lights on the base, helmet & buster.

You can check out some more images below. It's not a new game, but are any of you interested in splashing the cash on this collectible?

[via destructoid.com]