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The Denpa Men 2: Beyond The Waves Gets Australian Classification

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Localisation splashing onto our shores

The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave was possibly a bit of a surprise when it arrived on the 3DS eShop, going from a peculiarly advertised title to turn out, in our words, to be an experience that's "long and rewarding". It also made significant use of its portable platform, encouraging gamers to build their little army by taking their handheld on the road, with the game hooking up to Wi-Fi hotspots to boost your team. In short, we loved it and encouraged others to give it a try.

With such a positive reception, Genius Sonority wasted little time in bringing The Denpa Men 2 to Japan, while also confirming plans for localisation last October. After a bit of a lengthy silence on the subject, there's some encouragement today as it's emerged that The Denpa Men 2: Beyond The Waves has been rated by the Australian Ratings Board, bringing us a step closer to its arrival on the 3DS eShop. The page does say that it's multi-platform, but at this stage it's only been confirmed and released on 3DS in Japan.

So, did any of you enjoy the first title, and are you looking forward to diving into the sequel? Let us know in the comments below.


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skyluigi2 said:

I loved the first game, but the fact that all your Denpa Men disappear when you lose is very annoying. It's something I hope has been fixed in the sequel (or that the offerings have at least been made cheaper).



lividd3ad said:

Well then, guess I'd better get on with finishing the first! It's a brilliant game and it's well-suited to the eShop. I didn't really like Genius Sonority's Pokémon RPGs but they've really found their feet this time!



XXIV said:

I still have to finish the game, but that's the same with so many other of my eShop games XD



Geonjaha said:

Following the trend of - 'Oh! An eShop title was successful? Lets begin on a sequel right away that uses a huge amount of the original assets!' cough Freakyforms, Dillons Rolling Western, Pullbox, Picross e cough

Honestly though the first one had major balancing issues, and the collecting of Denpa Men wears off its charm very quickly - especially considering the fact that you might as well just catch and use any one of them since they all have close to identical levels to your 'main party'. Enemy design was cute and a lot of the game was very much Dragon Quest inspired - but instead of adding anything new (apart from the tedious catching of Denpa Men) it was just an inferior version of a Dragon Quest game with an overly simplified design.

Being one of the few RPGs on the eShop its obvious why people bought it - but the original game wasn't too short, and this sequel will probably fail to add anything significant. No sale from me (but I guess that's pretty obvious).



Beta said:

YES! I have been trying to endure not buying the first to get this one!



Dpullam said:

I was really impressed with what I played of the demo of the first game. I will most likely get the first before I get this one unless this one is leagues better.



Aqueous said:

Could be nice, I would have to finish the after story first though. From what I know, new things have been added expanding this one greatly, like an over world and some kind of online battle system.



DerpSandwich said:

I must have missed that article in October! This is awesome! I really loved the game, but it had a lot of room for improvement. I mean, the potential in that game was just crazy!



yobucky said:

Denpa men is my second most played game on the 3DS after paper mario. 60 hours in and I am still working my way through the last 2 worlds. (yeah I'm slow I know) It really is loads of fun. My only problem was not enough radio waves around here. So I used a lot of scanned ones. The sequel needs a functionality to refresh a radio signal more often so you can collect more denpa men from fewer locations as not everyone lives in an area with lots of signals.



Gen0neD said:

WooHoooo! And sold! I'll be grabbing the 3DS version if it is indeed multiplatform. Can't wait.



LordessMeep said:

YES. Still got to finish the first one, though. Can't wait to stroll through my neighbourhood and look silly while waving around my 3DS as I catch me some Denpas.



slidecage said:

Love to see this SOON but i doubt it will be in the USA before aug 13 sad to say.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@Geonjaha Have you actually seen the japanese trailer? I saw it ages ago, it does more than just use some of the assets of the previous game, in fact this game looks to be way more of a vast improvement over the original as it actually has an entitre overworld and not just dungeon crawling! In fact, This game has more in common with dragon quest this time than the last game.

Apparently in Denpamen 2, you will be able to capture more Denpamen types, equip more armour, gain new abilities, go fishing, visit villages, grow crops, take pictures of your team of denpamen and save to your SD card and battle other teams of denpamen, from either other people over the internet or what seems to be more like streetpass, which is a fantastic new addition (i highly doubt this game connects to the internet though).
Besides this game is self published by Genius Sonority not by Nintendo, so it simply isn't just using the same assets as last time, however of course it still runs on the same graphical engine and retains the same style, but we can forgive that because this is how denpamen are supposed to look.

Let me just take some time out to say I can not wait to see this game on the eshop, it looks brilliant and I got all that info about Denpamen 2 by looking at the trailer, despite it being in japanese.

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