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Surprise Discounts Hit the 3DS eShop in North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's not an April Fools trick

While sales and discounts are becoming increasingly common on the 3DS and Wii U eShop platforms, it seems that Nintendo of America has chosen 1st April, of all days, to sneak some discounts onto the eShop.

In total six games have seen a price drop, and when our man checked the details he could see no indication that these titles were on a temporary sale, which suggests they could potentially be permanent discounts. The games in question and their new prices are below.

Planet Crashers : $4.99
3D Game Collection: $4.19
3D MahJongg: $3.49
Gardenscapes: $5.59
Murder on the Titanic: $5.59
Order Up!!: $4.99

There's no official press release from Nintendo of America at this stage, so at the time of writing we're not entirely sure how long these prices will be in effect. In any case, do any of these new prices tempt you into a download?


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Freelance said:

You guys should get 3D Mahjong. It's good.

I'm interested in Order Up!, but I'm not getting a card til I find stuff I want worth $20. Aside from Super C, I dunno what else I want. Oh yeah, there's also that recent SHMUP. I think it's called Galaxy Saver.



Void said:

When I saw the post in the forums I thought it was an April Fools joke.
I was surprised when I went on the eShop and saw it was actually true, I won't be getting any of those, though.
Also, Pokedex 3D is $9.99, and GoNintendo was wrong about the prices of Planet Crashers and Order Up! They're $4.99.



SBOY said:

Why would Nintendo put price like $4.19 and $5.11 on the eShop ? I mean most of the time price are X.99$ you're sure it's not and april fools joke ?



Spoony_Tech said:

Order Up is the only one I have of happens to be the only one I want of those!! Yuck!!



Freelance said:

The new prices are wrong. I just checked the Eshop and Order Up!! is $5.11, not $4.99. Planet Crashers is $5.11. I'm in Canada so maybe prices are different here.



sinsalaca said:

Regardless of what the price is Order Up is a great game. I purchased it on day one and it is a great game. The length of the game and amount of content made it well worth the orginal price tag. At the sale price it is a down right steal. May have to grab Mahjong 3D. I am a casual Mahjong fan, but seem slike a great value at that price.



C-Olimar said:

They're all from the same publisher.
I hate how many people are blathering on about how all the games are rubbish and not worth getting. Order Up is bloody brilliant.



longtimegamer said:

They're under the "On Sale foe a Limited time" catagory. [Like the demo, 3d, and under 2 dollar ones].



RR529 said:

Like @longtimegamer says, there's a green tab in the eShop (at least in N.A.), and it has a picture of two coins on it, with white text that reads "On Sale for a Limited Time".

It's in that tab where these games can be found.



Knuckles said:

Well, Planet Crashers is at least semi reasonable at 5 dollars, not that I want it to being with.



rayword45 said:

Order Up is the best f**king cooking sim ever made. Besides that... I gotta take advantage of this sale SOMEHOW :/



Aqueous said:

Planet Crashers - $5.11
Order Up!! $5.11
Is what I see for those two, not that I desire any of them.



rayword45 said:

I see $4.99, and seriously people, Order Up may be the only worthwhile game (even though I'm downloading Mahjong)



OptometristLime said:

Well, call me old school but, I'm the sort that threw down $15 for a paper 'dex as recently as Heart Gold.
That particular niche has been filled by the internet mostly, but I guess the convenient lag-free environment on the 3DS just seems more inviting.



Freelance said:

I'd rather spend money on an actual book Pokédex than an app on the Eshop, but then I don't play the games anymore so I wouldn't even get that.



rayword45 said:

@Optimist_Prime You know what would make the Pokedex more appealing? If you could open it without having to suspend your game if it was Pokemon related. Not my idea since i'm not a Pokemon fan but that actually sounds logical.



HawkeyeWii said:

Too bad all of those games seem mediocre... 3D Mahjong seems decent, but I'm not much of a Mahjong player :/



DarkEdi said:

I´m entering to the mexican eshop (where i´m from) and this titles are in a new category that says "oferta por tiempo limitado" so this aren´t permanent discounts but it doesn´t say how many days will be this discounts.



2Sang said:

NOA you jerks, I could've saved $10 on games that I still haven't played too much of yet...



KnightRider666 said:

@rayword45: I was skeptical about the Pokedex 3D Pro too, but for $10 I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised! I love the pokemon challenge quizzes! It's much more than just a pokedex. You should seriously consider checking this app out. I'm really glad I did!



AltDotNerd said:




OptometristLime said:

False, Nintendo would never disrespect games they sell.

April Fools or not, personal feelings don't come into a decision like this.



Koapa said:

No surprise, NA always get everything for better price then Europe



Freelance said:

I wish you guys would stop with the "OMG these games suck!" routine. Judging a game without even playing it is in poor taste. I may not care for a certain genre and I may not think I will like it, but that doesn't mean the game itself 'sucks.' I've actually ended up loving games that I never thought I'd like.

At any rate, 3D Mahjong IS a good game, whether you like solitaire mahjong or not, and I'm interested in Order Up!! now that it's at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, by the time I scrape up enough money to get a $20 card, the sale would probably already be over.

Most of the games are from the same company, hence the sale.



pops330 said:

The demo of order up is kind of fun.Lot of hate about a price drop. In any case, price drops are a good thing for consumers.



Frozenx07 said:

Oh goodie. I've been wanting Order Up, but wasn't keen on the price. I'll get it now.



Windy said:

Very Nice Discounts. I already had all of those games and they are all very good. Well Planet Crashers wasn't my cup of tea, but its definately worth a look at 4.99. I hope they will do this weekly with a new List of games each week. Or monthly either way would be really nice. I hope they might consider price drops on some of the older Software like Zenonia(I already own) and other DSiWare games that have been sitting there for years now. Let's generate some sales on stuff no longer seen. There is lots of stuff that you can miss in the Eshop that has been getting buried under new releases.

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