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South African Retailer Slices Wii U Price in Half

Posted by Andy Green

Toyzone offering a Wii U for as little as R1,500

In order to help boost Wii U sales, many UK retailers decided to cut the price of the system. Back in March Asda and Amazon sliced £50 off the price tag, while HMV knocked a staggering £140 off a Premium console and ZombiU bundle.

It seems heavy price drops aren't exclusive to the UK though, as it has emerged South African retailer Toyzone has cut the price of the Wii U in half.

The Facebook page of a shopping centre in Bloemfontein confirmed the console is selling for R1,500 and R2,500 for the Basic and Premium bundles respectively - quite a hefty price reduction.

South African gamers looking to pick up a Wii U may never get a better opportunity than this. It's not known how long the price will remain that low, so if you're considering grabbing one you may want to act fast.

What are your thoughts on these price reductions we keep on seeing? Let us know in the comments section below.


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ninja89 said:

Boy, Nintendo really needs to get on the ball and start releasing the titles we all want. Then again, if they're rushing the end product could be even more disastrous. Did Nintendo mess up by releasing too soon?



Void said:

Slashed prices in half?
So the deluxe Wii U costed over $500?



Felix_ said:

I'm South African and I bought a ZombiU bundle for R2999 ($330) last week at Btgames. The original price was R4800 or $530. Which was just ridiculous.
So that's a $200 price reduction!

Loving ZombiU on my new Wii U



Felix_ said:

Not sure if we have a hefty import tax or something. But thanks to these radical price reductions I finally own a Wii U ...



belmont said:

And I thought that 419 euros for Zombi U pack was a ridiculous price in my region... It has not been discounted here yet.

Wii U may not be expensive is US but certainly is in many PAL regions when a lot of stuff is overpriced.



Felix_ said:

419 euros is R4800 or R4900 that European price matches the South African price...



Peach64 said:

Actually, currency exchange rates have a big part of making that price look high. Using exchange rates isn't a very accurate way of determining the value of products. I used an example in the post about Nintendo's stock going up because of a weak Yen. In the early 2000s, you could get about 1.5 dollars for 1 pound. Games in the UK typically sold for £35, which would have been $52. Then the dollar crashed in value. Suddenly you could get 2 dollars for 1 pound, so the UK game price of £40, was now translated at $70. You'd then get UK people doing these conversions themselves, and whining about how they paid $70 for a game over here, when the price hadn't changed at all. What they failed to realise was that the shift in the exchange rate would also make it look as if their yearly salary had gone from say... $30,000 to $40,000, when it actually hadn't changed at all.

It's the same with these consoles. People try and figure out the prices in other countries using currency converters, but it just doesn't work that way. £30 will buy you $46, but it does not mean that what £30 is worth to someone in the UK is worth the same as $46 is to someone in the US. It's why even super serious economic journals such as The Econimist use their Big Mac Index to calculate the true value between different currencies. Exchange rates don't give a proper value.



belmont said:

@Felix_ Thanks for clearing this up. We have the same pricing.

@Peach64 I agree with you generally. Taxes in Europe are higher too. But Vita on launch cost 249$ and 249 euros at the same time and Nintendo consoles are priced way higher in Europe. 3DS cost 279 euros on launch. The Wii U basic costs 319 euros. In the end it all falls to the company setting the prices and it is a mistake for Nintendo not to set prices in Europe.



Lopezdm said:

I am not to surprised about this it is south Africa. I had no idea there was a market in the first place.



dizzy_boy said:

my local asda hasn't even started to stock in the wiiu yet. and the rest of the retailers on the high street aren't exactly players choice for nintendo gaming.



Savino said:

@Lopezdm welcome to the modetn world where the BRICs is a larger and nmuch more promissing market than EU or (laughs) USA!



OorWullie said:

@Lopezdm I can't believe you just said that,pure American ignorance!The world is bigger than your declining nation you know!



FineLerv said:

If the Au prices get cut in half I may just buy a second Wii U (one for the bedroom).



chiptoon said:

Man that hurts! I got it launch day. Consoles are normally more expensive here in SA, and seldom see price drops as quickly as the rest of the world. Guess that's changing.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Heh, lucky in South Africa. Here in my country, the Wii U in dollars is around 750-850$! And if there'll ever be a price drop, the price will still be high. I live in Nigeria. And they don't know how to price things....



DreamDrop said:

If gamers aren't willing to buy a WiiU at $249.99 then will they even look at the PS4 when it releases at $300+??



cornishlee said:

I'm not certain what the case is in the rest of the EU but I believe that it's the same as in the UK. A manufacturer is not allowed to set a price point on a product - that's known as price-fixing and is illegal. That's why you often see "RRP" stated online (usually in the context of an alleged discount). The manufacturer can recommend a price but it cannot set one - it is always up to the retailer what price to charge.

Nintendo can control its wholesale price in Europe but it cannot dictate retail price - that all comes down to what margin retailers expect to make and what they think they can get away with.

I hope that clears things up a bit. I'm a little tired of the "Nintendo should fix prices in the EU like they do in the US" rants online (that's not directed at you). The simple fact is that they can't.



Swedishdolphin said:

Yes, it certainly is. If you convert the price to dollars of the ZombiU bundle (at least the launch price of it) in Sweden, it cost $676.
With games being very expensive as well. The cheapest shovelware games currently costs around $62, while the more expensive games cost $94. However, in game stores I've seen prices up to $102-$109. It's seriously insane!



Lopezdm said:

@Savino What impression am I to have when I spent 6 months of my life chasing pirates of the Horn of Africa and Somalia.



Dpullam said:

I'd go to the store and pick up a Wii U right now if it was 175 US dollars.



OorWullie said:

@Lopezdm Man don't talk to me about exchange rates.I live in Thailand but unfortunately for me my clients need to pay me in US dollars.Right now it's the lowest it's been since I moved here a few years back,losing me a fortune.



uximal said:


I live in Kenya and the Premium pack is 69,000 KES and basic pack is 55,000 KES. Just do the math and see why I still can't afford the WiiU for now



yuske05 said:

@uximal that's ridiculous! i never had any idea of this. i guess brand new video games in other countries are considered luxuries for the rich while they have it priced for anybody with a job in US, EU and other places. correct?



Lopezdm said:

@yuske05 I am and a former Navy Quartermaster and boat capt. Not like I haven't been around the world 3 times or anything.



Lopezdm said:

@uximal Thats why more then in the US, you would be better off buying it from Amazon or something like that.



uximal said:


Thanks, I will consider that but will have to research whether credit cards from my country can work in the American eShop.



uximal said:


hmm, 69,000 KES = 811 US dollars but with that kind of a price clearly its out of reach and I think that price tag of 811$ the gamers in US & EU would have issues purchase Wii U.



Ren said:

Great, so you've sailed around to military bases and now you know the world? And somehow South Africa is so backwards that they don't play video games? the South African gaming market surpassed film in revenues last year which is also a huge industry. There are more than 50 mil people there and an estimated 3.5 mil of them are games consumers. 2011 saw 1.7 billion (R) in sales. Maybe it's time to talk to some people next time you're democratizing the world, or read a book. I can't stand this kind of misinformed arrogance that further confirms stereo types about us americans.



OorWullie said:

@Lopezdm Exactly,the lowest its been since I've been here,it was 31 not so long ago.From your answer though I'm guessing you don't really understand how exchange rates work so I'll leave that for you to educate yourself on.



UpdateNightmare said:

The price reductions in the remotes and games actually made me fork out a lot of money. Also we finally got the eShop, although we still don't have the eShop prepaid cards. The prices are good so far, if we get those cards and the prices remain affordable like this, the Wii U might gain traction here fast.

Currently I'm playing ME3 which I bought for R200 new (less than $20).



Lopezdm said:

@OorWullie The only way you would lose money is if they paid you in baht and then you converted it to the US dollar. You didn't say it that way there bud.



Superslick40 said:

The wii u sucks .... You can't even get a second game pad for it. You better off sticking with the ps3 of 360 Xbox of wait for the new one to come out this Christmas. Nintendo will alway fall behind, high def has been around for a while with the ps3 and the 360 Xbox and Nintendo is just now coming up with it that's just plain stupid. Nintendo should have just waited made its consul better and came out with the other one that are coming out at the end of this year. why buy a wii u when you can wait and get something way better



OorWullie said:

@Lopezdm I get paid in US dollars and convert it to Baht and it converts to 15% less than I was getting a few months back and the lowest I've received since I moved here and as matter of fact the Baht is the strongest it's been against the Dollar since 1997.So if you were to come here on holiday with a few G then you won't get much baht for yer buck compared to even just a few months back.On the other hand if I was coming to the States I would be doing rather well.Hope that's made it clearer



Lopezdm said:

@OorWullie yes, exactly. so why convert at all. most of the places I visited while in Asia took the us dollar anyway so why convert in the first place? sounds pretty stupid on your part and no one's else's problem but yours. hope that clears it up for you.



Lopezdm said:

@OorWullie P. S. the us dollar is 1to 29 which makes the baht crap. once again I have to ask why you convert and then further question why you haven't just opened an account with a bank for a better exchange %. they to that for members.



theblackdragon said:

hey guys, can we chill with this argument, please? last I checked the article at hand was about South Africa, not Thailand, the US, or anywhere else for that matter. Thanks in advance! :/



ThumperUK said:

There's no point in releasing a second gamepad until there is a release of a game which requires 2+ pads. I doubt anyone is developing such a game as it is too risky and likely to flop.



banacheck said:

If gamers aren't willing to buy a WiiU at $249.99 then will they even look at the PS4 when it releases at $300+??

The Wii U is more or less on the same level as the PS3/360, so why would some people pay around £299 for a Wii U when they can buy a PS3/360 for a lot less? Not only that look at Human Revolution full price on the Wii U, £7 on other consoles and that more or less the same for other port on the Wii U.



element187 said:

@belmont "Wii U may not be expensive is US but certainly is in many PAL regions when a lot of stuff is overpriced."

This is your government applying that "Value Added Tax" to everything you buy, right? No offense but, I mean you voted to be taxed to death, this can't be too surprising.

Although I have no room to talk, we currently have a communist as president here in the US that would LOVE to add a VAT and would jump at the chance as soon as he can.

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