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Shigeru Miyamoto: People Need To Be Patient With Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

Consumers need to become more familiar with the GamePad

Sales of Wii U systems in 2013 have been less than desirable. Uptake has been slow and retailers such as GameStop have called on Nintendo to educate consumers more on the advantages of the new home console.

However, Shigeru Miyamoto has called for patience claiming the Wii U GamePad, with it's additional screen, offers experiences that have previously been impossible.

In an interview with CNN, Miyamoto said he likened this point in Nintendo's history to when the DS was first sent out into the wild:

There was a period when we first released the Nintendo DS that people would say there's no way people can look at two screens at once.

I almost feel like, as people get more familiar with Wii U and these touchscreen interfaces, that there is going to come a point where they feel like 'I can't do everything I want to do if I don't have a second screen'.

Miyamoto feels Wii U is more than about just games and integrates into the modern day living room, offering entertainment for every member of the household:

I feel a device like Wii U, with its ability to continue to offer new features and that network connection and the connection to the TV and the interface, really makes it feel that it's more than just a game machine, but something that offers a lot of practical use and practical purpose in the living room.

I look at it as being a very useful device that can do many different things and therefore really seems to be the device that's ideal to have in the living room.

As Miyamoto has previously expressed, Nintendo's main priority is to improve the functionality of Wii U. He said the system needs to be "a little more stable" and "more convenient" in order to provide users with the best experiences possible.

Small updates have already emerged, offering improvements to overall system stability, but there are two more to come, one in Spring and one in Summer, that will focus on speeding up the processes and improve loading times.

Miyamoto also spoke a little about the future of Miiverse, an application he himself recently made his debut on. He said Nintendo is still trying things out and exploring new ideas, but so far the company is pleased with the start it's made:

We're obviously still early on in it and just trying things out, but so far, it does feel like the community itself is doing a very good job of being a warm and welcoming place for people.

The legendary game designer also touched upon the wider issue of the contracting video game market. He said video games have become part or the world's culture and won't be going anywhere anytime soon:

The fact that we've reached an age where video games are being received the way they are just makes me very grateful. We've reached a stage where there's no longer a question of when the boom's going to end. It is simply: there are video games.

The future of Wii U depends largely on the games it offers. Recently we reported that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines has been cancelled, but there are games on the horizon that will hopefully boost sales of the console. Pikmin 3 is Nintendo's next first party release and is set for a Q2 release.

Games can clearly have an impact on console sales. When Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was released in the UK, Wii U sales shot up by a staggering 125 percent.

What are your thoughts on Miyamoto's perception of Wii U? Let us know in the comments section below.


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DePapier said:

I know I won't see that Pikmin 3 anytime soon...

But yeah, a friend of mine came by (again) being skeptical about the Wii U, tried the Internet browser and was already in need for the console.



SuperKMx said:

Oh right, so its OUR fault.

What happens now that I'm fully familiar with the Gamepad? Does the console suddenly become more powerful? Do games suddenly appear on the shelves as if by magic?

Thought not.



Pro-N-Gamer said:

It's a bit of a shame that some of the great third party games cancelled already. But i do believe we will see great first party titles on the U in the future.



TreesenHauser said:


Exactly. I've owned my Wii U since Christmas, and it's... been somewhat disappointing to say the least. First, Pikmin 3 gets delayed. Then, Rayman Legends lost its Nintendo-exclusivity and got delayed. And now, there are maybe one or two games available I wouldn't mind owning if it weren't for other titles like Bioshock Infinite.

What MIyamoto needs to realize is that about half the people I know don't even know the Wii U exists. And of all the people that are aware of it, ALL of them know what the GamePad's all about. Knowledge won't make more games appear. Knowing to stop tapping and start swiping doesn't make it more powerful or anything.

I love Nintendo, but they need to stop all this sophisticated talk about the Wii U and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT ITS ISSUES. If it weren't for the fact I'm a patient and loyal fan of the Big N, I may have ditched my console by now. We already know enough about the console, now bring on the games! People that are aware of the Wii U and what the GamePad is capable of, aren't holding off because of its price or console itself, but because there are virtually no games out right now that would hold their interest.



Kohaku said:

People need to be patient but developers aren't. And they are very important these days because they can earn money on iOS and Android as well.



FineLerv said:

I'm still playing the console for several hours a day since I purchased it at Christmas. My wife still uses it for her YouTube while I am at work at night. Some people can understand the experience, others never will.

As I've said before, a large number of people complaining on forums about the WiiU are Wii60 owners who only want their Nintendo console for first-party games. They'll continue asking for games, while I continue wondering where I am going to get the money to pay for everything I want that is already released on the system. Everybody's just trying to pass off their opinions as fact and I'm bracing myself for the imminent video game crash.



Shiryu said:

It's strange how this new generation of gamers wants "everything right now" but I guess it only mirror society in general. I am ok with waiting for quality Nintendo software, I know how poor a rushed game can be. Besides "lack of games"? I have 17 already, never had any "down time" since buying the machine day -1. But I do understand that for people unlike me that had a PS3 or 360 before, some of the games I own are not "new". Wait and see, people, wait and see.



MadAdam81 said:

I've got FIFA 13 (which I play lots), Black ops 2, mario u, Ninty Land, the VC games as well as Epic Mickey 2 & the Fitness game for the wife.
I am waiting for delivery of Lego City & Most Wanted U, and am hoping to be able to save up so i can buy the other games coming soon that I want.



Magnet_Man018 said:

"People need to be patient with Wii U"

Correction: "People need to be patient for more games"

Release the games already!



GiftedGimp said:

This problem stems from such a long lifespan of 360/Ps3, and people forgetting what a console launch period is like.
In a lot of ways gaming has changed, Dlc is as standard now, Download games are too. The demographic of gamers has changed, it now includes those who play Andriod/iOS games, and countless other changes have happened within the gaming industry since when the 360 was launched and now.
But One thing hasn't, and thats the fact that for the first 6 months a New console does not have many games, its a good year after initial launch before there is a regular stream of a couple of games a month.
To be far with the eStore and idie games being launched there are more games being released during the WiiU's inital kaunch period than any other system except possibly the 360, which had it xbla games filling up the game release numbers at launch.



Nintend0ro said:

To those who complain having no games on Wii U, get 360 or PS3 if you're so impatient



Nomad said:

All this system needs right now is more good 1st party and 3rd party games. I have faith that the WII U will be great system but it will probably take another year or two to get a decent library of games. So yeah we're going to need some patience.



Jack_Package said:

I didn't appreciate the enhancement to gameplay that the GamePad can bring until I used it. And I can't say that I was warm to the idea of the GamePad, before then.

If I was fresh out of high school, grown up on 360, it would've been a difficult sell.



LunaticPandora said:

The gamepad can offer experiences we've never seen before.... yet it doesn't have any games to show us these experiences. Great logic ya got there, Miyamoto.



AbeVigoda said:


Unlikely. Nintendo obviously launched the Wii-U a year early in hopes of getting a head start on the other companies. The PS4 and 720 are being launched on schedule, and will have many first party and exclusive titles ready when they come out.



nocode said:

Have any games so far really used the gamepad in a revolutionary way? Even nintendo themselves phoned in its potential in their own titles - see mario u.

I see the potential, and I like the console a lot... but it's key selling point seems to be an afterthought in most games.



WebHead said:

I just want my 3D Mario, Wind Waker HD, and whatever Retro Studios is working on.



jacksayspurple said:

If you have a bad show in the theatre, it's considered a feeble excuse to blame the audience, yet with the Wii U Nintendo and retailers seem to be doing just that. Waiting for the audience to 'get it' won't sell the Wii U. Nintendo and the retailers need to MAKE the audience 'get it' with more demo units, adverts, and opportunities for the public to get their hands on the console and play for themselves.



19Robb92 said:

I'm pretty much forced to be patient since Rayman Legends got delayed, The Wonderful 101 haven't even gotten a release date and no Nintendo title is in sight.

I wish Nintendo would have planned a little better with the software launches..



Smug43 said:

Nintendo holds plenty of responsibility here.. In fact all of it. 4 years prior to the Wii going away, they should have expanded their development group two fold.. yet they waited waaay too long and recently found out how much more difficult it is for HD development. . Come on Nintendo. . This YOUR fault!




@Pro-N-Gamer I always buy Nintendo systems for first party titles if the system starts relying on third party titles to keep it afloat its not going to be pretty.



Dpishere said:

Just about every recent system has had a long dry spell before a major killer app is released. Why are people acting like this is new all of a sudden? As much as you do not like it you have to be patient for the truly great games to be released. Looking at the titles that are available, there would be plenty for me, though I have not yet had a chance to purchase a Wii U due to money issues.



Dpullam said:

@Dpishere I'm in the same boat as you. There are plenty of games available to purchase for me since I hardly ever buy any games for systems besides Nintendo's. As far as I am concerned, a dry spell of games is nothing new to the game industry so I have no need to complain about the state of the Wii U. Thankfully, I have the patience Miyamoto asks for.



rjejr said:

@Smug43 - They may have doubled their workforce, but it all went to the 3DS so they could resuscitate that system from it's failing start. The failing start they said they learned from for the WiiU.

I don't want to hear from Miyamoto again until he is giving us the Pikmin 3 release date. I know the guy is a living legend from all he's done in the past, but what is his last original game idea? Pikmin 10 years ago? Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Pikmin. Come to think of it what was the last new Nintendo franchise?

The whole - the consumer doesn't get the gamepad - is such a broken record at this point. Make some games, put demos on the kiosks, problem solved.



edcomics said:

Miyamoto is deluded.

I have a suspicion that Nintendo isn't confident in their ability to stay afloat in the video game market. Hence the peripherals. They want to create an image of a Nintendo system being a multi-functional tool that no family can live without. Miyamoto himself says it's about more than just games, but right now it's almost about anything BUT games.

The WiiU does function well as an internet browsing device. That much is true. I can play YouTube videos for an entire room of people to watch. That's useful. I can also use the WiiU for Netflix streaming, but the Wii could do that as well. The TVii service is absolutely useless for me, my family and friends. It's just impractical, and it will continue to be so until there can be more communication between the WiiU, the TV, and the cable box. Switching inputs is already a bit of a nuisance, but the WiiU makes the process more tedious — at least for me and my Samsung.

So then there's the Wii Street U, or whatever it's called. Cute software. Mostly useless. There may be a time here and there over the course of a year where I might want to check it out, but right now it's rather limited. It also crashed twice on me last night.

When a family member came over, she wanted to show photos using the WiiU. Turns out there's no photo channel, as there was on the Wii. How frustrating! There's also nothing really like the Nintendo Channel, which is something I would check frequently for entertainment purposes on the Wii. So in some ways the WiiU is actually LESS USEFUL than the previous console.

If Nintendo really wants an all-in-one system that a family will become addicted to, they need to focus on small, clever and useful apps — sort of like what people have access to on smartphones. But that's a problem in iteself. Nintendo has been chasing after Apple's style and success for too many years now. If the best they can offer is a stationary Apple-wannabe that doesn't make phone calls, people will continue to just buy an iPhone, or some other equivalent device.

(Oh, I forgot about the video chat on WiiU. Yeah... that's been pretty useless so far as well. Sigh)

So in the end, I think Nintendo is sort of failing in the game department, AND failing in the smart-device department. They need to make up their minds and put together something solid. When Miyamoto asks for patience, it sounds like he wants me to wait until they can figure out something the Gamepad is really good for — as if they haven't figured it out yet. They focused so hard on the Gamepad gimmick, but where's the support for it? Time for Nintendo to ditch the secrecy and big reveals, and open the doors for mass brainstorming to make their console better. Otherwise, the DustCollectorU will continue to be just that.



hYdeks said:

People are extremely impatient now-a-days, the system is like 4 months old, give it some freakin time!!! E3 is coming up, which will make the unbelievers probably believe in the Wii U more so, games like Yarn Yoshi, Smash Bros, next 3D Mario, Mario Kart, are all suppose to make an appearance, which will definitely boost sales. I, for one, am looking forward to the Wii U's future, and I will more than likely get a Wii U in the near future

All that said, Nintendo needs to show off what the Wii U does, and games like Rayman Legends missing the launch window and than being released later on all platforms, that really doesn't help there situation much at all.



opeter said:

Is this guy on drugs?

The "problem" (for Nintendo) of today is, that there are so much more alternatives to Nintendo consoles (smartphones, tablets, other consoles, PC&Mac) and services, that Nintendo has to really think about their future.

People will not wait. They will simply buy another product, where they have a big games library. Aka: Apple's AppStore.



guest37 said:

the average american household has more than 2 tv sets. using the excuse that the tv set may be needed for watching tv is from the 1950s. a tv today costs $100. every viewer has his or her own unit. people are giving away FREE tv's on craigslist. what a pathetic excuse. dual screen is an overkill gimmick like virtual boy



BestBuck15 said:

I am certainly not confidant 2 screens are the way forward. All gamers want is top of the range games and a good game pad to play them. Everything they say is to suit themselves I think it's crazy what's going on, a company like that should have 20 -30 in house games in development at all times the money have. But that said I will be looking forward to picking up a cheap Wii U and I don't care if I have to wait years. Maybe there'd be more games then.



DreamOn said:

I really don't think people want the Wii U as an app-less imitation of Apple TV. If Nintendo ain't talking games, they won't be talking sales.



ajcismo said:

Good luck with that Mr.Miyamoto, we live in an Instant Gratification society. I wish people were more patient too, but it probably isn't going to happen.



GraveLordXD said:

I am patient, I much rather Nintendo take the time to make their games as polished as possible than rush them out
The systems hasn't even been out 6 months. Why buy a console if there's no games that you want for it in the first place you would do better to wait.So if you bought the console day one and or now complaining that you dont have games to play who's fault is that hmmm?



LittleIrves said:

Wow, the range of opinion on here is pretty wild.
My 2 pennies: I don't have enough time to play all the games I have/want on 3DS & WiiU. If you ONLY had a WiiU, I guess I'd see the problem. But show of hands: How many people on here only have a WiiU? I'd bet a tiny, tiny number. My hypothesis: By Dec. 2013, the story will have changed significantly. I'm crossing my fingers it goes in the positive direction.



BossBattles said:

There ARE games, good ones....gamers have just changed drastically in the last few years.....the younger generation is obsessed with the world adapting to their every little desire, not realizing they're the ones that suffer when they don't develop skills of adapting to how reality is, not what they demand in their confused minds.



Sun said:

'When Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was released in the UK, Wii U sales shot up by a staggering 125 percent'

I know you are just quoting Damien McFerran here but 125% is only +25% more which is not thaaaat great.



Doma said:

Take all the time you need, i'm in no hurry to buy your system.



SCAR said:

Actually, all I have is Wii U, 3DS, and PS3(for bluray).

Really, Nintendo is picking up where last gen consoles left off. Sooooo, everyone hates video games in the first place?
This is a necessary step to help ease in that the market has indeed spread, and they don't want to over complicate things before they actually have to do so.
They are the only game company with a next gen console in the market, that can appeal to a widespread audience.
BE PATIENT PEOPLE. Miyamoto himself is stating to be patient and explaining his strategy right in front of you, and alot still don't understand.



ArcanaXVI said:

This is the same situation we encountered with the 3DS--and the same fan reaction, too.

The launch of the 3DS was awful. The price was higher than most were ready to pay, especially for something so easily confused with a DSi or even a regular DS, and the launch lineup was abysmal. (Having picked up Steel Diver and Pilotwings Resort on sale for $5 apiece, I can now vouch for their quality, and I would have even paid full price on Pilotwings had I known it was as good as it is, but Nintendo had to convince people that these were more than cheap, casual, nostalgia-driven cash-ins, and I'll admit that they failed there--they convinced almost nobody.) I picked up a 3DS on launch day without a single game, and over the next several months I'm the only person I know where I live who didn't sell it back. Why? Because they were all focused on what it could do at that moment. I was in it for what waited in the future, and my trust in Nintendo paid off. Now, with Ambassador credit and a fantastic library of games, I couldn't be more pleased with my decision.

There was a period, however, when I was very, very tired of waiting. Not once did I consider selling my 3DS, but I had to admit that I was tired of the game drought. In the meantime, I endured sneers for clinging to a system that nobody else believed in (true story, folks). Over a year later, these same people who scoffed at the 3DS now have them. Nintendo convinced them.

The Wii U is in the same state, and so was I--again, I picked one up on launch day (though I did get a couple of games with it--ZombiU, plus Nintendo Land with the deluxe bundle), and now I wait. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has come to ease the drought, just as Ocarina of Time 3D did for the 3DS, and the future looks bright.

The point: If you're not going to get one, fine--but there's no need to rip on the Wii U. You've already made your vote clear with your wallet. Miyamoto is humble enough to ask for a little more patience, knowing that the fans are hurting for something new, and his request is reasonable. Trust Nintendo--the Wii U will be just as amazing as the 3DS in due time. You don't have to buy one now, or even currently plan to; just believe that it will be good.

(And really--if you don't trust Nintendo and you're on a gaming news site entirely focused on Nintendo, you're either a troll or very, very confused.)



evanescent_hero said:

@Sun up by a hundred and twenty-five percent means it doubled, and then some. It went up by a hundred percent--doubling--and then twenty-five more--and then some.



IxnayontheCK said:

Trouble is people shout for AAA titles every 3 months. These take time to make. Society and gamers are impatient and demanding



Rei7 said:

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is enough for me for now. Could last for a year or so, because its the best thing ever, like seriously. I'll be waiting patiently for other new games. There is no need to rush for me at least with all my other backlogs of games on PC, Vita and 3DS. But... more games would be good for Wii U, it will just make the console better for everyone.



Solatorobo said:

The Wii U is only in it's infancy. Miyamoto is bloody right, I don't think you guys understand how games work, they don't just pop out of nowhere magically, they need to be developed, and I'd rather have, say Smash 4 be the best it could be rather than it be crap and a launch title. Stop being whiny brats and just wait for once.

Here's an example for you to show why you should really stop whining, the PS3 was a godamn joke when it came out, and even a good bit later all it had was Little Big Planet, R&C: Tools of Destruction and Metal Gear Solid 4. Look at the PS3 now, it's one of the best systems I have ever seen, and with time, the Wii U has just as much a chance as the PS3 has (and if the price of the PS4 and Nextbox are expensive, then maybe it'll have even more of a chance).



Jack_Package said:


If you have 100 and increase it by 125%, you add 125 to that 100. Giving you 225

You're right 200% is double, but a 200% increase would be triple (100+200)



Jaco said:

So I was just thinking, maybe nintendo should offer club Nintendo rewards to those with a wiiu who convince others to get the system so prople are actively trying to get more people on the system. And then make them ambassadors or something idk



FullbringIchigo said:

we [the consumer] can be patient but the question is can the developers and publishers because if they can't wait and give up on the WiiU then the system will die, and none of us want that



Dyltheman said:

see the problem is the 360/PS3 have been going on for too long! but i know the wii u will do fine. once the other 2 systems come out they'll be in the same spot the wii u is in now. i have a lot of faith in the wii u. nintendo made a wise decision releasing the system a year early. they thought it would be a good idea to let the wii u mix in with the 2 current gen systems. this is failing because devs need time to get used to new hardware. the end of the year is to be good for wii u games both 1st and 3rd party.



drunkenmaster76 said:

so called nintendo fans moaning like a bunch of girls about wii u, i think you should all just give it time and stop whining and hating on nintendo and when ps4/nextbox sell less than wii u that gives me the right to call you all b***hes.



SpaceApe said:

Games. It is all about what games you have on your console. Right now the Wii U suffers from the lack of good games that make you want to go out and buy a Wii U. Personally I love the Wii U but it is so disappointing with the selection of games they are offering right now.



Sun said:

@Towels 200% is double because it is x200/100.
For example 200% of 50 is 100 because 50x200=10000 / 100 = 100

So 125% of 100 is 125 which is the same as +25% or 25 more.



BakaKnight said:

I almost feel bad for Miyamoto for having to repeat the same stuffs over and over...
As he pointed out (again) people just need to patience, as so it was with the DS and the 3DS more recently.

ACK! At december I bought a 3DS XL and was feeling really bad, I already had a normal 3DS and now an XL... why? Why having it, for playing what games? I was afraid I wasted my money!
NOW I'm overloaded @o@
This year both my 3DS are "working" constantly and will end to fuse for how much I will need them in the next months XD

I'm sure the same will be for the WiiU, just be patience people, the situation will change, just... just it will change in few months, asking daily about the WiiU won't make the change happen suddenly like a magic ^_^;



Jack_Package said:


If your gas bill was €100, and it went up by 125%, it would not be €125

That would be a 25% increase. A 125% increase makes it €225.



mastersworddude said:

"It's not about the hardware, it's about the games."
"Where are the games?"
"Look, we have two screens now!"



Tony_342 said:

"People need to be patient with Wii U." People need to be patient with Nintendo, period. I feel like all Nintendo fans should know this by now. Nintendo is not a company that works quickly. It has always been feast or famine for Nintendo fans. It's the moments of feast (a bunch of excellent games coming out within a short period) that makes the long periods of famine worth enduring. Unfortunately, people seem to have very, very little patience these days (and even shorter attention spans). Sure, it would be nice if Nintendo could somehow speed things up (buying / creating more development studios, securing more third-party support, etc.), but I doubt that's going to happen anytime soon (at least not to the point where it makes a significant difference). When you buy a Nintendo system at (or near) launch, you're not just buying it for the games that are out right now. You're making an investment for the future. An investment towards all the fantastic games Nintendo currently has (or will have) in development.

Also, "Pikmin 3 is Nintendo's next first party release..." I would be willing to bet that Game & Wario will come out before Pikmin 3, seeing as how the game is actually finished (it's out in Japan). I just get this feeling that Pikmin 3 isn't as close to being finished as people think, unfortunately. I hope I'm wrong about that.



I-U said:

Nintendo is cursed with their own success. With the DS, 3DS and Wii U all focusing on the dual screen concept, I feel like Nintendo is being less original in their direction unlike the previous generation where we had a focus on touch/two screen gaming (DS) and motion gaming (Wii). Combining the best of both worlds isn't a pro here, as this is already represented by a fan owning a DS and Wii. The Wii U desperately needs core first party software.



advance_melee said:

What is up with you people? What ever happened to patience? I don't get it... I am completely happy with my Wii U right now just like I am with my 3DS. I may only have Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U but they kept me happy for quite some time. I have so many digital games that I been hooked on — VC/Ware. I feel as we have reached video game bliss.. We now have a system that controls our televisions, steams videos, browses the web, online communities, views streets around the world, has video chat, touch screen controller, has online shops to tons of AMAZING retro titles and new indie titles and to top it all off we still have Nintendo making the games we want. Smash brothers, Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, and much more.

I feel we have everything in the palm of our hands now...why the hell are we complaining...quite confusing to me. I only use the Wii U and 3DS and i still feel like im constantly busy with a new game to play.... What is wrong you people?



Le_Gazman said:

My big frustration with all this be patient, it was the same with the DS/3DS patter is that Nintendo obviously aren't learning from their mistakes.

There's no point releasing a system early to steal a march on the competition if the games aren't ready.

We'll have Bob Geldoff starting a charity single with lots of Wii U's covered in flies, singing let them know its Metroid time any minute now...

Just hurry up and get some games out, Nintendo. I paid £330 for a console which the best game I've played on is a 20 year old NES port.

No wonder we're bloody angry, you ripped us off! Stop rehashing old games and give us new stuff on our new console and maybe we'll stop complaining and start playing!



NintyMan said:

Patience is really the only real answer here. There's little need to go into a lot of detail. Come this fall, there will be enough for the gamers to play that they'll have less time to bemoan about something until next time.



Intrepid said:


You have the best respones I've read here. I agree that people need patience. A lot of younger/new Nintendo fans come from a world of instant gratification, and their minds cannot process/fathom the thought that they need to wait for things. For those of us who grew up with the Nintendo of old, patience (and tight lips) were the order of the day, but those new/younger fans are not used to it.

I am always aware, when I buy a new system, that there won't be any games for it for quite awhile. That is because I know that every Nintendo franchise I love eventually will get its game. I know my purchase is for the future, and the wait doesn't mean anything to me. I am the most patient person I know, and it confuses me that people returned their 3DSs months after launch becase there were no games. If they had even one brain cell, they would know that it goes without saying that they will be there before long. In fact, I still run into people that are holding out until the new zelda game is announced. Why hold out? Are you afraid it won't have a Zelda game at all?

So yeah, there seems to be a divide between understanding how Nintendo works as a company. It isn't about the system or games as much as it is that Nintendo works differently. Maybe we shouldn't try to tell people to be patient as much as we should get them to understand Nintendo.



Royalblues said:

I'm so patient, I haven't even bought it yet!
But I will, when MK8 and SSB4 come out.
Hopefully the third party developers will have stepped their games up by then.



sagen said:

@KenB It's not about people like us who know what the Wii U is and what it can really do. It's about all the other people: the ones that already have a Wii, but are not educated when it comes to the Wii U and therefore think it to be a simple upgrade not worthy of buying. Once (or should I say if) those people realize the true potential of the Wii U, sales will be sure to escalate.



Ricube said:

@Shiryu You've got the point with "everything right now". So right. I still believe in Nintendo and that they are going to impress us.



Doma said:

@Tony_342 "When you buy a Nintendo system, you're not buying it for the games that are out right now..."

What the hell?...that's exactly what you should be doing, smh. Most people would disagree, as you can tell from the sales numbers so far.



Mahe said:

How about "Nintendo needs to become less familiar with the Gamepad"? They need to dump the junk already and get back to the Wiimote.



gavn64 said:

@opeter nice your a classy gent arent ye. It amazes me how many people on here know more about the games industry than myamoto, a real bunch of einstein's idiot's.



Jewelarchon said:

@Sun You're mistaken about you assessment of 125% increases...if you were selling 100 units per week, an increase of 125% means this week you've sold 225 units, not 125 units which a mere 25% increase would indicate.



rjejr said:

Sun is an obvious troll, nobody is that stupid, stop trying to fix his math, he knows hes wrong, he is laughing at you all.

@edcomics - well said

@Arcana16 -the differnce with the WiiU is competition. The 3DS has the poorly selling Vita, thats it. The WiiU has PS3 and Xbox360 and PS4 and whatever MS comes up with. The clock is ticking.



MAB said:

I see it's that time of the month again for some of the NL users



Krshna28 said:

I plan to buy a Wii U regardless of what people say.

I need my fix of Nintendo and the World cannot live without The Legend Of Zelda!!!



Sir_Deadly said:

I only have 5 games right now but thats only because of money issues. Plenty of games already out i wanna get for my wii u! Be patient for newer games that havent started devlopment to be on wii u. Oh and exclusives will boost the sales too!



Sun said:

@rjejr Thanks for calling me a troll. I wish my clever comments got this much attention. @Le_Gazman don't be worried about society because nobody is perfect (although maybe you are).

I understand what 25% means, it is 25 of 100 so +25% means 25 more than 100 = 125. But as far as I know 100% is the maximum possible so when you say 125% you are meaning the total plus 25% more.

If I am wrong can somebody explain why and please stop insulting people for not being as wonderfully perfect as yourselves.

I am not the kind of person who makes fun of people or waste time trolling on the Internet. I just like videogames and spend more time playing than posting.

@Everybody I am using the calculator right now, 125% of 100 is 125. Can you try it on the calculator too? Press 100 * 125 %

To see that it works calculate 25% of 200 which should be 50. Press 200 * 25 % and you get 50.




He's right. People need to be patient. We all know Miyamoto's philosophy on games, and that's that a rushed game is forever bad. I'd rather them take the time to ensure the Nintendo quality standards. And other than that, third-party games have finally started coming out now. It's not like the other consoles won't run into these same problems as well, ya know.



Blaze said:

This is hilarious. Some of you Ninty fanboys would be overjoyed if Nintendo crushed your house and stole every item in your possession due to your blindness. Especially @drunkenmaster. You can be a Nintendo fan without praising every move they make, and as every company does at some point, Nintendo has made a bad mistake here. It's better to acknowledge that than buy every single one of the lame ports/games being produced by third parties, claiming the Wii U somehow has amazing games and support, and you can't possibly understand why nobody would want to buy a £300 console for half-baked ports available on other consoles for a quarter of the price.



arrmixer said:

Well said though I don't have a 3ds honestly I don't have time to play the games anyway I just finish playing runner 2 and looking forward to another title coming out this summer if not ill get Lego city. ... In other words relax everybody games soon come..



MAB said:

The real issue is that no matter how angry you all get over games you will eventually buy them anyway and if they're rushed/buggy pieces of poop more complaining will spew forth about how they should have held them back to make sure the quality was up to scratch. Look at how Aliens CM turned out. Do you want 100 of those or 10 must haves with good reviews to look forward to I know what I would rather.



SCAR said:

Yo, it's an INCREASE of 125%, not just 125% of the original variable. That means 125% plus 100%, NOT 125% of 100%.
Even going to get the calculator in the first place is where you messed up. It's not that hard, it's literally like adding 1 + 1.25 = 2.25.
If something increases, it has no dividing involved, unless you want to simplify the equation, but that's usually only needed to make more room for compactness.
There were already some that explained it, but I'd figure I'd try to explain, too.

No wonder some think Nintendo is doing so bad; thinking up is down, and down is up, or you're dividing 1 by 1 and getting 2.



Will-75 said:

I've had the Wii U since launch and still think it's an AWESOME system and I know there are some AMAZING titles on the way in the very near future. There really is nothing else like it ! AWESOME CONSOLE NINTENDO..



Sun said:

@SCAR392 Thanks for explaining but I didn't say Nintendo is doing so bad and I don't think up is down and down is up. I don't understand why people are so rude on here. I did not divide nothing on the calculator either. I only used the percentage key:
100 * 125 % = 125.
To see that it works calculate 25% of 200 which should be 50. Press 200 * 25 % and you get 50.



Jack_Package said:


The calculator is correct, but your formula is not. You are not accounting for the original whole number

100 x 125% + 100 = (100+125%)

Imagine sales have gone up by 25%. If you multiple 100 by 25%, you would get 25.

If sales were 100, and they have gone up by 25%, the answer cannot be 25



Supereor said:

The new generation expects a new game every year, because they ask their parents to get CoD and AC for them to play, both of which release every year. The last generation knows that quality doesn't release every year, but the new generation is used to it.



SCAR said:

Sorry, not trying to be rude. It just gets annoying when people are trying to negative and they don't even know what they're saying.
A 25% increase isn't that great, but 125% is.
Like Towels said, your formula was where the mistake was made.



Spleetal said:

I know my friend came over yesterday and he saw the graphics,impressed by that, saw how much fun Lego city was, and then when I was playing need for speed and switched it to gamepad only, he was in shock. He didn't even know it had off tv play, every time he comes over he's more and more impressed by it, but he wants a ps4 first because he's always been more Sony, when the new Zelda comes out that's when I'd assume he'll get it



softserve said:

I think the system needs time and better games and I get Miyamoto's point... But there's a notable difference. Touch screen devices were not commonplace when the DS came out... but I think more important that that was people getting used to the concept of a touch screen, was people getting used to the concept of having TWO screens. That's the more notable unique thing about the DS.

I'm not sure what that issue is with the Wii U Gamepad. Everyone uses touch screens all of the time now. Saying people need time to get used to this is like saying they still need time to get used to the iPad. Other companies have already figured that out for Nintendo in this case, people "get" it.

They've just not been seeing enough new games as of late to bother. I am not sure why people need to be patient after spending $200+ on something. I can't judge a system on what it might have in totality 5 years from now. The Wii U needs help here. Maybe it'll turn out like the PSP and DS, which really came into their own — but until that happens it's still a risk.



retro_player_22 said:

"Consumers need to become more familiar with the GamePad"

Nintendo seriously needs to start selling the GamePad standalone. My GamePad is now starting to show signs of ware and tears.



FritzFrapp said:

Sun, don't get upset. It's an easy mistake to make if you're not properly versed in the terms involved ('increase' and 'of') and the explanations have obviously not helped you.
You need to understand what is being required: that is, an INCREASE of 125% and not simply finding 125% OF the original number. Here are the differences explained:
Let's take a number – 40.
100% OF a number results in that same number, yes? It means you have got all of that original number. In this case, 40. (Here's the working: 40 x 100/100. Cancel out the 100s to give 40 x 1/1, or simply 40). Following so far?
However, an INCREASE of 100% would mean STARTING with our original number 40 and adding 100% of that original number 40 (that is, 40) onto it. Essentially, you're just doubling the original 40, or adding it to itself. Resulting in 80. OK?
INCREASING by 125% would require adding an extra 25% of the original number (40) on top of that, resulting in 90 here [40 + (40x100/100) + (40x25/100) = 40 + 40 +10 = 90].
So you see that finding 125% OF a number is another way of saying the original number has INCREASED past beyond its whole (100%) by 25% (let's use our number again: 40 x 125% = 40 X 125/100 = 50).
It's all in those two keyword terms OF and INCREASE: OF means multiply (with percentages we're multiplying by figures out of 100) and INCREASE means an addition is required.
Hope that clears it up for you.



Senate_Guard said:

E3 will surely give Wii U owners a beacon of hope at the end of this painfully long waiting period. Smash Bros. 4, Mario U, Mario Kart, and who knows what other things are in store that the big N has been keeping secret. (Its what they're best at )



Capt_N said:

I just want to see the games. I want to like the WU, & I'll more than likely get one eventually, However, due to finances, I can't get more than a single console per every good few years. W/ this in mind, it'd be a sort of gamble to purchase WU for more than just a few Nintendo games that I know will be out for the system eventually, & even more so for the Nintendo-owned games/franchises/ips, that Nintendo themselves generally ignores.

There's going to be a new Mario(3d, or 2d, but there will be one), Mario Kart,, maybe Metroid, & definitely a new Zelda. Those, are a given. But they will take time.

Not necessarily obscure, but less attention-given-to series, such as Star Fox(remakes are hard to count as new), F-Zero, etc.; Nintendo's own ips, that while I am not too heartbroken about not seeing much of, like some, I do like seeing them, & that I am more of a Mario/Metroid/Zelda/Smash/Kirby guy, but I'm primarily pointing out that these games, generally called 2cd-tier, may not come out at all.

As for 3rd party titles, exclusivity might be ok for devs under certain conditions, so a lot of games will go multi-p(yes, I abbreveated). Discerning gamers, most anyway, might go for the particular version of a title that has something substantial over the other versions.

All in all, I am probably going to get a WU eventually, but I want the most for my money. Console launches are like this. I got a Wii in early 2007; aside from a few VC games, up until my birthday that summer, I had only Wii Sports to play. Now it's years later, & I have a small library(less than 5-6 games), & there's a few more that I want to play, maybe perhaps own. I have a lot of VC, & some WW(Wiiware) games, too.

I can be patient, as I'm used to this kind of slow trickle of games from Nintendo thing, as I have always been a Nintendo fan, & console owner. But, I'm the kind of fanboy that will call them out on things I think they need to be called out on, such as not coming to their own console's launch prepared, or at least prepared w/ a back-up plan. The console's abilities alone, while somewhat impressive, are not enough for some ppl, to purchase the system. Not to mention, Nintendo needs to realize as @Supereor: , & others have said, that there is a portion of their audience wanting a homerun kind of a game quite more than just often.

I just want more than only literally a game, or 2 in the span of a year. However, I can overlook this, but a little, since it is after the launch window/the first January-December year of the console's existence. That, & I can't easily just go out, & buy game, after game. That's ridiculous! Still, I can understand some ppl's mindset of "wanting a few games of significant interest". But, that just gives me more time to save, for when the stuff I really want graces the console.



DePapier said:

@astroshamu Exactly. No later than yesterday I played Most Wanted U on the GamePad with my WiiWheel, while my brother and a friend of his were watching TV. The day before I invited a few friends and we had a blast on Nintendo Land, NSMBU, and they were in shock seing Need For Speed on the Wii U. My 350 bucks have always been worth it.



Gameday said:

Is it me or does nintendo always go through this ordeal ? There's never enough games or planning... Seems like its just rush and roulette. What they expect when they try to do too much with so little if that makes sense.



DarkKirby said:

Nobody is doubting the GamePad. The Wii U has no good exclusive games on it to justify the purchase. No more Mario Bros. clones please.

Right now the thing I use my Wii U the most for is watching youtube videos on my TV.



LoneWolfSones said:

When more first party games reach the system there will be more reason for people to purchase the system and when more people invest in WiiU so too will 3rd party Devs.



Tony_342 said:

I only just now read Doma's reply to my comment, so let me say this: You took that sentence from my comment completely out of context. It's hard for me to believe that you could be so confused by the point I was making.

"What the hell?"..."SMH (shaking my head)."

All I said was that when you buy a new system, you're making an investment towards the future, you're not JUST buying it for games that are out right now, but for all the games that will be out in the future. I don't see why that's so confusing. I thought the point I was trying to make was pretty obvious given the overall context of my comment.

Also, "That's exactly what you should be doing." Really? So, we should all buy a system just for the games that are out right now and never buy any games for it ever again? Interesting...



MarioFan1985 said:

I agree with Miyamoto-San 100%. I know that the Wii U didn't have an impressive game library from the outset, but it could be something good for the Wii U as it could have (and will in the near future) some very good titles for it.

Plus, I think that this is the problem I have with modern gamers. They're looking for "instant gratification" when it comes to consoles. It has to have these kind of graphics, those kind of features, these kind of games and so on in order for it to sell good or it's garbage.

I have news for those anti-nintendo people. The launch news of both the Playstation 4 and the X-Box one isn't looking good either.

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