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Rumour: SpeedX 3D Sequel Driving Its Way to 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Going into hyper speed

While we wouldn't say there's been a full-on invasion, we've seen some successful and — in various cases — high quality smartphone games making their way to the 3DS eShop. The trend is arguably a flattering one for Nintendo's platform, as some of the stronger iOS and Android titles out there are brought to the handheld with physical controls, while showing that more small developers are seeing the eShop as a viable store to find additional success.

One high quality example of a smartphone download worth considering on 3DS is SpeedX 3D, a futuristic tunnel racer ported by Gamelion Studios; it's certainly improved by the physical steering offered by the Circle Pad. We rated that release highly, and now French website is claiming that Gamelion is preparing a sequel for the 3DS eShop — the translated title is apparently 3D Hyper SpeedX Edition; no further details were given, with no official word as yet.

We'd still throw a few grains of salt at this one until there's official news, but a sequel continuing the brand with "Hyper" in the name isn't beyond the realms of possibility. So, how many of you have enjoyed SpeedX 3D, and would you like to see a sequel?


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RupeeClock said:

I downloaded SpeedX 3D after Nintendo Life's favourable review and was severely disappointed, even though the game was fast it utterly failed to convey that rush, that sensation of speed, that thrill.
You just casually glided by some obstacles whilst listening to the one and only song in the whole game, whilst said obstacles don't even make a noise when you pass by them, the experience hardly even registers with you as there is little feedback at all; aside from crashing.

So frankly I am completely disinterested if they are bringing more of this to the 3DS eShop, I ain't buying.



ToxieDogg said:

Not really sure what you guys where expecting from a game that cost less than 4$/£3? I really enjoyed the first one for what it was, and I'll probably download the sequel too if it's around the same price.



daggdroppen said:

it is probably the worst game i have bought on the eshop. i have around 40 titles. so it would be better if they did a free DLC so the game would at least be a little fun ^^

make it more like N2O on the PS1. then i would be happy



Windy said:

No online multiplayer and no buy for me this time around. I have the First one. I liked it and it was a good single player experience. This is a perfect candidate for online multiplayer play. Let's up it this time guys, with online multiplayer play like ATV Wild Ride. Don't try to get this local wifi multiplayer garbage by us. By the way I don't know if anyone has told you guys this but Streetpass and local wifi suck.



Geonjaha said:

And here the trend continues - more sequels to eShop games that will probably end up being remarkably similar to the originals. cough Crashmo, Picross e2, FreakyForms, Dillon's Rolling Western, Pokedex 3D, Denpa Men cough. Wow that cough's getting quite breath-taking. Like all of the sequels to the above games, no, I wont be getting it.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I liked it, but both the music and the gameplay become repetitive very fast. If they can, they should implement a playlist feature to use MP3's from the SD Card - that alone would increase the fun immediately!



Dpullam said:

I haven't played any of the SpeedX series yet since I already have plenty of racing games.



KnightRider666 said:

@RupeeClock: I agree. It was a total let down in my opinion as well. I thought there would be a way to speed up, but you just move left or right avoiding obstacles. I was hoping it would be more like N2O on the PSX. Now that was an awesome tunnel runner game!



XFsWorld said:

@Windy I can't see SpeedX 3D having online or local multiplayer. Online leaderboards would be a nice fit though.



EaZy_T said:

I like SpeedX.
I do wish it had better/more music options (I really like Kaze_Memaryu's idea of using your own music ) and a deeper draw distance (or a way to hide how short it is), it's just not far enough most of the time.



C-Olimar said:

@Geonjaha Freakyforms Deluxe wasn't a sequel. Fallblox was VERY different to Pullblox. What the heck did you expect them to do with Pokedex 3D???



ToxieDogg said:

@RupeeClock I've got Gunman Clive and enjoyed it (for the price), but a game that I completed in 40 mins and can barely be bothered to touch again vs a game that I still dip in and out of thanks to the Endless/Survival modes and the challenging later stages? Nah, I personally don't think so but I know I'm in a minority. They're two completely different games comparing apples and oranges really.



Windy said:

@Geonjaha I didn't know the DenpaMen had a sequel yet? Its not out yet. The DenpaMen sequel is going to be a lot different than the first game. Pretty much a full fledged RPG compared to the first game with a huge world map to explore



Midnight3DS said:

If anything, I'd love too see some of the excellent boardgame adaptations on ios, Ipad,etc.. come over to 3DS. Dual screen is perfect for that. Games like Small World, (Settlers of) Catan, Ticket to Ride, Dominion...



Tamalesyatole said:

I hope they fix the issue where the space-y background looks closer that the far end of the track. And what when going at the maximum speed, the squares of the track are synchronized, so they look stationary...



DePapier said:

Wow, wow, wow, wow... Naysayers hold it right there.

Did I just read some folks saying it didn't convey the thrill of speed? Or have most around here never finished all the tracks and have never played the game in Insane mode?? Because this game is the very reason why F-Zero has to appear on the 3DS.



DePapier said:

@ErnisDy You can't imagine the number of times I've been rushing in this game in the Métro, bus and other means of transportation. This game has provided me some serious bliss, for how much again? 2 euros?



DePapier said:

@Kaze_Memaryu How about just playing with music in your ears, from your iPhone, iPod or anything? I mean, that's just the way I did and probably one the reasons why I enjoyed the game so much.



Geonjaha said:

@C-Olimar, @Windy - I expected them to not release a game very similar to the first in order to try and get (more) money out of people who bought the first one which could have easily been sold as affordable DLC. Sequels to any game like that are just disgraceful.

Freakyforms Deluxe had a tiny amount of additions and barely qualified as a retail release. Pullbox had a new mechanic - that wasn't really enough to justify a sequel (imo) - It reused the same graphics and sharing system - it could have simply been DLC at a more reasonable price instead of trying to get people to buy the new game. Picross e2 was exactly like the previous game and Dillons Rolling Western 2 failed to even update the awkward control scheme.

So far the Denpa Men sequel is the only one looking like a justifiable sequel that seems like it actually had some more effort put into it - but I probably wont be buying that either because the problem I had with the first game was the horrible enemy balancing - not that it didn't have enough features.

I'm not saying these games are bad - in most cases they're simply equally as good as their predecessor, I just don't agree with the practice and as such wont be buying any of them myself. I'll be the first to admit I was wrong if this SpeedX 3D sequel turns out to be a significant improvement on the original.



DePapier said:

I hope thought that they'll take this opportunity to improve even more the visuals. The 3D was perfect, but the game could used some more polish nonetheless on the 3DS.
I'm all for online leaderboards to be able to compare my Insane times with the entire world. And Streetpass to see if somebody in the street has actually made a better score than me. But I don't see how this game could include some multiplayer. It's a single-player experience and that's what makes it formula so enjoyable.



C-Olimar said:

@Geonjaha "Affordable DLC"
Just as a note on that point, I would have bought Rolling Western stages for the equvalent of $1 each. So with 10 new towns in Last Ranger, I would have spent $10 on DLC - same price as the new game!

I think the retail release of Freakyforms was mainly for Europe, since our 3DS online connection rate is small. I think NoA just picked it up because it was a cheap way to add to the 3DS' library.

I love the Rolling Western control scheme! xD

Picross e2 was just lazy.

The first Denpa Men got boring for me.



C-Olimar said:

In terms of Fallblox, there's nothing wrong with reusing assets - look at Majora's Mask. In my opinion a massive alteration in gameplay mechanics justifies a new game release.



Windy said:

@Geonjaha oh I agree with you 100 percent. Its a big bummer when a sequel comes out and barely any changes were made. A lot companies like to re-skin a game then call it a sequel. My guess on SpeedX is that your probably right they will more than likely just add some new levels and that will be justification to call it a sequel. NOT! I hope me and you are wrong but it seems to be commonplace these days. Sorry about the confusion



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I tried it, but it's awkward to me to have plugs in while playing.
Also, those were suggestions for the sequel, which I expect to have sound effects. And I need to hear them to play well.

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