Speed X 3 D Banner

While we wouldn't say there's been a full-on invasion, we've seen some successful and — in various cases — high quality smartphone games making their way to the 3DS eShop. The trend is arguably a flattering one for Nintendo's platform, as some of the stronger iOS and Android titles out there are brought to the handheld with physical controls, while showing that more small developers are seeing the eShop as a viable store to find additional success.

One high quality example of a smartphone download worth considering on 3DS is SpeedX 3D, a futuristic tunnel racer ported by Gamelion Studios; it's certainly improved by the physical steering offered by the Circle Pad. We rated that release highly, and now French website pockett.net is claiming that Gamelion is preparing a sequel for the 3DS eShop — the translated title is apparently 3D Hyper SpeedX Edition; no further details were given, with no official word as yet.

We'd still throw a few grains of salt at this one until there's official news, but a sequel continuing the brand with "Hyper" in the name isn't beyond the realms of possibility. So, how many of you have enjoyed SpeedX 3D, and would you like to see a sequel?

[source gonintendo.com, via pockett.net]