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Reggie: Pace Of Wii U Software Launches Is "Slower Than Hoped"

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo of America boss says E3 will bring new software

Let's face facts — the Wii U's software line-up so far hasn't been as robust as many would have hoped. While the console has hosted some amazing titles since its launch last year, the release schedule has dried up in recent months — thanks to delays and cancellations, as well as general apathy from some third party publishers.

Nintendo is clearly aware of this. Speaking to, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime had this to say:

What I would say about Wii U - and what Mr. Iwata has said - is that the pace of launches has been slower than we hoped. But as we prepare for E3, the pace of launches for Wii U is going to dramatically increase.

It's a given that Nintendo will have some new Wii U titles to show at E3, but can any of them be expected this side of Christmas? The problem is that the Wii U's software schedule for 2013 is looking particularly barren, and it needs some big games to compete with the forthcoming PS4 and Next Box. Hopefully Nintendo — or some of its third party partners — has something lined up for later in the year.


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erv said:

Hm, during the wii days, there was a slow start, but from the day red steel 2 hit and onwards, there were too many releases for my wallet and time.

Are people really concerned about NOT being flooded with software? I mean, that is just not necessary, there's already quite a lot to be playing...?



Peach64 said:

I think they'll make sure Mario Kart is out this year. Maybe they wouldn't have planned for it to come in the first year, but it's the only game they can really rush. If they put out a Mario Kart bundle with a small price drop, they can almost treat the launch of that bundle as a Wii U relaunch. Advertise everywhere that people can bring home a Wii U, New Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD on 'day 1'



Zyph said:

The Wii U Direct last January gave us hope for more titles down the line. I'm sure we'll hear something again in the coming months. Like the 3DS, I'm sure Nintendo themselves won't neglect their own console.



TwilightV said:

Yeah, I still have a few games to get on the system. Add to that an ongoing list of downloadable titles and the various titles for 3DS, and i'm perfectly fine with waiting a bit longer.



Beppeoioi said:

A terrible doubt is taking me ...
It is not that the syndrome that Ubisoft has delayed the release of Rayman, is affecting Nintendo?
I strongly suspect that all these delays, this lack of software, is nothing more than a ploy to get to the launch of the ps4 and the new xbox with more weapons to counter the competitors.
The suspicion is that to the release of the ps4 there will be an invasion of games for WiiU unprecedented.
I keep wondering: why did I spend 350 € to purchase the WiiU in November 2012, they could not postpone the release of the WiiU?



tloc365 said:

While there is nothing much coming in the next couple of months from August on we have Pikmin, Rayman, Watch Dogs, Batman Origins, AC4 all confirmed and possibly W101.
That's just announced games I am sure there will be some more announcements at E3 and the likes of COD is pretty much guaranteed. Second half of the year will be amazing.



DreamOn said:

Reggie sums it up. No real need to say much more about things than that. He's waiting for the games to come too.

Luckily I got 2 things in addition to my Wii U: loads of patience for new software I know is coming from N, and a 3DS once in the Wii Us shoes but no longer



Stonecutters908 said:

I'm sick of Nintendo acting like this was out of their hands when the reality is that this is monumentally bad planning. They could have had more games ready but they chose to put resources elsewhere. Lets stop acting like this is some sort of cosmic problem when it is really all the fault of Nintendo brass.



GiftedGimp said:

You've just got to look on how well the 3ds didn't do at first to know Nintendo have got a strategy ready to go to turn the WiiU's fortunes around.
E3 will be when the turn-around strategy will begin. They are saving big announcments for WiiU till then so they don't get buried by the buzz of kinectbox/ps4 annoucments.



Adhrast said:

We just need to ne patient.
I think Reggie is concerned, sorry too. I can imagine that he really wanted the Wii U to take off.
But we already have a LOT coming on, and I'm sure the E3 will bring even more staff



SilentHunter382 said:

I just want to see some new exclusive IPs from the big N (and F-Zero ) if they want me to play my dusty wii u.



Suportedcofe said:

I'm not worried about the Wii U and I never was. Every console has a drought period and Wii U's is ending fairly quickly. It's in the same position the 3ds was in and look at that thing now.



XCWarrior said:

Wii U is fine. You should all be playing Monster Hunter 3-4 hours a night. The game has 100s of hours of content to keep you busy for months. E3 and a upcoming Nintendo Direct will ease your Wii U worries. Much like the 3DS, all the problems of lacking software will be solved with time.



NintyMan said:

He basically confirmed that Wii U will be a big focus at E3, which would be a smart decision and would certainly give the console a boost. Launches are rarely a runaway success anyway, and the Wii U will ultimately be similar to how the 3DS fared.



datamonkey said:

While I'm sure that Wii U will be home to some great games, I really wish I had waited to pick it up now. I think about this time next year things will look better but right now it's a bit of a joke imo and Iwata asking people to be patient is ridiculous!



ULTRA-64 said:

I knew from day one there was gonna be a problem with games for the Wii was released on the same day as farcry3 and made me think....if Nintendo were taking this seriously that game would be a Wii u launch title, no question about it, equality with other software line ups on this generation is a must!!! No tendo could buy out/subsidise developers if they eanted, but don't, if we don't get dlc from console selling franchises they aren't bothered!! Where's their pressure in the media calling for support? If we are not getting support of Nintendo over releases then who will help?



-KwB- said:

@erv Totally with you there ! I just still haven't played all the games on 3ds and wii u .. I'm glad there's a dry streak for Wii U as we are able to finish other Wii U games and 3DS games



Hardy83 said:

Wii. Yeah the line up is slow, we learned our lesson.

3DS. Yeah the line up is slow, we learned our lesson.

Wii U. Yeah the line up is slow, we learned our lesson.



TomJ said:

I believe him, with Pikmin 3 coming out and EarthBound on VC, Wii U sales and game sales should skyrocket.



valcoholic said:

The main problem is, that the momentum of a console's launch has passed already. Many possible buyers already lost their interest and even if Nintendo would now announce 10 AAA Games being released exclusively for the WiiU, that wouldn't nearly help as much as it would have during the first months. I wouldn't say that they can't do anything about the WiiU, but now they'll be facing a much harder time getting the console on track as they would have if they would've been better prepared for the launch.
And seriously? I think it's a shame that the console-manufacturer with the most experience in the gaming industry fails that bad when it comes to launching a milestone-product. I really wish they know what they're doing and I really hope that E3 will bring the revelation, Nintendo always keeps promising. If E3s not dropping a huge bomb, then the WiiU's lifecycle may not reach as many years as their predecessors. The reason why this is starting to make me angry is, that the WiiU is a freaking great concept and piece of hardware and it's just such a shame that it doesn't get as much attention as it would've deserved as there would be so damn much possible with that system but without an audience that's at least 10 times bigger than it is now, developers will keep holding back their ideas from being transfered into creative games. and now and then, you can already see such games popping out on the system. And that even makes me more sad as you always get teased by so many things on the WiiU but barely see anything, that's beyond teasing. Always announcements of stuff that's gonna happen later this year, at E3 or that could be possible. Sorry mates, I'm just kinda disappointed in this whole thing and in the fact, that for the last months it was always like 'Nintendo's not doing too much marketing ...because [insert any strange reason here]' and we kept believing that stuff. Because it just had to be like that. They just had to have a reason for doing what they did. And now, somehow they didn't? I just don't get it. But ok, about 6 weeks or so until E3. That may become the most thrilling E3 in ages ...



Kohaku said:

Mario Kart can help to boost the sales but the problem is that when games Like MK will be released it's also the time that the new consoles will be released.

Maybe Nintendo needs someone who can do some planning. We have also someone at the office for planning, it works great.



Einherjar said:

I hope that its not just an empty phrase. Ill give nintendo the benefiot of the doubt, and that the console simply was released way too early like the 3DS.
The 3DS simply "exploded" one day with awesome releases left and right and i really hope that exactly that happens to the WiiU in the near future.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

It will get better. I know plenty of people who are gonna get a Wii U once games like Pikmin 3, EarthBound, Wind Waker HD, and Smash Bros. 4 release.



Peach64 said:

You're crazy if you think many are going to buy a Wii U because of Earthbound. It was a flop when it was a new game, and now it's 20 years old. Earthbound is a thank you to fans, not a system seller. A small number of hardcore fans might be swayed by it, but you won't notice any sales bump for an emulated SNES game.



valcoholic said:

@Peach64 Word. Pikmin and Zelda WW HD aren't real system sellers. I don't believe, Pikmin is such a popular brand as Mario & Zelda are, although I personally totally love it. But I don't think people would buy the system to play Pikmin. Smash Bros is the only huge system seller we know of at the moment. And yeah, if that's being released together with some other great titles, that could push the WiiU quite a bit. But I don't really get it how fans could expect the sales to 'skyrocket' just because of games like Earthbound. That's totally ridiculous. The fans that are so damn hardcore Nintendo-believers so they'd really buy a console to play Earthbound probably already own a WiiU, so this game is nothing more than a great gift for the fans, but nothing to take over world domination.



domdom87 said:

@erv Wii had a slow start? Are you serious? That machine couldn't keep up with its massive demand for like a whole year after launch.



Megajack said:

Yeah, the reason I haven't gotten a Wii U is because the lack of games. As many people here have already said, the 3DS was a bomb at first, but now its selling good. But I'm pretty sure the only reason it did start selling good, was from the HUGE price drop. ( And one of the reason's I'm not getting Wii U is because its $300-$350... plus tax... a lot of money, at least to me. :S ) Not saying Nintendo needs to drop the price on the Wii U, since most new consoles are around that price, but it would be pretty nice. :/



GraveLordXD said:

@domdom87 I'm pretty sure he was implying that the wii had a slow start from a software perspective, in which case it was a slow start



luminalace said:

Slower than we hoped? That's an understatement. Also the 1st party titles are still non existent and in the case of Pikmin 3, severely delayed.



Pachterkid said:

Things will pick up. We all know that the next 3D Mario is in the works, plus the next Mario Kart and Smash Bros. as well. Once these games are released systems will start selling. People forget that the 3DS had a terrible launch and was completely overpriced, but now that system is thriving and has an incredible software that can’t be matched. I’m not saying that the Wii U is necessarily overpriced, but the software will come eventually, just like it did for the 3DS. Sometimes things just take time. The PS3 had an awful first year but has since almost caught up to the 360 in terms of systems sold. The Wii U is never going to match the sales success of the Wii, but honestly, who cares as long as we all get the games that we want for the system?



rjejr said:

Why is there a picture of Reggie were Pachter is supposed to be?

And why is everybody cool w/ Reggie saying this but everybody jumps all over Pachter calling him a know-nothing for saying the exact same thing?

No WiiU focused Nintendo Direct, it's all coming out at E3, now that Wario and Pikmin 3 are dated.

WiiU can still be saved this year, not by any single title, but by the collective, (and by PS4 and KinectBox being way overpriced )

June - Game and Wario
July - ? W101?
Aug - Pikmin 3
Sept - WW HD (so says TW)
Oct - ?Mario Kart 8? or ?Mario Galaxy?
Nov - ?Bayonetta 2?

and Yoshi's Yarn Planet will definitely be in there somewhere

For those of you thinking SSB, no, just no. The guys making that just finished Kid ICaus a year ago, you can't make SSB in 1 year. Plus they want to release it w/ a 3DS version like MHU, so that will need more time. Plus the Wii version was delayed not just once, from Dec 3. to Feb 10, but also again to Mar 9. And I'll never let Reggie forget it. (hence my obsession w/ the Pikmin 3 release date). SSBU holiday 2014 if we're lucky.



manu0 said:

Btw: the news post on Earthbound on this site has about 170 comments and the post on the new Zelda game has about much for the interest for Earthbound...



GraveLordXD said:

Imo the ps3 and xbox360 had a far worse launch. Ps3 was severely overpriced and had less games available than the wii u at that time and the 360 had nearly a 40% hardware failure rate and games that needed to be constantly patched
I rather Nintendo take their time and release quality software than rush the games out,we know they're coming



HeatBombastic said:

@rjejr Reggie says the pace of the launch was slow, something no one can deny. Pachter says the launch was horrible, Wii U is crappy, Iwata is a bad CEO, Wii U won't sell, Nintendo is stupid, and skype is a killer app.



SkywardLink98 said:

Ok, give the Wii U some big announcements at E3, just don't give us a repeat of 2012. The 3DS is still recovering from that lol.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

The Wii U will live on because it can compete well against the PS4 and NextBox cause the Wii U can also support graphics similar to PC as we've seen from games like Need For Speed, Deus Ex, and Watch_Dogs, people just need to learn the technology better.

Also 3rd parties need to learn that just because the Wii U has abilities such as Touch Screen and Gyro Controls doesn't mean they HAVE to use it.



shingi_70 said:


The Wii U launch was kind of horrible from the perspective of someone who owns an xbox 360. The only bright spots were ZombiU, nsmbu,nintendoland, and the eshop.

Its weird though seeing as the Wii U launch was pretty similar to the Xbox 360 launch line up.



JSuede said:

@valcoholic I know lots of people that aren't getting a Wii U until there are more games. Seeing Nintendo's franchises in HD for the first time is absolutely going to sell systems. The situation is almost exactly like the 3DS's and they have completely turned that ship around, there is absolutely no reason it can't happen again. They aren't going to tell us that they didn't market it because there weren't any games, why would they do that? Why pour all of this money into advertising a system that won't have a new release for a couple of months, and revenue from any ads wouldn't be seen until after the FY ended? It would just show up as money spent on the books, without anything in return.

To think that they won't bring it at E3 is absurd. We already have Mario and Mario Kart promised as playable (and Nintendo doesn't let people play things until they are very far along/soon to be out), and due to awkward translations, Smash will be a trailer not screenshots. The character he used in Japanese is used specifically for times when they say "Enjoy this trailer" and similar phrases. Not only that, they have been announcing a ton of 3DS stuff, most likely clearing space for E3 to be 90% Wii U with 3DS touched on to talk about how awesome it's doing. Retro's game was pulled from last year's conference which is why NintendoLand got so much time on stage. It will definitely be shown. Iwata also said in the January ND that they will be sharing information on "our third party publisher's efforts on Wii U." That explicitly rules out the crossover titles/collaborations, Bayonetta 2, and anything else published by Nintendo. It could mean Watch Dogs or Assassin's Creed, but that seems unlikely to me. Expect bombs....megatons.

Now, for my thoughts on his quote. His wording is pretty odd if you ask me. In the full interview, they had just got done talking about the 3DS and he stated that a lot of things will be released "over the next nine months." But, when talking about the Wii U, he says " But as we prepare for E3, the pace of launches for Wii U is going to dramatically increase."

He doesn't say "after E3..." or "later this year" or "by the holidays". He says "as we prepare for E3". If he meant after E3 or over the course of the year, I feel like he would have said it. It's either very poor wording on his part, or things are going to pick up.

And really though, if you look at it, what I'm suggesting isn't completely out there. RE: Revelations, Deus Ex, Fast & Furious, the VC, potentially W101 (possible German release of June 6, and NA would probably get it sooner/same time), some stellar eShop titles perhaps. Even without W101, that is quite a few games. For all we know there could be a surprise.

@MrWalkieTalkie Shameless plug; I suggest you read this pretty much talks about what you mentioned:



FullbringIchigo said:

the thing is i think are lot of people are forgetting the huge drought of games the PS3 and 360 had when they launched it took over a year for the 360 to get a good flurry of releases and it took the PS3 even longer

the WiiU will be fine especially when the big first party games like Zelda are released

still i love my WiiU every multi platform game i get now i get the WiiU version if there is one (if not then PS3)

it will all work out in the end and besides Nintendo have never played against Sony or Microsoft they have always been by them selves Sony and MS can argue till the cows come home and Nintendo will just sit on the fence watching them

besides Nintendo has a "charm" (there is no other word i can think of) that you just can't get anywhere else



Nintenjoe64 said:

Stop worrying so much about what the Wii U will and wont have. Firstly, the Wii had poop-all to buy in year one and most publishers wouldn't fully commit even when it was sold out for over a year. The best Wii game I bought before Metroid Prime was RE4 which I had completed on the gamecube.
The PS4 and Xbox will get some heavy launch sales but only as many as the Wii U (except Sony and MS will constrain supplies better than Nintendo to give it higher perceived demand). Once January comes and people start to realise that all they have is ports and some launch quality games, the playing field will be level again and the Nintendo console will be sitting on a very nice pile of content. In about 3 or 4 years time the only thing people will remember is that one of Sony and MS dealt a serious blow to the other and Nintendo carried on as they always have.



WebHead said:

Well, I am certain things will get better. But I do think Nintendo needs to be called out on it. The DS and 3DS were the same way. At the same time, Iwata said that wouldn't happen again. I love Nintendo, but I wonder about the thinking in how they allocate resources and the company's core competency sometimes.



AtomicToaster said:

Yeah people are complaining about the lack of wiiu games but I'm fairly sure they're saving that for e3. This was just so 3ds gets some limelight beforehand. That's my theory.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

This will all change come E3 i have faith in nintendo they have been around for a lonnnnng time and know what they are doing and know how to make and keep nintendo fans happy!



JFug said:

Why do people keep saying the software schedule for 2013 is barren? Quite the contrary, we have at least 2 to 3 games coming each month starting with Deus Ex and RE Revelations next month...



Dpullam said:

Thankfully this doesn't bother me since I will be waiting until WindWaker HD and the new Mario game get released before I get a Wii U.



element187 said:

@Stonecutters908, You apparently don't understand game development. When you look at the release schedule from launch day ownward. Nintendo planned to have at least 1 game per month. You cannot plan unforseen delays. .. Nintendo couldn't have possibly planned that Ubisoft would have delayed Rayman Legends..... Cheer up, the second half the year looks stuffed to the brim

Stonecutters908: "I'm sick of Nintendo acting like this was out of their hands when the reality is that this is monumentally bad planning. They could have had more games ready but they chose to put resources elsewhere. Lets stop acting like this is some sort of cosmic problem when it is really all the fault of Nintendo brass."



Knux said:

The only good thing I can say about the Wii U's launch is that it at least launched with a good Mario game...and that's it.



Ryno said:

With playing Xenoblade currently, I'm good for awhile. The improvement of the image on my HD TV over the Wii is worth the price of the Wii U to me.





I hear ya, I still got AC3, ME3, NSMBU, and walking dead to complete. And that's without even mentioning 3DS games and xenoblade chronicles.




I just have my fingers crossed for Destiny and GTA 5! That's all I really want to get announced because I already know whats coming from Nintendo in the next year they've already told us and I'm satisfied enough already with the games that are coming to Wii U in 2013 but again I will be MORE then satisfied if we get GTA 5 and Destiny!!

You know what would REALLY help out Nintendo though with the slow game launches?? Awesome Virtul Console releases!! They sould be working 24/7 on getting all those 500 classic games they had on the old Wii moved to the Wii U with TV off Gamepad support ofcouse. By the way I'm still waiting for ALL the Mortal Kombat games and U.N. Squadron to come out on there!

Plus adding in classic Gamecube games to the mix like Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2 or Metal Gear Solid Acid or Resident Evil 1, 2 & 3 and let's not forget the forgotten gems from the old Wii like Zack and Wiki or Madworld! DREAMCAST TOO!!

That would be so freaking EPIC add in achievement support also and I have no freakin complaints at all in terms of software.



BetweenTheTrees said:


I agree. I think this lack of titles, third party and first is just a ploy so that when the ps4 and next box come out they can have an army of games march forth.
it makes sense. i would do the same thing.



BetweenTheTrees said:

i think there is a lot more to the wii u that we don't know. we will see it's true potential this winter and after.



biglittlejake said:

I have never figured out why they never have good games at launch. We are now almost 6 months since it launched. The 3DS was slow but LOZ OOT came out 2-3 months after the 3DS came out. 3DS had a better start, WII U has Mario and Nintendoland. There is not a good game coming out till August with Pikmin, I might get Rayman in Sept. Otherwise I will be waiting till Wind Waker at the end of the year. Growing up my brother had a NES, SNES, I had a 64, GC and WII. To me it seems Nintendo is getting to proud, they expect people to get the WII U just because it's Nintendo. Mario Kart and Brawl wont be out for a year or so. I just hope we get more 1st part games soon, not next year or the next but this year. The lack of game might have people buy PS4 or Nextbox. I guess I might just have to replay classic games when they come out on the Eshop, or buy some Wii games. I hope we get some good games soon.



GiftedGimp said:

40% of total system sales for 360 and Ps3 have been in the last 2yrs, and still they don't reach the total Wii sold.
Kinectbox/Ps4, will both have headlines saying Sony/MS are struggling to keep up with demand, BUT.. since Sony are already saying they probably won't be able to keep up with demand at launch for the Ps4 this factual headlines will be due to supply number minipulation, which MS did do with the 360.. and to be fair some say Nintendo did with the Wii.
Either the Kinectbox or Ps4 will sell well during the launch period, definatley not both, and then both systems sales will tail off a bit.
Then Both Ps4/Kinectbox will suffer a game drought, as is the case in ALL console launches, but by this time the WiiU will have a steady stream of high profile titles being released regularly.

By time Xmas 2014 arrives if all 3 systems arn't roughly around the same in terms sales numbers then only 1 will definatley have more sales, thus being the clear leader while the other 2 are roughly the same.

No console can be really judged as a failure or not for at least 18-24 months after its launch. Especially when there are too many unknowns about what will be brought to the arena in terms of Games, Graphical parity, reliability (360's rrod), services and quality of those services.



Varia01 said:

I think people are judging Nintendo a little too quickly. They should give it and other gaming companies to make more games to make the Wii U develop. Maybe Nintendo will get more credit once the newly annouced Wii U titles come.



gloom said:

Not only do they need more games, they also then need to actually advertise it to the public. And make new commercials because the ones that are showed now are lame...



SpaceApe said:

Slower than hoped is actually being nice. If it wasn't for MH3 Ultimate doing well would anyone really care about the Wii U ? Well they better have a fantastic E3 and I mean fantasitc in the best way possible or else it is GG for Nintendo.



Cavalier41 said:

@GiftedGimp Agreed. I have been reading a lot of "R.I.P. Nintendo" posts on forums and gaming sites. I was reading the same thing about 3DS a year ago and now that thing has too many games to keep up with. I have no doubt that it will be the same for Wii U.



biglittlejake said:

They should just announce games and say it is coming out next year so we have something to look forward to. At least say when; Mario Kart U, Super Smash Brawl U, Animal Crossing U, Paper Mario U and or Paper Luigi U, will come.



Boofonater001 said:

Like I said in another post about the Nintendo Direct. Most if not all the major titles will be announced at E3. The only thing I am waiting for now is what and when.

I would buy a Wii U now while the goings good because once the major titles get released the Wii U is going to be like the Wii was impossible to buy and when you find one it is ether going to be gone in 5 minutes, a long line of people ahead of you to buy one or one for 600 or 700 dollars.

I already have one so I don't need to worry



KAHN said:

there's a good way to solve this problem; make games. games sell a system. look at the 3DS. people bought it just for OoT3D.



Henmii said:

"Pace Of Wii U Software Launches Is "Slower Than Hoped""

You can say that again! Therefore I don't expect all the upcoming first/second party games to be released this year! For that to happen there should be from now on a new game every month! If they would release them all at once, sales of one title would canibalize sales of the other! I mean: There will be a 3D Mario, a Mariokart, A Zelda remake, a Smash brothers, Yarn Yoshi, Wonderful 101, Game and Wario, and some others! No way will we see all those this year!



GiftedGimp said:

To put things into perspective, Although so far WiiU has sold 28% less than the Gamecube & 50% less than the N64 & Wii in thier first 5 months after launching the WiiU has only sold 10% less than the cumulative sales of the 360 & Ps3 5 months into thier lifecycle (US figures).
Bearing in mind that is 2 consoles vs 1 (with very few AAA titles so far), despite what it looks like on surface, taking into account changes from then and now in terms of economic climate, Alternative gaming options etc, the situation at the moment isn't as dire as the media would have you believe.
No doubt once the more and bigger titles do appear WiiU's situation will improve.




BossBattles said:

Gamers seems to be schizophrenic these days. They complain about not having money, things costing too much, and then get rabid because they don't have 30 games to buy at once on a 6 month old console.

What happened to people? It's a serious question. I think people have lost it.

This is nothing new. Consoles have cycles, and obviously the first year is usually pretty darn BARREN. Even so, I have over 10 games for my Wii U, and i've enjoyed THEM ALL.

Sad to see that such a fun hobby has so much negativity attached to it every single day.



blueeaglewombat said:

I hope this software launch acceleration includes 3rd party, namely EA Sports.But, if EA and Nintendo havent worked out their issues, then my sports game budget is going to the Visual Concepts/2K Sports titles on Sega Dreamcast. They were better games, anyway.



Emaan said:

I mean, both Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U have been wonderful, and have kept me plenty occupied, but I can't help but feel disappointed. Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, and Game & Wario were all supposed to make it into the launch window. If those three games actually made it into their suggested time frames, I wouldn't be so desperate for new Wii U games and I easily could have been content until all the holiday season games are released.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@rjejr I think it has to do with the way Pachter words things. Yes, I'm aware hes speaking to investors and no I'm not implying he should sugar-coat things, but he words thing far more harshly than is necessary to the point he seems to be purposely doing so to aggravate people.

Its readily apparent that Nintendo had planned for things to go in a different direction, but never the less they should have had a back-up plan that doesn't involve telling people to be patient.

Either they were hoping the current selecting would grab peoples' attention more or they thought they'd have more third-party support.



WaveGhoul said:

lol. I've got zero say in anything wii U related, as i haven't even unboxed my Wii U yet since i'm currently playing Wii & 3DS catchup. I hate the fact that i have
quite a few games left unplayed in my collection with most of them being heavy hitters(Galaxy 2, Skyward Sword, Kid Icarus: Uprising ect). Once i get it narrowed down to a few or so games i shall unbox it tee hee.

Also, i never complain when it comes to Console draughts, because i don't dedicate myself to one single console. I don't mind the wait because there are enough Wii, 3DS, VC & retro games to last me until Eternia! But i also don't game for hours on end and play every single big hit during it's release. I miss out, and i do it in



banacheck said:

Then Both Ps4/Kinectbox will suffer a game drought, as is the case in ALL console launches.

I don't know about the Nextbox but i know for a fact the PS4 will have a hell of a lot of games at launch, at E3 you'll see more but not only that you'll be able to play them. Also the PS4 is going to be quite a bit cheaper than the PS3, mass-market friendly as Sony likes to call it. Sony been working on the PS4 for 5years, also in that time they've built strong 3rd party support as you'll see at E3. All i want is more games for my Wii U like Zelda & Smash Bros etc,



TheHeroOfLegend said:

More Third Party games to keep the Wii U back on track and MORE ADVERTISING FOR THE WHOLE AGE RANGE! Nintendo of America has only advertised for kid channels like CN, and Nickelodeon, but show off some of the M and T games on ESPN and stuff like that. It will definately attract a big audience!



Ren said:

the 3DS comparisons aren't really relevant. With the 3ds there isn't any kind of current gen competition to grapple with. The vita is pretty good but doesn't hold a candle software wise. There just isn't a machine that compares overall.

With WiiU it's just not much of an upgrade from a PS3 or Xbox 360 so it suddenly "catching up" at some point is just what it needs to do to even stay relevant with the current consoles and it's not doing that yet. With new machines coming out it looks pretty bleak to compete. To release so early and unready it really needed to be a more powerful console at that price point. The first party games are Nintendo's strong point and they failed with the launch momentum on that because there was nothing strong enough or unique enough to make anyone drop what they have. It should have released years ago or waited until they were ready with bigger/more titles. Now it's a really tough game so late, slow, and just unprepared. I've already given up on it, it's been so disappointing, while the 3DS clearly had lots of potential to me despite the slow launch. I don't see places where WiiU can go, and Nintendo hasn't shown me either.

It's so strange that their still calmly talking about what it will do like everything is cool and it's as great as any new machine out there. It's crisis time, Nintendo. Fire the old fashioned Morons at the top, and also hire a marketing dept. The marketing has been a huge failure and they seem to have no idea about it.



EdwardCORE said:

Reggie, please take a time to read this comment section. A lot of people here are saying the same over and over, and I'll will say too, because what all we need is games. Right, games. It's not hard for Nintendo to pull it off right way, if you think about it.

Here's my thoughts and they are pretty simple. You launched a Nintendo system without any real Nintendo games on it. You see, Nintendo has the most invaluable game collections there is and is second to none when it comes to replay value, because games released over 20 years ago are still played and adored by millions. So starting without a extensive Virtual Console collection was the biggest mistake. And the biggest mistake was not making available from day one a GAMECUBE Virtual Console with games in HD (I know you know Dolphin, and that the very same games could be natively upscaled to 720p Widescreen easily withing the Wii U hardware, so why not do it NOW?). Maybe you plan to come up with it later down the road but I'm really afraid it will be too late and I don't want it to be too late for the Wii U.

Reggie, please, look around. The VC is the right thing for Nintendo to go with in between first party releases. It would please so many to have GC games back and in HD. For many it would be the first time with Mario Sunshine, F-Zero GX, Luigi's Mansion (keeping side by side with the release of the 3DS version), Metroid Prime, Mario Kart Double Dash, Star Fox Adventures and so many other games from Capcom, Konami, Namco, Sega and others. It would have given us enough reason to stick with it and so many people would simply jump in because of these titles alone.

Investing in the VC is smart but you are blowing up the chances with it. Dreamcast VC in HD would also be a favorite that would bring many to buy the system.

Start thinking. We all know there will be a Zelda, a Mario, a Mario Kart, and even a Star Fox and a F-Zero for the Wii U, but meanwhile we have so many classics that would fit the Wii U perfectly if they were brought in HD shape and most important, that would feel like new, because they are simply that good.

Reggie, please, hear our plea. Because I'd have bought a couple dozen of GC and DC games if they were available on VC. The same for the GBA on the 3DS, and it's been two years since Ambassador and no sign of GBA VC and that would be another dozen games you'd have sold for me. Please, consider this more like a son asking a father what he wants for Christmas. Please, don't give us socks again.



EdwardCORE said:

I wish Nintendo could talk more closely to Sega and make some sort of collaboration for Sega to come with their games more often and exclusively on the Wii U. The first step would bring a full DC support with a DC VC in HD. Maybe even a Saturn VC. So they could have a great environment to release what could be one of the most anticipated games ever, Shen Mue 3. Sega would be a valuable partner which would make perfect sense if they team up with Nintendo and use the Wii U as their exclusive platform for both classics like Daytona, Sega Rally, Indy 500, Virtua Fighter and new games alike. How amazing would this be?



GraveLordXD said:

@BossBattles well said man I was thinking the same exact thing
@banacheck how can you be so sure of that? and I bet a good portion of the launch games will also be available on ps3 or other systems that people already have



GiftedGimp said:

@banacheck At launch you'll have plenty of games.. but then there will be a drought.
There has not been any console that past its initial launch hasn't had a slow period for games for a few months.
Initial Launch games are mostly there just to get titles on the shelves, then developers tend to take thier time to produce games that more reflect what they have learned about the consoles capabilities.
Hence the quiet spell every console goes through post launch. IF ps4 doesn't go through the same thing it would be first console in history to not to.



Jeremyx7 said:

One can only hope. I still haven't bought a Wii U yet mainly because of my expenses being limited to more important priorities at the moment in life. What I do know is that in time I will eventually buy a Wii U and when I do I will have amazing games for it.



banacheck said:

Every 3rd & 1st party support has been working on PS4 games for well over two years now, yes some game lke AC, Watch Dogs, Destiny will be released on the PS3 as well. As the PS3 will be supported for a long time yet, the PS4 is not even out yet and some websites are already doing previews of them. And the games what are listed for the PS4 launch is only the we know about, Sonys already said they've learnt from the PS3 launch. And that they'll have plenty of games on the floor at E3 (Playable). All this info is on the internet for everyone to see, E3 Will be big. And before E3 rumours are Sonys is set to do another press conference, but how true that is i'm not sure.



edcomics said:

I won't compare the WiiU to the 3DS, because the handheld market is a different beast than the home console market. Comparing WiiU to Wii, though... the Wii was a hot item well after launch. The WiiU had a VERY quiet launch, and nobody knows or cares about it. It's basically a flop. Of course, Nintendo is now stuck with the system, and they have enough resources to build up momentum over time... but the WiiU is not a big hit. It's not a smashing success. It's a dud. The whole "be patient" mentality doesn't hold up. That's a stubborn refusal to face reality.

I got sucked into the WiiU hype because I wanted to. I wanted to be excited about a new system. I wanted to get in on a home console at launch. I wanted to support Nintendo. All the while, I silenced the little voice warning me of potential disappointment — the voice that noticed the weak game lineup, the uselessness of some of the proposed apps, the gimmicky nature of the gamepad and the terrible branding and design of the system. I ignored my better judgment and committed to Nintendo out of loyalty. What did I get in return? Not much.

Even if there are big reveals at E3, we're not going to see much before year's end. That makes the entire first year of the WiiU a wash. That's pretty much unforgivable, and I'm starting to think some form of compensation is in order... and the 30 cent Virtual Console downloads aren't what I have in mind.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Hmm... I know that VC is coming next week, but they could try to put in a tad bit more effort for after the NES/SNES games. That MIGHT help them out.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@valcoholic and Peach64: You're both right about the Earthbound thing. I like how they responded to the fans of the game, as they wanted it to come out in North America. But yet they turn a blind eye to the people complaining about the Virtual Console in general. So, by that logic, I think I'm going to find a lot of like-minded people to moan and groan about the lack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Game Gear on the 3DS Virtual Console, because I want it on there.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@Ryno: I can agree in a sense. After I got a Wii U and imported my saves, I continued a playthrough of Epic Mickey. I had a much easier time because some areas were a lot brighter - I could actually see where I was going.



Burning_Spear said:

Nintendo had a year's head start on the PS4 and 720, and it failed to take advantage. Pachter was right about this: There wasn't enough Wii U development during the last two years of the Wii's cycle. There were scant few Wii games being released, so what the heck was Nintendo doing?



sr388survivor said:

Thank you. At least some people still realize that this is just a hobby and should be fun. People just seem to want to talk about what they want and are never happy with what they have. Even when they get what they want all they can talk about is how it could have been better and what else they want. It's barely five months old people!
Personally, I've been enjoying my Wii U a lot and there are still games I have yet to play.
Reggie was dead on when he said gamers are never satisfied. lol.



GraveLordXD said:

@Burning_Spear I just think the wii u itself was rushed, no major first party games and a gigantic day one download for the system is proof. There's quite a few games coming out developed by Nintendo later on this year and early next year also a good bit of games for the 3ds so to me its obvious they've been busy I just think they rushed to put the wii u on the market to get a head start on sony and Microsoft. They've rushed the system we don't need them rushing the software also



Onett said:

This isn't a surprise. Anybody who thinks otherwise needs to learn more about the industry in general. Nintendo and its subsidiaries have a ton of projects to work on all while concerning themselves with their future prospects. As the demand for quality games becomes higher, the greater the demand for resources and time to develop them will become.

Let's hope that the development of Mario Kart Wii U doesn't get jeopardized for the sake of bolstering the Wii U's lineup sooner rather than later. Mario Kart 3DS's potential suffered for the sake of boosting the handhelds sales.



Dyltheman said:

No worries here, nintendo has a lot planned. And 3rd party support will get better then too. The same thing happened to the xbox 360

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