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Rayman Legends Release Brought Forward to 3rd September in North America, 30th August in Europe

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The free challenge app is on the Wii U eShop today, remember


We originally quoted an EU release date that we received directly and a US release date of 27th August given to Joystiq — the source link is at the end of the article. Joystiq has now confirmed that Ubisoft has corrected the US release date to 3rd September, so we've updated the headline and date below accordingly.

Original Article:

Rayman Legends may have had a troubled life to date, due to its delay and abandonment of Wii U exclusivity, but that doesn't stop it being a good game. In fact Lead Game Designer, Emile Morel, told us in our interview that the extra development time has added 3D boss stages and more than 30 new levels.

All of these extras must be progressing well, as Ubisoft has announced that the title will be released on 3rd September in North America and 30th August in Europe, two weeks earlier than its initial mid-September release date. The suspicion is that this release date has been set to avoid clashes with high-profile titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, but either way it's a slight improvement for those of us still waiting.

Today, of course, Wii U owners in Europe and North America can also download the exclusive Rayman Legends Challenges application for free exclusively on the eShop, which should help to keep fans busy until the full game arrives.

We've no doubt that Ubisoft will crank up the hype generator in the the coming weeks and months, so we'll learn more specifics about the extras that have been added due to the multi-platform delay.

So, how many of you plan to pick this up for Wii U at the end of August?


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ThomasBW84 said:

Hey guys, just updated courtesy of an article on Joystiq. If your headline isn't giving different release dates for NA and Europe, refresh



Nomad said:

With all the new game announcements lately and E3 soon, will gamers even care about this one anymore?



AddDavey said:

I'm going to get it at some point but I'm not sure when due to not having enough money to buy all the things I want



Kosmo said:

I'm still buying it used on on an auction website so that Ubi is not making money on it.



SuperMinusWorld said:

@DestinyMan Agree completely! Dream Team is easily my most anticipated game of the year next to the new 3D Mario and Wind Waker HD. Hoping it has a big overworld and lots of crazy characters.



GiftedGimp said:

Ive got it on Paid pre-order anyway. The delay to september ment there would probably be other games I wanted at the same and wanted to make sure I would get this regardless of what other games turned up at the same time.

But its good that the earlier release date will mean its out before some other big games are out.



SilentHunter382 said:

While this is good news that its being released early but I think that an extra month early would help it better as I feel that its still too close to GTA V.



Burning_Spear said:

I think this is the fourth release date this game has had. Makes it a great fit for a Nintendo console!



Giygas_95 said:

I'm definitely trying the challenge mode. Can't wait to see the full game as well.



Einherjar said:

@Kosmo Also, somebody bought it before you, so ubi already did earn some money. Who owns the game at the end of the day doesnt really matter.

@GiftedGimp Absolutely right. They may have done something incredibly stupid with rayman, but on the other hand they are doing a fine job with their other stuff.

Now im waiting for that challenge demo / mini game / teaser thingy Damn EU eShop, update already.



MAN1AC said:

It's good to see that Ubi isn't delusional. There was no way they could release this game close to GTA V and expect it to sell well.



MadAdam81 said:

Anyone know the Australian release date for the full game and the free eShop Rayman Challenge download?



Wonder_Ideal said:

I'm glad to see that it's release date has been moved up at least a little bit. The Challenge Mode will hold me over until Legends comes put.



Drobotic said:

Like others have said.It cannot be forgiven and now I will have to be careful with spending money on Ubisoft games now.



arrmixer said:

Well I'm not taking ubisoft's decision personal... As long as the new demo is good... Budget permits I'm getting this game...



ArkOne77 said:

I'm over being butthurt about Ubisoft's release date shenanigans....(Not saying it's right that they keep jerking us around but at least they added content, etc....) I can't wait for this game!



WanderingPB said:

Once bitten twice shy…

Im not downloading this demo…still feels like this is only to shut everyone up from the bad decision Ubisoft made.

And im only considering getting this game because the devs worked very hard to make this awesome game but when i will buy it is a question that remains to be seen



SonataAndante said:

Moving the release date up for once? HAH, that's a new one. Nice to hear either way. And Challenge mode is out today? Sweet.



Burning_Spear said:

Some people need to let go of their anger. Game companies are allowed to delay games. This one got 30 extra levels as a result.



luminalace said:

This is just 5 days after Ubisift's own Splintercell game. I will buy this but am not sure it will be in August.



ThomasBW84 said:

Hey guys, the NA release is actually 3rd September, as Ubisoft initially gave the wrong date. The article's been updated.



TromaDogg said:

@Byuu I've got mine preordered from't surprise me if I actually received it from them on the 28th but likely I'll get it on the 29th as well,,,I usually get games a day or two early from them.

Anyone refusing to buy it just because of some misguided vendetta against Ubisoft is just cutting off their nose to spite their face and missing out on what will probably be a great game.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Rafie I think the dates are for all platforms. It looks like Ubi put up the wrong NA date initially, and are in the process of correcting themselves with the media and, possibly, their own sites.



Deathgaze said:

@Burning_Spear It was delayed for all the wrong reasons. They decided to not go exclusive Nintendo and multi platform instead. Micro$oft however won't accept anything that is late to their system. At the time of launch they haven't yet made a PS3/360 port.



Linkuini said:

Now we're talking! As far as I'm concerned, this fiasco's water under the bridge as soon as I can play me some Rayman.



GazPlant said:

Not long to wait now! Unless of course it gets delayed for a multiplatform SteamBox release



Lalivero said:

@Einherjar Actually it is a lost sale because only one is making money for them while the person who's buying it used is helping the reseller instead. They are only getting money from one person while two people bought it.

This doesn't mean I'm all against Ubi, just pointing that out. I don't think I'll be getting it for a while though because of everything else coming out. A shame because February was perfect with the lack of stuff it had.



Nareva said:

Considering how much fun this challenges app is, I think the full game will still do quite well. I was on the fence after RayGate, but I'll definitely be getting it on or near launch after this sampling.



Jaymo187 said:

Not quite sure if Ubisoft "totally" redeemed themselves with the new Rayman challenge app, but they did quite well and I forgive them. If you see "Jaymo" on there feel free to add me.



WiiUisBest said:

The new rayman demo is ok but i have got bored with it already and im still waiting to get a used copy of the game since ubi needs to learn it's not right to burn people so they will not get my money on this game...Sorry ubi you had your chance and you blew it



WiiUisBest said:

I thought the new stuff is just ok..But ive never gotten over what they did to us wii u fans and they feel the after effect of doing what they did



RikuzeYre said:

Well you have more of it to play every week so prepare to be bored into fun 4life



GamerJunkie said:

I won't be buying this. Woulda been a good launch title since we had few good games, but by September its too late for me, I'll just enjoy the free game while its on Wii U.

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